There are many questions that needs to be answered in regards to the VigRX Plus male pills!

Some of them are such as where to buy VigRx Plus, does it really work, are there any side effects, what is the price of it, and what are the exact results to expect when taking this male enhancement supplement.

Now I’m here to give you the honest answers that will help you figure it out if this male product is for you or not!

If you don’t know, VigRX Plus have been around since 2007 and according to the formula’s official website, there have been more than 1.2 millions of boxes sold up to today’s date and that’s a very high number!

Therefore, can we say that this male enhancement supplement is truly the #1 top ranked in today’s market?

Well, let’s find out by analyzing it and see if we should use it or not on a regular basis to fix any sexual issues that you may have!

Just read on.

  • Name of Product: VigRX Plus™
  • Website:
  • Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $69.95
  • Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points
  • Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 3 Months
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 67 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & Approved

What Is VigRX Plus®?

VigRX Plus is the optimized and improved of the basic formula called VigRX who was first introduced in 2001!

The company behind this formula of tablets is the Leading Edge Health Inc who is a Canadian company rising in Victoria, British Columbia.

And after a couple of years, the same company launched VigRX Plus in 2007 who is a doctor endorsed by the popular Dr. Steven Lamm who has been seen in many different media channels recommending this male enhancement formula to all patients.

Yes, it is 100% safe and anyone can order it without any medical prescription needed!

Now as this product’s primary website explains, VigRX Plus was formulated in a cGMP certified facility in the USA and it was created by 10+ years of scientific studies, clinical trials, and with a number of professionals to have got together to develop such an effective and safe formula.

They also have manufactured a number of male supplements to sexual and health products for both men and women.

Moreover, VigRX Plus promotes to help men supercharge their sexual appetite and libido to last longer in bed, increase sexual stamina and drive along with harder, firmer and bigger erections than ever.

And when you reach the point to ejaculate, your orgasms will be intensified filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

What Ingredients Are in VigRX Plus®?

This formula is said to only contain 100% natural ingredients from herbal extracts that are intended to fix sexual issues in us men.

As VigRX Plus official website shows, it carries such as;

  • Ginkgo Biloba – This popular antioxidant herb enhances the flow of blood in the erectile chambers for harder erections as well as increasing blood rushing to the brain to release the pleasure hormones and also stimulates the nervous system.
  • Asian Red Ginseng – This famous aphrodisiac helps increase sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and intensify ejaculation orgasms for more pleasant sexual feelings. It increases blood rushing and helps with sexual function.
  • Hawthorn Berry – These berries are great to improve cardiovascular health by stimulating blood flow all around the body including the penis for stronger erections. Helps improve sexual and overall health.
  • Damiana – This aphrodisiac plant stimulates the nerve impulses of the penis tissues to expand and since it increases oxygen supply to the penis, it allows greater blood flow to the penis chambers. It also helps improve the bladder by removing toxins as well.
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract – Refers as the “erection root” in South America, this bark extract helps increase libido and sexual desire as well as enhancing erection’s potency.
  • Saw Palmetto – This fan palm substance is intended to help improve prostate health and overall sexual health as well. It is said to increase testosterone production in a completely natural way as well.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract – As the name of what it is known as “Horny Goat Weed” says it all, it makes you “horny” by increasing nitric oxide and also enhances testosterone levels.
  • Catuaba Bark Extract – Mostly found in Brazil and around the Amazon rain forest, this bark increases sexual appetite and improves sexual function in all men. It does enhance sexual stamina and helps with stress.
  • Bioperine – It works together with its formulation by helping our body absorb all of the herbal compounds for maximum absorption to gain more sexual power.

As the company behind this male enhancement product mentions, they don’t use any cheap low-quality compounds of fillers or any of that which they guarantee that all of these ingredients are 100% high quality and maximum potency for best results.

How Does VigRX Plus® Work?

Since VigRx Plus combines the maximum dose of each sexual aphrodisiac herbal ingredient in its proprietary formulation, it is intended to improve overall sexual health to a greater level.

Now this is how it works!

Since the active ingredients in this male formula increase nitric oxide levels, what it does is relax the smooth muscle tissues of the erectile chambers of the penis and therefore, it stimulates the production of blood rushing to fill up these chambers for harder, stronger, and bigger erections.

And if you don’t know, what actually causes erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is the lack of blood circulation to the penis tissues which prevents us (men) to be able to create an erection. So with VigRX Plus, you can rest assured that it will allow you to gain your firm and hard erections all over again.

Not to mention, some of the VigRX Plus ingredients are testosterone boosting substances that are essential to increase sexual desire, libido, and have more powerful and satisfying sexual activity in bed.

Therefore, men with low testosterone levels lack sexual performance, appetite and satisfaction.

So when taking VigRX Plus pills on a daily basis, it will naturally get into your sexual male productive system as well as stimulate your brain and do the work that is needed to fix any sexual problems, chemical imbalance, or anything that needs to fix for you to perform like a ‘pornstar’ in bed.

How to Take VigRX Plus® Pills?

Since each box of the VigRX Plus is for a total of 30 days which comes with 60 tablets, all you would have to do is take 1 single pill twice per day on a regular basis.

Now it is recommended to keep using VigRX Plus capsules for at least 3-6 months for optimum results.

Yet, if you really want the maximum sexual improvements, then it is best to use this effective and safe male enhancement formula for a full 6-12 months.

That way, you can be self-assured that you’ll finally be able to fix and cure any sexual issues that you may have when using VigRX Plus as directed. Which you can expect results in just the very first weeks.

Is It Really 100% Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes, since it a 100% all-natural herbal male enhancement formula, there is no risk and it is free of any unknown side effects unless you’re allergic to the natural herbal compounds which are rare.

Plus as I’ve mentioned before, it is a professional doctor’s recommendation product who endorse the pills which I’m sure they wouldn’t stand behind a product that causes any negative side effects whatsoever…

I mean, there are several web pages out there from the media to journals and articles showing the effectiveness and safeness of the VigRX Plus supplement, which is a good sign that it is 100% safe, right!?

Keep reading!

What Are the Proven VigRX Plus® Results?

According to the product’s official website, Leading Edge Health Inc got together with Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD to have a study trial done on a number of 75 real men (ages 25-50) for a total of 12 weeks (84 full days) and the results were incredible.

And the improvements were such as;

  • 71.43% increases sexual satisfaction and pleasure
  • 62.82% felt their ability to maintain erections increased
  • 61% improved sexual appetite and desire
  • 58.97% were able to penetrate their sexual mate
  • 47% imposed sexual performance and drive
  • 22.49% had better quality orgasms than placebo

As you can clearly see, these results are real based on clinical study and scientific proven which the company behind VigRX Plus pills does provide us the 56-pages showing the report of results and user’s experiences with such formula where placebo saw very little to no noticeable results.

That proves to me that they are truly legit and not like other companies out there who only claim this and that, but can’t prove anything.

Not to mention, there are several testimonials from past customer users showing the package box which they all say about having harder erections, increases sex drive and sexual energy as well as greater satisfaction.

Some of them even went on to mention that they noticed results in just the first 1-2 weeks! So imagine when you use it for a few months? I’m sure you’ll see significant results as well!

VigRX Plus® Customer Support – Money Back Guarantee

This product comes with a 67-day risk-free money-back guarantee and they also ship VigRX Plus international worldwide to any place around the world.

And that is great because that allows you to receive the real legit product straight at your doorstep. Now of course, if you’re ordering the products and you’re based in the United States, it sure will arrive to you much faster than someone who is across the globe.

Yet, international shipping may take up to a full month or less depending on your location. But just know that you will receive your supply when ordering through their official website.

On credit card statements, it will only show the company name (Leading Edge Health) which helps keep our privacy discreet at all costs.

Now to contact them, they do provide their full address, phone number, and there is also a ‘contact us’ page for you to fill in the box and you’ll receive a reply via email from their customer support team.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus®? – Price

The VigRX Plus legit male enhancement formula is ONLY available at their official main website and that’s all!

Therefore, you would order it online without risking any false replicate product such as how you’ll probably find it on eBay, Amazon, or any other places for a much cheaper price claiming it’s the “real” product when it’s truly not.

Not to mention, their company has been aware of it and even provided a ‘Counterfeit Check’ page where you can verify the authenticity by entering the code from the sticker of the VigRX Plus box that comes with in each package that you get.

Now, the price range falls from $69 per single box to a discounted price of $589 for a 12-month supply. Yes, the larger the supply, the more discount you’ll get!

Plus you’ll also receive bonus gifts included in the 6-12 month supply when ordering through their official website, and they are such as; a free 30-day bottle of VigRX Nitric Oxide worth ($60), free membership to the Erection Fitness exercise program worth ($97), and $50 in gift cards ($25 VigRx gift card + $25 Natural Health Source gift card) for future purchases.

Final Verdict of VigRX Plus®

Since this male enhancement pill has been in the market for a very long time, millions of men have fixed their own sexual issues and what I have to say is that it is a 100% legit, effective, and safe formula.

Which unlike other types of male pills out there who have only claims and promises, we can clearly see that the study trials done on the 75 male adults for 12 weeks proves to us that it really is what promotes itself.

Plus, not to mention how it is a real doctor’s endorsed and recommendation product who stands behind it truly shows its authenticity that we all can trust and use without any negative side effects but only get rid of any sexual issues that we may have.

And to complete, I really like how the company created the counterfeit check page to add the code and see if you’re truly using the real legit supplement or not because they seem too confident in what they have to offer.

While others out there don’t really care if there are any other places selling their supplements or counterfeit products since all they want is to expand the name of their product so more people can search them up and gain more views than ever.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

We also can’t forget about their 67-day money back guarantee!

Not a lot of companies out there offer this 2-month refund policy but more of an only 30-day money-back guarantee based on what I know. That proves to me that 2 months is enough time for us to see the expected results or else, send them back for a complete refund!

I mean there is nothing to lose here. If you’re looking for one of the top best natural male enhancement and want to find out more, you can visit their official website for real, legit, and official products without having to worry about if it’s the authentic formula.

By the way, you can click here to see more about VigRX Plus here for the discounted price!


Feel completely free to see more information on at the VigRx Plus official website ( here.

Have you ever came across VigRX Plus products? Well, now after this complete post, I’m sure you won’t hesitate but to order it online for you to build up your sexual system, and that way, you will never have to worry about not being able to perform like a sex God in bed with your sex mate.

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