You know, lately, I have been dreaming so much like I mean every single day I have the craziest dreams ever…

And sure, I did have a few changes in my life!

But the craziest part is that before, I didn’t really have any dreams at all. In fact, it has been a very long time since no dreams at all happened to me during sleep time!

But then, I did come across someone saying that what I was doing, did have a significant impact on my dreams and it sure did.

So since you’re here, I feel motivated to give you this valuable information so you can have the “weirdest” vivid and lucid dreams on a regular basis as well!

Every morning we awaken from sleep and from our dreams and enter the state we call wakefulness. A continuous stream of thoughts, most of them repetitive, characterizes the normal wakeful state.

I don’t know, maybe you’re like me who does find it very interesting the types of dreams we have.

So feel free to continue to read on and you’ll see what it takes to have dreams every night!

What Does It Mean to DREAM?

It literally is ‘a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep, according to the true meaning of it while searching online.

And I couldn’t agree more!

But does that mean to dream is actually real, does it really happen? Is it true that it’s the Universe speaking to us? Etc.

It’s a personal choice rather if you believe in it or not…

I personally don’t believe in all of my dreams, but I do choose to believe in the ones that I really want to happen in my life. Make sense?


For example;

I had a dream one time of winning the lottery, and of course, it was before I got the chance to win 2 jackpots in Brazil.

So I focused on the dream for a while, choosing to believe in it, and had completely full faith that If I dreamed it as if it was happening in my reality, then it has to happen in my 3D physical life, which it sure did!

Another dream I had was about owning my favorite pickup truck, but this was back in the day when I was struggling through life, which again, I chose to believe in it and one day, I was able to purchase that same pickup truck that I had dreamed of it.

But of course, some of the craziest, weirdest, and not-so-pleasant dreams do happen very often, and I refuse to believe in them at all costs.

I basically don’t think about them anymore, I laugh at the thoughts of it, and I literally don’t take them seriously or focus on them at all as I would do with the dreams that I want to really happen in my life.

When you are trapped in a nightmare, your motivation to awaken will be so much greater than of somone caught up in a relatively pleasant dream. – Unknown

Now I am aware that some people seem not to have the same “mind power” as others who can choose what to believe in it, and that means you’re basically dominated by your ego, not really connected to your inner-being also called higher-self/spirit/soul/God/Universe/source, etc.

And especially those who had a dream in the early stages of life!

Let me give you another example;

There was an actor I forgot what his name was who when he was like 6-9 years of age, had a dream of flying which he felt so good about it during that dream, but then, out of nowhere according to him, he seemed to hit something like a rock while coming down and boom, he stopped dreaming at the right second and woke up…

Then what happened was that he took the dream to his adulthood, continue to believe in it, and always tried to remember it. So he started to perform stunts up in the sky like walking on a single rope, climbing up on rocks without safety gear, and actually flying with wingsuit gear.

And guess what happened?

The same dream he had in his early childhood, the same exact story he had been holding in his mind and actually believing in it, it happened in the same exact way!

He jumped off a rock in a mountain with wingsuit gear along with a close friend, and while coming down, they both hit a rock so hard that he died where his body flew out of nearby and even people with helicopters had a hard time to be able to find his body after a several days of searching for it.

So again, watch out for what kind of dreams you choose to remember, focus or believe in because what you believe, it becomes and it has no other option but to make it happen regards if whether you want it or not.

To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we are awake within the dream, the ego-created earth-drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the new earth. – Eckhart Tolle


Keep reading!

How to Dream Every Night?

Before I give out this information, I first have to mention that what I’m saying is based on my own experiences of the changes in my own life as I am only speaking for myself…

Therefore, I am NOT suggesting you do what I do whatsoever, but simply giving you details on what I have been doing lately that has allowed me to really have the most vivid dreams of all time on a regular basis.

You know, I am a huge fan of taking great care of my body since I am highly aware that our body is basically our “temple” to carry our soul/higher-self/inner-being.

So to me, it is super important that we all watch what we eat meaning you rather eat healthy meals than what “normal” people eat on a daily routine.

You’re not putting junk food in your body such as fried, greasy, and unhealthy fast foods but more of a high protein meal filled with a salad, a few types of meat, and so on.


You’re also watching out for what you drink since that is just important as what you eat, and I mean you’re not drinking acidy refrigerated cold sodas, high-sugary unnatural juices, but more alkaline water or organic natural juices without any sugar which that works great!

Therefore, in the past 2 months, I was feeling too bulked up like a tank filled with muscles and I felt uncomfortable where I ended up changing up my diet a bit to drop some weight off and be fully lean 100%!

So instead of eating breakfast early in the am, I would skip breakfast also known as intermittent fasting where I would ONLY eat a huge plate of a high-protein meal filled with healthy meats, rice, beans, a lot of salad of many types of vegetables, and a few fruits like mangos as my dessert.

And that’s it!

Then I would go on my day with just that and drink 3-5 liters of alkaline water throughout my day until the next day.

Sure, I have been going to the gym at 4-5 pm, then I get home, stretch and elongate, and finally take an extremely cold shower since I’m feeling super motivated, and last I read a book for an hour. Yes, I focus on meditating all the time through conscious breathing in and out.

And the rest is history!

Of course, I also go to sleep at a maximum time of 10:30 pm, and guess what happens?

This type of diet and routine has been causing me to dream every single night non-stop like I truly mean there has not been a night that I haven’t dreamed since I changed up my diet.

Of course, my body has been changing significantly, I lost a couple of pounds, but I feel super lean, fit, and in my best shape where women seem to like my body more the way it is becoming and I feel like a billion bucks!



Therefore, yes you could say that “HUNGER” is what allows me to dream but it was only the first week that I started to actually feel this type of “hunger/craving” to eat more since my body got used to it.

When your attention moves into the now, there is an alertness. It is as if you were waking up from a dream. The dream of thought, the dream of past and future. – Eckhart Tolle

Another thing that I truly need to mention is if you have been reading all of my posts here on this alpha male website (AlfaSTallion®) on a regular basis, you do know that I smoked bud (marijuana) every day especially before hitting the gym which I do find it helps with mind-muscle connection, helps me feel less pain while training hard, and therefore, it allows me to hit the weights much harder than without it.

Yes, if you don’t know, at least 90% of real bodybuilders do smoke very often because again, it seems to help during training sessions, and seems to help “recover” faster as well since we feel more relaxed during high times, and that means, it is easier to fall asleep.

Not to mention, the number of health benefits it has which many states in the USA and a few countries have started legalizing it because it does not cause death in people, but only health advantages.

Now, sure you may have different opinions, beliefs, and so on… But again, I am NOT trying to make you do something but ONLY stating what I have done and been doing. Don’t take it personal since it will always be your decision, your choice, your responsibility, and that’s all.

And what I have to say is that I did stop smoking weed in the past 2 months as well. I mean I had smoked for over a decade, and at least once a year, I would always take at least a few months off it.

Therefore, that as well contributed very much to allowing me to dream because when I used to go to sleep high, I would not dream whatsoever.

High on pot does not allow you to dream and you can ask any real pot smoker, they will tell you that as well!

So back to dreaming, these 2 things of no marijuana, and only eating a big meal during lunchtime which causes “hunger” is the secret for me to have such crazy, weird, and vivid dreams every night, due to the production of DMT in the brain.


Sure, I haven’t been drinking any alcohol but it’s been a while since I put a stop to it. I look forward to only drinking occasionally, like once in 6 months or so.

Also, I put a stop to porn as well, and again, if you have read some of my posts here on this #1 alpha male website, it’s not that I recommend it but before I would check out some porn videos once a week and I truly mean ONLY once.

It seems to help boost up my sexuality to play around with my sex hormones, I don’t know but since I do have different sex mates on a daily basis as I am a single ‘alpha stallion male’ having fun with chicks out there, I thought that helped me.

But after I completely stopped that too, I think I seem to feel hornier than ever, and seems to be the best for me. Sure, I will always keep you guys updated on what I do.

Back to dreams!

Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought. – Annoymous

So again, I eat a huge high protein filled with meat and salad ONCE a day because I’m fasting for the purpose to lose a few pounds since that does increase my metabolism so much and allows me to be super lean, therefore, causing “hunger” in the body which my body uses fat as energy source. And the second thing I did was stop smoking marijuana.

Sure, of course, I have sex 3-5 times per week, I practice meditation all the time by only focusing on my breath in and out, so I’m not sure if these also help but probably do.

But I personally believe these 2 are the main KEYS that allow me to have vivid and lucid dreams on a regular basis. All others as I mentioned above like stopping drinking alcohol even though before I would only have a few drinks once on the weekend which was not a lot and I also stopped watching porn even though was once a week as well.

Now I could imagine if I were to take a sexual male enhancement pill like a sperm booster as known as semen volumizer, that might cause me to have sexual dreams!


I believe so because there was a time in my life that I did use Semenax sperm enhancement and I remember, I would have wet dreams of sex very often since I would wake up with a hard-steel wood and sometimes wet sheets…

So if that’s the kind of dream you would like to have, you can do what I have been doing and also take this effective and safe volume enhancer sex pill.

Of course, not only dreams but it will allow you to be able to shoot a large load of cum filled with intensity, sensitivity, and complete satisfaction.

Yes, that’s exactly what I felt when I took the pills for 6 months! Not to mention, at that time my sexual partner (ex-girlfriend) would always feel super impressed by the volume of my load filling her up!

I mean, feel free to check them out here, maybe it’s exactly what you want and needs.


Make sure to leave me a comment below! Tell me, have you been dreaming lately? And if yes, what do you think has caused you to dream very often? It’s important that I hear from you.

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