I once heard the billionaire Microsoft founder saying that giving up is not an option, but to work harder is!

And I totally understand what type of ambition he has, which is only a very few percentages of the population have this type of mentality.

I mean, if he’s saying that, then we should listen and apply it to our lives as well since he has been in the top 10 rows for the world’s richest and most successful person for the past 2 decades!

That’s right.

And if you don’t know, Bill Gates is an extremely hard-working man where back in the day when he first started his own company (Microsoft), he mentioned that he would work day and night, plus he would sleep in his office, then wake up in the middle of the night and get back to work!

According to him, this went on for many years…

I never took a day off in my 20’s. Not one. – Bill Gates

So why not you read more below to get more details about why you should never ever consider giving up or have this option whatsoever!

What Is Giving Up? – Why Do People Give Up?

Another word to give up is to quit what you’re doing which is to stop trying before getting the result you want and no longer what anything to do with it.

It could also mean surrendering and resting yourself from a difficult project!


Now there are many reasons why someone would want to give up and quit and here are some of them based on what I know…

The very first reason why someone would kick the bucket and say I quit is that they want the results too early without having to put in the work also known as misleading “overnight success”.

That’s right, especially how we’re all living in this illusion world of social media with people showing fake lifestyles claiming they’re living it which in most cases are photoshop backgrounds, rented sports cars, someone’s else home, showing the success of some other person’s results, and so on.

Yet, myself as an entrepreneur, I know for sure that anything we want to achieve in this life is required many hours of hard work and that means there is no such thing as overnight success.

However, people are still looking for instant gratification and want that outcome right now, in this exact moment, and don’t have enough patience to wait for the right time!

The second reason is lack of self-confidence as well as lack of self-belief which if you really want to reach the outcome that you truly desire, you need 100% confidence in you and believe in yourself at all costs because if you don’t, no one else will!

By the way, daily distraction is a huge one that will hold you back big here!

Yes, if you listen to other people’s opinions, judgment, criticism, gossip, fear of failure/rejection, and anything that is negative, it can literally stop you and hold you back


Another reason why people consider giving up an option is that they don’t learn from any mistakes or failures, and probably don’t look for any different way to take and get to where they want!

Yet, we all should be lifetime learners since the more we learn, the more we learn. If you’re not learning something new every day, you’re not evolving and that’s not good.

The wise individual knows that learning is key to all success in all areas of our lives and if you don’t know, the more we fail, the more we can get closer to our goals!

So to me, failure is part of success.

People also give up too early because they would rather stay in their comfort zone and easily live a miserable life than get out of the comfortable routine and take action by facing any setbacks, challenges, or obstacles that come our way.

And the ones that do this without letting fear or anything get in their way and still keep pushing forward will eventually reach the outcome that they’re working on sooner or later!

Keep reading!

What To Do to NEVER Give Up?

Instead of giving up, do what the billionaire Bill Gates said that quitting is not an option, but willing to work harder is the best possible option that there will always be.

Now here are some things that I’m going to teach you that will help you not want to give up too soon.

The very first thing I must say is that you should look at regret very wisely and notice that if you give up now, how much will you regret it later on?

But if you don’t give up and continue pushing yourself to keep doing your all-time best and seeking different ways to succeed, know that when you reach that level that you most want, I’m sure that you would be very satisfied to know that you didn’t give up at all on your goals and dreams.


Don’t you think?

Also, before giving up, try to remember why you started in the first place and see yourself by imagining and visualizing yourself with the outcome you’re shooting for as that should motivate you to keep taking action and that’s what I do which helps me tremendously.

I mean, I believe everyone has come to a point one time in their lives that they wanted to give up and quit something as well!

And if you don’t know, there are successful people that have failed for so many years but learned from it and finally succeed which they’re 100% glad that they never had given up whatsoever.

I remember seeing one self-made multi-billionaire Elon Musk saying that he “would rather die than to give up” and that’s powerful to me! That’s extremely motivating to me, I mean, who would say that?

Moreover, figure out clearly why would you want to quit and give up, this will help you analyze it and see if it’s worth it or not, then try to address it and do whatever it takes to get through it.


Another way is to get support from others such as very close friends, colleagues, and family members that you trust. People can give us a huge boost but watch out for who those certain “close people” are!

The last way is to put your mind in the right place by gratefully appreciating yourself to have made it all the up to here and finding gratitude for own yourself to have not given up yet and using your positive mindset to look at the good sides of everything which you should never ever allow any negative thoughts or any negativity get to you whatsoever.

Remember, everything in this world is an option and a choice of ours!

And one trick here that I use is positive affirmations that I would say to myself on a regular basis that ‘I am a winner’, ‘I am truly blessed’, ‘I am so successful’, and that ‘everything comes to me in my way’, etc.

Other than that, always make sure to celebrate your accomplishment tasks and that’s even if you’re still not seeing any results that you expect, but just know that sooner or later, the universe/God will make a way to have everything happen in your favor for you in your life and that’s if you truly don’t ever quit.

It is just like for penis enlargement results, if you continue doing your penile exercises as directed on the #1 top-ranked program called the Penis Professor here, you can rest assured that if you don’t quit, the results must come to you as little as 4-6 months.

But of course, if you do quit and give up too soon, then you would never achieve the penis growth gains that you desire!


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Drop me a sentence below and tell me if you’re a quitter or a winner? Do you always feel like quitting and giving up, or do you have the habit to keep pushing yourself regardless of anything? It’s important that I listen to what you have to say!

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