You know, I have had acne known as pimples on my face since I was 12 years old!

But since then, I would always try a completely new treatment to clear out my acne

Yet, no success until I found the real legit products of treatment that not only cleared my face leaving no acne at all but also have been helping me big time with cleaning acne scars as well with reducing wrinkles!

We all know that anti-aging and facial care is a MUST if you want to look younger than ever.

And without doing anything like using a special product or treatment, acne or wrinkles only gets worse!

Therefore, I’m going to share with you what I have been doing and using in the past 5 years that completely cleared out my acne forever!

And when I say forever, I do really mean that I can stop using the current treatment that I’m using and pimples/acne will no longer appear.

Yes, I tried it before for 6 months and it never came back…But I got back to using the same facial care treatment because since it’s so effective and good for my face, it helps a lot to reduce all sorts of wrinkles /age spots on my face!

How does sound to you? Could you imagine having your face renewed by getting rid of acne forever? I mean, this issue is very bad for our self-esteem, confidence, and others.

Read on and find out everything that you would want to know!

How to Fix the Acne Issue & Never Have Any Acne Whatsoever

My Past Story

Before I get straight to the point on how you can completely get rid of acne, I would like you to know more about my past experiences!

When I was 12 years back in Middle school, my face got completely full of pimples and also on my shoulders and chest area as well.

At this time, yes I was aware of it and there are some days that I didn’t even want to go to school because of how embarrassed I was with my face full of acne!

Believe it or not, yes there were some days that I would skip school because of it and I would actually make some type of excuses to not hang out with the boys because I really felt embarrassed.

And what about school girls?

Yes, this is my biggest issue with the young chicks out there back in school time, where I did have some eye contact here and there, and therefore, some of them were interested in me since they would always try to talk to me, but due to my acne face, I was always shy all the time!

That’s right, I used to be a BETA MALE back in the day, meaning I wasn’t born an alpha male but turned into one about 10 years ago when I got into the male enhancement industry.

Therefore, I remember I would head over to a pharmacy every month or so, and actually buy the most expensive over-the-counter products that they had from creams to sprays and gels, etc – you name it!

And what would happen is that some of the times, these OTC products were too strong and made my face become very irritated, dry, and leave the acne scars all over my face.

Does that sound similar to you?

Now some did work “temporarily” because if I missed a day of not using that treatment/product, pimples would always come back and show up no matter what I did...

It was terrible, and believe it or not, this went by for a lot of years in my life! I’m talking about 10-15 years of having issues with acne, but I never quit!

I remember I would get a tan either through the sun or tanning bed because I believed that it “burned” off the pimples and slow down the upcoming ones.

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.

Yet, it kind of worked, but it never really fixed the issue!

One time I also paid $150 bucks over at a dermatologist office where she used a sucking machine all over my face and pulled off any dead skin cells and excessive oil, which did somehow help a lot for a few days!

She also gave me a detox juicing ingredient list along with a certain diet, but I didn’t really bother with that because I knew that I had to cut the acne issue by the root!

And again, to work I believe I would have had to keep on visiting her for a long time and investing a lot of money on this type of procedure…

I also used some type of pills like stinging nettle root and others because it does help with slowing down the oil production of our bodies which helped a little with acne, but never fixed the issue!

Then in recent years before I actually found the real solution to completely get rid of acne, I started looking up more information about why acne occurs!

What Are the Causes of Acne?

And I found out that that there were several causes that make acne pop out, which some of them are;

  • excessive oil production
  • hormones imbalanced (Androgens)
  • Puberty stages (most common, which was mine)
  • hair follicles clogged by dead skin cells or too much skin oil
  • certain medications containing corticosteroids, androgens or lithium
  • stress on a daily basis
  • steroids or too much testosterone could cause acne
  • certain foods like chocolate, fried greasy foods
  • family genetics – family history who had/has acne
  • certain cosmetic products like makeup, etc
  • + others

However, even though these are some of the main causes, it may or may not be directly caused by one single cause!

For example; stress, I bet you know a few people that do stress a lot on a daily basis, but they never had acne whatsoever in their lives.

Like certain foods as well as chocolate and fried or greasy foods, some people can eat a whole box of chocolate bars every day and still have no acne.

Another example I need to clear out is that steroids or excessive amounts of testosterone in our bodies, I know many real body-builders that never suffered from any acne issues and still use a lot of testosterone enhancers out there!

So again, in each individual, it varies from what is actually causing it. Also, not to mention, there are several types of acne as well, like whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts.

Keep reading!

The BEST Treatment EVER for ACNE!

Now, this is the fun best part of how to completely get rid of acne forever, and never ever have to deal with such a nasty, embarrassing problem!

Since I basically tried anything that I had looked into back in the day on how to stop acne from sprays, gel, creams, pills, or whatever, about 5 years ago I found the PMD Beauty products

Which yes, they do have a specific treatment for both men or women to treat all types of acne!

If you’re a man like me, the PMD Beauty treatment will completely reduce enlarged pores, smooth the roughness of your skin, and help reduce wrinkles to look younger than ever.

When I first got my hands on theses effective natural products, I got the complete Daily Cell Regeneration System – Starter KIT in white bottles who comes with;

  1. Cleanse: Gentle Soothing Antioxidant CLEANSER
  2. Soothe: Multivitamin Nourishing TONER
  3. Regenerate: Anti-Aging Recovery MOISTURIZER

And that is when I noticed that this starter small bottle kit was giving me incredible results like I mean, my face full of pimples/acne started to reduce the amount it had within days

I remember it took me about 2-3 months to finish these small started kit bottles, and what I did was headed over to their official website ( and got myself the original clear full bottles kit of the Daily Cell Regeneration System along with the Personal Microderm PRO – Black for men.

PMD BEAUTY Skincare Products

And I’m telling you, to this day, I have never stopped using both the skincare products along with this personal microdermabrasion treatment device!

I use the Daily Cell Regeneration System first thing in the morning as soon as I brush my teeth and at night after bath time, but the Personal Microderm PRO, I have been using it for ONCE a week only as directed.

Which, the results are very impressive!

I no longer have any acne whatsoever on my face or on my body! It literally clear it out completely and cut the problem by the root, as I could really stop using the products and acne doesn’t seem to come back at all…

And it works like this!

  • When I use the CLEANSE bottle which is the very first step, I wash my face with plain water and apply it and rub the application gently all over my face along on my chest and back area, which works by removing all dirt and oil of the face while gentling reducing irritation and redness. Then wash off the residue.
  • And the next step is to dry out my face with a cloth or towel, then I would apply the SOOTHE bottle on a cotton round and apply it all over my face, neck, and on the chest area to help balance pH levels and deeply nourish the skin.
  • The third step is applying the REGENERATE Anti-Aging Recovery Moisturizer which works to heal and recovery process to let our face moisturized without any greasy/oily texture. That’s it!

That’s all I have to do! I use it twice a day as directed and I can do whatever I want on my daily routine that I know these natural products are working very effectively without leaving my face irritated, dry, or stiff.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. – Erno Lazlo

Oh, the PERSONAL MICRODERM PRO – Black for men works by “combing Patented Spinning Disc technology with Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction“, which pulls dead skin cells and reduces wrinkles, pores, and others.


I use it once a week, and in every 4 weeks, I would change the smooth-glide caps! By the way, there is one cap for facial and one for the chest and back area. There are about 7 colorful caps for best and maximum results. I am currently using the strongest and most intense cap (yellow ones).

Now I’m telling you, this is the real legit best skincare products that really treated and completely healed my acne forever!

Plus the best thing is that it causes ZERO side effects as I mean with other types of skincare products out there, it would leave my face feeling very weird, like stiff, dried up, or oil and greasy! But not with PMD Beauty, it is some light skincare products.

Imagine yourself, will your life change as well to cut the acne problem by the root and no longer have any acne whatsoever?

I’m sure it will because it did to mines and is doing to millions of people out there! PMD Beauty has been the #1 leading acne products based on my own experiences and with millions of people as well!

Don’t hesitate and think twice, but take the very first step and invest in yourself with this effective and safe treatment!

You’re going to want to come back to me in a few weeks to let me know how much your life has changed with this complete kit products! Now I highly recommend you get a Personal Microderm Device as well, which there are several options/colors you can choose!

I just preferred to getting the very best one because no money in this world can pay to have healthy, clear, and beautiful facial skin. Our facial is everything, you can have the best muscular physique in the world, but if your face is not right, then there is no true beauty.

The very first thing that people look at is our face. So make your face shine with PMD Beauty products, and cut the acne issue by the root so you no longer have to deal with such a problem! You’ll live happily!

By the way, if you want to know how to be healthy in body, mind, and sexual, then check out this complete post here!

(2020) How to Clear ACNE Completely Forever – After 15 Years, This is What WORKS!


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