People in general look for the reasons, conditions, and circumstances to love a person or even to love themselves.

And the truth is that you can love yourself unconditionally meaning there is only pure love regardless of what’s going on or what has happened to you before.

I actually used to be the type of person that believed I needed a reason to love myself or someone.

But this was way back in the day over a decade ago when I was depressed, but since a lot of things changed, I learned to love myself unconditionally which I’m going to show you here below!

And if you don’t know, it is super important to be in a state of love in all areas of our lives since love is everything!

I mean, you just can’t become a success if you don’t love what you’re doing, nor can you be happy with yourself if you don’t love yourself.

Now, if you don’t love your own self, don’t expect anyone else to love you… and that’s a fact!

Love, peace, joy & harmony are the best vitamins in the universe. – Philip Arnold


You literally have to love who you are, who you’re becoming on a daily basis, then you’ll attract a person with similar vibration frequency who loves themselves as well, and who is willing to share love and love you unconditionally!

Can you see what I’m saying here?

Now let’s get going and find out what is love, how to love yourself, and why you should love yourself for who you are!

What Is LOVE?

Love basically means a feeling of a strong, intense and deep affection towards either yourself or a person, animal, or something.

When you feel love, it is not seen but only felt like an emotional feeling, which is the highest frequency of all emotions.

And when you feel completely love as your natural state of being, you’ll seem fulfilled and whole and therefore, you won’t need anything else in your life to feel greater than you’re already feeling…

Spend your time on those that love you unconditionally. Don’t waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.


Now according to a source out there, there are 4 types of love;

  • Eros: sexual love like erotic or even passionate love – Partner Love
  • Philia: feeling love for your friends or equals – Friendship Love
  • Storge: when you love your parents or your own children – Parent Love
  • Agape: a love for your own self, desire, or for a spiritual God – Self-Love

Now all these types of love are somewhat healthy but they could sometimes cause you heartbreak and leave you feeling unworthy.

For example; EROS love for a partner is a very strong type of love in my opinion since most people are loving their partner, but not truly themselves. Yes, I see it all the time where people love their partner way more than they love themselves or even their kids… Is this you?

I mean, isn’t that powerful?

The problem is everyone is looking for unconditional love, carrying a bag full of conditions. – Simran Chaddha

And there is a risky part here because not everyone will stay in our lives forever, and when they’re gone, it causes a deep heartache that leaves you feeling empty, miserable, and in the worse mood ever! Been there before, done that, it does suck a lot.


The second strongest type of love is the STORGE one since it’s a parent/child love. And when they’re gone, that’s a huge heartache as well and if you do have much love for such a family member, then it could be an even stronger type of love than the EROS above in my opinion.

And of course, the third strongest type of love is the PHILIA one which is friendship love. I’m sure you have had a so-called “best friend” and when you lost them as a friend, you felt abandoned based on my experience.

Now imagine losing them to death like passing away, accident, oh no that’s sucks!

It’s not my job to be likable. It’s my job to be myself. The right people will gravitate.

Now the weakest love is actually self-love or what they call the AGAPE type of love.

And why is that, you may ask?

Well, there are a lot of people out there who do love their partner, love their friends, love their parents, or kids, love every other thing but don’t truly love themselves or a spiritual source of inner-Being like Higher-self/God.


But I’m not saying that’s the right way because it’s not at all!

However, if you first love yourself way more than you love anything else in this world, it could actually be the strongest, most powerful love to experience ever, and that is exactly what I have been experiencing every single moment of life!

Yes, in order to have a fulfilled life of completeness and wholeness filled with joy, peace, happiness, forgiveness, and all the elevated emotional feelings, you have to love yourself first at all costs.

Then you can love the rest because just remember, you’re the only one who you have to deal with forever until death! Everything and everyone else can die or disappear from your life and leave you with nothing but yourself.

You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you. – Dodinsky

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How to Love Yourself?

Based on my own experience, to really love yourself completely is actually so simple but people make it hard on themselves!

The very first part that you have to do is to accept who you are at all costs!

You also have to accept by surrendering to who are, to where you are in life, to where you’re going, especially surrender and accept your past completely and that means you forgive everyone 100% that has done you wrong and forgive everything that has gone wrong in life and let them GO.

That means you don’t resist it, you don’t get attached to it but forgive by accepting it at all costs and surrendering to it regardless of what has happened.


You’re doing this for your own innner peace, for your own self-respect, for your own self-love, and I also teach you how to heal yourself here since health is wealth

Not to mention, a lot of people think or believe that time will heal your suffering, it literally won’t but only forgiveness has the power to heal you completely and get you back to loving yourself all over again, as your natural state of being!


Since everything is a choice in our lives, yes you can choose to accept and forgive and that is by making a commitment to have the choice of forgiveness, then you surely can do it!

Again, when you forgive, you’re most likely forgiving yourself to have carried such a burden of the trauma based on someone’s unconscious action… You accept what they have done, but that doesn’t mean you accept them back in your life. You surrender to your inner-being, to your emotion by giving your own light of awareness directly at that emotion to feel it and make it disappear over time, but again, you’re not surrendering to whatever has wronged you.

Can you see my point here?

Which is a must in order to move forward in life and to love yourself completely, or as I like to say, be back in your all-time natural state of being which is pure love!

I mean, every single person’s past is different and if you think your past was difficult, you probably have no idea about the pasts of most successful men. Most of them have failed numerous times, got betrayed by several people, and so much more. Some were even homeless, and became super successful!

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Smart people forget.

In fact, my past was very hard! Just so you know, yes I failed too many times, I got robbed of about $200k by my so-called “best friend”, a lot of past friends and family members did me wrong, and many broken hearts from past ex-girlfriends as well, and I also had a serious depression in my childhood since my mother used to try suicide in front of me as I was growing up and I remember, I would scream for my mom to stop doing that because I was afraid of losing her all the times.

Yet, after I made a choice that I was going to change and forgive everything and everyone, that is when I started to love myself all over again!

Therefore, accept everything but that doesn’t mean NOT to move on…Of course, moving on in life is accepting that this is NOT what you want.


Now the second part of truly loving yourself is to invest in your own self!

That’s right…When you start investing in you and focusing on yourself and you make yourself your own 1st priority, you’ll feel much worthy and you’ll create unconditional love for your own self, and that’s truly powerful!

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. – Lao Tzu

That means you have to come to a point that you don’t need a reason, condition, people, material, achievements, or certain circumstances/events to feel fulfilled and full of love within you.

But when I say invest in yourself, I’m not only talking in terms of material stuff or money…


Not at all and so how do you invest in yourself the right way to increase your self-worth, self-respect, and self-love?

  • Start reading more on a daily basis
  • Get self-educated in all areas of your life
  • Join in a course, join a sport or class – hobby
  • Exercising more and stretching every day
  • Meditate every day and more often to be calm
  • Look forward to being alone for a couple of hours
  • Look forward to eating only healthy meals
  • Have sex more often to feel more pleasure
  • Follow your intuition & open third-eye – higher-self
  • Be in the present moment all the time
  • Hang out with friends and family more often
  • Take more vacations – at least twice a year
  • Give back to the world & practice gratitude
  • Become a leader in your life & do what you enjoy
  • Change your daily habits/routine to healthy ones
  • Take action to achieve your goals, dreams & desires
  • Look into ways to make more money for financial freedom

So that’s how you invest in yourself!


Sure, if you’re driving an old car that’s falling apart and makes you feel certain types of negative emotions, then look forward to getting something better, but know your limit, or again, accept it as it is temporality which sooner or later, you’ll be able to change your vehicle.

The same thing goes with your daily clothes! Look forward to wearing your all-time best clothes every day to feel your best! Dress to kill and attract

I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am.

Also, change your mindset, change your job for something better and that is when you’re going to finally start to truly love who you are!

But when you don’t invest in yourself, you may be looking outwards to feel love and that is no good because you’re basically giving your power to whatever it is on the outside world, and when it’s gone, you’re left out with a broken heart that could take a lot of effort through forgiveness to fully recover!


So what I’m trying to say here is that you first need to accept everything about your life, about you, about your past, and that way, you start investing in you, which you will apparently start loving yourself for who you’re becoming on a daily basis through your own actions, then you’ll be in a state of love the whole time and that means, you love the people and all the things in life.

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Why You Should Love Yourself First at All Costs?

It is super important that you love yourself regards if anyone else does!

Sure, it does feel amazing to know that someone loves us, and it feels great to love someone else back as well…

But as I mentioned before, to ONLY love someone else and not yourself first, you’re basically giving your whole power to them, or better yet, you’re giving a key of your heart to them and that means they can do whatever they want with your heart!

How does that sound? Yikes!

Demostrate love by giving it, unconditionally, to yourself. And as you do, you will attract others into your life who will love you without conditions.


And just so you know, when they have all of your power in their hands, you’re in their control and they can leave you feeling good or bad, which will depend on their actions.

That means, the moment they don’t want to be around you anymore, you’re lost and left out with such negative emotions like depression, broken heart, misery, fear, and so on.

But when you LOVE yourself first and most of your unconditional love is towards your own self, no one has the power to hurt you but yourself if you allow it.

WHEN you don’t love yourself you will accept love from anyone that will provide it… EVEN if that person is bad for you.

You won’t care if they love you or not, you won’t care if they leave or not, you won’t care about others’ opinions/judgments or none of that because your own natural state of being called love will have all the power in the world!

And that’s what I do in today’s date and age, I’m in this natural state of love all the time and that means I love myself very much, I love you, I love everyone else, love my enemies, love all the animals, and everything of this universe!


I mean, I don’t want to sound “selfish’ but yes, I love myself unconditionally like I’m obsessed with who I am and who I have become, and yes, I love my parents, my family, my friends, the girls I hang out and I love everything!

I care for all, including you here and that’s why I’m writing here with all the knowledge and wisdom that I have to help you… Therefore, I truly love you as well since everything is energy!

But again, the love for our own self is the most important one and I have a lot of self-love which is also known as self-respect/self-worth!

And when I say self-respect, that means you don’t accept or tolerate someone treating you bad, breaking your heart, and leaving you with bad emotions, no not at all…

Be careful of what you tolerate. You are teaching people how to treat you.

If you have deep self-love and self-respect, you’ll notice and see clearly if anyone is causing you harm, and therefore, you’ll leave them alone, forgive them and get away from them, and this could be your spouse, a family member, a so-called friend, or whoever, it doesn’t matter.

Just remember, your wellbeing is the most important than anything else based on my own opinion!


Yet, not a lot of people have this type of courage and that is because they don’t LOVE themselves enough to see their own self-worth!

Rule: Never get so attached that you accept being disrespected, used, lied to, or cheated on.

The Outcome of Unconditionally SELF-LOVE

There you go!

Make sure not to have limitations to how much you can love yourself because the more love you have within you towards your whole being, it is ONLY you that will have your 100% full power.

That means, don’t do the opposite like the rest of the population, but love yourself first and then you express love towards everyone, someone, something, or whatever it is!

But always have in mind that you need to forgive everyone and everything, and therefore, have gratitude for all and love all as well!


Do good, speak good, think good. Realize that every being we encounter is an enlightened being, disguised, to show us the way. Some show us how we should not be. Others as we should be. – Monja Coen

When you show gratitude, you’ll feel much more love because gratitude is the parent of all elevated emotions.

In fact, I personally think that we can’t feel love without having some sort of gratitude.

And it’s true!

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball

Now, to truly love who you really are, have you ever thought of improving your self-image? Well, you should invest in yourself, in your health, body, and overall well-being which alone is much harder than taking a natural supplement that will give you a push and boost up the process.

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Yes, it would be one of the best investments you will ever make where it will enhance to improve all of your body as a whole like decreasing fat, diminishing wrinkles, healthier hair, gaining more energy, increasing sexual health, plus much more!

Other than that, do you feel love for yourself more than you love someone or something else? I didn’t but now I do! Make sure to drop a line with your feedback!

(2023) How To Love Yourself Unconditionally & Why You Should LOVE Yourself FIRST!


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