Wellness is the only thing more important than health itself. Why? Well, being a well-being person is also to be a healthy individual, but way more than that!

There are some people who are actually “healthy” but they may not be a wellbeing person which means a happy, positive, blissful, peaceful, safe, who have a high-quality life, and who are comfortable in their own skin!

Can you see the difference?

That means, of course, you can’t be a wellbeing person with no health. It’s impossible!

And in the past decade or so, I have learned a lot of things and also experienced many things as well…

Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy.


Now I aim to learn every single day, to gain as much knowledge and wisdom not only for myself but to teach you, inspire you, and motivate you to change your life too!

Not a lot of people are some well-being folks, but since health is wealth, I’m going to share with you some very important information that you should do in order to be a well-being person!

Read on!

What Is Wellness?

As the dictionary on Google says; it’s ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.’

The presence of the highest possible quality of life in its full breadth of expression focused on but not necessarily exclusive to: good living standards, robust health, a sustainable environment, vital communities, an educated populace, balanced time use, high levels of democratic participation, and access to and participation in leisure and culture.


And according to a few sources out there, there are several concepts of well-being!

These are such as;

  • Physical well-being
  • Economic well-being
  • Social well-being
  • Development and activity
  • Emotional well-being
  • Psychological well-being, etc

Now, this is true, but in this post, I’m talking about complete whole wellness and not just one single concept!

But in order to truly be well, you need a healthy environment and be highly aware of your surroundings, and this includes all areas of your life!


And if you don’t know, it is all based on your daily routine in what you do, what you think, how you act, and how much spiritually aware you are, plus noticing the type of people around you.

That means that just by being home, doing nothing, watching tv on a daily basis, with no goals, no purpose in life, not a single income coming in, not eating healthy and exercising, not hanging out with positive folks, and all of that will surely not make you a well-being person!

And this is where health comes into play! You can be a healthy individual with good health, but not a true well-being person.

See what I’m saying here?


To me, in order for us to be a well-being individual, we must have great mental health, emotional stability, physical health and be fit, have good lifestyle behaviors/habits, faith/spiritual connection, financial stability, self-education/learning, a positive environment like security, real positive friends and of course, positive family members who only want the best for us.

Yes, that’s basically our complete lifestyle but in high-quality ways!

For everyone, well-being is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself. – Deepak Chopra

How to Be a Well-Being Person?

Now what I’m going to show you is MY WAY of what I do to be a well-being alpha man and maybe yours could be different from mine, but that’s okay!

We are the same as you’re a soul living in a body, but at the same time, our bodies are different in our own ways since we do have a different lifestyle, but that’s actually good!

Just a reminder, you shouldn’t want to be exactly like the next person nor have the life of others, which that is where your power is at!


Make time daily for your well-being. – Lailah Gifty Akita

So here’s my way of complete wellness;

  • Wake up early in the morning meaning no longer than 6 am which early risers are usually healthy, wealthy, and wise. I get up at 5 am every day for many years, including on Sundays as well. Of course, this includes going to sleep early too. No later than 10:30 pm!
  • As soon as you wake, practice gratitude by saying ‘thank you for everything’ and feel it or have a gratitude journey to write and affirm all the things you’re grateful for. I say ‘thank you’ all day and have a grateful heart for all things, people, and circumstances. Also, love everything including our enemies as well in order to have inner peace. Showing love is not based on what someone has done to us, but more on who you are and again, for your own peace. – Self-Acceptance

You can use your mind either to create wellbeing or misery for yourself. Everyone has this choice. – Sadhguru

  • Meditate for 15-30 minutes every single day, especially the first thing in the morning as soon as you brush your teeth. In our first 2 hours, if we can control our thoughts and have elevated emotions, then the rest of the day will be easy and most likely be in the same mood = Win-Win
  • Must exercise on a daily basis, at least 3x per week to be healthy, gain stronger body/muscle and burn overall unwanted fat + you’ll gain a better overall clear mental health – So being fit and healthy is super important! By the way, this includes stretching/elongating as well, where I like to stretch my body parts for 10 minutes after meditating in the morning, then I go run/jog for 40 minutes under the morning sun.
  • Catch some sunlight on a daily basis, and be around nature all the time! Yes, that’s right! Staying under the sun for at least 30-45 minutes per day is highly beneficial for our wellbeing. Not only for health purposes, but allows us to feel more joy, happiness, and activate our pineal gland. Sun is energy and staying in nature a few times per week makes you feel more peaceful than ever. Nature heals!
  • Taking a shower before starting workflow is slightly great for us, especially if you do like me and take cold showers = healthy blood circulation, feel motivated, and have more productivity than ever. Yes, it’s very healthy for us! At night, unless you don’t want to, it should be okay to take your normal hot bath but I rather stick with cold showers = way more benefits for us men than hot baths like cooling our testicle’s temperature.
  • After taking a cold shower, it is important to dress your best every day to attract and impress! You never know who you’re going to meet or come across… It could be a person of your interest / a person of your dreams or a new business opportunity. Yes, everyone most likely “judges” someone by their first impression of what they see!

Exercise to be fit, not skinny. Eat to nourish your body, and always ignore the haters, doubters & unhealthy examples that were once feeding you. You are worth more than you realize.

  • Be a leader but don’t compete or compare yourself with anyone. By being a leader, you don’t have to be identified as a title/position, but by taking responsibility for everything that involves you and therefore, not a “victim” of life itself like 95% of the population. You will then start gaining some leadership skills. You can start to be a leader in your house, with family members and friends. Have a journey with a purpose for life and daily goals. Reach them, then put the bar even higher, and keep moving forward. Life doesn’t stop!
  • Work hard, do whatever it takes, and embrace failures and challenges. I love failing and having great challenges, it’s what makes life fun! And the more I love it, the fewer failures and challenges I seemed to have. By the way, if you do have a ‘job’ and you’re working for someone else, look forward to something much more profitable and that will allow you to have financial freedom, which is by creating a business company, through investments, etc and then, quit your 9-5 job to start having the financial freedom that you deserve.
  • Eat healthy small meals on a daily basis but eat slowly to digest better and have a healthy digestion system. Look forward to organic foods. Try to eat small meals more frequently like 4-6 meals instead of having a large meal twice a day. Make sure to drink healthy drinks like pure alkaline water or filtered water to avoid Floriade – Avoid caffeine, but go with organic pasteurized milk. Less alcohol & zero cigarettes/tobacco/drugs!
  • What are the best foods for your body? EYES: Corn, Carrots, Eggs. MUSCLES: Banana, Red Meat, Eggs. SKIN: Green Tea, Salmon, Blueberries. LUNGS: Broccoli, Brussels, Sprouts. BONES: Milk, Oranges. BOWELS: Yogurt, Prunes. HEART: Potato, Tomato. BRAIN: Salmon, Walnut, Tuna, Sardines. HAIR: Green Vegetables, Beans, Salmon
  • Have a spiritual connection to have faith and follow the law of attraction and manifest all that you want since it is working for every single person in this world by its Universal law. Religion seems to separate people (less love) – I’ve been there before, but spirituality gives love to all. Open/awaken your third eye to listen to your own intuition and to trust your higher-self for all good things in life to come to you. Remember, you’re the creator of your life, and your higher-self/higher-consciousness will guide you through hints for your own best if you know how to listen and be aware of it.

Health is about more than what you’re eating. It’s what your thinking, saying and beleiveing.

  • Make sure to have ONLY positive beliefs about yourself, your life, money, people, and basically everything regardless of what has happened in the past or is happening now. Remove the negative beliefs that “life is short” at all costs since age is just a number. Remove negative beliefs that “money is evil” or that “money is hard to make“. Remove beliefs of “life is hard“, etc but have the opposite beliefs. Just so you know, whatever you believe, you become and it will happen according to the Law of Attraction. And to change your beliefs is through repetition of thoughts.
  • Be aware of your thoughts by being the observer/witness which is why meditation is super essential for you since it slows down the mind for you to be able to control your thoughts and actually be the commander of them, not the soldier. Then you should ONLY think of what you want, not what you don’t want because whatever you focus on, it has to manifest into your life. Focus on positivity all the way, see the good in all things, and never leave space for negativity. When a negative thought comes, catch it and say “clear”, “it’s not true”, or imagine it disappearing and dissolving. Works well for me!
  • Be aware of your emotions all the time and like I said, be the observer behind the feelings you’re having & only aim for elevated feelings. I personally aim for GRATITUDE only by saying ‘thank you for this’, ‘thank you for that’, etc because gratitude is truly the parent of all elevated emotions which means you can’t feel love without gratitude. Plus a grateful heart is open to receiving all the good things in life. Remember, everything is a choice! Choose your emotional feelings and thoughts wisely.
  • Positive relationships with others and socializing/communication are important but you have to watch out for who your friends and family members are in order to protect yourself! Be aware of their energy towards you… If you feel like something is not right around them, it usually is since energy does not lie. Just because they have been around since childhood, doesn’t mean you have to keep them in your life forever. Only allow them in your life if you truly feel blessed when you’re around them or when talking to them. This also includes colleagues/workers. People can fake their whole lives, I’ve been there before and had a fake friend so-called “best friend” who betrayed me badly. – So just be yourself. People don’t have to like you and you don’t have to care!

Don’t chase love. Don’t chase fame. Don’t chase money. Chase BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF and those things will chase you.

  • Aim for the two most important things in our lives, which are to have fun through entertainment/hobbies and also, to learn something new every day since knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more you earn! Life is not all about work, but to enjoy it and learn as well. I usually like to do half of my spare time after 5 pm. Half of the enjoyment and the other half, I like to learn! Hang out with successful friends and certain family members, join a sport, take classes, etc. By the way, to be self-educated, you don’t need a degree or to go to school, you can learn anything for free. Read self-educating books, watch ONLY self-educating videos on YouTube, look over my website (AlfaStallion®) here for self-taught, etc. Personal growth/self-development is extremely important in our lives.
  • Exercise your sexuality by having sex at least 3x a week! No, masturbating is not the same. Touching someone is feeling their energy. Also, do kegel exercises every day for a healthy sexual production system and to gain many benefits such as to last longer in bed, having full control of ejaculation, harder and bigger erections, etc. Having sex is natural and everyone should have sex. Not only it’s very healthy for both partners but also to gain satisfaction and pleasure. Now you don’t need to have a life-long partner such as a spouse. I have sex with different women and we are all happy! I’ve lived together with a woman before known as a married couple, and I surely know exactly what it is to be somewhat “married”! It’s tough, but again, it’s your choice. Having a positive partner could improve your well-being since love is a powerful elevated emotion. Just remember, you don’t need someone to feel fulfilled at all, but connect with your Inner-being and you’ll be fulfilled.

Our health and well-being is something that we can almost control to a certain extent. We can choose to eat healthy, we can choose to think positively, and we can choose to have good posture. All this stuff makes a difference and the way that you look and feel, and your confidence. – Bethany Hamilton

  • Give back to the world! That’s right… Giving back is truly powerful and you probably have no idea how important this is. Think of it like this, I believe we feel way more satisfied to give and help someone than to get helped and have them give us anything. Trust me, when we give, our hearts fill up with love, gratitude, joy, and peace. But that is if you do it with no intention to be recognized or to “show off”. Give with your full heart and forget all about it. Just a reminder, give only by how much you can, which could be $10 bucks or a thousand or more, it doesn’t matter. Also, it is not only money that you can give, you can give your love, donate old clothes, or whatever. Just make sure that the people you’re giving are not taking advantage of you and using you. Takers have no limits! And when you give, the Law of Attraction / Universe will multiply it back to you in many ways. I personally aim to give 10% of my wealth every month!
  • Take a vacation at least once every 3-6 months! It is important that we take some time off from our daily schedule or else you may burn out and be stressed on a daily basis! Plus it is extremely healthy to have some free time like 4 days. This is the number of days I aim to take because more than that, I seem to “miss” my daily routine and I start feeling unworthy or have some type of negative emotions. Plus I get anxious about wanting to go back home! Nothing is better than our home, but of course, taking a vacation to somewhere peaceful, you’ll be back feeling a completely different person. Trust me, when I do go on vacation for 4 days, I get back on fire, fully motivated!
  • LAST, Focus on longevity to live longer! Because if you don’t, then your life may not be so long. The reason why very few people can live over 100 years, you surely can know that they do focus on living longer than ever. And that means, of course, looking forward to improving and this involves in all aspects of your life. Have zero stress, being active, eating well, upright posture, and having a healthy mindset/beliefs will allow you to live a very long life. Do what I just showed you above and you will live much longer as a healthy well-being and spiritual individual!

The Results Are; Successful, Wealthy, Healthy, Fit, Happy, Peace and Wise = Well-being Individual!

There you go!

Believe it, if you do what I showed you above, you have no choice but to be on the right path to transform your beta unhealthy lifestyle to becoming a complete well-being alpha person with lots of success, wealth, health, fit, happiness/joy, peaceful and be very wise!

That’s exactly what I have been doing for the past decade or so…


And I don’t ever plan on changing at all because that’s the secret! I have been unhealthy before and it truly sucks. I also have been poor and that is terrible as well.

Not to mention, I had depression for many years in my early days, and that’s extremely bad. I used to feel like not wanting to live anymore.

After I got all the knowledge, experiences, and wisdom, everything changed and because of who I have become as this real alpha ‘stallion’ leader/king of my world, I can give back by proving to you all of this intuitive, insight information and allow yourself to change too by making a choice and being 100% committed to changing your life!

Act as a master of your life by putting your health, well-being and happiness first. – Marianna Olszewski

Therefore, I became a totally new person, my life went from 0 to 100 in just a week from basically just changing my daily routine/habits and behaviors/thoughts/feelings as I showed you above.


I’m sure not a lot of people know some of these because if they did, there would be fewer complications all around the world, and this involves all aspects of life itself!

Life is meant to enjoy, to have fun, to love it and everything else, to be grateful for all and live peacefully and basically live a blissful life that we all deserve!

Now, of course, there are some points that we all need to improve and that is why learning and becoming self-educated is truly the right path for all of us!

Not to mention, you also need to dissolve your ego and connect to your own spiritual guidance which is your higher-self/inner-Being/God/Intelligence/universe/source or whatever you want to call it.


Aim to be great in 10 years. Build health habits today that lead to a great body in 10 years. Build social habits today that lead to great relationships in 10 years. Build learning habits today that lead to great knowledge in 10 years. Long-term thinking is a secret weapon. – James Clear

By the way, just so you know, there is never enough knowledge in this world!

The moment you stop learning, you’re not growing/evolving anymore!

And that is why if you’re a man, it is super important to have your testosterone levels high in order to be a well-being alpha male!

That is because if your t-levels are declining, then you’re on the wrong route since testosterone is a man’s hormone that boosts up our energy levels, sex drive, confidence, and overall health benefits.


Therefore, when you visit my complete review here, I’m going to talk more about testosterone levels since as we age, our t-levels start to drop! You sure should not miss this one!

Perhaps, have you been doing everything you can to be a wellbeing person? If not, tell me what is that you’re missing? I look forward to receiving your comment underneath in the box section below!

(2022) How to Be a Whole Well-Being Person = More than Being Just Healthy – SEE HERE!


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