Over 90% of society is living off the survival lifestyle and see themselves as a victim of life.

And that is basically living in a stress mode all day, every day, and probably for many years.

Now, that’s very bad and you probably have no idea how terrible this is!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been there before!

It truly sucks, I used to depressed not wanting to live life at all…Everything seemed to go wrong, and I personally didn’t really know what was going on.

Is this you as well?

Ok, well feel extremely lucky that you’re here because I’m willing to change you, to change your lifestyle as a whole, and make you embrace the uncomfortable to move in life and live a totally new lifestyle.

However, I can’t really “change” you, but ONLY yourself can do that and you do it by being committed to taking 100% responsibility for your own actions!

Let’s get into the deep depth of what’s going on with you, with your life and the 95%+ of people feeling like a victim of life itself!

Read below.

What It is a Victim of Life?

According to many sources online, a victim means “a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.”

Now I’m not talking about in these terms but in the way of a person being tricked, innocent, or a hoax by their own lives by being the “victim” of circumstances and events that is happening around them, which includes certain people making you feel like a loser as well!

Yes, that’s right.

Wherever you are right now, believe it or not, you attracted the life you have to your own self by the Law of Attraction.

And that means the Supreme Higher Source / God or whatever you want to call it is NOT punishing you, but ONLY responding to you which could be negative or positive.

However, you’re probably not aware of it whatsoever! And I agree because all of us which is over 95% of the population including myself were all programmed to be a victim of life and live off the survival pressure mode and I’m going to explain why!

When we were a child, I mean from the day we were born to adult age, our government, ancestors, grandparents, parents, the education system, our culture, environment, the media/news/tv and all of that programmed our mind to be this way and live off the survival/stress mode.

So it’s not our parent’s fault!

No, not at all because they were innocent too and were programmed in the same way as well.

He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived. – Chinese Proverb

So what is the exact program you may be asking me?

Well, here it is!

We are born, we go to school to learn, we either graduate from school and go to college to get a degree/diploma and if we don’t, then we are programmed that we will live poorly to work for someone else for a lifetime.

Then after you get a diploma, you find a job/career to pay off a serious amount of debt, and you still earn not enough money to quickly pay it off which could take you years to actually pay it fully, if you even do…

And what happens is that you work in a stressful and unhappy mode for someone else or for the government every single day to ONLY pay off debt, which of course, you’ll have a new car and get more debt out of that.

If you’re still doing what mommy and daddy said for you to do (go to school, get a job, and save money) you’re losing. – Robert Kiyosaki

Then if you’re a “go-getter” person, you look into buying a new home, which is more and more debt than ever.

And if you do that, you’re probably left off with hundreds of thousands in debt and you’ll work forever to pay it all off until you retire and die.

Yes, that’s exactly the program they all want us to live by where it’s a victim of debt, being a victim of what’s happening around us and being victimize of life itself, correct?

They don’t want us to be awakened to find out the truth that we are a creator and that anything is possible. They want to control us, they want us to run a certain way known as the system or organization.

They want us to feel limited and unpowered and rely on the outside events to feel a certain way and that means following the masses and go with the crowd and conform. They want us to be afraid to be different, or if we try, we’ll be judged, and therefore, over 95% of the population are living in fear.

They don’t us to know that we don’t need medication/pills to turn our health around by using only our powerful brain known as our subconscious mind and our own higher-self since our mind is our best doctor.

They don’t want us to know that we don’t need people or things to be happy, but first to be happy with our own selves, then we’ll be happy with things and people around us.

They don’t want us to know that we don’t need a 9-5 job and work extremely hard to make money. They actually want us to live that average same lifestyle as everyone else with limiting beliefs like how only the “rich get richer” and the “poor get poorer”.

If your personal reality is creating your personality, then you’re a victim. But if your personality is creating your personal reality, you’re a creator. – Dr. Joe Dispenza

They don’t want us to become a leader in life to create massive success to change the world and make it a better place for everyone. They don’t want us to achieve a financial freedom life for us to live happily, free of stress, and be our own best, but that’s what they programmed us to do and be!

Of course, they don’t want any of that because ONLY the 1% of the population are getting the most money, wealth and living off the best financial freedom while being able to have anything they want with full happiness, peace, and joy… While the rest of the mass population is working for them and living a poor life forever!

They want you to think that “money is the root of evil” and that it’s “hard to make” and so on, and that way, you won’t ever have enough money since everything is energy.

Money is the root of freedom, not evil! Money is easy to make, not hard.

That’s why having a job means ‘just over broke’ since you’re only enriching the wealthy people like a slave enriching a king.

Now I’m not saying the wealthiest, richest people on the planet are “evil” or any form of that because all they did was figured out exactly what I’m teaching you here!

It just that rich people have been awakened and actually found out the real truth of what’s going on in the world itself and they refused to follow this negative “rat race”, society trap or as everyone calls it, being a sheep and following the same steps as everyone else.

I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am. – Anonymous

Just so you know, you definitely don’t need a degree to be successful, you can learn anything completely free. You don’t need to be an expert to build a successful business. You don’t need things and people be grateful for, happy, and so on.

But schools don’t teach us this, nor does society because again, most of them don’t actually know and the ones that do know like myself and the 1% of the population, they don’t seem like they don’t want you to know.

School only teaches us to work for a job, not to build a successful business.

What society TELLS YOU IS COOL:

  • College degree
  • $100k salary or less
  • BMW/nice car
  • Bottle service


  • Eating healthy foods every day
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Financial independence
  • Building something you can pass down to family

Therefore, we’re being manipulated as a victim, an innocent, a loser, and all of that negative beings!

That’s right, I said it all… So keep reading to open your eyes wide opened!

What Does it Mean to Live in a Survival Mode?

It basically means you’re living in a stressful environment on a daily basis, which seems as you’re a victim of life who sees change as fear, where it sure is the survival emotion that is causing so many negative things to happen in your life.

Yes, people are scared to get out of their comfort zone and would rather live the rest of their lives in the same environment forever until they die, instead of changing themselves completely and actually have their whole lives turned around.

People are scared to believe in themselves, scared to leave the past behind, scared to leave a person in their lives that’s doing more harm than good, and are scared to move on with life!

Is this really you, pal?

I’m sure because again, it is 95%+ of the world population who are living off this same survival mode which is living by and functioning by the hormone of stress, pressure, and fear on a daily basis for a very long time until now that you’re finally awakening by me showing you this stuff!

That’s why It is important that you read my other posts here on my #1 best alpha male website; ALFASTALLION® where I ONLY give you valuable wisdom to make you leave the beta lifestyle and become a true alpha since knowledge is power!

Society is living a negative lifestyle with massive over-thinking thoughts, negative emotions all the time, and bad habits and behaviors that have created a negative personality with only negativity around them.

Now if you don’t know, it is super addictive to be in a negative mode! Negative thoughts and negative emotions are like a drug that will constantly keep happening regards if you “want” to think positively or not.

And why is it so hard to get out of this type of lifestyle?

Well, from birth to the age of 7 years old, our minds (subconscious) are in theta brain waves which is basically capturing and recording every single event, word, visual, thoughts, habits, behaviors, routine, and basically anything to make a lifestyle!

That’s right!

Therefore, the wealthy and rich people, they program their kid’s brain the opposite of survival/victimize which they show them that they are a truly abundant and powerful human being who can achieve whatever they want, regardless if they show them any money or not…

Can you see what I’m saying here?

That’s the same type of program that I’m programming my child’s brain… So by the time he becomes an adult, he would be already a success in his own way/life without me needing to hand out any money or any help!

My son doesn’t watch tv, cellphone or play video games, but he reads and plays with learning toys and hangs out with his smart pets and with kids like-minded!

Do NOT follow the crowd.

If you notice, most of the successful people’s kids become successful before they turn 18 years old, meaning when they find out what they want and go after at their young age, they truly become a success.

Yes, it’s true, we all see it all the time!

Now when you’re living off this survival lifestyle/victim life or as I like to say, you’re an innocent person, you barely have any happiness and peace going on because when you have a negative personality, happiness, joy, peace, gratitude, and all the elevated emotions cannot stand being in the opposite personality the whole time.

Plus these types of people are most likely comparing themselves to others and maybe in competition as well!

That’s why there are so many depressed people out there worldwide!

Be aware that you CAN’T BE another person nor anyone can be you, and that’s a power that each one of us has!

Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself. – Bill Gates

Start to notice what’s going on inside of you because we all were programmed to feel what’s happening in the outside world and actually react to it based on what’s truly happening out there.

And that’s very bad since we can’t control what’s happening outside of us but we can ONLY control what’s happening inside of us and that’s all we need to do!

Why do people only rest in peace, when we can live in peace too! Follow down.

How to Leave the Survival/Victim Life? – Change Your PERSONALITY!

I know it’s not as easy as it may sound since I’ve been there before over a decade ago when I was very depressed with my life!

And the ONLY way to change yourself and your life around is to RE-PROGRAM by adding a completely new program into your brain.

This means you will have to completely change your whole personality in order to change your life.

That also means, your daily habits, your daily thoughts, and how you act will have to fully change and become a whole new person!

Yes, I’m talking about you have to leave your old self behind and be a totally new self and you do that by changing your own personality on a daily basis to RE-PROGRAM yourself all over again.

Letting go is an inner shift that changes your relationship with life to one of inner peace and harmony. – Maria Erving

And before I get into that, I have to mention that you MUST take 100% responsibility right now for your own self, for your life, and know that you’re no longer going to be a victim regardless of what’s your current condition, situation, or what’s happening now or has happened in the past.

Just so you know, the past doesn’t exist anymore, it is just a memory that is causing you to be depressed. The future also doesn’t exist because we’re not there yet which will only cause you to feel anxious.

The most important factor is in the NOW, the present moment exactly right now that you must focus on.

Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive, fully aware. – Thich Nhat Hanh

So after you become committed to yourself to change you, yourself, and your life since it is a choice we all have, here’s how you do it!

So here’s a quick method: Rate your yourself in all areas of your life from 0-10 on how well your doing but be honest with yourself. Then work on that to improve and become a 10 aka your best!

Change How You Think – Beliefs

You have to start clearing out your negative beliefs in order to reprogram your mind all over again, and you do this by REPETITION on a daily basis!

Your thoughts have to be about abundance all the time. You have to start thinking of ONLY what you want in life. Never think of what you DON’T WANT unless you want to attract that into your life.

So think thoughts/ideas of ONLY abundance which is love, positivity, wealth, health, happiness, peace which means to forgive everyone and everything, joy, kindness, gratitude of all, and all the elevated thoughts!

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Smart people forget.

Now here’s the easiest way that I have learned based on my own experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

You MUST meditate as soon as you wake up and have ONLY thoughts of gratitude all day, every single day.

When you meditate early in the morning as soon as you wake up and start thinking grateful thoughts, your whole day might as well be in a gratitude flow.

That is because meditation will allow you to stop your mind from thinking and that will allow you to put in only positive thoughts that you want.

And therefore, you will then have full control of your mindset!

Now how long you should meditate?

It is important to meditate at least for 20-30 minutes to remove the attachment of your thoughts, but the longer you practice it, the better it gets and the more benefits you’ll gain.

The root of suffering is attachment. – Gautama Buddha

I also highly recommend you meditate 3x times a day, which the most important one is early in the morning as soon as you wake up, the mid-day during lunchtime, and at night right before sleep.

Again, you have to be the commander of your mind, not the soldier that lets the mind be on auto-pilot with the negative thoughts that you have. By having control of it, you will then have the choice to only put positive thoughts of gratitude, love, peace, happiness, joy and so on.

Therefore, it is best to focus on gratitude by saying “thank you” for basically every single thing, including all circumstances, situations, people, and all. That’s what I do, I say ‘thank you’ every second throughout my day and actually feel it.

And when you do that on repetition for every single day on a daily basis, it could take 21-90 days for it to become a belief which is the #1 key to changing your mindset and thoughts.

That is because what you’re constantly thinking on a daily basis as repetition, it becomes a belief and what you truly believe, you become!

Our beliefs attracts everything to our lives…Keep reading!

Change How You Act – Behaviors/Habits

It is true that we become by not only our beliefs but also by our daily routine. This means that our success is based on our habits/behaviors and daily routine.

In order to leave the survival mode and stop being a victim of your life, you have to completely put new habits for yourself starting now.

Being HAPPY is a HABIT. Being SAD is a HABIT. The CHOICE is yours.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, but exactly right now after you finish reading all of this!

For example: Are you waking up late every day and running to traffic very stressed on a daily basis?

Here’s what you do… Wake up early every day! Yes, I’m talking about no later than 6 am but best is at 5 am just like what I do.

Yet, you have to go to sleep no later than 11 at maximum! The early the better…

When you start waking up early in the morning before sunrise, you will then have plenty of time and energy to get your mind and your day right!

That means, you will have to put your phone across the house or in the bathroom before going to bed, and when the alarm clock rings from your phone, you will have to get up without a choice to turn the alarm clock off, then go straight into washing your face and brush your teeth since you’re already there.

The reason why I say this is because at first, it will be hard to wake up early since you already have the same habit/routine as before and for many years which it’s most likely programmed like that.

You just have to do something different!

  • And what I do is wake up at 5 am, I immediately get up while I start thinking of grateful thoughts like ‘thank you for this day’, ‘thank you for my life’, then wash my face, brush my teeth and I go drink a large cup of alkaline water.
  • Then I grab my gratitude journal and write 3 grateful affirmation sentences in the present tense like; ‘I’m so happy and grateful that my life is so fantastic! Thank you!‘, etc, or so.
  • After that, I go right into meditation. Not on my bed but somewhere else like on a yoga mat or couch to do MEDITATION! Yes, I meditate for 20 minutes, then 10 minutes of stretching/elongating. You can meditate much longer, which I highly recommend at first.
  • Then at 5:30 am, I do the ho’oponopono self-healing practice prayer, and by 6 am I instantly grab my running clothes and I’m out the door to exercise and walk/jog/run around the pool for 40 minutes. In the last 20 minutes, I exercise like do some push-ups, squats, and abs.
  • Then I go eat a very healthy breakfast meal since health is wealth. In the last 10 minutes, I read and affirm some affirmations to start my day.
  • 7:30 am I am out to my office!

And guess what, these are the greatest habits someone could have to start off their day, and ever since I have been doing this, depression doesn’t live in me anymore.

Just so you know, if you can get your first 2 hours of your day by accomplishing healthy tasks and controlling your mind through meditation and have a gratitude state of flow, the rest of the day will be very easy to control!

Of course, there is much more to that, which I’ll show you at a different post here about entertainment and knowledge of improvements as well!

You should always spend some time improving yourself at all costs in order to grow and create the life you want! The more you learn, the more you earn!

Just so you know, it takes 21-90 days for what you’re doing to become a habit/routine in which you’ll start to act a totally different person like the truly successful person that you deserve.

Yes, that is the whole point of this which is to act as if you’re already living the life you want, act as if you have already manifested all the things you want, and so on!

Change How You Feel – Emotions/Feelings

Now, this last part is just as powerful and important as the two parts above!

And the reason why this is the last part which should be first is because it is the hardest part since we first have to change our thoughts/beliefs and change our daily habits/behaviors/routines to change how we feel!

That means you can’t feel the elevated emotions without putting in elevated positive thoughts and have elevated good habits…

And believe it or not, you could do all of the above, but if you’re emotions/feelings/mood is not right and aligned, you can’t change your life!

And why is that?

Well, our hearts is what sends out the frequency waves to the Universe/world through our feelings and emotions!

That means you have to feel good so you can attract good into your life.

It works by the Law of Attraction, ‘like attract like‘, whether you agree or not, it’s a UNIVERSAL LAW that is working 24/7 for every single person in this world unless a person is dead.

And again, when you starting putting new thoughts/ideas of positive, gratitude, love, happiness, joy, peace, and all the elevated thoughts into your mindset since everything is a choice, you’ll start to feel the same as your thoughts.

You can’t have negative thoughts and expect to feel positive, it will never work!

Plus your daily habits/behaviors/routine will allow you to feel much better, especially if you follow what I do at the very first 2 hours of waking up.

Trust me, you will feel so elevated like motivation, excitement, productivity, happiness, peace, and just feelings of greatness throughout your whole day!

And again, it is a CHOICE and it is your 100% responsibility to change how you think, how you act, and how you feel!

Now as I have mentioned above, I personally ONLY focus on gratitude because it is the parent emotion of all of the elevated abundant feelings, plus when you’re thinking and feeling gratitude, you’re basically emitting the vibrational frequency that you have received something or is receiving.

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies, when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence. – Barbara Marciniak

That means, the Universe will see that frequency waves coming out of you through your heart and what happens is, the Universe MUST return to you all the things that will match this same vibrational frequency of yours!

It can not and will never send you the opposite of what frequency you’re emitting!

It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

So do that, start your day by saying ‘thank you’ and throughout your daily basis, say ‘thank you for _____’ all the time but actually FEEL it with your full heart.

It is super important that you actually feel it, and not just think or say the word out of the mouth.

At the end of the day, remind yourself that you did the best you could today, and that is good enough. – Lori Deschene

RESULTS of Changing Your Own Personality / Your Whole Self?

When you do what I just showed you above, I’m telling you that you will NO LONGER be a victim of your life or live in that survival mode because negativity can not exist in this type of lifestyle.

But again, you have to be committed and not just read what I’m showing you here.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Work accordingly to the life you want.

Just remember, it is all of your 100% responsibility, and not your parents, not your spouse, or none of that… They have their own responsibility for themselves, and so do you.

Man up and have steel balls to change your whole personality by having positive daily thoughts and put in new beliefs through changing your daily routine made out of habits/behaviors and act like the person you want to become. Plus start changing your emotional feelings to change your life!

When you do that, that’s when the change will happen because you will be on that growth/creator mode!

Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come. – Unknown

Now don’t expect instant results because it does take time! As I have stated above, it can take anywhere around 21-90 full days or more to become a habit!

The longer you focus on changing to reprogram a new software in your brain, the better it gets!

However, just to let you know that since you have been programmed for many years to live in that survival mode aka victim of life, you have to continue to the new lifestyle, or else YOU MAY GET BACK to the old program all over again with ease.

Just like a regular smoker who has been smoking for 20, 30, 40, 50 years or their whole lives, if they get back to smoking again regardless of the time they have been sober, their body will catch up and remember that old program all over again!

Trust me, it happens a lot!

The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.

Just don’t allow it to happen to you. You deserve a completely new life, you deserve massive success and that includes prosperity, health, wealth, knowledge, happiness, peace, joy and all the good positive things in your life.

The last important part is that age is just a number, and you have to look over who your “real” friends are because whether it’s friends, colleagues, or certain family members, they will either drain your energy or elevate it.

Stay away from negative people, just like Albert Einstein once said: “Negative people have a problem to every solution“.

Do good, speak good, think good. Realize that every being we encounter is an enlightened being, disguised, to show us the way. Some show us how we should not be. Others as we should be. – Monja Coen

Trust me, negativity is nowhere fun and takes you nowhere in life but only pushes you back!

Just remember once again, it is what we do on our daily basis that contributes to either success or no success at all.

And that means you can’t just lay around and watch tv all day long, and expect your life to change. It just won’t happen! You have to go out there and go after what you want.

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Have you been living in the survival mode known as a victim of your own life? Feel free to share with me anything you have in mind! It is a pleasure to see what you have to say. I’ll enjoy replying to you at all costs!

(2021) Are You Living as A Victim of Life Known as Survival Lifestyle? – Take Responsibility Here!


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