You know, I am a huge fan of meditation and that is for many reasons!

There are tons of benefits to why someone would want to meditate on a regular basis, and I highly recommend you do to stop your ego/mind from taking over your life…

That means the moment you take a few minutes of your time to meditate, you’re on the right path to all the abundance of life to come to you!

And why?

Well, depending on how strong your ego is, it is causing you to resist to allow you to be in the present moment, and allow all the good things to come because it is during this present moment that things come to us since the past no longer exists and the future hasn’t come yet…

Breathing is something that you witness as it happens. – Annoymous

But there’s a secret that I’m going to teach you when you read along!

What Is Meditation?

Meditation or meditating is the act or practice of breathing by focusing on it which allows you to relax your body and quiet the mind/ego.

It is the perfect way to reach and achieve your true highest-self for the fulfillment of inner bliss!

You know, for over a decade, I have been a dedicated meditator and I know for a fact that without it, I wouldn’t be here or have the success I have conquered.


Yes, it is key for many successful people out there, since they also all know that meditating has huge benefits which is a MUST to have included in our daily routine.

And if they don’t just like how I no longer use it anymore, it is because we know a greater way that is much more convenient and simple to be able to meditate all the time without taking up our time.

Yes, that means I am constantly meditating in all of my moments, just like right now, I am not using my mind/ego to write this but my inner guidance called spirit/soul/higher-being/God/source/universe – whatever you want to call it is actually providing me this information and all I’m doing is typing all of this for you to read!

It’s just using “me”, my body for action!

One conscious breathe in and out is a meditation.

Back to meditating!

I actually have a complete post here where I get into more details about meditation and where it came from, how to do it effectively and so on…

Click there and it will pop up a new page for you to read if you want. This particular post you’re reading on right now is an advanced version of it in my point of view.


Keep reading!

If You’re NOT Meditating, This Is Probably What’s Happening to You…

Since most people are running through life by their own mind’s activity known as the ego, if you’re depressed about anything in your life or your anxious about the future, then you can rest assure that it is your ego controlling you, your life and your body.

That means your ego is providing you unwanted thoughts and emotions about your past such as events that happened before, people that no longer is in your life, and life situations that is not so pleasant.

And if you’re anxious, that means you are basically waiting for a “better future” to happen which is also an illusion since that doesn’t exist, the future hasn’t come yet and we don’t even know if it will come.

Be aware of your breathing. Notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space. – Unknown

Both living in the past and in the future is an ego’s illusion!


But the moment you start meditating on a regular basis, then you immediately connect yourself to the present moment where neither does the past or future exists.

Now that being said, what being in the present moment means is that you’re observing everything in the here and now, you’re aware of your movements, you feel the sensation of your inner body and your thoughts created by the ego has stopped sending you it and you’re no longer domanited by your ego/mind which you’re now connected to your own higher-self/spirit/God/source/universe!

That is super powerful!

The SECRET For Advanced Meditating!

I bet you didn’t know that it is possible for you to meditate at every single moment of your life without sitting down like monks or closing your eyes and getting in the right posture/position and all that…

Yes, that’s right!

Be aware of your breathing as often as you are able, whenever you remember. Do that for one year, and it will be powerfully transformative. And it’s free.

So this is what I do and I actually got this information from my all-time favorite spiritual teacher called Eckhart Tolle.

He mentions in his teachings that all we have to do is FOCUS on our breathing by simply being aware of your breath and that basically means you don’t have to force yourself into deep breathing like how regular meditation recommends…


And the best thing is that the moment you’re aware of your own breathing as I am right now, you’re in a complete present moment, in the here and now!

That means you’re not using your mind known as ego to think of anything or have any unwanted emotions since you can’t do both, thinking and focusing on your breath.

You can only do one, try it!

The moment you’re focusing on your breath, you no longer have any mind activity as your thoughts are not there in your mind anymore. They leave your mind…

But the moment you start thinking about anything, you stop focusing on your breath!

Pay attention to the gap – the gap betwen two thoughts, the brief, silent, space between words in a conversation, between the notes of a piano or flure, or the gap between the in-breath and the out-breath. When you pay attention to those gaps, awareness of ‘something’ becomes – just awareness. The formless dimension of pure conciousness arises from within you and replaces identification with form. – Eckhart Tolle

Does it make sense? Basically, again you can ONLY FOCUS on one thing, and therefore, focus on your breath right now for as long as you can.

Sure, at first you may be able to focus for a few seconds or a few minutes which you might get back to your mind’s activity of thinking and as SOON as you notice it, get back to focusing on your breathing once again and just keep doing that forever!

What will happen in a couple of days or weeks, your body will automatically start focusing on your breath without you even forcing yourself to do it.

How incredible is that? Perfect!

And trust me, this is a life-changer for everyone because being in the present moment without thoughts, you’re basically only feeling your own natural state of being which is LOVE filled with peace and joy.

It is actually the best feeling ever and it is pure meaning you don’t need any other thing to feel this blissful extraordinary feeling from your own source called higher-self/soul/spirit/God.

Do that and see how much your life will get better. It’s just when having sex, you become aware of when you’re about to ejaculate unless you have premature ejaculation issues, which if you do, then you gotta see this #1 top best treatment to fix your issue there and be the alpha male sex beast in bed.


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Did you enjoy finding out the secret to be in the present moment all the time? I hope so because if you do focus on your breathing, not only will change your life, but your overall wellbeing will improve as well!

(2022) How Focusing on BREATHING Is Meditating For Enlightenment? – Just FOCUS On It! – SECRET


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