A lot of people have no idea how powerful it is to have full awareness of what’s going on in their own lives…

Are you one of them?

Well, if you are, then this post is for you because once you start noticing everything, your life will immediately start changing for goodness sake!

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. – Nathaniel Branden

I actually was a person back in the day that had no awareness of my life, and therefore, I just basically lived off the day and not really cared about what was going on at the time.

And we all should care, we all should be fully aware of all and that is why I’m going to share with you right now why you MUST have awareness of everything!

Read below and find out.

Why Awareness Is Super Important?

Awareness to me is actually the most important key to have and see all the great things in our lives because the moment you’re living off without actually focusing on being aware of everything, then you’re probably losing in life.

And that’s a FACT!

I don’t know any successful, wealthy, or rich folks that are not fully aware of their own lives, their businesses, their health, or whatever it is…


And why is that?

Well, when someone is highly aware of what’s going on on their everyday daily basis, they seem to make better decisions.

But not only that!

How many times have you just thought of a great idea but since you’re not aware of it or caught that great idea, you lose that fantastic opportunity that could cost you a big fortune?!

Yes, I know we all have since no one is perfect!

And that is one big reason why it is super important to be aware of everything that is going in our lives…

Awareness is a key ingredient in success. If you have it, teach it, if you lack it, seek it. – Michael B. Kitson

Another reason why it very important to have full awareness is for example; you’re eating all types of fast foods on a daily basis and you’re going on your day by not being aware that is going to backfire you big time in the future…

But the moment you start noticing it and become aware of it, you start eating more healthy and all the good kinds of foods because again, you’re aware of what could happen!


Trust me, awareness is key to great health, wealth, and to have the best life ever!

How to Be Aware of All?

Very simple, just open up your EYES wide open and this also means opening your third-eye as well and become a good observer!

Yes, and basically all I mean is you have to start by being wiser through listening to your own self, start looking at things differently, and question everything in your mind!

Start noticing what types of feelings you’re having on a daily basis which is called following your own intuition.


Start noticing what types of thoughts you’re having and question your own thoughts like why am I thinking about this? What is the reason for this thought?

If you don’t know, we all as humans have one-true God’s spirit inside of our hearts since we are all sons and daughters of a higher being out there regardless if you’re aware of it or not, regardless if you believe it or not, but most importantly, it is trying to guide us to the right path throughout our whole lives.

And the ones who listen to this guidance known as higher-self are the ones who always make the right decisions for in all aspects of their lives, and are also the ones who become rich, wealthy, and are always looking to be healthier than ever!

Self-awareness is NOT self-judgement. It is looking, & seeing, & discovering who you really are. So, check your judgement at the door. – Unknown

Yes, I’m also talking about the ones who live a very long life, they seem to follow their own intuition/feelings who are always aware when they’re not doing something right within their body or when they shouldn’t go somewhere that something bad could happen if they do.

Rich and wealthy people have a fortune for the reason that they have become aware and opened their own eyes fully to see what’s going on in a daily routine, and of course, took massive action and followed their own feelings.

Yes, it is very true!

Bottom Line: Being Aware Conclusion

There you go!

You now know how to become aware of everything and the more you practice awareness, the better and better it gets.

Trust me, you won’t be 100% completely aware at first, but as long as you don’t stop looking for ways to have more awareness, you’ll be in the right direction to all types of successes in your life regardless of what’s currently going on!

I know people that were dead broke, in poor health state and as soon as I taught them to start becoming more aware of what they’re doing, of what they’re thinking and feeling, that’s when the magic started to happen.


That is because they deeply noticed that what they were doing was not the right choices and went on to take different types of decisions, which got themselves out of the hell hole!

I actually have been there before.

One time I lost everything I had since I didn’t really care, then I started being more aware of all and I got back up bigger than I was!

Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them. – Eckhart Tolle

I really hope this post has helped you in any way and I urge you to always look for ways to become more and more aware than ever as this is all on you!

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Are you truly aware of what’s going on in your life? If yes, then continue because you are in the right direction! But if you’re not, then write me a sentence underneath in the comment section and sincerely let me know!

(2022) Awareness Is the MAIN Principle (KEY) to Everything in Life


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