Alpha males usually only have one type of personality, and that is with a strong mentality, masculine male behavior and are moving forward with high motivational feelings all the time!

These types of men are always looking to improve their own personal lifestyle which includes mental strength and improving sexual, physical, and personal health.

That’s right, we as alphas are always self-motivated and will do whatever it takes to achieve our goals!

Now some may be motivated by fear (fears to be like everyone else) and some are motivated by reward (to win in life), but what really matters is the motivation you carry within you!


Alphas never hold their head down, we never say we can’t, we will never limit ourselves, and last, we never stop believing in ourselves..!

If you fall, get up. If you get beaten down, you return stronger than ever.

Alphas simply never give up, ever. Our mission is to keep getting better and better all the time!

That’s why we succeed in all areas of life because nothing can stop us at all!

So are you an alpha male too?!

If not yet, I’m going to share with you the motivational mentality and mindset that all alphas have to make you take action all the time, and allow you to become the ultimate alpha stallion version of yourself as well!

What Is The Kind of Motivated Mindset that Alphas Have?

As I mentioned above, the real alpha males are ONLY focused to improve in all types of personal growth as well as laser focus only on what we want in life. We all are moved by motivation!

However, if you don’t know, motivation is actually a byproduct of action, not a cause meaning after we do the work, we get inspired to keep going!

So the secret to getting very high motivational feelings is through taking action NOW, as soon as you can.

Prove yourself to yourself, Not to others. – Unknown

Therefore, we know that regretting going after what we want is much stronger than taking action now, risking it all, and doing what needs to be done!

What about you, do you wake up with DETERMINATION, do you have a dream or a goal to follow?

It is important to have a plan and stick to it. Have goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them… Then every night you go to bed with full SATISFACTION, do I need to say more?

Excuses? Afraid to fail? Not us as ALPHAS!

If you make any excuse regardless of whatever, you’re not an alpha male because we never make excuses whatsoever at all! Excuses don’t define us.


It is important to always wake up with a smile knowing that today and every day you are going to have fun accomplishing what others are too afraid to do…

Alpha Males are never afraid to fail. When we fail, we learn from the mistakes we’ve made and this motivates us to work even harder than before.

So go after what you want, nothing is ever wrong. We learn from every step we take. Be proud of yourself and live in a way that is consistent with who you want to be!!

If you don’t know, you only fail when you stop trying and actually quit… Yes, failures are part of our success to achieve the results we want. Without failures, there won’t be any results or success, believe that! 

The failures and the mistakes that we learn from contribute to the success we expect and the results we want. If you keep trying and hang in there, success and results will come no matter what!

So be the type of man that whatever you want to be, do, have, and become, just start doing whatever it takes now and become that type of person…

Like me, I am no longer a beta male who had a poor mentality as well as my personality was weak due to past behaviors.

Not to mention, my sexual lifestyle was totally off, I was never happy with a 6″ inch (average) penis size where I now went over 8″ full inch of growth which along with other sexual techniques known as Kegel exercises, I transformed myself into the true, ultimate stallion version that I always wanted to be!

Now if you’re serious about becoming who you really look forward to being as well and you are not only reading what I’m teaching you here but taking real ACTION, you can be assured 100% that you will become whatever you want sooner or later!

There is no doubt at all! You can become anything you want to, believe that!

Just like fitness, if you’re overweight and not healthy but you are taking action to do whatever it takes and being 100% committed to being fit and healthy, you will be healthy and fit in the upcoming weeks. 

It works with anything in life!

NO excuses…!

However, don’t get me wrong, it may not be as easy as it sounds, but it sure will be worth it in the long run because your whole life will completely change and you will be more successful, healthier and all the good terms of healthy living + have the alpha status.

Beta males make excuses and put them in their own path and most likely run away from their goals when things get difficult, aka losers. 

Alphas put excuses to the side and are fully motivated to keep going forward on our path to reach our goals no matter what happens, aka winners.

See the difference?!

You can have the RESULTS (alpha) or the EXCUSES (beta). Not both, you choose..!

Alpha Male Behavior – Unbreakable Personality

You know, there are too many people out there who don’t lead a very fulfilling life or who are downright miserable most of the time (depressed) and it all boils down to fear, no healthy routine, and lack of self-confidence. 

If you’re one of them, then this is for YOU! If you’re not, it’s still for YOU.

Being a strong, independent and confident alpha male is a matter of practice and it not ONLY requires a certain mindset but a right masculine personality as well. 


In order to increase your confidence and start exhibiting alpha male traits, you will need to make some big changes and this takes a lot of courage and commitment.

Here is some info to strongly help you out, and for you to take the steps forward to be confident in YOU!

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore. – Albert Einstein

The first thing you need to do is to leave the OLD you behind!

If you have poor confidence levels and always have a negative self-image of yourself, you’re taking the extremely bad route there because once you start believing that you are a weak man, then this is what you will slowly become… Trust me, people will look at you as a weak man.

A positive mindset and attitude are exactly what you need!

As I always do, every time a negative thought comes my way, I simply LAUGH at it and erase it and say “it’s not true” or I say “canceled, canceled, canceled”.

But I personally don’t take any negative unwanted thoughts seriously or believe in them, so I just LAUGH at them and play with my ego which is actually the one providing us such undesirable thoughts.

Then I replace it with several positive, grateful thoughts because we are what we are always thinking of, which the Universe/God forces things in the world to make it happen through our repeated thoughts, strong feelings, and what we say very often, remember that!

Our mind is a superpower, and it is what commands our body and our life! Have full control of your mind, then your body and life will start changing by the commander of your mental mindset.


One of the very first things you need to do is believe to achieve…!

And that’s with anything in life… In a fact, if you only think, believe, and act positively, then you will attract positive things.

The same goes for negativity. Whatever you think, say, act, and of course, believe, it will most likely happen as according to the Law of Attraction. That’s how life works in general!

So to be on your way to becoming the ultimate alpha stallion male you’ve always desired, you need to upgrade your mindset with beliefs/faith as it’s the most and main important part of alpha males! 

If you don’t know, thoughts become reality because our mind will find whatever we are always thinking about on a daily basis and the universe will bring and give us opportunities to make it happen.  

That is why you should ONLY think and focus on ONLY what YOU really want in your life! Don’t ever think about what you DON’T WANT at all, or the negative past event of yours because you will attract that at full speed, trust me!

You need to change all negative thoughts and beliefs to positivity all the time.

Again, just remember, whatever thought and action you send into the universe, it must come back!

I personally act and behave like a successful ALPHA MALE all day, every day. Not because I have been an alpha male for the past years, but because since the first day that I started learning all this stuffs that I’m teaching you here, I started convincing my mind and my body to be and become who I desire to be on a regular basis


So, therefore, after about 90 full days, our own self (mind and body) adapts into the true, real, and ultimate alpha male that we’ve always wanted to become!

Now listen once again, If you ever start to think and act like the person you don’t want to be aka a beta male, then your mind and body will start adapting into the person over time.…and that’s if you still haven’t yet!

See how it all works?!

So what I’m trying to show you here, is you need to have a positive mentality with a belief attitude and act positive all the time by being grateful, proud of yourself, loving yourself, having more inner smile and joy, and just act, think and behave like who you really want to be!

Don’t ever judge anyone or anything. Never hate on someone else. Be honest all the time and just mind your own business every single day of your life and try to improve yourself all the time. Try to learn new things because the more we learn, the more we earn. Learning is never enough!

Being a successful alpha male requires a 99% positive attitude of strong faith

As you can already tell, our beliefs create our reality by the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, things we say, and things we do (act and behave) = success.

So be aware of what’s going on in your mind!

In order to become the alpha male you want, success MUST happen inside of you FIRST through a positive belief mindset, then physical growth occurs by the body improvements.

I bet you’ve never seen a real alpha male who is not confident in himself aka who ‘doesn’t believe in himself. 

For a fact, it really doesn’t matter if you are fat, short, unhealthy, poor sexual life, or whatever. What matters is how you think of yourself. If you are fat, change your beliefs by saying “I’m getting skinnier day by day”. 

If you’re unhealthy and have a poor sexual life, change this negativity to positivity by saying “I am on my way to becoming more healthier and I will improve my sexual life over time because I’m getting all the knowledge, techniques, and everything I need from ALFAStallion® website” 

See how it all works? But you HAVE to say like you really mean it, with pure intention and it takes about 21-90 days for your mind to adapt to the positive, belief attitude by focusing on ONLY what you want in life

But be easy with yourself by always being 100% aware of what’s going on, then start changing the negativity to positive thoughts and feel it as well. That’s what I do every day! 

Remember, everything is a choice and we choose how we feel, what thoughts we want to believe, and our actions and behaviors. 

It’s all about choices. Do you choose to be the alpha male of your own world too? Do you choose to be happy, beat depression, and live a blissful, joyful life forever? I bet SO!


If you don’t know, fear is not real! It is just simple negative thoughts we all create by OVER-THINKING! Fear is an illusion

Don’t misunderstand fear, it is just a “choice”… Again, it’s a choice to believe in it or not.

Confident alpha males are never afraid of what comes around!

In fact, don’t wait to feel confident enough BEFORE you start acting with confidence, or you might wait forever…

CONFIDENCE is the gift you receive AFTER you have done what you thought was “scary”.

For example; If you’re afraid to start a conversion with a stranger out there, then you need to man up and start a conversation right away by just taking action and going for it! There is no perfect time, the perfect time is at that exact moment

Start with a casual approach and talk about anything – sports, the venue, or simply ask for the time or some information and throw in a comment or two. Very simple as it is, which builds up comfort with yourself.

Now in bed, if you’re like most beta males out there, they are most of the time scared and afraid to go to bed with a hot sexy woman and this is for many reasons because they fill up their minds with so many negative thoughts and so no...

But don’t do that!

I actually found out that ACTION IS THE CURE OF FEAR. All we have to do is just go for it, whatever happens, happens… Without action, there is no result!

If you keep thinking that something will go wrong or being afraid and nervous that it might go wrong, it will most likely go wrong at 100% percent… 

But if you just take action with a positive attitude, confidence, and believing in yourself (mental mindset), plus being bold, brave, and fearless by facing the problem, you’ll find the best solution ever, and that’s a fact! 

Believe it, or just try it out yourself… Every time that I feel some type of fear, I automatically take action right away and just go for it = success! 🙂


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Alphas are the type of men that are always looking to improve themselves in all factors of their life!

Final Conclusion – Positive Affirmations to Change Your LIFE!

I am a huge believer in positive affirmations and I believe 100% in the Law of Attraction since it is always working for all of us. That is because what we say with a strong intention, the energy of words will make that happen in real life!

That’s why as an alpha, we need to watch out for what we say, how we say it, and be 100% aware of our feelings. Leave the negativity to the beta males and focus only to say, think, and feeling POSITIVE things no matter what!

In fact, how many times have you heard people saying “if you believe you can, you can“? 

It is 100% accurate that one of the great truths in life is that our belief creates our reality! What we imagine, we create. What we think, we become. What we feel, we attract. Believe it, bro, it’s 100% TRUE.


In other words, our reality is generally a reflection of the beliefs in our subconscious mind, meaning if you believe you can, then yes you really can! And if you believe the opposite, it works the same way.

So what I do every single day of my life, especially as soon as I wake up, I use the positive affirmation method to help me in all terms of life you can think of.

Yes, by telling ourselves in words with full intention like you really mean it and believe it and feel it as if it is actually real or already happened, our body starts changing and the outside world (Universe) will push through barriers to make it happen!

The intention is EVERYTHING as it all boils down to the type of intention you’re putting out, which the Universe will have all energy moving towards it to make it happen.

That’s right!

For example, what’s the alternative to being a beta male? Being alpha male, right! Ok, so what’s the alternative to being fat/unhealthy? Being fit and healthy! 

So tell yourself that you are alpha, you are fit, you are healthy, you are wealthy and all the good positive stuff about life…Again, you need to really mean it with your full heart!

All you have to do as soon as you wake up, or during the day is to look straight in the mirror directly at your own eyes and say it with full intention! Then repeat it several times in your mind throughout the day.

Consistency is actually the principal MAIN key! You need to repeat them day in, day out, like a daily habit. 

Start in the morning with a set as soon as you can after waking up, which will be the first thing you start thinking of.

Now I’m going to give you a positive affirmation set that you can also use right now to help you become an alpha male, but you need to take it seriously and say it like you really believe it to yourself every day after waking up. (Present Tense Affirmations); 

  • ( I am an alpha male. I am dominant. I am always relaxed and calm. I am assertive and powerful. Others see me as powerful and self-assured. My confidence is rock solid. All women are naturally attracted to me. I can take the lead in any social situation. I am totally secure in myself. I speak with authority. ) 

In the mid-day, say this to yourself (Future Tense Affirmations); 

  • ( I will transform into an alpha male. I am becoming more and more alpha. I am finding it easier to take the lead in social situations. My core personality is becoming more confident and assertive. Others are starting to notice my self-assured attitude. People will respect me. I will always speak my mind. Women will be naturally drawn to me. Women are starting to see me as a leader and decision-maker. I will continually strengthen my alpha traits.)

At night before bed, say another Alpha positive affirmation session (Natural Affirmations);

  • ( Being an alpha male is just the way I am. Women are naturally attracted to my alpha characteristics. Confidence is my natural right. Being assertive and dominant are just who I am. I enjoy being the leader in social situations. I love being the alpha male. Others look up to me for my strength of character. I am highly respected. I make women feel safe and secure. My alpha maleness allows women to feel more feminine.

Therefore, remind yourself every day from the beginning of the day to the end that ‘I AM ALPHA!

Your mind will believe it and your body will react and start changing by your own mental mindset telling your body that you’re really an alpha man..!

I highly recommend that you make this a daily habit for at least a whole month and then switch up to something else.

And how can you get the other affirmation sets? Sure, here’s it is!

There are several apps you can choose from but my OWN favorite one is an App called (Affirmations)!

You can download it for completely free (no charge at all) from app stores; for Apple iPhones look into the iTunes Store, and for Android phones, look into the Play store.


As long as you have a smartphone, you can have 100% access to it for free and start doing these positive affirmations for yourself every day.

Again, this is NOT only for ALPHA positive affirmation sets, there are a whole lot of different positive affirmations from Money to Health, and Fitness to Overall Personal Growth or whatever.

Just a reminder;

  1. Consistent is key
  2. And you have to say it like you really mean it and believe it as if it is actually real or already happened
  3. Then after 21-90 days, our body starts changing and acting as we say it. 

Law Attraction is real and it works, try it yourself. 🙂

And if you don’t know, it is only 1% of the world population that actually knows this which they are the most successful people that have figured it out either through books, experiences, or through me showing you here!

Now the other part is through following your own INTUITION, so in this same post, you’ll see how to see the signs!


You should be feeling very lucky you’re here and hopefully, you have already changed your mindset now after you have learned the real secrets of life and will take ACTION today, not tomorrow, but NOW!

Be the change NOW. Say positive affirmation NOW. Be Alpha NOW and move forward in life with positivity and high MOTIVATIONAL FEELINGS all day, every day!

No excuses…

(p.s. Check out the Beta Male Characteristics to Real Alpha Male HERE! You will see the complete difference of a beta male to an alpha male!)


I hope you enjoyed it… I have faith that you will change your low confidence levels to believing in yourself more by replacing negative thoughts with positivity ONLY, and that you will face any fear that comes your way by taking action and becoming a highly motivated and positive individual!

Remember, ACTION is the cure for fear. Do like me, when I feel it, I just go for it and whatever happens, happens! That will build lots of confidence in you! By the way, feel completely free to drop me your comments below!

(2023) Alpha Male Motivation Personality & Mentality – Behavior HERE


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