There are a number of penile exercises out there that all men can do on a regular basis!

And the results are incredible, which you can expect to increase your penis size with these effective exercises that I’m going to show you!

Also, you sure will achieve the strongest, hardest, and biggest erections ever by the stage 3 swollen level one here, plus the exercises helps with curvature to straighten your penis and many more benefits.

If you don’t know, penile exercises have been long known in the male industry for several centuries to gain sexual benefits.

Yet, not a lot of men actually know how to use them or which ones to perform!

I personally have massive experiences with such penile exercises because I am is still currently using most of them, even with a monster penis size

Oh, I’m here to show you everything you need to know!

However, you do need to follow the exact directions and instructions, or else, you can do more harm than good to your sexual package there.

So why not start now and show you the type of penile exercises that I still use to this day since they really do work very well!

The Types of Best Penile Exercises

By the way, if you don’t have enough money to get the top #1 penis enlargement device for you to use and increase your penis size instead of using your own bare hands, then these penile exercises that I’m going to show you will suit you best!

Yes, these are completely free and you can use them at any time, any day of your life. I’m going to try to make it as simple as it is…

Let’s get started now!

Warming Up

Oh, before anything, it is super necessary that I do mention to you about warming up!

It is highly recommended to warm up our penis before doing any of these penile exercises, which all you have to do is grab a small towel/cloth and dig it under warm-to-hot water for a few seconds and then, squeeze and twist the towel/cloth to extract the water.

Next, you would put it all around your penis for a few minutes.

What this does is loosen up the penile tissues and skin for the intense workouts, which helps you to avoid any injury!

Jelqing Exercises

The jelqing one also known as “milking” is a very popular penile exercise in the male industry, in which millions of men are actually doing them on the daily basis!

It is best for girth gains, meaning to increase the thickness of your penis by width…


With jelqing exercises, you need to use both of your hands and this is how to perform the workout;

  1. The first thing you need is to have lubrication (either water-base lube or oil-base ones) and apply it all over the penis skin as a whole. The next thing to do is make an ‘OK’ symbol or an ‘O’ / zero grip (as you can see in the photo above) with your thumb and finger, then grab at the base of the penis using this exact form.
  2. Then your next hand, do the same by making a zero symbol with both thumb and finger and grab right behind the penis head (glans).
  3. Now with both hands holding the penis, squeeze both of them and have your base hand slightly squeezing while going forwarding up to the penis head as if you were milking a cow.
  4. Do this for several reps, best up to 10 minutes 3x a week just for this jelqing penile exercise.

NOTE: You can always switch hands, and you may notice little bruises or red spots on your penis, it’s completely normal, and don’t worry, it’s actually the signs of growth.) *ADVANCED; Instead of doing it straightforward, you can do it to the sides (left and right), up, down, and so on.*

See how easy and simple it is!

And the results you can expect within 6 months of doing these jelqing exercises are the growth of 1-2″ inches in girth gains.

Stretching Exercises

Now the stretching penile exercises here are simple as well!

This one works more for the length of your penis size, which works great to gain a longer, larger growth of the penis.

And this is how it works!

  1. Do the same ‘ok’ symbol or zero/O grip with one hand grabbing at the head (glans) of the penis, then squeeze and pull it straight forward/outward for 30-90 seconds with ONLY one hand of yours.
  2. Then you do the same but to the sides (left, right), up, down and so. Yes, for 10 minutes per session 3x a week for best results.
  3. (NOTE: Don’t pull with too much force or too aggressively, which could cause you pain. Just medium force of pulling at first, and within time, you can increase the pulling force for best results!


Since you have got the basic penile exercises above that really work, you should perform them for at least 1-3 months to get you fully ready for these super-advanced ones.

Don’t cheat yourself because you’re looking at some high-intensive penile exercises here that will make your penis very soar, and could lead to injury!

I mean you definitely don’t want that, right!? So check out some of my favorite super-advanced penile exercises right here below.

Table Girth Exercises

Now this one, I can’t remember the exact name for this penile exercise since the program that I followed a couple of years ago called The Penis Professor had this effective exercise.

And the good thing is that it’s very easy to do them!

However, all you need is a strong table/desk that could hold your weight down!

  1. Now that you have a table, desk, or furniture that could hold your weight, you need to first reach a 70% erection to do this specific advanced exercise.
  2. Since you have an erection, put your penis on top of the table and have both of your hands on top of the penis as a whole.
  3. Then slightly PRESS both hands DOWN on top of the penis erection to a force that does not cause you pain, and do that for 30 seconds ONLY.
  4. You will notice your penis scrambles to the sides by the pressure that you’re forcing it, which increases your girth for massive thickness and more width, plus makes it a veiny muscular size.

NOTE: As you get used to this exercise, you can press it and hold the pressure force for more time than just 30 seconds for each set. Do that for up to 10 minutes 3x a week. And as time goes by, you can increase the pressure force as well for maximum results!

Base Stretching Exercises

This one is also one of my favorite penile stretching exercises, which requires you to be more advanced than the basic one I listed above.

Again, to perform these super-advanced workouts, you should have at least 1-3 months of doing the basic ones first for your own safety!

Or else, it can cause you an injury to your penis tissues… Also, don’t forget to warm up before any of these exercises!

This is how you do it;

  1. As I have taught and showed you the ‘ok’ symbol or the zero/o grip, this will require both of your hands.
  2. Just like the basic one where you grab the penis’ head with the zero/o grip and pull, now you will have your other hand with the same ‘ok’ symbol as well.
  3. Then you grab the base of your penis with the other hand, which you should have both hands gripping the penis from the base and the head.
  4. Now pull both hands, which the hand with the penis head will be pulling straight forward, and the hand at the base will hold your penis for great stretching tension. Hold it for 30-90 seconds, 10 minutes total, and for 3x a week.

NOTE: Use a force that will not cause you pain. Remember, the workouts are all in your hands as you should know how much pulling force is enough for you.

Kegel Exercises

If you have not checked out my Kegel exercises complete post here, then you’re missing out big time!

Working your PC Muscle known as Kegel exercises along with the penile exercises I just showed you will give you the exact results you want there over time.

Yes, I mean that combining the Kegel ones with the ones I just showed you above will give you the maximum results and I highly recommend it for the best sexual benefits!

Kegel exercises for men will not only help you increase your penis size for more growth but also help you achieve strong, hard, and bigger erections than ever.


In fact, without working out your PC muscle and when you’re in the penis enlargement process, you may face erectile dysfunction which is when you can’t achieve an erection at all!

Why is that?

Well, as your penis is growing with the penile exercises I just showed you above or while using any other penis enlargement device/method, your penis will be growing in length and girth, and therefore, you will need something to boost up the blood flow for your new size!

Yes with a new growth size, the penile chambers get wider and that means you need much more flow of rushing blood to fill it up for you to reach a hard erection.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

Unless you’re using an effective male enhancement for the stimulation of extra blood flow since this will work very well.

But either way, you should still want to do the Kegels exercises to maximize your results! Now just imagine using both the pills with these pc muscle exercises!? It will actually double the amount of blood flow for extremely hard erections based on my own experiences.

So if you want, you can click here to see it after on how to work out your PC Muscle known as kegel exercises the exact way by my own techniques!

Not to mention, with this particular exercise you’re going to have full control of your ejaculation where you will know when you want to climax and shoot your load!

Stage 3 Swollen Erections

Yes, for you to reach a stage 3 erection meaning extremely powerful rock-hard erections, you must be a professional at doing Kegel exercises or you won’t be able to reach this level at all.


There is actually no way because you need to have complete control of your ejaculation and also, working out your PC muscle is what helps boosts the massive amount of blood flow to the erectile chambers, remember as I mentioned before?

Or as I said, an alternative way would be to take the #1 best top male enhancement in today’s market!

So let’s follow down to find out how to get the most steel-hard wood you ever will have in your entire life, as I do this all the time.

  1. Play with yourself and get a stage 1 normal erection while doing the Kegel exercises by working out your PC Muscle together.
  2. Then start “jacking off” / masturbating without any pornographic materials but picturing in your mind a hot, sexy person doing stuff that gets you horny and increases your sexual arousal.
  3. But here’s the tricky part! BEFORE you ejaculate while masturbating, you need to feel the urge to shoot your load while having your hard erection there. Then when you feel that urge to climax, just stop “beating off” but don’t “cum” at all !!! And that’s why you need to be an expert at performing kegel exercises to have this full control since it’s the only way!
  4. So instead of ejaculating, have the same hand and grab fully at the base of your penis near the pubic area and squeeze it with full pressure for like 20-30 seconds, then follow the same process again for 10 minutes 3x a week.
  5. And by doing this, your pecker there will get swollen from holding all the blood flow in the penile chambers there, which leads to a thicker, veiny, and monster powerful erection aka stage 3 swollen erection!

NOTE: DON’T EJACULATE meaning don’t let go and shoot your load at all, but ONLY during sex or on a different occasion.

I actually made up this stage 3 erection exercise, where it does come to a point that you may feel somewhat a tingling and little pain from the hardest and most powerful erection you will ever feel!

But that is okay and completely normal… It won’t cause you any issue, but only a “side effect” of helping your penis grow to an even bigger, veiny, and monster size over time as if you keep doing it.


Yes, as you did it once, you can do it again, start the process all over again by jacking off just for the purpose to get extremely hard and come to an urge to ejaculate, THEN LET IT GO and grab the bottom of your penis and squeeze with your full hand like if you’re chocking a cock!

You’ll notice the penis becomes red, extremely veiny, and a whole lot thicker and bigger size.

I know it may be very hard at first, but it’s possible that you can do it…

Now as you get used to it for 3-6 months of doing this stage 3 erection exercise, you can then increase it for up to 20-30 minutes but always keep it as 2-3 times per week because the penis needs to rest and recovery itself.

Again, there are many benefits from my experiences with this powerful and effective penile exercise, which are of course;

  • gain a bigger, thicker, and fuller growth of size (veiny as well)
  • achieve stronger and harder erections than ever
  • will always allow the penis to have more blood flow for faster and bigger erections overtime
  • plus much more

But if you want a more advanced strategy, try using the PC Muscle at the same time by holding it for the full time while you’re squeezing your pecker there. I do this all the time too! 

Again, don’t ejaculate while doing this effective exercise… but later on when you have great sex!

Try it yourself, you’ll see incredible results over time!

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Not to mention, it proves us the results through their before and after photos and videos. Plus the price is very affordable as you’re looking to pay only a few bucks that will completely change your whole sexual life forever.

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Have you enjoyed the penile exercises that I showed you above? What about the stage 3 swollen one that I created based on my own experiences? Please don’t leave without letting me know in the comment box below! By the way, I am super confident that if you follow what I showed you, it will change your sexual life forever!

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