Not a lot of people are aware that they can also win the lottery jackpot if they know how everything works!

But I’m not talking about how to actually play, but how some lifestyle factors could make you win the lottery as well…

So I’m going to share with you my real-life story about how I ended up winning two lottery jackpot prizes in my life, and this was not so long ago!


To me, it seemed as if I “forced” the Universe (source of infinite abundance) to allow me to win, but that’s not the case because what really happened was that I ‘ALLOWED’ myself to receive the signs/hints that I got from the Universe by using the power of mind from my beliefs, thoughts, feelings, imaginations, visualization, and acting.

See the difference?

Therefore, the reason why I’m going to share with you these experiences is not to brag, but to inspire you that you can also achieve whatever you want in this life too!

As one of my favorite quotes states; “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.”

You are born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. – Zig Ziglar

Let’s get going and feel inspired by my true life story of how I won 2 LOTTERY JACKPOT PRIZES!


Winning the lottery is fun. The blasting exciting feelings that I got was one of the best life experiences I ever had in my entire life!

Yes, it was way more enjoyable than when I first built my very first company after I turned 18 years old!

Which, in today’s date and age, I seem to have great knowledge of business, since I have got involved with several different projects with different types of business models.

Back to the lottery jackpot!

Therefore, when I won both lottery jackpots, it was not intended to actually make me “rich” but more intended to how it would feel to win the lottery jackpot!

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can win. – Richard Bach

Sure, winning is fantastic but it didn’t change who I am. It just enhanced my financial freedom to get more of what I wanted!


Which I must say that as a lottery jackpot winner, I actually used all the sources that I had found to be useful, and that made the Universe/God move events, circumstances, people, etc to allow me to win in my life!

The only thing you have to do is make your intention pure, and then whatever you think will start manifesting itself. – Unknown

So let me share with you my life experience with winning both jackpot lottery tickets!

How It All Started – Before Winning

Since as a younger child, I always had this thing in my mind ‘what if I won the lottery?!‘, what would my life be, and so on…

But as life went on, I never really focused on the lottery which my father used to play a lot and he had a very good friend of his who was the owner of a Brazilian restaurant in the USA.


And at the age of 12 years old, my father asked his friend if he can put me to work there aka hire me as a waiter.

I started working there, and I remember right after school by 4 pm, I had to be there at work!

Yes, I would use the skills I learned to pick up the plates with food using both arms, and believe it or not, I always made more tips money than the payout that I got paid by the restaurant’s owner.

I remember that I bought my own Haro bike, bought my first Xbox Elite version, I bought myself an HP computer at the time, and I basically had all the clothes I wanted to dress well and go to school since back in the day, there were no uniforms at my schools.

Therefore, I started working at 12 years old and this went on for a few years.

Then when I turned 16 years old, I signed myself out of school and dropped out to work in construction with my uncle.

I worked for 2 full years with him and I learned all the skills that he taught me! So when I turned 18 years old, I bought my own working van and all the tools/equipment that I needed to start my first business company.

I was truly excited, and from there, I got involved with several companies. A few failed, but some succeeded very well! Yet, I sold most of them and managed to make a lot of money (CA$$$H)!

Now the reason why I’m telling you this is for you to see that I never was actually “lucky” but I create my “luck” which is to get what I want through hard work!


And when I was 25 years old, I actually rented a big house in Brazil with a big pool and a beautiful green garden backyard, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, I mean it’s a pretty big house which I called my Paradise Home!

But of course, I am always back and forth because the USA is where I do most business until I won both lottery jackpot tickets in Brazil.

So the reason why I chose Brazil to live in is that it is a tropical country and I love nature, the sun, the hot sexy beautiful women, more freedom, less strict laws, and all that! Plus of course, I am Brazilian as well.

Now I always had my eyes on farms/land full of cattle, horses, and different types of livestock and before I won the lottery jackpot prizes, I had some pretty big dreams like owning a huge farm with thousands of cattle and so on…


I also dreamed of having more than one big farm!

But I dreamed of owning big mansions with a helicopter pad, having all the cars I wanted as well, doing whatever I want, and basically getting what I desire regardless of the price.

And here’s the magic trick that I believed made a huge impact on winning the jackpot prizes, I would visualize and imagine all these things in the present moment as if they already happened by feeling them with a grateful heart and acting as if it is happening right now in this exact moment!

You have to know you can win. You have to think you can win. You have to feel you can win. – Unknown

Yes, I would keep on playing games with my mind/ego as if I already had all of these kinds of stuff and I would do that every single day for many days, I mean a full year to so!

The point of power is always in the present moment. – Louise L Hay


So that is when I started to listen to my intuition and started seeing the signs that it was giving me on the daily basis!

I noticed that one of the ways to achieve everything I wanted in regards to big farms full of cattle, huge mansions, and all that in Brazil was through winning the jackpot as it is one way to achieve all of that!

My Winning the Lottery Jackpot Experiences

Therefore, one time I noticed that a lottery game called QUINA in Brazil had a jackpot of over $70,000,000.00 million of Reais (Brazilian money $$$$), and believe it or not, somehow I felt in my gut instincts that it was my winning jackpot prize. However, I actually did NOT buy the ticket for this particular lottery game since I failed to listen to my intuition.

But I did purchase a different lottery game ticket called MEGA SENA on this day, and I didn’t feel very well after this purchase. Deep inside of me, I had a deep inner contraction feeling that I should have chosen that QUINA game instead…!


And believe it or not, the next day, I found out that there was a winner who got those full $ 70 million Reais in a jackpot prize.

Therefore, I did not win this lottery jackpot but this never stopped me!

I actually believe that if I had played it, I would have won because my intuitive feelings were telling me to play it, but I somehow ignored it…

But I knew deep inside of me that I would win one day, but in a matter of the right time. So I trusted the time that it could take for me to win!

Before winning, you have to believe you are worthy. – Unknown

Now after this day, I started playing the lottery every once a week or so, but I only bought one single ticket of the MEGA SENA lottery game at a time.

I was so confident and I trusted myself so much that all I need was ONE single ticket of any of the numbers that I chose were the “winning” numbers.

I also had in mind that the odds don’t matter at all and I made it seem like it didn’t even exist in my mind because I trust the Universe’s power that I am abundance and that I am already a lottery jackpot winner regardless of anything!

Now don’t get me wrong, my ego always kept on getting in the way, and that is why I knew that I needed to make it a belief that I am the winner.

So moreover, it actually took me over a full year to actually have my numbers to truly match the winning numbers!


And believe it or not, during this full year, I did every possible thing you could imagine to REPROGRAM my subconscious mind to know that I was already a winner before I physically got the jackpot cash prize/s, and this was sure through repetitive thoughts and feelings like using my imagination, visualization, and acting as if it already happened!

Can you see my point here?

I would also look up online on many sources and pages that talked about winning the lottery. I would search on YouTube to see many lottery winners sharing their own experiences, and how they did it which most said that it was a “feeling” that made them win.

I just basically got all the possible knowledge I needed for me to be the next real lottery winner!

On the daily basis, I would say so many lottery-winning AFFIRMATIONS and affirm to my mind by convincing my subconscious mind that I AM A LOTTERY JACKPOT WINNER, that I won already, and that I had the winning numbers with me, and that I trusted the Universe time frame to prove me that I had the winning numbers so I can get my jackpot prize.


Therefore, I forced my mindset to reprogram all over again and again, and after 1 full year of filling my mind with all these types of present-tense thoughts, and imaginations, and actually felt like I already won and acted as a real lottery jackpot winner which I had no doubt at all, that’s when the magic happened!

At night before bedtime, I would close my eyes for 15 minutes and visualize and imagine myself with the lottery winning ticket in my hand and I would imagine how happy, and excited I would be.

I remember I would feel it right away as if it is already happening, and I would also imagine that with the jackpot money I bought the farms, and mansions and had the financial freedom that I wanted!

So as you can see, my whole day from waking up to going to sleep, my mind was forced to reprogram itself to that fact that I had already WON, and I really WON in real life!


Win in your mind and you will win in your reality.

The Results of WINNING the Lottery JACKPOT PRIZES!

Now it’s the fun and exciting part!

In June, I wrote it down on a piece of pink paper that I won the lottery jackpot in the month of June and every night, I would look at it and read it and feel it as if I really won. Then I started purchasing a ticket for BOTH lottery games (MEGA SENA & QUINA).

Capture the feeling associated with your realized wish by assuming the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of the thing you desire, and your wish will objectify itself. – Neville Goddard


I bought 2 tickets for each one, and again, every time I would just circle and shade new numbers on the ticket that I truly felt a “nudge/sense” of each number at that exact moment because I trusted confidently that since I “was already” a winner, whatever numbers I put on would match the winning numbers.

Then these both tickets, I actually left to the side where I hid them in my safe box. And by the next week of June, I got another 2 tickets for both games once again and did the same thing by leaving them in a safe box.

But the last time that I bought 2 lottery tickets (MEGASENA & QUINA), I hid them under my favorite hat and I managed to leave them alone where I had not checked any of the 6 tickets as total whatsoever!

I was so confident and trusting the Universe that since I convinced myself that I already was the lottery jackpot “winner”, one of the tickets had to be the winner! By the way, trusting means letting go and not being attached to it and confidently letting it flow as it should by allowing it to come.

To manifest your desires, give them three things: Attention, Intent, Emotion


And what I did, I waited until the month of June was done, which July came by and I visualized myself and my girlfriend waking up on a Monday morning and where we both got our backpack ready with our clothes in and with my winning ticket on my pocket, we then got a bus and traveled to the next big city from where I lived.

And that was exactly what happened!

I woke up on JULY 06 at 5 am and I felt a powerful sensation/feeling deep inside of me completely fulfilled with pure joy, peace, and love where I never had felt this type of blissful state of being whatsoever before!

I then received an inside hint/nudge out of nowhere that something big is going to happen today and therefore, I got all of the 6 tickets, and then we called a Uber taxi and headed over to the Bus station to go to the next big city.

And what happened was that we got to the next big city which was 3 hours away, and when we got to the bus station there, got a taxi straight to the bank (CAIXA) and believe it or not, we waited in line with the 6 tickets on hand with the same extraordinary blissful feelings and that is when I looked over the tickets with my phone to find out that 2 of the tickets were the winning lottery jackpot winners!!!

OH MY GOD<YES, that’s right!!!

WOW, I won the QUINA and the MEGASENA lottery jackpots!


YES, believe it or not, I literally didn’t feel any better than I already was feeling and so, I actually projected it all out by adding as many realistic details as I could in the present moment as happening right now and it worked exactly as I projected!

However, I basically prepared myself first for the lottery win and I expected with certainly and always 100% confident with trusting the Universe’s timing to make it manifest in my life.

Yet, I believe that the exact thing that truly made me become the winner is the feeling of 100% certainly which is pure faith and I also had the good feelings of winning all the time by acting as if I was already the winner.

Which, my subconscious mind made it a belief that I was the winner at all cost, and I’m fortunate enough to have happened with 2 lottery jackpot prize tickets! 🙂

Not to mention, listening to my intuition and gut feelings was a success for me!

And in terms of luck? It is basically a state of mind rather than some ethereal force and we all create luck through intention and action. You create your own luck and I create my own luck!

So right away when I noticed that I won the first ticket (QUINA game), I managed to stay calm, and relaxed, and not show any signs to the people that were around me in line and so.

If you won a lottery or received a large inheritance, eve before you physically had the money, you know it is yours. That is the feeling of believing you have it already. That is the feeling of believing you have received. Claim the things you want by feeling and believing they are yours. When you do that, the Law of Attraction will powerfully move all circumstances, people, and events for you to receive. – The Secret

But I’m going to be as honest as I am that the inside of me was on fire like I literally wanted to start jumping around and scream as loud as I could with full excitement. Yet, that’s the same feelings that I had when waking up!

But I managed to just relax and stay as calm as I could by closing my eyes and doing some deep breathing techniques like meditating since I was in line, and really calm myself down for a few minutes!

Yes, I then looked straight into my girlfriend’s beautiful eyes, shook my head up and down, and smiled as she noticed my behavior through self-energy vibes that the ticket was actually the winner!

And the very last 6th ticket of MEGASENA game, the numbers matched the winning numbers as well, and oh man, at this point, I couldn’t stand still anymore and just felt that extremely exciting feelings of joy with acceleration inside of me that I never had felt this way ever in my life.

It was just too exciting and motivating at the same time!!


So we waited in line until it was our turn where I asked the bank’s teller if I could speak with the MANAGER of the bank.

They accepted it and we sat down, he asked me “how can I help you?” and I looked over confidently straight into his eyes and said, “Listen, my lottery tickets match the same winning numbers but I need you to be very discreet, please!” and he said, “Okay, congratulations!”.

I handed over both tickets that were signed by me on the back of it, and I told him that I was going to have his name written down and said to him that he was the only person that was going to know that I actually WON two lottery jackpots!

So the bank’s manager got all the information he needed like my full name, my address, my documents, and my bank account numbers, and he handed me a copy of both of my winning tickets to keep and of course, I signed a few papers. He did ask me several financial questions if I were interested in investing in several different investment ventures, this and that… I denied!

And then he sent it over to the main headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil to proceed with the tickets and for them to send me my winning jackpot prizes via my bank account.


Me and my girlfriend walked out of the bank feeling a significant amount of extraordinary full joy that I don’t even know how to put in words, and we got an Uber back to the Bus station and headed back to the city where I lived at the time.

After 3 full days, which by Thursday on July 9th, I checked my bank account and noticed whopping large digits of money inside my personal bank account!

OH MY GOD! Yes, both transactions were sent to me on the same day and that’s truly when I came to a conclusion that it was real in this 3d physical reality, and not in my imagination anymore!

Now beware that I am NOT going to tell you how much I received because that doesn’t matter, which matters here is myself sharing with you my own inspiring experiences in an honest way and how I won both jackpot lottery tickets!

And believe it or not, I continue doing what I am doing to this day like working extremely hard, living my life to the fullest, going after my dreams, and checking out big farms to buy and so.

But the very first thing I did when I won both of my winning lottery cash prizes was to buy a badass pickup truck that I promised myself. Yet, it took about 30 full days to receive my dream truck!

And I also had promised my girlfriend that I was committed to giving back to the world, and one way was by giving her a great amount of cash as well, and I did! 40% of the wealth I put into investments!

I also helped my mother and my father too, which made them live a better lifestyle.

But I did it without allowing them or anyone to notice that I won the jackpots because I was afraid that the word of mouth would go by in the outside world, and then have my name and my image shown out there all over the media, which I would never want FAME at all whatsoever.


I wish I could post pictures of my winning lottery tickets along with the bank’s transactions and also show you my badass truck...

But I WON’T because again, I don’t want FAME at all and that is for several reasons since fame is not as great as it seems to be!

By the way, I truly never told or allowed people that don’t know me personally to notice anything in regards that I was the winner of both jackpot prizes, except for that girlfriend and the bank’s manager, and I like this way as this keeps my life very private.

NOTE: At the time, yes there was some local news to mention about 2 lottery ticket winners from the same city, but since I never check the news and also how I claimed my tickets several days after I had won, people never really noticed that I was the lucky person!

And today’s date and age, I currently have a Ford F-150 Shelby SuperSnake 755hp truck similar to this!


(p.s. I tried my best to make this post short but with enough details for you to see how I managed to win both lotteries winning tickets by using the power of our mind, plus sharing my own experience whether you believe it or not.)

I really hope you enjoyed this real-life true story of mine, but again, money does not change me. It’s just a tool to enhance our lives!

If it did change me then I would have stopped this ALFASTALLION® website and go on with life. But I rather keep doing what I do, plus to keep showing you and helping you achieve whatever you want in your life too and to become who you really want to be, and basically everything for your own best!


Oh, let me mention to you that if you have negative beliefs about money like “money is the root of evil“, or that “money is hard to make” or whatever it may be, I’m just letting you know that you will never win a lottery prize.

And that is since money is energy and it does not go to people who have bad beliefs about it. As the Law of Attraction states ‘like attract like’!

And the type of faith that you need is basically like if you were to increase your penis size by inches!

Not only you’ll be using an effective and safe penis enlargement device like a penis pump here, but as you perform the workouts, you got to believe that it is really possible for you to achieve your growth gains as well!


That is because a lot of people want results and do use something to boost up the process but if they lack faith and poor beliefs, then you’re probably not going to achieve your desired results even though there is proof that many men were able to increase their penis size easily!

Since you’re here, are you constantly playing the lottery? If yes, comment below with the reasons why you think you haven’t won yet!? It would be a great pleasure to listen to what you have to say in regards to anything!



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