In the past 10 years or so, my life has changed a lot and every day I’m choosing to live in harmony.

If you don’t know, you’re the creator of your own life too!

Yet, it takes a lot of courage which not a lot of people do take full responsibility for their own lives! Life is a co-creation, which we have to do something or some work to make everything happen.

Life isn’t happening to you, life is happening from you. – Abraham Hicks

Now if you’re living in the victim/survival mode, I’m going to show you how to change the game around and become the creator of your life by being on that growth mode all the time, and live an extraordinary life that we all deserve!.

Yes, over 10 years ago, I was living this type of low victim lifestyle that felt like hell, and every single day the same things happened over and over…

I actually hated my past lifestyle but it only changed when I actually took fully 100% responsibility and made it happen.

I committed myself 100% to change my life and again, it’s been a decade and believe it not, my life went from 0 to 100 !

Be educated, work smart, dress well and get money.

I’m living my life to the fullest, enjoying every moment and making everything happen! I’m on that growth mode.

So in this complete post, I’m going to show you how you can create a whole new life for yourself and be the creator of everything that you want and actually live in harmony!

Read on!

How to Create the Best Life & Be on Growth Mode?

My Background:

Before I give out the best information that you need for you to change your life around, let me share some details of my background!

I grew up in a poor family where my parents taught me that I needed to work extremely hard by using my body to get what I want.

Money? The only way to get some cash was through hard work!

Yet, since an early age as a child, my parents used to fight a lot and my mother tried suicide in front of me a couple of times.

I used to scream for her not to take her own life away and that made me become very depressed, where I used to go to school not wanting to talk to anyone. I just wanted to be alone all the time.

Therefore, I was born a beta male (weak man).

My father put me to work after school at the age of 12 years old at his buddy’s restaurant working as a waiter, which half of my paycheck went to pay rent at my father’s house.

I remember, at school, a lot of girls wanted to go out with me, but since depression took over my life, I rejected most of them.

Fast forward, at the age of 16 years, I figured out that it was time to get out of school and work my butt off!

I signed myself out, dropped out, and started working in construction with my uncle at the time.

I worked very hard where I would wake up at 4:30 am and be home by 8 pm. And this went on for about 2 years.

I turned 18 years old, which I had saved some cash and I figured out that I’m going to start my own business company on hardwood floors. So I bought my van, the equipment, and the machines and all that, which I went after to get some jobs so I can do it for myself.

This company went on for about 2 years and I failed because my employers kept on doing bad work. Then I build another company and fast forward to today, I have had over 9+ companies/bussiness in total.

Now don’t get me wrong, a few of them failed due to poor administration from my side but since I started learning about the law of attraction and how our subconscious mind works, some of them made me a lot of money!

Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go and you will create your life intentionally. – The Secret

However, I have way more bad things that happened to me than good. My best friend made a great plan where he robbed my pickup truck and took massive amounts of money and left me poor again, but I managed to make him pay me fully a few years after.

I have failed over and over and over, but since I never quit, I succeed. I have been depressed since an early age and for many years, tried suicide twice. I also had past relationships that hurt me a lot…

But in today’s date and age, I have changed my life completely, where I first healed myself by a forgiveness self-healing prayer and cured depression forever to become a true alpha male king that I am today!

I have grown taller in adult age, I have got my penis bigger and larger, I am the ‘sex god’ of my life, I am very healthy, fit and muscular, confident, attractive, wise and wealthy!

I also healed and cured my mother too, which now she’ll live for many years! Got my father to be in a healthy, strong state as well.

I have manifested all things I wanted in terms of materials like mansions, cars, bikes, yacht, and all that. Plus I won two lottery jackpots by using the power of my mind not so long ago. Yes, you can do all of that too!

Therefore, anything we get in life is through our own power. Stop waiting and get what you want by making it happen!

I manifest the things I want by believing in their existence. – Rozine

So here’s how you can start living a harmonious life and be the creator of your life, and actually live off your dreams as well!

Create the Life You Want Here – MINDSET & WORKFLOW

The very first thing you must do is make a commitment to yourself and have the courage to take 100% full responsibility and leave the old victim/survival lifestyle behind!

The past doesn’t define you, and the future is not here yet. Be on the present moment, that’s where everything happens.

But you have to be on that growth mode aka create state of being!

Living off the victim, comfort and survival lifestyle will only make it worse, which is very addictive, low life, and very negative which you won’t go anywhere in life and you can’t manifest/get what you want – I’ve been there, done that!

Life begins at the moment of your comfort zone. Work accordingly to the life you want.

So how do you take full responsibility for your life?

Well, be aware now that everything that has happened to you and who you have become in today’s date and age was by most likely you who created this lifestyle.

Yes, whether your conscious awareness or not, your whole life is created by you and who you have become is also created by your own self!

Now you probably don’t know this, but all of us were programmed to be a victim of life itself by our ancestors, by our parents, environment, government, culture, education system, and the media itself.

Therefore, it’s not your fault until NOW since you’re here!

So how I took 100% full responsibility for myself and my life was making a first commitment that I’m going to change me, change my personality and change my daily habits and routine for a successful lifestyle!

And the first step that I took and you must do it as well, is to wake up early every single day!

Yes, wake up at 5 am or no longer than 6 am.. Why, you may ask?

Well, waking up early is the secret to most successful people like billionaires and millionaires. When you wake up early, as Benjamin Franklin said “you’ll become healthy, wise, and wealthy“.

And here’s my personal routine/habits since I get out of bed at 5 am!

  • Before going to bed, I put my phone (alarm clock) near the bathroom. It rings at 5 am, I immediately get out of bed, turn it off and wash my face right away without even thinking of going back to sleep. Be strong enough! I brush my teeth, use the toilet.
  • Then I go drink a large full cup of alkaline water (very healthy)
  • I grab my gratitude journal and write 3 affirmations (present tense) statements; for example: (Today I’m so happy and grateful that I’ll be making a million dollars a day! Thank you!) – Affirm it with certain belief and with feelings of expecting it which the universe will make it happen sooner or later.
  • I meditate for 20 minutes in the dark (no lights) but with binaural beats frequency music on the background. After that, I go right into stretching my body for 10 minutes (elongating) – my favorite
  • By 5:30 am, I start doing the ho’oponopono self-healing prayer (Blessed, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.) for anything that I want to fix in my life.
  • By 6 am, it’s exercise time! I run/jog around my pool for about 40 minutes on an empty stomach (intermittent fasting) which the sun starts rising and since I have lots of coconuts trees around my pool, it feels like I’m in nature. I love seeing the sunrise! It’s a blessing.
  • 6:40 am, I do some pushups, squats, abs workouts for 20 minutes under the sunlight. Yes, I glaze at the sun for one second and close my eyes for two seconds, then repeat it many times. (Benefits is to activate the pineal gland known as third-eye, increases lifespan, vitamin D3, Calcium absorption, plus more)
  • 7 am, I jump in the shower but in a very cold shower since I have been sweating for the past hour. I love the motivation feelings, the excitement it gives me, plus it’s very healthy since it boosts the body’s blood circulation!
  • Then I put on some nice, fresh and great looking clothes like some nice boot pants, a leather belt, a button-up sleeve shirt, a Rolex watch, a golden chain, and Men’s Slip-on Leather Dress Loafers. Yes, dress to impress & attract! Can’t forget about my pheromone colognes for attraction!
  • I also put on the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement device system to wear under my plants while in the workflow for 4 hours in the morning since I want to reach 9″ full inch cock size.
  • Not to mention, I don’t leave without putting on my tight slim waist-belt under my shirt so it can help me shred down any unseen body fat + plus make my waistline as skinny as it can so I can maintain that V-tape body frame.
  • I then go eat a healthy breakfast meal like oatmeal or omelet with a protein shake (no coffee but milk), and a small plate with cutted fruits.
  • By 7:20, I’m done eating and in these last 10 minutes, I start doing some affirmations through an App. 7:30 am, I’m out and straight to my fortune office feeling so motivated, grateful, blissful, joyful, and accelerated.

Now that’s a billionaire morning routine that I have been following for about 8 years or so!

And again, that’s one of the secrets of the most successful people out there as well or as I may say, the 1% of the population who achieves whatever we want, get the most money in the world and are probably the happiest, grateful and peaceful people in this world!

Not only I start my workflow at 7:30 am feeling great since I accomplished my tasks, but I am also very motivated, accelerated, and feeling very grateful than ever!

My mind is on another level!

I am feeling this greatness all day, and I have control of my mindset due to meditation and since I only put grateful thoughts and feelings, I am on CREATE/GROWTH MODE all day !

You cannot step into a successful future and still be in the wounds of your past. It’s time to accept and it’s time to let go. – Joel Brown

I can focus very well on my workflow/cash flow, and I’m feeling my all-time best! I highly recommend you do the same thing or something like it.

  • I stop my workflow at 11-11:30 am, I remove the penis enlargement device for 1 hour or so and put in my desk drawer, and since it’s during lunch, I eat another healthy protein meal with a protein snack and drink alkaline water.
  • I meditate once again while listening to binaural beats vibrational frequency music on the background so I can make sure that I’m in peace with myself and this allows me to have full control of my mindset/thoughts/feelings.
  • I also write down 6 affirmations statements on my daily gratitude journal.
  • I put on once again the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement device system to wear it for another 4 hours. Therefore, a total of 8 full hours daily of wearing it!
  • Then, I’m back in the workflow by 1 pm and by 4:30-5 pm, I’m out of my fortune office!

And after 5 pm, it’s my free spare time! I like to separate half of my free time by studying for knowledge since knowledge is power and the other half, it’s entertainment time.

Purpose is the reason your journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.

During entertainment time, I go to the gym to lift heavy weights, and later on, I’m hanging out with some sexy, hot females that interest me, which I like to have sex at least twice a day, or maybe I go hang out with my family. It depends!

By 10 pm, I like to be back at home and rest. I read a book or watch YouTube videos to gain more knowledge. No, I never watch the news or negative stuff… I don’t allow space for negativity at all, and that is why I’m so healthy, wise, and wealthy!

And by 10:30-11 pm, I take a shower and go to bed. I write 9 positive affirmations statements on my gratitude journal once again and I go to sleep for 6 hours!

On Wednesday, I like to use my Personal Microderm Pro device on my face once a week to maintain a nice, clean, and acne-free facial. I also like to do my penile exercises stage 3 and the other penis enlargement exercises on this day as well for at least 30 minutes of intense penile exercises.

If you notice, I have a gratitude journal where I write 3,6,9 positive affirmation phrases which is a technique from Nikola Tesla (Inventor).

By the way, just remember, we only need 6 full hours of sleep. To me, if I go over to 8 hours of sleep or wake up with less than 6 hours, I seemed to wake up feeling tired (fatigue). 6 hours of sleep is perfect and enough for me!

By the way, on the weekends, I usually don’t work and go out to have fun to the fullest like riding dirt bikes or motorcycle riding, swimming, hanging out with my millionaire buddies, or take my yacht out with my family on the lake or go fishing on my boat. I like riding jetski as well!

Or I like to be at my farm in Brazil, checking out my cattle, riding horses, around nature and all that!

Keep reading!


Now since you already know that our daily habits/routine is what contributes to our success, in order to create the life we want, it is super important to focus ONLY on what you want at all costs!

There is no point in having that “billionaire morning routine” as I showed you above, but you’re overthinking stuffs and focusing on negativity and on things that you DON’T want…

That’s why if you meditate on a daily basis (which is super important), it allows you to stop overthinking and get yourself to focus on what you want or the lifestyle that you want as if it’s already happening right now in this present moment.

Me, I personally focus on massive amounts of money coming in, focus on love (loving me, loving life, loving everything) and gratitude all day by being grateful for every little thing, which makes me feel joy and happiness and always in peace.

Yes, money is the root of freedom, and love with gratitude is the root of happiness.

Not overthinking and meditation is the root of peace in my point of view. My daily goal is to look at the positive side of every possible thing.

And the other part is self-discipline !

Yes, you need to take full action every single day, you need to be consistent by making it a habit (key) to create a flow of momentum and that is what’s going to cause you to live off your dreams!

A little progress each day adds up to big results. – Small steps = big results

Be passionate about your life. Have goals, be motivated and work through them. Let the past be your lesson, the present is, of course, our gift and the future is our motivation.

No one can motivate you. Unless you motivate yourself.

Now a lot of people think that even though I’m a successful multi-millionaire that I should ONLY enjoy the entertainment of life.

That’s not the case!

Yes, I could do that since I do have full financial freedom with several passive incomes flows coming in every single day, and believe it or not, sometimes I do go out and do what I want without getting to work on my office…

However, it won’t make me more successful. Most successful millionaires and billionaires, they don’t sit around all day doing anything at all or as I may say, all day having entertainment time.

No, it doesn’t work like that! To live off your dreams, yes you still need to put in some workflow, give back to the world or do something to help out the world regardless of how successful or wealthy you are!

Workflow should never stop…

In fact, there was a time in my life that I only wanted to have fun and entertainment like driving nice cars on a daily basis, hanging out with friends and with girls at the beach or by the pool and all that, and this went on for about 1 year and a half.

And guess what, it sure didn’t make me more successful at all. It actually did the opposite. Yet, I was already rich at this time, but I seem to kept on losing money since I wasn’t focusing on my businesses/workflow, investments or cash flow.

Can you see what I’m saying here? I’m telling you, most successful people are still focusing on improving day in and day out, they are taking 100% responsibility for themselves and holding themselves accountable, and are self-discipline at all costs.

Or else, they may be at risk of losing it regardless of how much money they have!

Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum. – Darren Hardy

Yes, believe it or not, it happens a lot, especially with lottery winners where they don’t know how to manage money, they don’t focus on investing and they end up losing all their money in a short period of time by wasting it all with parties, girls, material stuff and all that.

So keep on focusing on ONLY the things you want and be dedicated and self-discipline to constantly keep on working but enjoy your work like me.

And therefore, you will never actually “work” since you love what you’re doing and you find it fun. Do like me, I see my “work” as a hobby!

I enjoy it, I love it, it’s fun, I find it interesting and it just keeps me going forever ! I don’t stop, I love the process and the progress! I’m in a high level where I don’t want to take a day off, even though I do.

Trust me, getting results is addictive as well! Living life to the fullest is also addictive, which I manage to live off in terms of both at all costs because life is not all about work neither it’s all about entertainment.

And that means I take a vacation every once a month for 4 days! It helps me a lot by getting back highly motivated to take action.

Not to mention, in terms of my money, I give back 10% of my wealth at the end of every single month to several charities, communities, or help out as many people as I can.

Plus 40% of my wealth, I put into several investments to increase more money passive flow coming to me in every direction, expectedly and unexpectedly.

Yes, I do have several successful companies, real estate mansions, numerous stocks and bitcoins, and many other investments…

So choose both, to work hard, give back to the world, invest for passive money flow, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Also, make sure to choose positivity over negativity all the time, and sooner or later you’ll be very successful and actually live off your dreams too!

Final Results – Millionaire to Billionaire Soon!

As you can see, it is what we do on our daily basis that creates the life we want!

So don’t just sit around and wait and expect things to happen! No, it doesn’t work like that and it never will!

You have to live in harmony now, be on that growth mode now by being self-discipline and taking constantly action day in and day out, and by focusing on only what you want with gratitude and love, I guarantee you that you will create the life you want it as well!

Get up from a creative process, and you will feel more grateful than ever, you will feel more love and a great love for your own life, you will feel more joyful for your own existence, you will feel more passionate for all the moments in your life, and you will not be looking at the future because you’ll feel like it’s already happening now in the present moment, which that is what all matters!

Much respect to anyone committed to achieving their goals right now. It takes a tonne of courage and massive discipline to bring your dreams into reality. Especially when no one can see see it or believe it before you do. – Joel Brown

My goal is to be a billionaire anytime soon, but in order for me to achieve this goal, I must keep going at all costs and act as I am already a billionaire!

Same with you!

If you living off that victim/survival lifestyle mode and are only sitting on your couch watching TV or depressed, the universe will not make anything happen in your life, but actually make it worse than it already is.

You won’t always be motivated. So you must learn to be disciplined. – Unknown

You must give back by either your positive, honest workflow or giving back like value, money, or anything!

That way, you’ll get whatever it is in multiply forms.

Just remember, our perception creates our reality. Be self-educated because when you change the way you look at things in your life, your life will start changing!

If you don’t know, it is our personality that creates our personal reality, which are made out of;

  • what we think – thoughts/saying
  • how we act – behaviors & habits
  • how we feel – emotions/vibes

Have a totally new alpha male personality and therefore, you change your personal reality which also means, you have become a totally new person or someone else.

Think different thoughts, perform different actions and have different emotions like focusing on gratitude and love all day, but hold on to a new vibrational frequency every day for a completely new life!

Remember, we are all the creator of each one’s own lives!

I really hope this complete post has inspired you, motivated you, and actually taught how to create the life you want and live off your dreams as well.

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