It is true that our own ego could be our worst enemy or our best friend/tool to help us in all areas of our life!

Yet, the majority of the population are letting their own ego become their worst enemy and that is maybe because they’re not aware of it or aware of how it works.

And that is why knowledge is power!

The more you learn, the more you earn in life.

So I’m going to share some unique information based on my own wisdom, knowledge, and experience on what I do to have my own ego work in my favor, and not in the opposite direction like most people!

I will also show you how ALTER EGO works and what you should do because if you don’t know, some successful, rich, and wealthy alpha males do use this secret method that I’ll be showing you below!

An alter ego always leads to a beautifl life which you refuse to live. – R

Just follow down and read on.

What Is Our ALTER EGO?

Our ego is not really the same as our alter ego based on what I know. The ego works as our mind’s activity through thinkings/thoughts which is our first version of who we think we are, but our alter ego is a secondary “greater” version of us, or depending on what you choose, it could actually be the worst version of yourself.

Yet, everything is a choice but you just have to be 100% aware of it regardless of whatever!

Therefore, I actually talk all about our EGO vs HIGHER-SELF in a different post here that you can later check out since I’ll only be talking about our ALTER EGO only on this particular page as you’re reading here.


Alter ego is basically a different version of a role you play or pretend/act like someone else that you would like to be.

An alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. The term was coined in the early nineteenth century when dissociative identity disorder was first described by psychologists. A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life. – Anonymous

And a great example here would be movie characters such as Superman, Spider-man, Batman, Wolverine, and so on…

So what I mean here is that Superman or any other as I mentioned above has 2 versions of them. The real personality is who they really are as the “normal” person, but the greater alter ego version of who they act when they take off their normal clothes and put on their costume to do some work out there.

This means they pretend that they are not the same exact person, of course.

Therefore, an alter ego is the version we pretend to be or act like, and a lot of successful people do have a great alter ego that contributes to their success in life such as athletes like Conor McGregor who will normally act like a totally common and quiet person when it doesn’t involve fighting or anything like that…

But if you were to really look into his life, you’ll notice that when he’s around his family or in an interview that doesn’t involve UFC, he’s just like a normal person.

Yet, when he wants to use his alter ego, he’s totally out of control, he acts and claims as if he is the best UFC fighter out there, talks massive crap, and is super cocky which believe it or not, is what actually got him to be the most popular and famous UFC fighter that is also the richest as well.

So I’m saying here is that Conor McGregor uses his own alter ego for success!

Another example would be Lebron James, Mike Tyson, etc. Mike Tyson in his younger age as a boxer, his alter ego was also out of control but that’s what made him and others gain as much fame as they could.

Which again, if you were to look and have a normal conversation with them, they are a totally different person from who they act like they are, and not the person they’re pretending to be.

Therefore, an alter ego is just a different version of the role we all play to be!

Keep reading!

Why You Should Use Alter Ego In Your Favor?

Well, as you can clearly see above, an alter ego will allow you to gain much more “fame”, success, money, and people will look at you differently which could be good or bad.

Just like movie stars, WWE wrestlers, and most of these successful people, they all have an alter ego and that is what people notice of them, the different greater version of themselves.

An alter ego is a model for how you would like to show up in some context of your life. It’s going to help you succeed in the way you most want to. – Todd Herman


Now don’t get me wrong, an alter ego is NOT real as it is definitely now the true personality of a person.

Again, it is just pretending to be by acting in a different way. Which as soon as they take off their “mask”, they’re back to normal once again.

So that’s why it is sometimes a good idea to have an alter ego in most cases and use it in your favor.

However, bad people also have an alter ego as well! When they’re not trying to be a “bad person”, they sometimes are the most lovable people that we can’t even imagine would do something bad like how they do…

Yet, not all of them!

Save me from my alter ego. It’s killing my original self. – Moonlight

I know people who are very caring, lovable, and sociable around family members, but out in the streets, they’re totally different folks.

And that is why you have to be very careful about how you’re using your alter ego, which could work in your favor or in the opposite direction!

Again, it is your own choice and your own 100% responsibility to decide what you want.


Another reason why you should use your best alter ego version of yourself is that the moment you pretend and act as this different individual, you can actually truly become just like that!

For example;

I used to be a beta male back in the day where I grew up as one but when I become an adult and found out all about alpha males, I created an alpha alter ego version that I would like to be.

And what happened is that I would always try to use my alter ego on a daily basis and I mean, the whole day, every day and sooner or later, my body got to a point that I started to become just like that automatically.

Meaning I transformed myself and truly became the real alpha male of myself that I always desired to be and therefore, I don’t allow my body to go back to the beta male version whatsoever unless I choose to which I’m aware of it and I would never want that.

It is just like a rich person who becomes rich due to the fact that their alter ego version is different and they all look forward to acting and pretending to be a rich person before having the money and sooner or later, they became one and I know for sure that most of them don’t allow themselves to feel poor whatsoever anymore.

He was my perfect alter ego. He was in control and I never was. He was cool, and I was truly a nerd. I just played him out of affection. – Henry Winkler

Yes, it works very well with money because you’re claiming and “assuming” you’re getting a lot of money even though in real life you’re not and sooner or later, your source of income will catch up to your beliefs.

Can you see what I’m trying to show you here how important it is to sometimes have an alter ego?

Now don’t get me wrong, not a lot of people can actually become the version of their alter ego to transform into their real personality, which as I mentioned above such as popular and famous athletes out there, from my knowledge, they don’t seem to have become that version that they pretend to be because maybe they only use an alter ego just to become famous or get as much money as they could…

Who knows?

Yet, if you just keep faking it until you make it and be aware that you’ll soon be able to become that version if that’s what you really want!

How to Use Your Own ALTER EGO in Your Favor? – How it Works?

Now if you don’t seem to have a different version of what you’ll like to be, then here are a few steps that I can show you on how to create an alter ego!

You first have to close your eyes and think of an image by visualizing and imagining what type of person you would like to be and this could be basically anything.

There’s a mysterious alter ego in everyone. Some call it hallucination, some call it art. – Bhavik Sarkhedi


An easier way would be to look at the movie characters or someone you know that you seem to be attractive to or interested in their version.

For example;

Wolverine in X-Men movies and cartoons, he’s a true alpha male in his real personality but when it’s time for action, he uses an alter ego to be more aggressive, tougher, and a badass to do what it takes to fight enemies or save someone in the movies.

Yet, don’t choose a negative version or else it will lead to big trouble down the road in the future, and I’m sure you don’t want that.

Me and my alter ego fight like monsters inside my head, sometimes it wins and show my worst side to the world.

So if you’re a beta male as of today, I have a complete post here on what to do to leave the beta lifestyle to transform yourself into a strong, powerful, and alpha male leader that all women crave and all men give respect to…

Plus you’ll gain many more opportunities when you have an alpha alter ego, which if you keep practicing it on a regular basis such as looking forward to acting and pretending you’re that dominant alpha ‘stallion’ version that you would want to be, you’ll soon really become one without having to use your own willpower to act as one.

Here’s an example of a beta male to an alpha male;

  • If you’re an insecure person => imagine what a confident version of yourself would be.
  • If you have poor posture => start standing up & sit up straight, chest up, shoulders back.
  • If you have a weak mentality => look forward to what a strong mentality mindset would be.
  • If you have low sexual life => pretend that you’re a sexual beast in bed & imagine having great sex.
  • If you’re out of shape => start exercising, eat healthily, and act as if you’re in great shape.
  • If you’re a lazy guy => do things in spite of any motivation at all and you’ll be more motivated.
  • If you don’t like yourself, your work or anything => see the positive side and act as if you do love it.

I mean, I can keep going forever but I’ll leave it to you to figure it out and create the alter ego that you’ll want to be and become in the future.


Now you have to be aware that you MUST practice that new version of yourself day in and day out, which the best way would be during the whole day by repeating thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, etc.

The more you use your alter ego, the better it gets and faster you’ll most likely be able to become just as that based on my own experience!

Call up your strong, fierce alter ego and get shit down. – Unknown

Just don’t expect to create it today, right now, and then leave it to the side and expect it to work, it just won’t work because our conscious mind (thoughts) has only 5% of power in our life but our subconscious mind (belief system) who works with repetition takes over 95% of our lives and therefore, it is much more powerful since you basically become what you believe!

And that is the only way.

So do that, create an alter ego of the greatest version of what you want to become, and focus on that the whole time if you truly want to become it, or else, you’ll only activate your alter ego when you choose to…

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So, do you have an alter ego? Or maybe you’re not aware of it but want to create one? It would be a pleasure to listen to what you have to say! I encourage you to shoot me a comment under the box below as I will get back to you as soon as possible!

(2023) How ALTER EGO Works? How & Why You Should ONLY Use Your Ego in Your Favor


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