Even in the animal kingdom, there are some top-ranked alpha males who are completely ready for anything that comes their way!

Being alpha actually means being powerful, dominant, and usually have higher sexual power than others.

So now, you can imagine how many alpha males exist in this world called Earth!

However, I personally believe that in every living being, from humans to animals and probably “aliens” too if they even exist, they all have the most dominant alpha male in each group.

There is no doubt in that, and you’re going to find out why!

If you don’t know, the most alphas are the most inspired, the true leaders, and the strongest individual of all groups where they are all looked up to and they know that he’s there to protect their territory, plus they are the only ones who females want to mate all the time!

I personally am a huge fan of some of the top strongest alpha animals that still exist, which I’m going to show you my favorite ones here!

Now I’m going to get into details to NOT ONLY show you who are the real alpha males and how they behave in the animal kingdom, but you’re going to get a special technique that I use to this day!

Just read on, you would not regret!

What Are The Most Alpha Male Animals in the Animal Kingdom?

Animals like the male lions, stallion horses, silverback gorillas, alpha wolves, male deers, crocodiles, tigers, bears, sharks, etc are the most known alpha animals in today’s world!

They are all in with the same mission, to defend their own territory and to hold on to the crown of a king as a dominant position to take over everything and be the #1 leader of their group like the;

Male Lions

For this reason, the alpha male lions have many more opportunities to mate with the available females and produce new younger alpha babies that can take over their spot in the future.

However, male alpha lions have been observed to killing baby cubs under a year old from rival’s pride, but according to the sources that were found, they would never kill cubs from their own pride.

It’s also been said that lions pretend to be hurt by the bites of their younger ones to encourage them and start teaching them from an early age on how to attack!

However, only about 1 out of 8 male lions survive in the Savannah to adulthood and become the king of the kingdom to take pride in their own territory…

There is an interesting fact that there are more statues of lions as a whole than actual real lions living out there! That’s right, can you believe that!?

Ok, enough with wild lions !

Now the;

Silverback Gorilla

These big large beasts are considered as the alpha male leader of the gorilla troops from 5-30 individuals.

They are believed to be so “alpha” that we as humans must avoid eye contact with them at all costs, or these alpha silverback gorillas might attack you to show their own dominance and power of strength.

They serve as the family’s protector and the main decision-maker to lead in every situation!

They show respect, power, dominance, and all of the females wants to mate and have babies with them to earn their protection.

If you don’t know, only the alpha male gorillas have the silverback color, and it is to show clearly that they are the ones who take over the leadership of the troops. They are very intelligent as well!

And do you know what is my own most favorite alpha animal? Well, it is especially the black;

Stallion Horse

These alpha male horses known as stallions, they display the right combination of confidence with a muscular physique and they are all well known for its breeding/mating behaviors.

For this reason, they hold more leadership roles!

These stallions alpha male horses are the ones that have NOT been gelded (castrated) meaning their testicles are not removed and again, it is for the main reason to reproduce and for breeding purposes.

As a dominant stallion horse, they do show high levels of dominance but that doesn’t mean being “too aggressive”, but actually in terms of power and strength relationship from their own sexual behaviors

However, if two male stallions meet, there usually is an aggressive fight, where the weaker horse will back off and run!

In fact, a black stallion horse can be aggressive towards whoever they don’t know, especially if they are kept in a stable since they need to exercises and move around more often!

Alpha Male Wolf

As you know, in order to be the alpha male in all packs of animals, they must compete for the status until they reach the leadership role.

Especially with the wild wolves family, the alpha males are the most confident, strongest, and self-assured ones who take the main lead when traveling!

They are the most bravest ones who are very powerful and violent when attacking enemies for food, and they also tend to eat first within the group.

And of course, alpha masculine wolves protect the pack and are the only ones who mate all the time to have more alpha puppies.

Read on!


Now the tiger who is the king of the jungle, there is no doubt of that because they are extremely powerful and will attack basically anything for food.

Not to mention, their attacking skills are out of control since they have the strongest palms of all wild cats, and their biting force is so powerful that it could crush a man’s head within seconds.

Yes, the only reason why they are not the king of Savannah like a male lion is because tigers don’t live there but in the jungles, hills, and forest lands out there in the world.

Also, you don’t see them staying in packs to protect each other as alpha male lion king does with their pride and territory.

But if a male lion king and a male alpha tiger were to fight with each other, it would be a very tough competition of power and strength from both breeds.

But from my own perspective, the tiger may win this battle because they are bigger, have much stronger force in both palms, and have a more powerful biting force as well!

Plus the fact that it is a bigger cat, it does jump higher and has a longer reach than a lion itself, where the palms striking attacking force could have more reach than a lion, and if a tiger were to bite, it could do more damage, based on my opinion.

However, a male alpha lion king does have more attacking skills than tigers, so that’s a good one! Keep reading!

What Alpha Animals Have In Common With Us as Alpha Human Beings?

Being an alpha male, as you can notice it has tons of benefits!

And the truth is, it’s not that hard for anyone to become an alpha too.

But what I’ve noticed that they have in common with us humans is that they all have similar alpha male traits and characteristics.

Alphas in both animal kingdom and human beings, they are more masculine, dominant versions which all females are most likely willing to have babies with these alpha males, ain’t I right!?

They are braver than other males and are always ready for any action, and they all have pride in who they are! Alpha males take the lead all the time, they are the true confident leaders of their world.

Now in terms of power and strength, both alpha animals and alpha humans are always looking forward to improving in getting stronger, more powerful, and wiser by each day, by each fight in the wild, etc.

So who is the most alpha animal in my own opinion and the way I see things?

Well, even though I personally like the stallion alpha male horses, there is no competition but the alpha male lions are the real alpha kings as it’s been proven by many sources.

They are born and ready to be the king of the wild since early age!

However, the lion and the tiger may be more powerful, but the wolf doesn’t perform in the circus. So who’s more alpha now, huh?

And what alphas have in common? Well, most of the things are very similar, and they are the exact opposite of a beta male!

But before I come to an end, I want to give out this quick personal tip that I have been using every single day to talk with authority, which makes me more alpha than ever and that is the “vrauu” tip but the humankind!

How to Deepen Your Voice By This Simple Technique !

How do I make my voice deeper?


When you speak, try to talk slow and while slowly breathing out..

Try it now! You’ll hear a louder tone/echo and you’ll start speaking with authority!

Just keep practicing it and your body will automatically start using this unique simple technique without you noticing it after 30-90 days.

And the benefits are that you’ll be more confident than ever, people will look at you with more respect and women do like men who talk like they are a president/leader with authority!

Click here if you want to know what is a real alpha male’s personality and behavior, this could be your first STEP to becoming an alpha male too!


I really hope you enjoyed this alpha animal post because they are the ones who rule their kingdom, and you can rule your own world as well!

(2020) Alpha Animals – Who Is The Most Alpha Animal – “Vraau” TIP to Deepen Voice


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