The question that gets millions of men worried; does penis size really matter? Or is a bigger penis better?

Well, maybe it does matter…or maybe it doesn’t even matter at all for some people, and I will explain why!

But first of all, I need you to know that the average penis size for us men in erect (hard) state are from 5.1″ – 5.7″ inches in length, and for girth, you’re looking at 3.5″ – 3.9″ inches in thickness.

If you don’t know, I used to have a 6″ inch penis size in length where I was actually not so satisfied with this size until then when I found a legit penis enlargement device system that made me go from 6″ to over 8″ 1/2 full inches long...

That’s right, but before I share with you the secrets to grow your sexual manhood there as well, you need to find out if penis size really matters to women or why is bigger always better to you and your sexual partner!?

Now as a true fact, the reason why a lot of men are really concerned about their pecker size is that most guys are always looking into pornographic materials and comparing themselves to the actor’s large monster dick sizes.

However, we men should never compare ourselves to them because they are there for that reason and chosen for the fact that they have a larger penis size than normal average men!

So let’s get into deep depth on this subject!

Is Bigger Always Better? Does Size Really Matter?

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with having an average size!

Yet, millions of men are not happy with their normal range size and are looking to increase their penis size in the best, most effective way.

But believe it or not, not even less than average size does not even matter to some sexual partners out there! Yes, some are happy with a small penis…

And there is ONLY a very few percentages of alpha males that are genetically gifted by being born with a larger meat size than most men’s sizes. Take a look here!

However, if you don’t know, it is much harder and more difficult to power up a larger tool (cock) to reach a stallion rock-hard erection than normal penis sizes!

And why is that, you may ask?

Well, the bigger the size is, the more amount of blood flow is needed to rush and send over to the erectile chambers to fill up and unleash a hard erection and function well.

I have seen it over and over where men with monster dick sizes do not stand upright, but halfway to the side looking half-erect! I bet you see it all the time as well!

Not to mention, not all sexual partners can handle a larger meat size inside of them, and I’m talking about my current size of over 8″1/2 inches long and 6″ in girth too!

Believe it or not, one time I lost a beautiful sexy woman by the fact that I simply have this new growth penis size

This hot chick asked for a photo of my big veiny cock, I took it and boom, showed her in a fully erect state, then she simply never answered back and came to a point of blocking me, I lost her and I have no idea why!

Now another time when I lost someone else was because it was causing her deep pain inside of her vagina from me pounding on her with my monster dick size.

The last bad time was with a different young 18 years old chick who said NO to anal sex, again because of my big penis size!

SO this is where size does not matter at all because if I had my old average penis size of 6″ long, then things could have gone much better, don’t you think!?

Now, there is much more to sexual satisfaction by pleasing our sexual partners than what we men are packing under our pants… That’s very true!

Depending on your partner, if you’re way too big for them down there, you won’t even please yourself because before you get to that point, your partner may be looking to run away from you and find someone with less size!

Why? Well, some do claim that it causes them some form of discomfort, pain, but there are different reasons to that as well!

However, don’t get me wrong, a bigger penis does have more advantages than a small size! That is for sure where most women would rather a big dick guy then small dick guy, but that goes from taste to taste!

Why Size Does Not Matter In SOME Cases!

Women or our sexual mates are looking more into feeling the pleasures of sex than the satisfaction of the size you have, which all it matters is how you function and perform in bed.

Imagine yourself having a large monster junk there but it’s just there and you can’t seem to achieve a fully erect state, or how about when you have a poor sexual drive…not good at all!

See my point here?!

I mean, you can simply have an average penis size or maybe even less, but if you perform like an alpha stallion horse where you please both yourself and your partner, it wins over a bigger one with no proper function in bed who only causes discomfort, pain and dissatisfaction in the female!

But why does people say a bigger penis is better?

That’s a good question there!

The reason they say this is because if you can achieve a hard erection with a big penis (7-8″ inches) and know how to have good sex by performing well with a high sex drive, stamina and performance like those porn star actors we see on the internet, then that is the complete package they’re looking for in an alpha male!

Perhaps don’t be fooled by porn stars because they most likely take an effective male enhancement supplement known as a sex pill before shooting a sex scene to maintain a rock-hard erection and to stay on longer than normal times for the best scenarios.

That’s a true fact that only a few men knows it!

Lasting longer in sexual intercourse is key for your sexual partner to have full pleasant moments since it could take up to an average of 23 full minutes for a woman to climax, which when they reach intense orgasms, they sure will always be coming back desperately for more and more because it is much easier for them to achieve mind-blowing orgasms by us men lasting longer than ever than those men who release their cum within the first few seconds or less than 2 minutes long.

Especially if you’re a real alpha male with true alpha characteristics and traits, then they sure will put you FIRST in their schedule and in everything they do, and always chase you until they get tired of chasing you!

Yes, I know what I know because I am a master pickup artist…

Theses are the stallion alpha men that I like to call them, who most likely have the sexiest hot women desperately to be with us all the time, and also most men are looking for ways to be like us as a true alpha male.

I know exactly how it works!

Tips To Maintain Your Penis Size + Hardness Of Erections

Coming to an end, you now know exactly if size really matters or not!

I also want to share with you what I do to maintain my penis size of 8″ full inches and as well as how I always achieve rock-hard erections all the time.

These will work even if you have an average penis size or less !

  • AVOID pornographic / porn at all costs! => Instead of watching these types of materials and sexual stuff, it is best for you to look for a sexual partner if you don’t have one yet! Too much porn will mess up your sex hormones and make you fail in a real sexual activity when it really comes down to have sex with someone. Trust me, you have no idea but it will happen!
  • AVOID excessive masturbating => Too much “fapping” will do more damage to your sexual male reproductive system than good. It also makes you less sensitive to sex, which your libido and sexual desire will significantly drop if you masturbate too much. Not to mention, your sperm production becomes very thin like watery cum. It is best ONLY 2-3 times a week IF you don’t have a sexual partner yet. Leave at least 24 hours of rest between ejaculation! However, not ejaculating at all will not do any good for you because it accumulates sexual energy, toxins, etc in your system!
  • AVOID hot showers => Your testicles will thank you if you stop taking too many hot showers during bath time or in a jacuzzi. Our testicles known as balls have their own temperature, where it produces much more natural testosterone (male hormone) during a cold environment. Take cold showers, you’ll notice your testicles feeling bigger, heavier, and fuller. Not only will make you ejaculate thicker semen when you release your load, but cold showers also have a number of positive benefits to it, such as feel more masculine, more motivated and increase your body’s blood flow for health benefits, plus more!
  • If you do have a sex partner, it is BEST to have sex at least 2-3 times a week = Healthier you + healthy partner = healthy sex Life. However, if you’re like me who loves to have sex and wants it every day, then you most likely have a high sexual desire and high libido levels, which you can have sex every day but no more than 3 times (maximum) in a single day for your own healthy sex lifestyle.
  • Start doing some special techniques that work for any penis size => There are numerous penile techniques that you can simply do while you’re in the bathroom, or some of them you can do at anywhere you’re at, such as my own favorite one called Kegel’s exercises. I actually do them while at work, or during sex. If you have never done them before, start in the bathroom as it should be the easiest way. All you have to do is when you go to the bathroom to pee, try to hold the flow of urine for a few seconds, then let it go and try it again; do it about 10 times a day. For the advanced Kegels exercises and maintain your NEW growth gains, I will give you these techniques on another page here.

Kegel penile exercises are my favorite ones because there are tons of sexual and health benefits when you do these on the daily basis!

Especially if you have a bigger manhood under your pants or are looking to a penis enlargement solution to grow your size there, Kegel will help you increase maximum blood flow to the new penis size for you to achieve a hard stronger erection and helps you maintain it as well its size too!

I actually talk about how one time I picked up a not-so-hot woman, where I was not too interested in her, but since she kept touching me and I noticed that she wanted to have sex with me so bad, and even with zero interest in her I was able to become erect with a hard penis and had sex with her by simply doing these Kegels right next to her without her noticing.

That’s powerful!

Not to mention, if you become a professional at doing these techniques as well, it will allow you to last much longer in bed where you can reach a point to have full control of your ejaculation, and your orgasms will become much stronger and powerful!

You then can please your partner all the time, your sexual confidence will soar up the sky and you will perform like a true stallion horse in bed.

Oh did I forget to mention the health benefits? It helps maintain your male reproductive very healthy and your prostate in the healthiest state ever if you know what you’re doing, like how I teach!

And the best thing that I have to say is that you won’t have to use any sex pill whatsoever because you’ll be pumped up and ready to get going in sex whenever you want to and have full control to last as long as you want.

How does that sound?!


I hope this post has cleared up about if size matter or not, even if why is bigger better. I also feel grateful to share with you these amazing tips for you to maintain rock-hard erections as well!

(2020) Does Size Matter? Why Is a Bigger Penis Better?! – TIPS – ONLY HERE


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