A lot of guys have no idea what a real alpha male is! But do you know what a beta male definition is?

Well, by me showing you the beta male characteristics and if any of these traits fit you, I’ll be able to teach you how to transform yourself to become an alpha male right here on this page!

If it’s your first time here and you don’t know who I am, as a fact I used to be a common ‘beta male’ guy out there too in the past years or maybe a decade ago…

But things have changed a lot!

And this is the main reason why my website was created to show you how to leave the beta lifestyle that you’re probably currently living without actually being aware of it and help you enhance the alpha male higher-self version that is deep inside of you!

All you have to do is unlock your mindset and act by your own action from what I’m going to show you below.

If you don’t know, most women/sex mates out there are actually looking for an attractive and dominant alpha male that they can look up to!

And men are huge fans of these alpha males too, where they respect them, trust them, and know that they are the leaders of their world aka A KING.


I like to call these attractive star figures an ‘alpha stallion king’ for many reasons!

They seemed to take over the world, but that’s not the case as all they are doing is being themselves 100% and basically don’t care about anybody’s opinion about them because they know who they are

They are super confident, have the strongest unbreakable confidence mindset, and seem to achieve every desire they want! I think the best way I can show you the type of alpha males that I’m talking about is through Hollywood alpha male stars.

I mean, who don’t watch tv/movies and look up to these alpha male actors as role model?!

Not to mention, I’m also talking about women and sexual partners as well!

Most of those beautiful women we see around out there are chasing these alpha stallion men desperately to sleep with them, and just want to be with them all the time.

Now whatever your current condition, situation, age, race, or whatever, none of that actually matters where anyone (male or female) can become the true alpha version of themselves!

Read below and unlock your true higher self!

Definition of a REAL ALPHA Male

First, you need to know what a real alpha male really is…so let’s have a quick self-visualization scenario in your mind so you can know how to actually feel by being a true alpha male!

So there is a party filled with people (women and men), then out of nowhere you open the door with an upright positive posture and start confidently walking up towards the crowd in slow confident steps acting like a masculine, tough guy who is well-dressed, successful and dominant with a strong body language just minding your own business…

Then you notice that a lot of people start looking straight at you because they see a valuable different character figure who is basically not comparing yourself to anyone, but confidently knowing who you really are!

Yup, I’m talking about being that guy that all women want, and most guys want to be like him…


The alpha male presence is just there, showing several types of characteristics (physically, vocally, and through action) and you know you’re the sh*t for yourself (better than you were yesterday)… You know you’re a winner, you feel larger than life figure that stands before what you used to be, just by;

  • how you walk
  • how you stand
  • what you look at 
  • where your hands are at
  • what position you’re in, etc
  • what you’re packing behind your clothes (physically & sexually)

Yup, that’s a real alpha right from the start!

So I’m going to guide you through all the important steps to changing your beta life to the alpha stallion lifestyle like how I did it, and transform yourself into an alpha king to dominate your own world too!

How to Leave BETA MALE Traits to Become a REAL ALPHA Male HERE!

As you may have already figured out, alpha males have a tendency to be outspoken who fears nothing, and stand in front of any challenges, like a true hero!

That’s why we succeed all the time in all we do. No, alphas DON’T just live by day in and day out…we make each day count!

Each day we take new steps ahead needed to achieve a goal or any desire and to make sure that sooner or later, we will walk out with a reward.

Alphas make their own decisions with calmness and focus, and always looking at the goals ahead!


In fact, most alphas look for ways to improve themselves, their mental mindset, physical body, their future, their career, their journey to becoming more powerful than ever, more courageous, more interesting, and more alert, plus more and more than ever non-stop…

That’s why “women want the alphas, and men want to be that alpha“.

So let’s get to the 5 most important alpha male rules for you to learn more about how to be the true, ultimate alpha stallion king that you are NOW becoming!

1. Always be confident in yourself, no matter what! 

  • Alphas know that being confident always works to our advantage and it is our best feature. Alpha men are overwhelming confident human beings, stable and with big self-esteem that we believe we can “move mountains” by our faith! Thus, you should start practicing this feature more and analyzing what part of your life that you need to be more confident in yourself. Being confident in all areas of life is the key to success and happy life. Never judge anyone regardless of anything. Always be honest with yourself, and with everyone else.

2. Man up and Grow some “balls”..!

  • All alphas are known to be that real alpha male because of the fact that they go after what they want in life! Nothing is more “alpha” than having some big balls and just going for it. This means, not being scared or nervous about what could happen, and actually making it HAPPEN! This means, that if you want to approach a hot chick, go for it and see what happens… If you want to move across the country, do it.. or whatever it is! You have to take chances, take risks, and go for opportunities. No risk = no reward.

3. Take care of yourself (your body, your mind, your sexuality, your life, your future, etc).

  • Alphas know that in order to be great, we need to feel great! You can’t have a healthy mind with an unhealthy body. It is important to be careful about what we eat, what we drink, and how foods or environments affect our bodies. You need to take care of your body first, to make sure your life is in the best possible condition, which also means not ignoring certain symptoms. Be athletic, be in shape and eat healthy foods (90/10% rule) all the time. Working out helps you out physically, mentally, and sexually since you’ll feel stronger and more confident about your body and physical appearance, plus improve overall function.

4. Be mentally tough, Never back down, and Stand up for yourself. Take responsibility!

  • A lot of men out there have a weak mentality (beta males). Alphas are mentally tough and strong. By believing in yourself and your ability and staying mentally strong in the face of adversity is exactly what an alpha does all the time. We don’t go home and cry and whine when things go wrong and become depressed… We as alphas pick up the pace, get up, shake off the dust and rebuild ourselves to face the problem, and take responsibility to keep going because we know that there will always be a solution or more! Just keep going while others (beta males) give up. Stand up for yourself and defend yourself in the face of criticism and negativity. That could also mean ignoring and moving on to something better.

5. Focus on the road ahead, always seek improvements, and be dominant.!

  • Alpha males are all most likely dominant. We prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the journey ahead to overcome any challenges. You have to take charge and always be a leader in any situation, but be the best. Being dominant means being direct. It means being in control and taking the lead as a leader. You give directions, you tell people what to do. You are in a position of power. You dominate everything because you are the best in what you do and the best at being who you are and people respect that because we as alphas always focus on the road ahead and always seek to discover and learn new things. In fact, we learn new things every day, thus improvements are 100% necessary. 

Bonus: Enjoy Life! Be Brave, Believe in yourself, and make your dreams a reality. Live the life you always wanted. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. Be Positive & Grateful all the time! = 100% WIN-WIN

Life is too good to be miserable! Whether you are young or old (since age is just a number), you should always enjoy the journey because we are living in paradise/Earth. Trust me, you will get to where you want to get if you are focused on getting better.

It’s not that hard… Put it like this, what’s the alternative to being fat? Skinny, so find and see the opportunities like joining a gym, eating healthy meals, and after 6 months you’ll see results of shredded fat. 


Want to overcome a situation/condition? Brainstorm and see what you need to do to overcome that certain problem/issue. See what type of treatment you need! Check out the top best alpha male products here that you’ll need and what best suits you. 

Want a new car? See and find the opportunities on how you can make more $$$! The same goes for a new house. Want a partner? Go after it, be bold and approach her. 

Want to be happier, be grateful for what you already have, and be proud by knowing you’re taking action every day. Happiness = grateful thoughts, meaningful life + positive feelings.

Just remember, don’t take life so seriously that you put so much pressure on yourself, or else, you will create resistance in everything you do or want to do… You will live a very sad life that is full of stress and worries, and I’m sure you don’t want that!

Check out how to HEAL depression here and how to start living a joyful, blissful life that you really deserve. No one deserves to be depressed at all.

Ultimately, life is meant to be lived. No matter where you are in life, be grateful for what you already have, be grateful for who you’re becoming, and know that if you really want to, you can change your circumstances or anything in this life.

Remember, you are the CEO of your own life, you have everything that you need to take a step forward, and anything is possible, and that is as long as you have the motivational alpha mindset that the impossible doesn’t exist!

So now here are some of the;


  • Betas Are Scared to Face Their Fears => Alphas are risk-takers and take action no matter what circumstances come our way.
  • Betas Don’t Believe in Themselves => Alphas confidently have powerful faith and believe they can achieve, and that things will get better for the best.
  • Betas Have a Negative Mindset => Alphas always strive to be positive and look for the good side of all things and all situations.
  • Betas Let Opportunities Go => Alphas recognized opportunities and challenge himself to take that opportunity for the best of all.
  • Betas Are Most of The Times Insecure of Themselves => Alphas are confidently secured and do not compare themselves to others.
  • Betas Don’t Take Care of Himself => Alphas don’t waste time and we are always looking to improve physically, sexually, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
  • Betas Walk With Their Head Low => Alphas walk with a meaning, head high, looking straight at things, and in control of themselves.
  • Betas Stand Quietly in a Corner => Alphas presences himself in a powerful posture to show the world he’s a dominant man known as a king of his own world.
  • Betas Sit Quietly & Try to Hide => Alphas always sit up in a correct position with chest up, head high, shoulders back, abs/stomach tucked in, legs straight, hands wide open, and in control of all situations.
  • Betas Are Afraid to Stand Out => Alphas are fine being different, we do and say what we want to because we feel like we can, which you can too!
  • Betas Dress Like Boys => Alphas dress like men, we don’t dress like a clown but have an interest in fashion because we know that dressing well plays an important role in how people will look and respect us.
  • Betas Are Afraid of Getting Physical => Alphas are comfortable with trying to physically improve ourselves by exercising to get in shape to feel and look our own best, regardless of others’ opinions. We look for ways all the time to improve our physical body to be fit and more healthy by the day!
  • Betas Don’t Like to Get Their Hands Dirty => Alphas are okay to do whatever needs to be done. Alphas don’t stay in their comfort zone, we step up and just go after without an excuse or limiting ourselves. We know that success is not what we have, but who we are.
  • Betas Hate Looking at People in the Eyes => Alphas have strong eye contact and know that looking at people straight in the eyes shows confidence and dominance.
  • Betas Have a Weak Voice => Alphas usually have a deep, solid voice and when we talk, we are heard because we speak with authority. We are respected and looked up to.
  • Betas Try to Be Everyone’s Friend => Alphas do what is right and even if that means staying away from a negative person including a family member or a friend, then we go with it. Also, If someone doesn’t like us, we don’t care as we find that it does not matter at all. We are not here to impress anyone, but ourselves.
  • Betas Likes To Follow The Crowd or Someone Else => Alphas are not in competition with no-one and know we’re the leader of our world regardless of anything. We challenge ourselves to be different from the rest of the crowd.
  • Betas Show Weakness & Over-react and Gets Emotional => Alphas usually manage all of our emotions by remaining calm, relaxed, and rational in all situations by having full control of ourselves without any pressure or resistance.
  • Betas Are Afraid to Say No => Alphas are not out there to get approval from anyone or anything, we know what is right or wrong, which sometimes it means to say a big NO, and that’s it, move on!
  • Betas Do Not Get Sexually Interacted => Alphas are not masturbating all day but getting into sex all the time. We are not afraid to get physical with the opposite sex. We know our limit to touching them. We are usually involved in sexual intercourse with a partner because as a real alpha male, sex is a natural part of our lives at all costs. Getting dirty and sexually is a passion for all alpha men!
  • Betas Wait For Things To Happen => Alphas go about their way, we work hard and if we fail, we try again until we succeed. We know that in order to get something or somewhere, we must work hard and never give up ever. Failure just means you recognized that the way or experience doesn’t work, but a new way would. If something doesn’t go right, we as alphas recognize it and move on or try a different way for a different result.
  • Betas Search For Happiness Outside the World => Alphas seeks happiness from within. We learn to let go and let it be the way it is. Alphas know that in order to be happy, it is as simple as appreciating everything and every moment in life, but most importantly, we are always being grateful, positive, and relaxed.

EXTREMELY CAUTION RULE: Based on my own experience, you need to be very cautious of your own EGO. Everything you have just learned could potentially raise your ego by a significant level if you let it, and true alpha males know that ego could be our greatest enemy or our best friend because you will lose your own self-respect trying to save your ego. I personally am extremely aware of my EGO and I always say it to myself; I HAVE 0% EGO, I AM 100% HUMBLE!

ME: a) 0% Ego

b) 0% Rude

c) 0% Attitude

d) 100% True.

That’s why I’m All of the Above. Being TRUE ain’t easy. – Karn

So, Who Are Alpha Males?

Well, as you have noticed, we are a lot different from the rest in which the alpha characteristics and traits are actually totally the opposite from a beta male to a real alpha male!

The good thing is you can leave the beta male definition to become the ultimate alpha stallion male of your world too that you’ve always looked up to!


By the way, this is my role model aka an alpha male who I inspired to look like and become the person I am today!

Now all you have to do is find out what you need to work on to improve!

If you’re angry, anxious, and stressed all day and all the time, look for ways to be calm, positive, and just go after whatever needs to be done.

For a fact, most of the things happening in our lives are not actually a big deal, trust me there will always be a real solution to any situation we encounter.

In fact, it could be the Universe trying to show you so you can change the circumstance and improve for the better. You just need to be alert and aware 100% all the time and recognize the signs that the Universe or God/greater force is trying to show you!

Nothing happens without a reason, you can believe that! Adapt to the alpha male mindset, traits, and characteristics, then you will start being an alpha male ‘king’ of your own world as well.

Oprah Winfrey once said; “You become what you believe in. You don’t become what you wish for or what you want but what you truly believe. Wherever you are in life, look at your beliefs. They put you there.


Alphas are usually successful in every aspect of their life, we look for ways to become successful, even if that involves using a male enhancement to improve our sexual needs.

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See the before and after results here!? I’m sure you’ll be extremely happy to get similar results and look at your all-time best version of an alpha male!

So that’s how a beta male becomes an alpha male! So be it today, and every day of your life! It’s all up to you to invest in yourself and take action today, not tomorrow, but NOW as the present time.

Be 100% committed to yourself and become the stallion version of a true ultimate alpha male! It’s ONLY you as it is your own decision to choose your life! You would never regret this because it’s a life-changing miracle.

Show me you’re alive and shoot me a comment below! Be a courageous man and don’t be afraid to talk to me.

[2023] Can Beta Male Become Alpha Male? – From Beta Male Characteristics to Real Alpha Male HERE!


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