There are a large number of preworkouts in today’s industry from simply taking a pill or through a powder form to mix like most of them or as an instant preworkout drink.

So today I’m willing to show you which pre-workout is the best that thousands of men and women are taking it on the daily basis for the best pump and for you to get the maximum results ever!

Unlike myself, I actually haven’t used any ‘preworkout’ whatsoever for the past few years, and that is because I feel like I am a naturally motivated alpha male which I actually consider it as a ‘superpower’!

So that natural stimulant is my own favorite “pre-workout” so far!

From my past experiences with lots of pre-workouts out there in the market, I have noticed that most of them do leave me too hyped up because of the caffeine stimulant it carries which makes me too accelerated and leads me to feel anxious and stressed all day long!

In some cases, if I take it after 7 pm, and depending on the supplement, it may leave me up all night long and face some issues like insomnia.

But that’s not the case for you as you’re probably different from me!

If you do feel like your own motivation is not enough for a preworkout, then you’re going to be able to choose the best proven pre-workout that won’t cause you any negative side effects, but ONLY give you the right energy, drive and performance you need!

Plus, can’t forget the crazy pump that will make your muscles grow like a champ! Yes, scroll down and find out yourself!

Top Best Pre-workout Supplements

1. Blackwolf Workout –

The preworkouts from BlackWolf Workout brand have ranked as #1 since they are some incredible supplements that are catching lots of attention in today’s market!

Not only they have unique pre-workouts for both men’s or women’s versions, but they also have potent intro and post-workout formulas available as well.

Not to mention, they just recently launched the stimulant-free ones, I’ll definitely get it for myself!

Blackwolf Workout formulas are recommended to use with the All-In-One package kit of products that they have for best and maximum results!

The men’s version who is the Blackwolf Hunter Pack comes with;

  • TRACK Preworkout for men which boosts energy, endurance, power, and focus for a better pump. Increases lean muscle growth while decreasing fat loss.
  • HUNT – Intro-workout to help you accelerate every workout by increasing strength, stamina, and promote protein synthesis.
  • ELIMINATE Post-workout to maximize recovery for you to achieve fast muscle growth by reducing soreness and support muscle glycogen.

And the women’s supplements called Blackwolf Huntress Pack includes:

  • TRAIL – Preworkout for women to enhance energy, drive, performance, and focus for an intensive workout. Helps reduce fat and keep you lean and sexy.
  • HUNT – Intro-workout to boost every workout of yours while combating fatigue as well as help reduce muscle breakdown.
  • ELIMINATE Post-workout to accelerate the recovery process for gains by restoring strength, help with muscle soreness, and overall recovery.

So if you decide to choose any of these complete workout packages, you’ll also get a 700ml shaker, plus 5 premium guides for completely free as a bonus gift for you to get the extremely maximum results.

Now they are such as;

  • Introduction: Made to keep you motivated and positive.
  • Workout Guide: Perfect workout system to show you how to train.
  • Nutrition Guide: Designed to help you with diet and nutrition.
  • Supplement Guide: Helps you choose the right supplements needed.
  • Maintenance Guide: Specifically to help you maintain your gains.

Therefore, Blackwolf Workout products were designed to help you maximize your workout and also make you speed up your recovery time to get the best possible growth of gains!

How does that sound? To me, amazing! Keep reading!

How Does BlackWolf Workout Works?

According to the company’s brand, all of their formulas were formulated with a special Blackwolf Power Blend with only 100% active and effective ingredients like BCCAs, Creatine Monohydrate, Whey Protein, Vitamins, Minerals like CoQ10, Zinc, Selenium, etc for the necessary muscle growth factors to help you gain maximum results.

Now you would take each supplement at a different time of your day.

So when choosing any of the packages, you’ll first take Blackwolf Workout TRACK (for men) or TRAIL (for women) about 30 minutes before training.

Then you’ll take Blackwolf Workout HUNT during your workout to enhance your exercises and crush your workouts.

And of course, take Blackwolf Workout ELIMINATE 30 minutes after you’re done to speed up the recovery process, and you’re good to go!

Since you now know why the Blackwolf Workout packs are the top #1 best preworkout kit in today’s market, you’ll get it with a massive discount offer when ordering through their official website here.

What Are the Results?

With the Blackwolf Workout supplements, you can expect fast results of muscle gains within 2-3 weeks as according to them.

In fact, these products are endorsed and recommended by professional athletes out there in the industry, which the good thing is that it will not show up anything in a doping test if you ever have to take it since there are only 100% natural effective ingredients…

And therefore, it is 100% safe to use on the daily basis, of course!

Now when you choose the Blackwolf Hunter Pack for men, imagine how much more energy you’ll have on your daily basis?!

The proprietary formulation that it carries will make you have much more power, way higher endurance, and your overall performance levels will increase significantly!

But that’s not all, imagine boosting up your muscle development and be able to achieve faster and much better muscle gains?!

That is because the post-workout formula will work together with the other 2 supplements to enhance your recovery time for a lot faster and rapid recovery process, where you’ll be stronger and leaner than ever!

Now the Blackwolf Huntress Pack for women will help them maximize their training sessions, make them have a lot more energy as well as increased performance levels and make them look their best shape as a sexy woman.

Therefore, BlackWolf Workout supplements are truly top best #1 preworkout at all costs because of fast results since the kit package comes with 3 products to work together for you to take and achieve the possible maximum results.

What I Have to Say?

Based on my own personal opinion, it’s obvious that there is nothing out there like BlackWolf Workout supplements!

First of all, we don’t see a complete kit of pre-workout, intra-workout, and with the post-workout formulas together like that around the world, it’s rare.

I mean, it’s my first time and I never seen it before, have you?

Which is why the results are maximum outcome as nothing can compare to this complete kit from my point of view, and the good thing is that the price is not bad at all for what you get in a package kit of 3 products, see what I’m saying here?

I am actually going to purchase the BlackWolf Workout supplements for myself TODAY since they now have the stimulant-free preworkout that will work for me.

So imagine how much your workouts and exercises will reach the highest superior potential level you could ever experience!

Not to mention, the preworkout will get you extremely motivated for you to get into the gym and kill your workout, but the intro-workout will keep you on fire for you to get the best possible pump ever… In fact, the caffeine-free pre-workout will work just as much as the others!

Now the last product which would be the post-workout supplement will allow your muscle to recovery very fast for them to grow as big as possible by the specific nutrients, amino acids, protein, etc!

As you can clearly see, it’s an ultimate complete package to make your workout be the best possible exercise you’ll have ever have and make you achieve the best maximum results!

Therefore, check out the BlackWolf Workout supplements at their official website here for their great price and get the real legit formulas! You won’t regret.


2. 4Gauge (Explosive Pre Workout) –

Now the 4Gauge pre-workout supplement is a bit different from the ones above.

Which unlike the BlackWolf Workout supplements above, this one is just a single pre-workout that works as 4-in-1 preworkout formula for a more convenient way by just taking one single product and that’s all!

Do you know why they call it 4Gauge?

Well, it’s because of the 4 factors it has that you or each individual should experience to kill your workouts and leave nothing behind, which they are;

  • Explosive power & full body strength
  • Laser focus & highest concentration
  • Extended stamina & blasted energy levels
  • Extreme Muscle pump during workouts

Yes, that’s right as this is exactly what you should look for when using this effective pre-workout formula!

Therefore, not only enhance your physical body but a better mentality mindset to focus much more as well, which in my opinion, our mind is just as important as our body because of the mind-muscle contraction!

According to the product’s creators, it is one of the strongest and most powerful pre-workout in today’s market! Yet, it is 100% safe too…

4Gauge explosive preworkout contains only 100% natural compounds with a ‘fruit-blast and explosive punch flavor’.

It is said to only have this particular option for taste because according to them, they found the best-tasting flavor one could have, and it’s this!

I guess it should really taste very good, huh… Keep reading!

How Does 4Gauge Work?

The active ingredients in 4Gauge will enhance both function of the body and mind itself, which you can look forward to feeling a better mood and highly more motivated than ever to get to the gym and blase your workouts.

That way, you won’t miss a day in the gym and always be ready to push through your maximum limits! How does that sound?

Well, 1-2 scoops of 4 Gauge is all you need about 15-30 minutes before heading out to the gym!

This effective and safe supplement will make your body boost maximum blood rushing to your muscles for the greatest muscle pump.

Now the effects can last up to 2-5 hours depending on each individual.

Since it is a complete natural preworkout developed in a FDA and cGMP manufacturer by many years of studies and trials, it carries only high-quality ingredients.

  • L-Citrulline Dl-Malate (6000Mg) – Work as a vasodilator to boost blood flowing for a veiny and strong muscle pump.
  • Caffeine (150Mg) & L-Theanine (200Mg) – Work together as a stimulant for boosting energy levels and enhance brain function.
  • Rhodiola Rosea (100Mg) – Helps with improving overall body and mindset function for a more desiring workout.
  • Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris) (300Mg) – Works as a nitric oxide booster to increase blood flow and enhance overall performance levels.
  • Creatine Monohydrate (1000mg) – Enhances muscle growth.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (500mg) – Helps with muscle breakdown.
  • Coconut Water – Hydrates your body completely.

Oh, even though it is all 100% all-natural extracts with no artificial sweeteners or synthetic compounds in its formula, it is recommended to take a 1 week off from 6-8 weeks of using it for best results.

That just proves how powerful and effective this formula is in my point of view!

What Are The Exact Results of 4Gauge?

4 Gauge pre workout mentions that all users will experience the maximum benefits during a workout or physical exercise.

You can expect higher stamina and much better performance levels since it increases your energy levels and enhances endurance!

How would you feel to have laser focus during your exercises? Well, your mental function increases for a higher concentration experience without causing any “jitters or energy crashes” as they explain.

And in this case, it allows you to become stronger than ever and have more powerful workouts during lifting heavy weights at the gym!

Not to mention, the pump is claimed as ‘skin-splitting muscle pumps’ to help you build bigger muscle mass and a leaner-stronger physique!

In my opinion and based on my research done on this product, it is for you or those looking for a natural convenient pre-workout supplement to enhance muscle pump and experience the maximum mind-muscle benefits during a workout!

Basically, this product is intended to not only make you look your best but feel your best as well, which we can see that they do have proof from past users of 4Gauge showing their before and after results on its official website.


3. Transparent Labs (PreSeries Pre-Workout)

The Preseries Preworkouts from Transparent Labs claims it’s one of the top best pre-workout that will guarantee you the results you’re looking for in a preworkout alone!

There are several 5-star reviews from past customers sharing their positive experiences from the usage of these natural PreSeries supplements.

The PreSeries preworkouts from Transparent Labs are NOT only a pre-workout but has a specific purpose as well, since there are 3 different formulas and options to choose from, such as the;

  • PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout: It is for serious athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to increase muscle growth and size development. It contains testosterone complex & increases nitric oxide for an incredible pump to get the best results.
  • PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout: This is the most popular pre-workout one from Transparent Labs. It is intended to support lean muscle gains, as well as reduce body fat and it includes a thyroid support complex.
  • Pre-Series STIM-FREE Pre-Workout: This last formula comes with zero stimulants for those like myself who don’t like to feel too hyped up. It also contains Creatine HCl to help you maximize results.

Therefore, each one has slightly different ingredients and flavors to choose from!

However, it does seem like all of the Transparent Labs products live by their name where all of their supplements are free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, coloring, and all gluten-free & non-GMO products as well just like the top best ones we reviewed above such as the Blackwolf Preworkout and the 4Gauge powerful one.

Read below!


The Bulk Pre-workout formula comes with flavors to choose from for each bag; Tropical Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange, or Sour Grape.

According to Transparent Labs, this formula was designed to be the best “bulking pre-workout supplement available” in the market.

They have chosen a specific ingredient list to help you pack on much more muscle size and mass of growth, which they included a powerful ‘Testosterone Support complex’ as well as nitric oxide natural substances to help you achieve greater muscle pumps during your workout.

All you would have to do is take 1/2 scoop with 8-12oz water or 1 full scoop with 16-24oz about 20-30 minutes before picking up heavyweights at the gym.

Not only you’ll be more focused with more energy and higher performance levels, but it helps reduce any muscle soreness and fatigue to help you bulk up more muscle development.


The LEAN Pre-Workout supplement has flavors like the Bulk Pre-Workout above such as Sour Grape, Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Orange, Green Apple, and Blueberry Raspberry.

Now, this pre-workout supplement is a bit different which instead of having you bulking and increasing muscle mass, it does the opposite to shred fat loss and cut down body fat to keep you lean.

Which the Transparent Labs creators made this one be the “cutting” pre-workout supplement available” for both men and women where they included a Fat-Burning and Thyroid Support complex to help you reduce overall body fat without making you lose any lean muscle gains.

PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout has a formulation compound list of 21 natural ingredients, which the dosage is NOT the same as BULK Pre-Workout and therefore, you would add 1/2 scoop with 6-8oz of water or 1 full scoop with 12-16oz of water.

And results are to have you fully energized and highly focus on more intensive exercises while helping decrease any unwanted body fat and make your body lean muscle tone.


The last pre-workout from Transparent Labs is the PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout which there are only 3 flavor different options to choose from like the Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Green Apple.

Unlike the previous PreSeries preworkouts above who are used to target muscle growth development or for fat loss and lean tone body, this STIM-FREE one is intended for ANYONE intolerant to stimulants/caffeine like myself here.

Yes, it is for both men or women which they also added a complex of Creatine HCl to help you maximize your results during working out.

PreSeries STIM-FREE Pre-Workout comes with 13 actives natural substances to give you the best intensive workout ever from the nitric oxide increasement.

With this one, you can look forward to a higher focus level without any stimulants whatsoever, plus help you with lean muscle mass, and endurance progress as well.

Yet, we cannot compare it to the BlackWolf preworkout complete kit with all 3 products; pre-workout, intro-workout, and post-workout for best and maximum results, especially when following what I do to achieve the greatest muscle pump at the gym.


After reviewing these products, there is no doubt that I’m still going to use the #1 top best preworkout that comes with the complete kit for the best results. And not to mention, the price of them is much better than the Transparent Labs.

I really hope you enjoyed this complete review to help you choose the best pre-workout in today’s industry. By the way, when you try any of these effective and safe products, make sure to come to me and share with me your own experience with such formula! Feel free.

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