There are too many dissatisfied men and women around the world, and one of the reasons is because of their own stature.

I actually was one of them in the past, which I did every possible thing you can imagine to grow my height here.

Yet, nothing really changed in terms of my height except for one single thing that made a huge difference and allowed me to grow by 2-3″ inches taller.

I was 5.6″ feet tall and I was not happy with this past height, where last time I checked about 2 weeks ago, I was a little over 5.8″ inches taller but closer to 5.9″, and that’s when I figured out to show you guys how I did it.

People want to be taller for several reasons like to increase confidence and self-esteem, gain more respect, have more opportunities, plus more!

Yes, if you’re taller, you sure do have better chances than short folks out there.

For example: To be a model, we hardly see short people as a model, I mean it’s rare since they are most likely tall folks.

To be a basketball player, if you’re tall, then your chances are much higher than others.

And the same goes for being a leader. Most people would rather look up to someone tall than someone short. People seem to give more respect to taller people too.

Not to mention, taller people are also more attractive as well!

So let me share with you a little bit of my story and how I manage to grow taller by almost 3″ full inches!

My Story When I Was “Short”

If you don’t know, I’m the type of guy that I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal or desire.

I don’t care how far it may look to me, but I will put all my willpower and only focus on that single thing if it’s really so important to me!

And this is where my height comes into play!

When I reached 20 years old, my height was only 5.6” and after that, it never grew not even an inch until now…

Now I believe it’s because my growth plates got fused since it does close around this age for both men and women.


However, since an early kid, my younger brother was always taller than me, and all my life I seemed to be very disappointed and because of this and I grew up depressed as well!

Yeah, of course, there were other issues in my life that contribute to depression too!

So at the age of 15 years old, I figured out that I was going to do whatever it takes to grow taller because I didn’t want to accept the fact that my younger brother was taller than me in high school.

Yes, I’m talking about he was about 4″ inches taller than me… Yikes!

So I started searching online at every possible article/post and looking over at several websites, where most of them ONLY taught me the same thing over and over.

The things that I always read were to do:

  • Stretching and elongating exercises every day
  • Having a protein (low carb) diet on a daily basis
  • Avoid all types of processed and junk foods
  • Drinking 2-3 cups of milk and lots of alkaline water
  • Correcting my posture to seem like I was taller
  • Getting 8 full hours of sleep every night for HGH release
  • Sleep with legs and arms bend for “faster growth”
  • Skip the alcohol, avoid coffee/caffeine, tobacco, etc
  • Catching some sunlight for Vitamin D3 + Calcium Absorption
  • Meditate to release resistance/tension out of the body
  • When working out, don’t lift too many heavyweights
  • Join in a sport like basketball, volleyball, or swim classes
  • Or join in a yoga class for lots of stretching/elongating
  • Take HGH to gain a new growth spurt and grow taller
  • Take certain “supplements” that will make me grow taller
  • Plus a few others…

Now I did all of that for so many years like almost a decade and my height never really changed… So what I have to say, sure that does “help” but it won’t make you taller.

I mean, I didn’t grow even a full inch. I would stretch a lot, I would drink lots of milk, I had swimming classes as well and slept for those 8 full hours every night.


Diet? I always had a well-balanced diet where I would try to only eat healthy meals on a daily basis. Sunlight? Yes, I love the sun!


Nothing worked. I even started looking on YouTube to listen to Binaural beats to increase height every night before bedtime.

Height-increasing supplements? Oh man, you won’t believe how much money I have invested like thousands of money in buying several types of products out there from pills to sprays to powders (Ashwagandha) to courses and those scam ebooks out there – you name it!

I remember I would always buy the full complete kit of 6-12 months for each product and I even bought some type of shoe insoles called Yoko Height Increase. I once bought Super-Growth and some crazy liquid stuff called Gloxi to take and drink, which they robbed my money where I received 1 bottle when I actually had purchased like 3-4 bottles on their official website. Then I read that it causes diseases in people!


I also bought HGH boosting supplements, both natural releasers, and one time I used the real Growth Hormone for 8 full months, but no height growth at all.


I mean, I could actually name so many products that I have used in the past, which nothing worked!

The only thing that I have not done was to get under a knife for surgery.

So this went on for almost a decade from trying and trying and trying different stuff to grow taller and doing every possible thing except for surgery (Distraction Osteogenesis), but again, nothing seemed to work at all!

But then, I started learning all about the subconscious mind (belief system) and all about how the Law of Attraction works, and this is where everything changed in my life, including my height!

If you don’t know, our mind is the controller of our body. It tells our body what to do, and it must listen!


Keep reading.

The Secret That Made Me INCREASE MY HEIGHT by 2-3″ Full Inches

When I was about 25 years old at 5.6″ feet tall since nothing worked, which my brother was 5.9″ and my dad 5.10″, I started studying a lot to learn new things and working on finding out how our mindset works!

My intuition always gave me hints to start searching out more about how the subconscious mind, conscious mind, and how the law of attraction works.

Which states ‘like attract like‘, and that means whatever we focus on, then that’s what we’re going to get.


What you think, YOU BECOME. What you feel, YOU ATTRACT. What you Imagine, YOU CREATE. – Law of Attraction

So I figured, well what if I start to re-program my mind all over again in the present tense that I’m already tall, that I am already 5.10″ feet tall, and that is my “current” height regardless if I wasn’t which was my goal and desire.

However, I figured out that just by thinking of it was not enough!

I remember I had to convince my mind day in and day out throughout the whole entire day that I was already 5.10″ regardless if I currently wasn’t.

I would imagine by closing my eyes on a daily basis for at least 15 minutes 3-5x a day while having my third eye opened/awaken and visualize myself being 5.10″ feet tall, but I also made sure that I actually FELT how it would be to be 5.10″ with my eyes closed.

When I visualized, I would see myself in my mind walking past my computer desk feeling and looking taller with a straight posture as if the desk reached my legs and not my hips.


I would visualize myself waking up in the morning and walking past my bed which I would notice that it was lower than what it actually was.

I would imagine myself getting next to my brother and father where I would be around their height, and not lower.

I would do this every single day. I would go to sleep with the thought that I was already this exact height, but I actually acted as If I really was.

TIP: I would never ever think or imagined myself being the real “short” height that I was, but ONLY TALLER. That’s the main key. Never focus on what you DON’T want, but ONLY on what you want.

Therefore, I made it 100% certainly on my mind that there was no other option but to be this exact height.

I mean, my thoughts, my imaginations, my visualization, my acting, and my feelings made my subconscious mind turn them into a belief (key) which definitely got programmed that I was already 5.10″ feet tall whether I really was or not in real life!


If you don’t know, our subconscious (belief system) doesn’t know if it’s real or imagined, it just sees that photocopying as real like really happening now in the present tense at this exact moment.

And that’s exactly what happened!

Yet, it was my strong faith of certainly and actually feeling tall and truly acting like I was tall that made me grow taller!

Now, don’t get me wrong because even though I would wake up feeling like I was taller than the day before, I DID NOT grow taller in a short period of time but took much longer than I expected…

That is because, since my faith, intention, and feelings were so powerful that I was already 5.10″ feet tall, I never looked out to check my height’s progress because of my certainty and clear mentality that I was already tall.

Can you see what I’m trying to show you here?


You can take all the height growth products out there, and do every possible thing in this world, but if your subconscious mind does not believe it and if you don’t actually have the feeling that you’re already tall, or act like you’re tall, you would never get tall!

Trust me, that’s exactly what happened to me!

From an early age, I started noticing that my younger brother was growing taller than me where my subconscious mind programmed itself to the fact that I was short or as I may say, shorter than my brother.

Then I became like that forever until I re-programmed my beliefs all over again through feelings, repetitive thoughts, and acting all over again that I was tall, and actually naturally grew taller whether you believe it or not!

Therefore, let me make it clear that my body never grew to its full potential due to the fact that my subconscious mind programmed itself at an early age that I was shorter than my brother, which I became that until I re-programmed my mind in this adult age all over again.

That’s a fact!

Final Summary – Height Growth Results

So in today’s date and age, I went from 5.6″ feet tall to almost 5.9″ taller!

Now I still haven’t got to my desired goal of 5.10″ but I’m on my way there, and I’ll be there sooner or later!

I know that I still need to keep focusing once AGAIN to make sure that my subconscious mind is truly programmed to the new height of 5.10″ feet tall, and therefore, make sure that it doesn’t go back to the old program of being short.


Your brain works just like a computer. So make sure you’re the only one programming it.

And how much time did it take me to grow these almost 3″ full inches, you may ask me?

I believe that it took me about a year or around there to actually see that I had grown somewhat taller because again, I was very certain and clear with full intention that I was already this exact height as this is the same way how I was able to win 2 lottery jackpots in Brazil, which I was fortuned enough to manage NOT to worry or even check to see my height.

Yes, you have to have this type of FAITH like 100% clear and certainly in order to make it a reality as well!

Yes, I actually did the same thing with winning the lottery jackpots in two games in the past, and it works incredible!

But since I’m very honest in everything I do and that’s how I have been very successful in all areas of my life, I have to say that it’s not as easy as it sounds to get into the subconscious mind to re-program itself all over again.

That is because our ego is always trying to block it and getting in the way to try not to accept what we want or not let us change the program all over again because it likes the “known” and wants to stay in the comfort zone…

But it surely is possible if you really focus 100% on it and the ONLY WAY and fastest way is through REPETITION and creating habits!


I believe you can speak things into existence. – Jay Z

So here are some of the growing taller affirmations that I used on a daily basis:


-Present Tense Affirmations-

  • I am tall
  • I am standing straight
  • I am releasing all tension in my neck and shoulders
  • I always walk tall and with confidence
  • My body is relaxed and tall
  • My posture is perfect
  • I always stand up straight
  • I always sit with good posture
  • My back is relaxed and straight
  • I always hold my head high

-Future Tense Affirmations-

  • I will increase my height
  • Each day I grow taller
  • My height is beginning to naturally increase
  • I am finding it easier to stand straight
  • People are beginning to notice my increased confidence
  • My spine will relax and lengthen
  • I will walk tall
  • I will correct my posture and increase my height
  • I will relax and lengthen my neck
  • I am regaining my natural height

-Natural Affirmations-

  • I can increase my height
  • I am naturally tall
  • My body is effortlessly lengthening
  • I always remember to check my posture
  • Correcting my posture is increasing my height
  • Releasing tension throughout my body will make me taller
  • My mind and body are working in sync to increase my height
  • Standing tall is just the natural way I stand
  • I naturally maintain healthy posture at all times
  • I stand tall and proud

KEY: Read these affirmations at least 3 times a day. But you have to read it with full intention like you really mean it with your full heart, and actually feel it as much as possible! Then most importantly, act as if you’re truly tall or as I may say, the height you truly desire regardless if you’re currently not there yet!


If you just read it and have no intention of feeling what you’re reading, then you’re NOT affirming to yourself or doing anything at all, and that way, you won’t be able to re-program your subconscious mind.

So here are what I have to say to help you to grow taller as I did:

  1. You have to affirm to yourself with full 100% intention that you’re already the height you want in the present tense, like right now. Not you’ll be tall, or none of that. – PRESENT TENSE AFFIRMATIONS ONLY
  2. Start thinking all day long and focus on it that you’re already at the height that you want, which you will start to convince yourself that it’s true and start acting like you really are. DON’T think or imagine your real current height. – THOUGHTS
  3. Another very important step is to imagine it and VISUALIZE it by closing your eyes and picturing yourself in your mindset being that height. Make it as real as possible. Make sure to add realistic details as well. You have to open your third eye for stronger imagination! – VISUALIZE 3-5x a day is a MUST!
  4. The 4th advice here is to actually FEEL like you’re that height. It is a choice to feel it. When you start walking, feel like things are shorter than it is. Feel like people around you are shorter since you’re “taller” now. It’s a choice to feel it as well and to start acting like it. – FEELING TALLER is the MAIN KEY.
  5. The last 5th piece of advice is BELIEVING that you’re the height you want, and the ONLY way to start having these beliefs is through REPETITION. When your subconscious mind catches it and turns it into beliefs of being taller which could take 21-90 days, that’s when the magic starts to happen! – BELIEVING is the MAGIC to increasing your height!

There you go!

I’m telling you, I am the proof of this! Don’t stop until you reach your desired height.

I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care what’s your health condition (unless you’re a midget), I don’t care if your parents/family are short, your nationality, ethnic origins, or none of that because the true power is in our subconscious mind!

Visualization is an imagination which ends up into reality. – Sonam Lal

So now you can finally grow taller in a real way, without any type of product whatsoever!

You just have to have that alpha mentality which is a motivated, strong, and high faith (certain) mindset!

I am glad that I can finally give you this incredible information that not everyone knows. People think you need some form of stuff to make us taller, but they are only brainwashed as I was and don’t really know how to actually grow taller.

I mean, yes I used all types of “height-increasing” products to programs out there and nothing worked because I still had the belief that I was short, and that way, nothing will ever work until we turn our beliefs around. Can you see what I’m saying here?

Therefore, all we need to do is reprogram our subconscious mind (belief system) all over again and actually have feelings of being that desired height, then start acting it which our body will follow and make us taller at all costs!

By the way, even though I honestly did mention that HGH did NOT make me taller, it MAY somewhat help since we all know that human growth hormone is the primary hormone that causes us to grow all of our body parts in a completely natural way.

Therefore, if you would like to see the natural HGH releasers meaning it will boost your pituitary gland in a natural way to increase the production of human growth hormone in your body and that way, it may only help you to grow taller.


What I have to honestly say is that you shouldn’t just rely on these HGH supplements to only grow taller in adult age, which probably won’t make you taller alone as I’ve mentioned above. But if you’re a teenager or at a very early adult age, then you may be able to expect a small potential if your growth plates are still open… Good luck!

Do you have any experience with trying to grow taller in life? If yes, then don’t hesitate to write me something in the box at the bottom of this page.

(2023) How to Grow Taller – How I Manage to Grow 2-3″ Full Inches – ONLY WAY HERE!


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