I am a big fan of listening to binaural beats/frequency music or Isochronic Tones! In fact, I’m listening right now and basically throughout my whole day while I’m at my office here and during meditation as well.

Yes, it makes a huge difference in myself, in my body, and in my life!

Now maybe you’re not aware of it or have any clue what it is…

So I’m here to show you everything that you would want to know in regards to these effective vibrational frequency kinds of music.

I personally have been listening to these binaural beats for a few years now, and I can say that my whole body and life have completely changed from just listening to it on a daily basis.

If you don’t know, everything is frequency! We live in a matrix world where every single thing in this world has some form of vibrational energy.

All things have a frequency and a vibration. – Nikola Tesla

Science has proven this over and over and over again!

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

Now let’s read below and find out what these effective frequency beats really are.

What Is Binaural Beats?

It is some type of technology beats that generates low-frequency waves into both left and right ear and goes directly to the brain to create and induce a new frequency brainwave.

As it plays while we listen to these Binaural beats track using a stereo headphone/system, our mind will give a signal to the body to enter into a meditate state to rejuvenate and heal itself by “repairing DNA”. 


Now there are Binaural beats for many different types, and some are for health purposes to heal ourselves, others are to activate our higher-self and awaken our third eye, some to attract money as well, or to manifest whatever you want, etc.

There are also different names such as Isochronic Tones, ‘OM’ chanting song, mantra, meditation music, healing energizing, rife frequency, stimulation songs, energy & quantum medicine, Reiki, etc which are all similar to binaural beats.

And by listening to these beats track frequency music, our brain concentrates on producing new waves of energy and therefore, it targets to stimulate certain glands of our bodies such as the pineal gland to release serotonin and melatonin, plus open our third-eye, the pituitary gland to release higher amounts of HGH, reach the subconscious mind, and others.

Now to use it, it is best to be in a relaxed state of mode with a clear mind and listen to these Binaural beats before bedtime when you are on your way to sleep to maximize the production levels of the glands.


However, I like to use it on my daily basis, especially when I’m here at my office, and while I’m meditating first thing in the AM and at night.

Instead of listening to singing songs, I listen to high-frequency vibrational music to help me achieve the best success. Plus it lets me be in the best mood all the time and activates my higher-self/intuition or as I may say, awaken my third eye for success.

When your energy vibrates at a frequency that is within direct alignment to what the Universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen. – Panache Desai

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Who Should Listen to Binaural Beats?

Just so you know, this is a powerful technology frequency music!

But I can say that every single person in this world should listen to binaural high-frequency beats/music!

But if you have any heart problems or sleep apnea, it is recommended not to use it unless you’re listening to specific binaural beats for that exact purpose and to heal yourself.


The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. – Abraham-Hicks

Now as I mentioned above, it is recommended to listen to these high-frequency waves of music before bedtime when you’re fully relaxed for the best results!

You can also listen to it first thing in the morning as well. 

And of course, if you are driving or operating any machine, do not use it for your own safety. 

So that is why you first should only listen to a Binaural beats track before bedtime in a relaxation mode and/or first thing in the morning to help you in any way.

But for me, since I am an advanced listener who has been listening to it for a couple of years, I listen during the day for several hours!

Now I would recommend you to do that when you get more experience with them which this would be an advanced state.

What is The Best Way to Listen For the Best Results?

In order to maximize your results, you should listen to it using stereo high-quality headphones, or do like me, I listen to it either on my iMac computer which does have a slightly pretty good bass audio system, or on my TV with my high-quality home theater.

Other than that, if you have poor-quality headphones, a laptop, or a tv with a very low bass audio system, you might not get the same results as you should with a high-quality headphones.


Trust me, I have tried it before and I couldn’t even feel it!

Which this is actually the whole point of it to listen and feel the frequency vibrational waves flowing inside of us in our body. I mean, I love the feeling of tingling sensations at certain parts/organs of my body!

Your emotions are the indication of what vibration you are holding. Your vibration equals your point of attraction for everything coming into your reality and everything you’re convalescing with. – Jeal Scott

And where can you get these tracks to listen to?

There are some websites out there that may charge you to listen to their high-frequency music. Yes, I do recommend it!

Yet, thanks to the YouTube website, we don’t have to pay a dime unless you want their premium paid membership, and therefore, you won’t have the annoying ads stopping you when you’re feeling good listening to it, which I also highly recommend!

Yet, I think it is worth every dime since Ads seem to stop our flow!

Now all you have to do is type in ‘Binaural Beats Frequency’ for whatever you want to hear and heal yourself, or to upgrade your body, to attract anything, etc.

For example: Want to heal your heart? Type in ‘Binaural Beats Frequency for Heart” and it will pop a lot of different ones. Want to attract money? Type that in! Be flexible and just type it on YouTube.


In the same way that a magnet is attractive to steel. We draw into our lives energy that resonates at a similar frequency to our own. – Christy Whitman

Now you have to listen to each one of them and the ones that make you feel a relief, that’s the ones you should always want to listen to.

That’s what I do since there are too many of them out there!

There are videos ranging from 15 minutes up to 12 hours long! But all you need is 30-45 minutes before bedtime, but you can listen to those long hours when you become more advanced just like I do while I’m working at my office here.

Also, if you really want to maximize the results, you can listen to it first thing in the morning during meditation for the best results as well.

Bottom Line Verdict – Results

So do that and you will be on the path to healing yourself from the vibration frequency regardless of what your current situation is because again, everything is frequency!

To me, it is basically like “free health care”.

When we send high vibrational frequency waves into a specific thing or body part, it will react to it and make a change…

You must match your energy, your vibration, with that of the universe, bringing it to a higher frequency where it synchronizes with the object, person, or situation you require. – Stephen Richards

It just doesn’t matter what condition you may be in because it has the potential to create a ‘miracle’ when you send positive energy/vibes to whatever it is that is causing negative things.


In fact, there was a time when I was eating very bad unhealthy meals like fast foods, fried and greasy junk food, sodas, etc on a daily basis and my total cholesterol went up…

Then after I did the blood tests and when the doctor showed me it, I got home and instantly started listening to Binaural beats frequency for cholesterol every single day.

Which the next time I went back to do my blood tests once again after a month or so, my total cholesterol went down a lot to a normal balance once again.

Yes, I didn’t even need to take any medication or any pills whatsoever! (p.s. Yet, don’t take my word for it as it is your own responsibility for your own health, I’m not responsible for any of your actions.)

Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein

But of course, I had a positive mindset with strong beliefs and daily positive thoughts that I was getting healed every moment.

I used the Law of Attraction to feel getting healed and it did happen along with the high-frequency music.

Oh, by the way, I soon started a healthy diet to eat healthy meals every day…

Not to mention, I think the main reason why my cholesterol got so high was because of what I was eating since it was making me fat and at the time I did gain a couple of pounds of weight!

And if this is you who needs a powerful weight loss pill or an effective solution to burn excessive fat, then you must see the #1 rated best fat burner supplement proven in today’s market here.


Now if you don’t know, fat is the enemy of our body and the moment that we have an excess amount of body fat/weight, you should know that it is only doing harm to our own body.

So I encourage you to check these natural, effective and safe pills out for your best results!

So is this your first time ever hearing about binaural beats? Clear up any questions or concerns you may have by leaving me a line in the comment section below! Feel free!

(2023) How Listening to Binaural Beats / Frequency Music Is TRULY Effective – Results


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