Do you work out every day in terms of not only your body but exercising your mind to improve every day? And are you really active in your sexual life too?

Well, a lot of people out there are completely brainwashed and think that without any form of enhancement supplements or even s-t-e-r-o-i-ds, we can’t get some decent muscle in our body, nor be the sexual alpha male (sex God) of our lifestyle!

And you know what I say, it’s all BS because if you can work out your body very intensively, eat a high-protein diet (90/10%), and have a positive strong mindset to expect the results you desire, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving the body you want.

Also, the same goes for your sexual organ there!

When you’re younger, you live to train. As you get older you train to live. – Nick Tumminello

That’s right because I personally have more than 5 years that I no longer take or use any type of enhancement supplement whatsoever.

That means, no pre-workout, no post-workout, no BCAAS, no protein shakes, no glutamine/amino acids, no male enhancement, none of that but only a healthy protein diet and hard work at the gym!

So If you were to ask me what’s my pre-workout? I will shout out loud that it’s my own pure motivation! “aahhh” ! Or maybe, I do eat a banana before gym time…

Now DON’T GET ME WRONG, an effective fitness booster will ONLY boost up the process for you to achieve the physique you want at much faster pace.

Which, yes it is much harder to get the result you desire without any enhancement… BUT AGAIN, it’s not impossible at all.

I personally feel that I’ve achieved the best shape and body I have ever had in my entire life! And the best thing is that I feel like my muscles won’t go anywhere since I don’t rely ON ENHANCEMENTS at all, see my point here?

Now I do use a penis enlargement device to keep growing my penis size where I currently went from 6″ – 8″1/2 and I’m going for that 9″ full inch baby!

As we all know, all alphas are most likely fit, active, and positive regardless if you’re 70 or 20 years old. So let’s be ALPHA today and I’ll show you how to exercise your full body as a whole!

Just follow down.

All About Exercising & Working Out to Be a Real ALPHA ‘Stallion’ MALE

Exercising should be part of your daily routine at all costs… It’s just like work, you should not miss a day without doing something like moving around!

For a fact, it’s not all about to only feel your all-time best, but becoming healthier and basically maintain your complete health in a positive state all year round. Not to mention, you will live longer too!

Exercise to be fit, not skinny. Eat to nourish your body, and always ignore the haters, doubters, & unhealthy examples that were once feeding you. You are worth more than you realize.

You know, at the end of the day after we have a great workout done, we feel so much more satisfied with ourselves like if it’s really an accomplishment.

Yes, it’s just a great feeling!

And what about when you actually see great results from your hard work?

Oh man, that is the best feeling ever, it’s more pure motivation for our own self and the results are what keeps us going non-stop… To me, it’s an addiction!

So in order to be a real alpha male, you must always feel incredible, motivated, and confident in yourself no matter what which one of the best ways is through exercising your complete full body!

Just so you know, feeling your best contributes and attracts more good stuff to your life!

How To Exercise Your Body, Mind & Sexual Part?

The Mind:

At the very first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up, I make sure to say some positive, grateful, and powerful positive affirmations and actually feel them the moment I open my eyes.

If you also do this, you will start re-program your mind all over again to be positive throughout the day.

ANOTHER important thing that I do every single day, I always make sure to meditate at least 10-15 minutes per day especially early in the am before starting anything to stay in a completely relaxed mode all day.

What it does is stop the chattering ego from bombarding us with negative thoughts which we then can have full control of what we’re thinking on a regular basis. Plus it enhances creativity, improves brain function, mental health, and much more benefits!

By the way, meditation works by sending oxygen to our brain through inhaling fresh pure air and exhaling the old energy out of our body!

Oh, let me share with you a secret…

If you have depression where one of the main causes is OVER-THINKING, then MEDITATION will help you to stop over-thinking by bringing you back to being relaxed, calm, and positive.

I actually have a complete post here on how to completely HEAL your depression which there is no pill or medication out there that will fix your depressed state of mind/mood other than healing yourself first, which includes meditating as well.

I am the proof because I used to have depression about over 10 years ago when I used to be a beta male and had no idea how to be an alpha.

So feel lucky you’re here!

Moreover, you know all the negative thoughts that unexpectedly come into our minds? Well, it is super important to be 100% the commander of your own mindset and switch them to positive grateful thoughts at all costs…

Make sure NOT to let yourself get into a stressful mode!

I don’t ever stress because when I feel like I’m about to worry about anything, I quickly meditate to just let it go, just let it be the way it is, and get fully back to staying in relax mode all the time. I make sure to let myself know that everything will be okay!

But if you let your mind command you on auto-pilot, and you feel stressed, worried, always looking at bad news, and have negativity all the time, it will NOT be okay. Trust me, the secret is to be relaxed 24/7 with motivated, positive, and calm feelings!

So as you can see, all you have to do is FOCUS ONLY ON POSITIVITY AND GRATITUDE thoughts all the time, and therefore, you’re basically “exercising” your mind on a regular basis to be an extremely happy person.

Did you know that exercise and movement is one of the faster ways to increase your rate of vibration, mood and your overall mental and physical health. If you are ever feeling tire, sluggish, irritable, get in a quick workout. It is naturally instilled in all of us to break through these emotional blocks with physical movements.

Now after 21 days, your brain starts to naturally send a signal to your body to stay relaxed, positive, and feel the enjoyment of each moment. Try it for 90 days for the best results, you will be glad you’ve made this choice!

Oh, I can’t forget the part that I do read positive kinds of stuff every day like reading books, watch self-education videos, etc every night before bedtime as well for at least 1 hour before getting to bed.

Knowledge is power! The more we learn, the more we earn.

By the way, if you want to find out how you can have the motivational mindset that all alphas have, then click here to check out this complete post!

And The Body?

So as you can clearly see, the mind is the far most important part of our body that NEEDS to exercise on a daily basis.

Now, of course, working out intensively and training like lifting weights at least 3-5 times per week is a MUST, which helps you produce lots of HGH and testosterone hormones in a completely natural way.

But be aware that I push myself so much at the gym that I always pass my own limits every day by maximizing all the reps to exceed my full potential. It’s fun, I feel stronger than ever, and it increases my confidence levels to the max all the time!

And that is if I have to do 10 reps, I always aim for 15. If it’s heavyweights for 5 reps, I go for 7-8 reps, and I’m always training extremely hard for at least a full hour, or so!

As the 8x Mr. Olympia once said, “To build muscle is by repetition, HEAVY weights as heavy as possible and as many reps as possible” – Ronnie Coleman

By the way, one of my favorite bodybuilder’s characters is Rich Piana here, because of the mentality he had, and how much he worked his butt off, but of course, NOT the extremely steroid abuse part by his own usage… Please don’t judge. R.I.P. big man!

The pain and the pump is what’s going to make the muscle grow.” – Rich Piana

I feel like my competition is myself, the same person we all look in the mirror, you vs you, me vs me, or better yet, we vs the weights. By competing with yourself, you’re looking to improve day in, day out!

After all, it is best to go for the pump! Yes, it’s actually all about the pump in the gym for muscle fullness of growth!

When it burns, it Grows” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

During the workout, sometimes I drink a 1 whole ltr of organic coconut water for 100% hydration, or just a pure alkaline water bottle brought from home.

Can’t forget that as soon either before getting in the gym, make sure to do some elongate/stretching and warming up exercises, or maybe do them after the workout to stretch out the muscle for maximum growth.

(p.s. Not to mention, you will see me always wearing a tight slim waist-belt to lower the size of my waist. I aim for that V-Tape body frame so when I wear a tight shirt, my body will look incredible…)

Plus I do cardio at least 6 times a week by running/jogging in the morning during sunrise or you can do it during sunset. Whichever option works the best for you to catch some vitamin D3 and calcium absorption for stronger bones and a healthier body.

Yes, cardio will keep you very healthy, lean, and fit! By the way, I am more into HIITs which I run as fast as I can for 2 minutes and walk for 3 minutes as fast as I can walk, and do this for 30-40 minutes daily.

Helps burn calories much faster and more effective than ever!

Therefore, you should never skip cardio at all costs, especially in the morning while doing intermitted fasting for maximum benefits under the sun!

Last, Sexual Part!

As you probably already know from some of the posts that I have shared with you on this #1 alpha male website, I use the all-time-best sexual technique that I teach you to maximize sexual performance, achieve rock-hard erections, and be your own ‘stallion’ best version in bed.

Which, I also do have SEX every day! I really love it so much and I find it extremely fun especially if you have a big monster cock size too.

In fact, studies show that men who had sex 3 times per week had 47% less risk of heart disease than those who had sex once a week.

Now even if you think that size matters, you must have sex at least 2-3 times per week to be sexually healthy!

And why is that? Well, we all need to ejaculate the old sperm and the old sexual energy that our body accumulates if we don’t release it.

In fact, there is actually another study showing that testosterone increases for a full week after having sex, but after that, it is said to drop as time goes on!

And after 3 months of not ejaculating, this same study trial show testosterone in men drop to near a child’s testosterone level.

Wow, that’s a lot in my opinion!

Now, what about masturbation? Click here and I talk all about it there because masturbate may ONLY do the “trick” to release and ejaculate, but it’s definitely not the same as having sex and you SHOULD NOT get addicted to it because it will do much more harm than good.

You don’t want to mess up the balance of your sexual hormones there because trust me, it will.

Porn addiction and masturbating too much will f*ck up your sexual life very badly where you’ll come to a point that you can’t even have sex with a real person.

That is because since your body got so used to your own hand, your penis will have a hard time getting it up during different types of sexual activity like sex…

Therefore, sex is the way to go 100%! It is completely natural and it is part of our nature. We are made to have sex in this world called life.

Also, make sure to get 6-7 hours of deep quality sleep every single night!


So as you notice, I am very active every single day of my life, and I naturally produce masculine hormones in a completely natural and safe way. = Win-Win

This means that if you’re fully 100% healthy with no sexual problems and have a natural shape physique that you have accomplished, there is no need to take any type of enhancement out there, right!?

So even though we all have different available times and different lifestyles, you just have to and need to make time to always workout and exercise all 3 main factors/parts of your body.

But please don’t make any excuses, alphas know that we all CAN MAKE TIME! Yes, you can squeeze in at least 1 hour of your day to do what needs to be done, don’t give me that bullcrap.

And that way, you’ll become more alpha day-by-day by improving your body, mind, and your own sexual function!

Which, leads you to also feel your all-time best and attract lots of great stuff into your own life there.

Remember, everything is a choice, so choose the lifestyle that you want for your own best! Also, remember that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! You can be 70 years old or in your 20’s, either way, it is a choice to be very active and healthy at all costs!

Make sure to always believe 100% in yourself, in what you do, and you will be unstoppable! I am proof of it.

How to Boost Your Masculine’s Hormones in a Complete Natural Way?

Since we are talking about how exercising is very important in each alpha male’s world, let me now give you 5 major things on how and what I do to have and maintain high levels of natural testosterone and HGH production!

If you don’t know, there are a number of benefits on why you would want your T-levels up high, especially when you’re looking forward to becoming the ultimate alpha ‘stallion’ KING of your own world too.

  • The very first one is by exercising as this is a no-brainer here! The more you exercise with moderate to heavyweights, the more T-levels and GH hormones we naturally produce. Push your body to pass your limits every day, lift as heavy as you can, and do as many reps as you can = spike up male hormones to crazy levels!
  • If you don’t want the activity of lifting weights, just do some sprinting out in the sun for 30-45 minutes; or if you’re really lazy like a couch-potato (beta male) then just sit down in your backyard or on the front porch and catch some sunlight/tanning, which produces Vitamin D3, calcium absorption, testosterone levels, + more.
  • Having sex at least 3 times per week is a must; yes you definitely need to engage in sexual activity at least 3 times a week which contributes to producing a higher testosterone level than the “average joe” aka beta males out there. No, if you ONLY masturbate, it’s not the same because of the stimulation hormones in our bodies.
  • As some of you may already know, eat clean and organic foods (90/10% rule) all the time! Aim for high protein meals with 20-30 grams of protein per meal. Drink alkaline water at least 2-3 liters per day.
  • I also take very cold showers every day, and by doing that cools down the testicles, increases blood flow to our overall body, and helps with brain stimulation as well as producing hormones. I personally love doing this because it gets my body running on a fully motivated beast mode.

But what is the secret behind to why would you want your Testosterone levels up high? Well, just take a look at the photo below. The picture says thousands of words!


See the difference and the benefits there showing the man w/ low testosterone (beta) between the man w/ HIGH testosterone (alpha)?!


Oh, I forgot to mention that high levels of testosterone will increase the volume of your sperm count for when you shoot your load during sexual activity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that you may rather just take an effective natural testosterone booster out there that will give you faster results than ever, which I suggest you check some of the best ones here!

Remember, supplementing your body is just a convenient and easier way to boost up your natural T-levels.

(p.s. BY THE WAY, It’s not all about getting the production of testosterone levels high, but to maintain them high is usually hard… So I personally rather keep doing what I showed you above on the daily basis to keep my testosterone running high all day, every day, or you can take the faster, most convenient way through a natural testosterone supplement!) By the way, make sure to drop me your comments below!

(2021) Alpha Male FULL BODY Workouts – Exercise Your Mind, Body & Sexual !


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