It is true that schools don’t teach us useful things for our adult life that we should have learned at all costs in early age so we all can be a winner and achieve success in all areas of our lives.

Now it is also true that our brain is a super-computer!

Whatever things we feed it, we receive the outcome in our life sooner or later.

Now, schools should be a manual for our life. Yet, I haven’t learned much in middle school and in high school that is truly useful today except for a few things… Maybe it’s because I dropped out of it as soon as I turned 16 years old in 9th grade, I don’t know but probably not!?

But don’t get me wrong, yes we all learned a lot of things in pre and elementary schools such as basic English/language, how to read, write, spell, count, and basic math, but that’s all!

I didn’t go to high school. I think that after you learn to read and write and do your numbers and flush the toilet behind yourself, you don’t need no more schoolin’. You need to get out in the water and swim. – Wilford Brimley

So I’m going to get into deep depth so you can see how schools don’t teach us the most important things that are required in adult life in order to succeed and live the life of our dreams.

DISCLAIMER: This complete post is NOT intended for adolescent folks less than 16 years old. It also is definitely NOT intended to make you “want” to quit or drop out of school whatsoever. It is ONLY intended to make you become aware based on my own opinion. Nothing I say should you take it seriously. And that way, I am not responsible for anything that I say based on my point of view.

What Schools Don’t Teach Us?

There are actually too many topics that we have to learn on our own after we leave school

Sure, some may consider in college/university as well, but I’m talking about more of public schools.

So the first topic is about money such as how to make more money than ever, how to handle money, and what to do with money! Just imagine if every single person on this Earth knew how to do that?

I personally believe poverty wouldn’t exist or what they call “poor” people out there nor any homeless folks living on the streets and dying of hunger. Sure, some are in a certain situation because maybe they’re too lazy, poor mindset, and don’t want to use their body to work… Yet, it is their choice and I’m not here to judge anyone!


Now, this also includes how to negotiate, how to sell, how to invest money, how to budge, how to file taxes the right way, how to use credit cards properly, interest rates, what dividends are, how to deal with debt, and all terms of money!

Schools teach you how to work for money, but don’t teach how to make money work for you. – Robert T. Kiyosaki

So that’s a major topic that schools don’t teach, correct!?

Yes, they only show us that we “need to work a 9-5 job” such as in McDonald’s, fast-food restaurant, or work for the government, and that way, we stay broke forever!

I mean, I have never seen anyone become rich or wealthy by receiving a salary paycheck. Most wealthy people have their own business/brand or invest in assets.

And this also means that schools don’t teach us how to build a business, how to create a brand, how to make an impact in the world to make it a better place, how to help out millions of people, how to manage time, and stuff like that.

Another topic that we don’t learn in school is how to use our own “superpower” which is how to listen and follow our intuition, how to power up our mindset to think wisely, how to communicate well, and how to find our own passions that lead to the outer purpose of our lives, and basically don’t teach us the principles of success.

But that’s not all!

We don’t even learn the importance of exercising, how to stay and be healthy, and how we should do physical activity and eat super healthy on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy state of well-being.

Not to mention, schools don’t teach us how to be a happy person, how to live a peaceful life and anything that involves our well-being at all!


And I mean, I can keep going forever since that are too many topics that we don’t learn in public schools when it should be a “manual” of life.

Just keep reading.

Why Schools Don’t Teach Us These Topics?

Well, we all know that only the 1% percentage of the population has the most wealth than the entire world!

They are called the elite mafia such as billionaires who own big pharma, banks, big companies, multi-millionaires such as politicians folks, the government, and stuff like that…

And from my point of view, they definitely don’t want us to become a rich, wealthy and successful person at all… They sure want us to stay broke, and keep working for them known as a job which means “Just Over Broke”, and they seem to want people to keep having that “poor” mentality and feel powerless all the time…

They want us to go to school, then graduate and go to college and get into serious debt. Then find a job such as to work for them to pay off debt and get a car/house which more debt is involved and keep working for them to make them rich forever like 40 years until we retire and die.

So of course, the majority of people are living in this type of survival lifestyle aka the debt trap society/victim of life itself!

And based on my own opinion, the reason is that they want us to work for them by exchanging time and effort for a salary that kills our dreams, passion and the purpose of each one’s life while making them richer and richer every day!


Now imagine if everyone knew what the wealthy people know in terms of all aspects of life?

The world would be a totally different place to live in because we wouldn’t see people working for anyone at all, but every single human being would probably have their own thing to do on a daily basis that makes themselves a great amount of money!

In the world of entrepreneurs, you don’t need a college education. You need a proper education. – Robert Kiyosaki

I mean, I’m not sure how the business industry would be if that ever happened since we all know that we need customers to buy our products, but what if in the future we replace hard-working employees with automatic robots?

Well, it’s already started to happen and it’s going to probably replace 100% of employees pretty much soon in the next decades based on my own wisdom!

And to me, that’s the main reason why public schools don’t teach us anything that will truly benefit our lives in adult age, and again, I’m highly aware that we all learned the basic math, basic English and stuff like that that we truly use on our daily basis. But other than that, public schools seem useless after you learned this basic stuff!


Other than that, we don’t need schools… Elon Musk the technology self-made billionaire said; Don’t confuse schooling with education. I didn’t go to Harvard but the people who work for me did.

And this successful billionaire actually created SpaceX company with zero experience which he didn’t go to college for it, he never got involved in the space industry before, and he also said that; You don’t need a college degree. It’s self-taught, I’ve read a lot of books and talk to a lot of smart people and have a great team.

Therefore, I’m talking about how schools don’t teach us how to be successful regardless of what type of industry we choose!

I told my son: You don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person has enough free time to learn other skills. – Jack Ma: China’s #1 Billionaire

Sure, the only industry that public schools may help us is to be good at being an athlete in a specific sport which a lot of them do become star athletes in what they do, and so, that’s one of the best ways to go if that is truly your passion and if you do find that that’s your own outer purpose in your life.

Focusing on a sport leads to happiness, health, and wealth down the road if you continue doing that and find ways to become a great athlete.

Follow down!

How to Learn What Schools Don’t Teach Us? – Conclusion

It is very simple, get on the books and read daily for at least a full hour or more!

Self-taught, self-realization, and self-education is the best way to go to live off your dreams in the best possible way.

If you’re not a daily reader, you probably have no idea how much books will have a huge impact on your daily life! I mean, there are books for every single topic that exists out there!


And the self-education ones such as money, health, life, self-improvements, personal development, etc are what will help you change your life big time here based on my own experience, knowledge, and wisdom!

Yes, every day I managed to learn something new and that could be through books, watching YouTube self-education videos, documentary movies, and things like that that will teach me new kinds of stuff.

No, I don’t read the newspaper, I don’t watch the news, or see any negative media, on social media all day, or read/watch anything that is negative that won’t help me in any way in life, not at all!

I know how important it is to learn, and as Warren Buffet billionaire investor once said, the more we learn, the more we earn.

Therefore, self-taught and self-education will help you get out of the debt trap also known as the rat race and you’ll be able to live the financial freedom that you want, need, and deserve at all costs.

And another way to learn what schools don’t teach us is by having a personal experience with any of the topics I’ve mentioned above which is much harder and longer than self-education since it takes time… But that is why there are a lot of successful folks who made it after the age of 30-50 years old!

Gradual school is where you go to school and you gradually find out you don’t want to go to school anyomre. – Robin Williams

Yes, that’s right!

There are only a few very successful millionaires and young billionaires that were able to gain a lot of success in their teenage years or during young adulthood.

And the reason is that they were very wise enough to know that success involves strategy/plan + mindset + hard work + saving money to invest and with a great team together will lead to success down the road.

While the rest of the teenagers and young adults are working hard but also out there partying every weekend, spending money on liabilities and on things that they don’t even need to impress others that they don’t even like and therefore, they’re always broke until they do something about it.

So those are the two main principles that I have to say in order to learn what schools don’t teach us which is to be self-educated through seeking knowledge or through personal experience and if you combine both of them together contributes to the wisdom and that’s where the power lays in!


And again, the reason why you should seek to learn more about all life’s topics on a regular basis is if you truly want to live off your dreams, be the happiest person ever while having well-being and a healthy body, and also have the financial freedom that you deserve like the 5% of the population.

Or else, you’re stuck with the 95% mass of society working for someone else while making them richer by day, living in a stressful environment with poor health, unhappy, and wishing that your life would be better.

Now as you can clearly see, we don’t really need school after learning the things we did until elementary public school because based on what I know, we learn nothing that will provide and help us in our adulthood.

You don’t need school or colleges to learn lessons. Life is enough to teach you them in an understandable way. – Sumera Fathima

Yet, I’m going to actually take my children (my son and future daughter) to a paid private school in a few years and also provide them with all the knowledge/wisdom that I have to help them become successful people by the time they reach an adult age!

And that’s what multi-millionaires and billionaires people do to their children. They show them self-educating books for them to read at a young age so they can learn and apply the knowledge to their lives and be self-educated sooner than later.


Now if you were to actually look into the most successful folks out there, you’ll see that the majority of them dropped out of school at an early age or quit college to work on creating a business/brand.

And I’m talking about billionaires like Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, etc), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), and many others out there.

But I’m not trying to force you to leave school, not at all… All I’m trying to do is open your eyes and be aware that self-taught and self-educating is what will get you far in life, and not school itself.

It’s just sex, when we get into sexual intercourse with our partner/mate, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll probably release your load of cum within less than 2 minutes known as premature ejaculation and therefore, you don’t satisfy yourself neither does your partner would feel sexual satisfaction.

It is true that women take an average of around 13 minutes to have an orgasm and feel the most pleasurable sex ever! And again, the only way to learn this is through self-taught or through experience.

If you want to learn by self-education rather than taking a while to learn through experience, then I encourage you to check out the Penis Professor complete program here that will show you all of the sexual techniques that you need to learn to become the “sex God” in bed.

You’ll also be able to increase your penis size as well as increase the size of your testicles (bigger balls) plus increase the size of your penis head along with learning how to last longer than ever.


Not to mention, the Penis Professor is a natural HD video format penile exercise program that shows you some of the best techniques that I personally use that help me intensify ejaculation while lasting much longer, how to maintain the new penis size, plus a lot more sexual knowledge that you need for you to have the best sex life ever.

What about you, do you like school? Were you happy during school? And also, what did you learn that is helping you in adult life? It would be an honor to listen to your thoughts as maybe it’s something I’m not aware of! Please feel free to submit your comment below.

(2022) How School Don’t Teach Us the Most Important Things When It Should Be A Manual of Life


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