Looking over many reviews’ websites that are promoting the best penis stretcher devices, I have noticed that most of them are misleading you big time.

That’s right, even in the top penis extender category in several sites meaning in the top #1 or top #2 rows, most people are recommending those “professional” penis stretcher extenders which in my opinion, I highly doubt that these folks have any real experience with such extenders whatsoever!

These are known as traction noose extenders w/ strap or loop… – BIG NO-NO!

Why is that, you may ask?

Well, I personally have about 2 years of actually using these types of male penis extenders in the past and the results were not what I expected until I actually found a much better alternative option!

When wearing a traction noose extender like the photo above, it is super discomfort by not just when using it, but to put it on is a pain-in-the-ass.

So, therefore, I’m going to break it up to you right now that these devices known as noose extender / traction ones with loop or strap, neither one will work and you’ll be wasting your time, money, and effort…

I mean, it would be very foolish of myself with over 10 years in the male industry to recommend you any of these types of extenders because again, from my own personal experience with such products, it is not that simple as it looks!

It causes a hell of a lot of slippages, I mean most of the time you have to stop what you’re doing to fix it back up and tighten the loop that loosens up to hold the penis right.

Not to mention, what about when people look at you, they’ll notice a bulky thing inside of your pants which they probably might think you may have “a hard erection“!?

Oh man, the discomfort is not just from wearing it, but that bulky appearance is very awkward, don’t you think?!

Believe it, It’s not worth it!

Since I have used it before where one time I followed the program of it for 6 months of using a very popular penile extender device out there (I’m not going to say any name since I don’t want to seem as I’m bashing anyone) and after that, my results of wearing this penis extender were very poor.

Very small growth in length and girth since most of the time, it always caused slippage… It was not worth the price, the pain, and the discomfort, especially if you work in an office sitting all day, big NO-NO!

But hey don’t go just yet, read below and I will show you the best alternative option that I have been using for several months which works similar to any of these “legit” penis stretching extenders and I went from 6″ to over 8″1/2 in penis size.

Best Top Male Penis Stretcher Device

1. PHALLOSAN FORTE – www.Phallosan.com

The top penis extender is no doubt at all the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement device for many reasons.

In fact, everything I just told you about my real experience with how an actual traction noose extender works, Phallosan Forte extender works similarly but very different, and much more effective!

This is my number #1 best penis enlargement product because it is actually very comfortable when using it and wearing it on the daily basis.

I work all day sitting on a computer desktop for many hours and while wearing this penis stretcher device for up to 8 full hours, I don’t have any issues with causing any slippage or even loosen up the pressure of holding the penis’s head.

With the Phallosan Forte extender, the belt holds the penis to whatever side we want, and with the suction ball and its spare vacuum pump, you only release the pressure of it to remove the device when using the bathroom which unlike others, it is the only way that it will loosen up the pressure by you simply releasing it.

Now to remove, it takes about 10 seconds, and to put it back on, usually takes me just about 30 seconds.

Now with those other traction noose extenders, it can take several minutes until you actually get a good hold of the penis head with its loop or strap.

And as I mentioned before, the bulky appearance of those types of extenders out there, with Phallosan Forte you can rest assured that it will be completely discreet under your pants since it uses a belt, and not a full base extender assembly with elongating bars.

By the way, the part of people claiming to sleep with a penis traction extender device, I highly doubt that it’s even possible!

The only way possible is if the person sleeps on his back all night long because whatever movement you make to either side, you can expect to have the loop or strap loosen up.

Now with the Phallosan Forte extender, it is completely possible to either wear it on the daily basis at whatever activity you’re doing or at night time during sleep since the belt and the valve pressure hold it very firmly as you can clearly see in the image above.

By the way, if you do have a small penis size under 4″ inches in length, it is so hard to use a traction extender because of the full base assembly with the elongating bars, which the traction extender will have a hard time stretching out a small penis, and even if you tighten the loop very tight, it will cause you pain… That means you can’t even use it.

But that’s not the case with Phallosan Forte penis enlargement device!

So now let’s talk about the results of gains you can expect of it!

What Are The Exact Results When Using the Phallosan Forte?

Unlike the traction noose extenders w/ loop or strap, the Phallosan Forte extender will allow you to keep holding your penis the whole time of the stretching process, without you having to fix it every time.

And by doing that, the results you can look forward to are incredible!

Just remember, the whole point of an extender device is to hold the penis for several hours on a daily basis and the longer you have your penis stretched out, the faster and better results you’ll get since it causes the cells to expand and create new cells for growth!

If you don’t know, Ancient tribes use this method too as you can see the real-life photo here below, they have grown their penis size to unbelievable sizes!

Yes, I’m talking about up to 20″ full inches because of the many years of wearing a stretching method similar to the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system here.

Now within 6 months of wearing the Phallosan Forte device on a daily routine for up to 6-8 hours, I went from 6″ in length to over 8″1/2 full inches long.

Perhaps, I actually had to change the condom sleeve and suction ball to the LARGE one that comes with the kit!

Plus, there have been some gains on the girth as well, which the last time I checked, I noticed it was 1″ full inch added to my girth gains.

By the way, I can’t forget to let you know that I highly recommend you follow up with some penile Kegel exercises too, to help you maintain the new size and keep your penis functioning 100%!

That is because as the growth is occurring, your penis may start to lose its function and if you do combine it with Kegel exercises for men, it will help you keep your gains and you will have rock-hard erections every time during sex.

And here are real clinically proven results of what to look for when using the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system! Yes, that’s a lot of growth!

Now imagine yourself having a larger, bigger, and longer pecker of an additional 2-3″ inches? Not only you’ll feel impressed, but your sex partner will be blown away with the new size of your erection!

I’m telling you, this is exactly how I feel!

Don’t hesitate and wait any longer, take action today and make your penis grow to whatever size you want regards of your current penis size. You deserve a bigger cock!

Key Positives/PROS:

  • It Is The #1 Top Best Penis Stretcher Extender
  • Best Alternative Option than Traction Devices
  • Results Are Real with the Phallosan Forte System
  • Super comfortable & Causes No Pain Whatsoever (100% Safe)
  • Easy & Fast (Just a few seconds) to Put it On & Remove
  • Men of All Penis Sizes Can Use it For Their Growth Gains
  • Does not Leave a Bulky Awkward Appearance on Pants
  • Very Convenient and Super Light to Wear it All Day
  • Holds the Penis Very Firmly (Causes no Slippage or Loosen)
  • Can User Phallosan Forte During Day or Night (8 hours or More)
  • It Is Possible to Perform Any Physical Activity or Workout with It
  • Does Not Cause any Allergy or Discomfort from Anything Whatsoever
  • Notice Visual Results Within the Very First Month of Wearing It Daily
  • Complete Kit Comes With 2-year Warranty on Parts + 100% Refund


  1. From my own experience, when you use the bathroom, you must remove it and put it back on. Yet, unlike traction extenders, the Phallosan Forte extender only takes 5 seconds to remove and 30 seconds to put it on. And here are the real-life results!

2. PeniMaster PRO – www.PeniMaster.com/PRO

The 2nd best penis stretching device has to be the complete set of the PeniMaster PRO version, which is basically the basic rod penis extender, along with the ‘anatomically self-adapting (positive-locking) connection’ and the extender belt as well to work together!

Therefore, the users of the PeniMaster PRO can actually choose which stretching method they would want to use for best, comfort, and maximum results!

It is a completely unique penis enlargement system that has been proven to work effectively and safely by a team of medical doctors, which this product has more than 2 decades in the male industry.

Yes, the materials are all high-quality and medical-grade for you not to have any issues with causing irritation, but only achieve the growth results of inches over time.

According to our sources, when using the PeniMaster Pro for several hours on a daily basis as directed, you can achieve a longer, larger, and bigger penis size, as well as a fuller penis head (glans).

You can expect to help you with enhancing stronger erections and if you have any problems with erectile dysfunction issues, then it will help you as well as to improve premature ejaculation problems too.

Not to mention, you will have a straighter penis since it reduces the curvature of any Peyronie’s disease effects.

How Does PeniMaster Pro Works?

Since you’ll be getting the complete set of PenisMaster Pro kit, you do know that you’ll have the option to choose from the rod extender or just the belt system technology.

And all you have to do is;

  1. Adjust the length of the rods for the stretching process of your non-erect penis (if using the rods).
  2. Then you apply the proper lubrication (PeniMaster Comfort & Care) on your penis as a whole.
  3. And now add the condom sleeve over the penis head and wrap it around.
  4. Then, attach the pumping ball to the Anatomically self-adapting connection and now slide your penis inside it.
  5. Last is to squeeze the pumping ball to add pressure and hold the penis head by its suction vacuum technology.
  • If using the classic basic rod extender one, then you add the device to the penis and lock Anatomically self-adapting connection to the rod extender for the stretching and pulling process.
  • If you use the belt system technology which is much more discreet and probably more comfortable, then you would simply wrap the belt around your hip, or on your leg, or even on your shoulder, and lock it with the Anatomically self-adapting connection.

Not to mention, you can actually use it along with adding some weights to it as well, which at the PeniMaster Pro official website, they do show you several types of videos on how to use it the way you would want to on your daily basis under clothing!

Is It Really Safe? Are The Results Permanent?

Well, in order to make it 100% safe, you need to follow the exact instructions and directions as shown on its manual or through videos.

And yes, the results are really permanent because what would happen is the penis will be stretched to its maximum potential, and within time, the penis tissues and cells start to grow and multiple where the penis length will grow out to a new size, and that way, it stays the new size.

Therefore, if you achieve 2″ full inches within 6 months of consistency using the PeniMaster Pro system, it will be your new growth size.

Check out PeniMaster PRO primary official website to find out more!


3. PhalloGauge

The PhaloGauge penis extender could be the top #3 best penis enlargement extender out there which is a little bit different from the ones we reviewed above!

It is mostly used for length gains, where the creators of the product claim that thousands of customers have been using this unique extender device.

PhalloGauge is said to use a “double-grip technology” that won’t occur any slippage like the traditional traction noose extenders out there.

The product is based on silicone wrap along with its belt to allow the penis to fully stretch out without slippage and achieve real growth of penis gains.

According to them, with over 70+ different penis stretching designs, they found that this special form of stretching method is the best one by being easy to use, cost less, and should achieve the results you want!

PhalloGauge extender is made for discreet wearing under clothing where people won’t see your secret penis enlargement device.

Keep reading!

How Does PhalloGauge Work?

As the PhalloGauge penis extender website explains, all it takes is 30 seconds to put it on by a 3-step process!

All you have to do is wrap the ultra-soft silicone wrap to the penis before the penis head, which you must allow the glans of the penis to fully appear.

Then loop your penis into the loop of the belt and last would be to hook the belt to fully hold the penis without any slippage.

All of the PhalloGauge extender parts are made out of high-quality medical materials.

What Are PhalloGauge Results?

According to the PhalloGauge Medical team who is the company behind the product, they do provide some before and after images.

They claim that the length of results when using this penis enlargement extender is .7 inches in 16 weeks.

Which they do provide a data showing this result!

Now what I have to say! Yes, the PhalloGauge is a much better option than those traction common extenders out there with the loop and strap which we all know does cause slippages and it is hard to use.

Therefore, this product could work effectively for length gains, but what about girth results?

In my opinion, it is best to use the #1 top best extender who is the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement one above, and that way you can get both results of gains in length and girth since the pressure from the suction ball will make the penis head grow bigger and achieve wider girth gains as well.


4. Still-On Systems

The Still-On Systems works for not only length gains of penis enlargement growth but its target is to help men with Peyronie’s Disease known as a curvature penis.

The device is very different from the stretching methods out there but works a similar way of elongating the penis tissues for results.

Still-On Systems is said to be 100% safe and very effective for what it is used for, which they promote that it is a doctor-approved penis stretching extender.

For a fact, the product’s company does mention and actually shows a screenshot to have over 450+ positive feedbacks from previous users on eBay retail website sharing their own personal experiences.

All parts and materials are made of medical grade silicone material!

Read on…

How Does Still-On Systems Work?

According to the device’s official website, it is super easy to use and all it takes is 30 seconds to wear the stretching extender system.

Still-On Systems uses the same discreet method like the ones we reviewed above, which it states to be totally comfortable and will give you results when used for at least 6 full months.

The first thing you would need to do is measure your penis size for you to get the correct device, then when you receive your penis stretching method, you’ll first warm your penis with a warm-to-hot cloth and wrap it around.

Then you would start with the instructed force of tension to pull the penis in a flaccid (soft) erect state and wrap the silicone to one of your legs and the other part behind the penis head.

The customer user can adjust the force and tension he needs for the pulling to occur and then, you can get the results you need!

Follow below!

What Are The Results of Still-On Systems?

This Still-ON Systems claims to work effectively by pulling the penis downward, and therefore, it causes the cells of the penis to multiply and leads to new growth of the size of up to 1-2″ full inches within a year.

You can expect to have a straighter, longer, and bigger penis size, which should help you minimize the curvature and decrease Peyronie’s disease.

According to them, Still-On Systems helps you prevent penis shrinkage, but of course, any penis stretching device that is worn on the daily basis will help you stop shrinkage.

You can look forward to having your confidence levels sky rock up the roof when you notice visual results, which you will then perform better in bed!

Stronger, harder erections should occur, and a higher sexual desire.

Yet, I can not guarantee you results, but with Phallosan Forte yes I can guarantee you the gains you’re looking for since it’s 100% proven to not loosen up the stretching process.


Plus I am a former user of the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system where I went from 6″ to over 8″1/2 long and over 1″ in girth gains.

If you noticed, I have not recommended any of those basic traction noose extenders out there with a loop or strap because from my past experience with them, they always loosen up very fast and are very uncomfortable to wear, bulky, plus only caused me frustration, pain and again, discomfort = poor results.

Anyone who were to recommend these, I would stay away!

Therefore, the unique stretching devices/systems that you see above are all somewhat guaranteed to work in terms of growing your penis size by length and girth, as well as straightening it too since with them, they can actually hold the penis fully stretched out for a couple of hours and you can expect new growth of gains, especially with the Phallosan Forte #1 best device ever!

Had any experience with a penis stretcher device? Make sure to post your comment below!

(2021) Best Penis Stretchers Devices/Extenders – TOP – TRUTH ONLY HERE!


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