Most people are looking for the “get-rich-quick” scheme or what they call an “overnight success”…

Yet, you’ll never find it because it doesn’t even exist!

Success requires a lot of things involved unless your “get-rich-quick” scheme is really a fraud, scam, or pyramid fake crap.

Which if it’s exactly that, then you might be “rich” for a very short amount of time before feds come around the corner right after you and everyone else involved…

Therefore, is that the “overnight success” you’re looking for?

I’m sure it’s not!

Now you may be thinking, what about winners who do one challenge such as in a sport and wins the game?

Well, I can surely say that it is not their first time doing it, they have practiced numerous times before getting to the point to win the game.

Or else, they would have never won…

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time. – Steve Jobs

And this goes for basically anything in this life. For business, it requires a lot of knowledge to get an “overnight success”.

Keep reading to find out more!

Why do People think Overnight Success Exist?

Like I said previously, the reason why people think it even exists is that maybe you just saw the person the very first time and they won a game or won a lot of money on the “first try”.

Yet, as I also mentioned that I’m 100% sure that there have been many and many hours of hard work during the weeks to be able to have the ability to win and gain as much success in the first game/business venture.

Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success. – Biz Stone

Unless you won the lottery, that’s a whole different story!

Now I personally never seen or heard of anyone that was able to get “overnight success” without doing any work before…


You know why?

Because it does not exist! There is no such thing… Unless if it’s a false scammy thing that you got involved and caused you to get massive money upfront.

There is no substitude for hard work. There is no such thing as an overnight success or easy money. – Henry Sy

Yet, you’re looking at big trouble down the road. Yes, they’ll catch you sooner or later. It doesn’t matter how long, but one day you’ll get caught!

And again, that’s why honest overnight success doesn’t even exist.

So if someone claims to you’ll “get-rich-fast”, you better walk away, or else your “rich” won’t last very long…

Follow down!

What Does Overnight Success Really Mean?

Overnight success to me is actually based on our mindset!

It is basically when we make the choice that we are going to win and be committed 100% to change and only accept winning.

That’s what it means to me. It’s really like you make the greatest decision overnight to succeed at all costs!

And that means as you as a dreamer will do whatever it takes and will never give up regardless of any challenges, obstacles, or failures.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. You only have to be right once and then everyone can tell you that you are an overnight success. – Mark Cuban


You’ll actually have the mentality that those are actually part of success. You’ll know that the more you fail and hit challenges, the closer you’re getting to success and win since you’re already a winner in your mind.

The moment you start to believe that you’re truly a winner, success must follow regardless of anything.

So to me, the overnight success that people are looking for is actually a crazy ambition desire to wanting to change by willing to function your full potential by the day that you choose that you’re going to be an “overnight success”.

I was an overnight success all right, but 30 years is a long, long night. – Ray Kroc

Can you see what I’m saying here?

Therefore, a winner is a dreamer that will do whatever it takes to achieve the so-called “overnight success”!

Read on!

How to Be an Overnight Success?

The #1 most important key is consistency!

Yes, that’s right!


If you can literally get out of your comfort zone and practice what you want to become an “overnight success” every single day of your life and the more hours, the better you’ll become.

And that way, when you reach that game or launch a business venture, you’ll then be able to receive the crown as the winner.

Other than that, I don’t think you’re going to be able to because you can surely know that there will always be someone working much harder and way harder than you.

That’s a fact!

That’s why it is very important that you just don’t stop practicing on a regular basis or else you will lose to someone that truly deserves the win.

I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year… It took me 17 years 114 days to become an overnight success. – Lionel Messi

So the second important key is dedication and self-discipline!

Yes, discipline is a superpower because you’re going to want to practice what you’re doing every day without having any other option.

And therefore, you’ll start to love what you’re doing with a good positive attitude which you’ll most likely get very dedicated to what you’re doing.

As you do that, you’ll keep going and keep getting better and better by the day!

So as you keep practicing every single day for at least a few months, and as you get really good at it, then it builds momentum and confidence.

Which yes, confidence is the 3rd most important key to be an “overnight success”.

When you’re confident, you feel as you’re the best of all and you know you are since you worked extremely hard which you’ll feel like you deserve to be the true best player and to win at all costs.

Therefore, when it’s game time or business time, you’re completely ready to do your all-time best and therefore, you’ll become a so-called “overnight success”…

In fact, people who actually claim that someone got such “overnight success” have no idea whatsoever how much time, dedication, discipline, and hard work you have put on a consistent daily basis.


That means you left your life to the side to focus 100% on that thing to make you an “overnight success”!

Yes, I know exactly how it is, and I have been therefore!

One time I stayed for a full year working 80-100 hours per week, which all I did was focus on what I wanted to become a success where I didn’t even leave the house at all, but I actually did work out and exercise at home just to help maintain my health in a good state.

You see fast rise of the overnight success. What you don’t see is the thousands of hours they put in when no one is watching. – Unknown

So I went MIA for a full year and not missed a single day which when people finally saw me at a family house party, I got there in a manual all-black 2010 Lamborghini (Lp670-04 superveloce) which I still have it…

And guess what?

People got out of the house to watch me get out of my car and gave me mad respect which then, of course, they all claimed as an “overnight success” when they actually had no idea how many hours of hard work I had put in to achieve the so-called “overnight success”.

Bottom Line Verdict of Overnight Success

Now, what I have to say is that don’t believe in this non-sense

It doesn’t exist in my point of view unless of two things;

  1. Either they won the lottery by luck
  2. Or they jumped into something fraud scamming people to get fast money and therefore, sooner or later, they’ll end up in jail.

Anyone who wants to seel you overnight success or wealth is not interested in your success they are interested in your money. – Bo Bennett

Other than that, I don’t known anyone who achieved the so-called “overnight success” based on my own experience in the business industry.

Yes, I have ran into many and many business models from creating new companies to investing in several types of investments and I sure can say nothing like that ever happened to me.


Sure, there were some days that “out of nowhere” like truly overnight, my an investment made me a tremendous amount of money but the truth is that I had many experiences and had gained very much knowledge to be able to receive it.

Therefore, it just basically paid me off by my own wisdom since nothing came without me doing anything in the past.

The ‘overnight’ part of ‘overnight success’ is the sudden recognition of years of hard work. – Kent Clothier

Everything is based on hard work, or else there is no success whatsoever! That means nothing is an overnight success story. Put in the work!

To me, it’s just like bodybuilding and gaining as much muscle growth as you can… It is all based on hard work, time, and dedication!

Of course, consistency and discipline is all part of it, which as you create massive amount of muscles, you’ll gain a lot of self-confidence.

And therefore, if you were to compete on stage, you’ll be super confident that you’ll win since you did every possible thing to make it happen!

Especially if you use a legal bodybuilding supplements such as the Crazy Bulk to gain big muscle growth without the nasty side effects that real synthetic steroids does to bodybuilders.

You can click here to find out all about the CrazyBulk super supplements for all types of bodybuilders and serious athletes.


Other than that, if you don’t put in consistency hard work day in, day out, there will never be an “overnight success”, and that’s even if you were to take illegal steroids instead of these legal bodybuilding supplements!

There you go! I hope I have cleared up very well about overnight success and what it really is! What about you, have you ever had any of the “overnight success” that most people want? Share with me, I’m here to listen to what you have to say! Just write me a line below!

(2022) Does Overnight Success Exist? Is It Even Real? Here I Will Tell You What It Means!


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