Not a lot of guys out there actually know about sex delay spray for long-lasting in bed, which are also referenced as natural male enhancement spray.

In fact, you’re going to find out the #1 top best premature ejaculation spray in today’s male industry since only a few of them actually work!

These types of natural male enhancement products work as a topical anesthetic spray which basically slightly “numbs” your penis to be less sensitive and that way, you can last much longer in sexual intercourse.

Yes, you can use it before sex or even before masturbating!

It basically lets you release your load of cum whenever you wish to and now, you can rest assured that you can finally feel satisfied and give more pleasure to your sexual partner.

I personally have never used any of these before since I know how to have complete control of my ejaculation and powerful erections.

I can actually last over 15-30 full minutes during sex and perform like an alpha stallion male. Imagine if you could also do that as well, how would you feel to have the longest sex you’ve ever had in your life?!

Well, I bet you that these types of natural male enhancement sex delay spray will be your solution to last longer than ever since that is what it’s intended to do!

So right now at this point, I can finally show you the best premature ejaculation sprays for you to keep going and to last several minutes as well.

Top Best Male Delay Sprays to Last Longer

1. VigRX® Delay Spray (98 Points) –

The VigRX Delay Spray is the best delay spray for men to prolong your sexual activity and it is my mission here to prove to you why it is the top #1 in today’s male market.

According to this product’s official website, the active ingredients of its proprietary blend will absorb immediately into the penis tissues to mildly numb your penis for you to maintain that rock-hard erection.

Sounds fun, hah!


Now the active compound that does this mild anesthetic is called benzocaine who is 100% safe for this type of use.

Therefore, there is no need for any medical prescription because it actually has been used for several decades in specific condoms called “endurance condoms” for the same reason, to last longer than ever!

And that means it is 100% safe to use without any negative side effects.

Keep reading!

How is VigRX® Delay Spray Different From Others? – Are The Results Really Better?

Since there are many male desensitizers sprays also known as man prolonging delay spray or reference as a premature ejaculating spray as well, a lot of them do use a different anesthetic active substance called Lidocaine.

Which, this active compound is also used to prevent premature climax in us men and they both work the same way!

Even though it is also safe as well, Benzocaine active ingredient in VigRX Delay Spray is quite better than Lidocaine in other tropical male sex delay products out there, and here’s why!


One reason is that Benzocaine was found to actually reduce skin irritation in some different forms of topical applications out there such as creams, gels, condoms, and wipes.

However, Lidocaine is mostly found only in sprays and not to mention, this active anesthetic compound who is in other sprays is said to be corrosive to latex.

Which from my point of view, it makes it difficult to wear a condom right after applying a spray with such an active ingredient because it may cause the condom to quickly break!

Unless you wash your penis completely with soap and leave no residue of Lidocaine substance…

Therefore, with the Benzocaine compound in VigRX Delay Spray, you don’t have to actually “wash” your penis as a whole but ONLY simply wipe off any excessive content, plus it’s condom-friendly!

Now in terms of effectiveness and safety, products with Benzocaine are much safer because Lidocaine is mostly used in the dentist and in medical terms, which too much of it could really numb your penis for many hours… We don’t want that, right!?


Where Benzocaine in VigRX Delay Spray is intended to make you last about 30 minutes, and not hours like others!

I mean, how would you feel to have your penis numb for many hours like other male enhancement delay sprays out there…?

See, this is why VigRX Delay Spray is actually the #1 rated best delay spray in the market for several reasons, and if somehow you feel not enough effects, then you can simply apply up to 3 full sprays and rub it for full absorption.

How Does VigRX® Delay Spray Work?

All you would have to do is apply this male desensitizer spray 1-3 times to your overall penis as a whole, and within 5-10 minutes at max, you can already start your enjoyable sexual activity with your partner or just masturbate.

Over time, you can finally say bye-bye to your early-ejaculation moments with VigRX Delay Spray and not only you will last longer, but you can also perform like the ‘stallion’ version that we all have inside of us!

Which will give you enough pleasure for yourself and to your sex mate...

If you don’t know, most women can take up to 23 full minutes to reach a shocking mind-blowing orgasm.

So by you lasting this amount of time or more, your partner will always come back and want more of you every time, correct!?

Just imagine that!

I mean, since it slows down the sensitivity of your penis by relaxing the penis ejaculating nerves, VigRX prolonging delay spray will enhance your sexual stamina, performance, and sex drive for you to enjoy longer sex and feel much more pleasure!

Key Features/PROS:

  • Ranked as #1 Best Top Best Premature Ejaculation Spray
  • Could Make You Last in Bed to 20-30 Minutes or More
  • All You Need is 1-3 Sprays (No More Than That For Safety)
  • 100% Safe When Used as Instructed by the Directions
  • Unleash Your Sexual Power by Enhancing Performance
  • Get You Going Within as Little as 10 Minutes After Applied
  • Decreases the Sensitivity of the Penis Nerves to Last Longer
  • Able to Enjoy Sex Much More Pleasant And Satisfying
  • Increases Self-Confidence and Sexual Self-Esteem
  • Should Please Your Sexual Partner & Let Them Enjoy Sex
  • No Prescription is Required Since It Is NOT a Medical Drug
  • Better Known as Condom-Friendly than its Counterparts
  • It Is Said to Have a Great Scent when Applying the Spray
  • No Negative Side Effects Has Been Reported if Used Correctly
  • Positive Reviews/Results Were Found To Prove It Really Works
  • 67-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk-Free Product


  1. Even though it is 100% completely safe, if you or your partner have any allergy to anesthetics or benzocaine (the main active ingredient), then you should contact your doctor or physician before using such a product due to irritation. Yet, don’t forget that you have a 67-day full money-back guarantee just in case!

What Are The Results of Using VigRX® Delay Spray?

How would you feel to unlock your sexual power for you to have the maximum sexual potential by lasting longer than ever?!

Will your confidence levels soar up the sky? I bet so!

By the way, after 10 minutes of applying VigRX Delay Spray which is the maximum time to start the effectiveness of it, you can put a condom on and start your performance since again, it’s condom-friendly.

However, it is recommended to wipe off your penis completely for sexual oral interaction

But even after wiping off for oral activities, this ejaculating delay spray will keep you going until you wish to shoot your load of semen!

So if you want to have fun, exciting, and great sex, then just use whenever you want.


Oh, I can’t forget that if you want to completely cure PE issues (premature ejaculation), it is best to use both this sex delay spray along with the #1 best premature ejaculation solution of pills for maximum results.

So are you really releasing your load within 2 minutes or less? If yes, then that means that you do have premature ejaculation problem. I’m sure you’ll be glad to try the prolonged male sex spray for the best sex! Don’t forget to post your comment below.

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