I am a huge fan of a small tight and thin core with well-defined abs! To me, the smaller the waistline, the better it gets.

And this is for both men and women! I find it super attractive and admire a slim/thin waist, and that always has been my all-time goal in terms of my own body/physique.

Every single day I do target to keep and maintain my waistline very small, and there are a couple of things that has helped me a lot in the past decade or so!

To me, there is no point in having big muscles with a huge belly sticking out known as a distended stomach like most modern bodybuilders out there in today’s date and age.

That means I would rather have a fit muscular body with a tight slim waist than having huge muscles with a “pregnant” belly or as what they call it, bubble gut, turtle shell, etc…

Which, I am a big fan of the golden era known as old school bodybuilding back in the days when Arnold Schwarzenegger was competing with other similar tight waist aesthetic physiques.

And that is mainly because of that V-Tape body frame physique with their waistline was very small, tight and thin and a big upper muscular body!

That’s very impressive to me and that’s exactly what I shoot to look like!

Muscle growth is easy to develop and anyone can gain as much muscle as they can, but to keep your waist small, now that’s kind of hard, but it sure is possible!

So let me share with you what I do because a not so long ago, I had a 33″ inch waistline as you can see on my profile photo and I was not happy.

So now I currently have a 28.5″ waist but my goal is 26″ tight small waistline!

Why Do Bodybuilders Have a Big Waistline and a Big Belly?

There a few proven reasons why we see big muscular guys with huge turtle shell gut which Dave Palumbo (bodybuilder) even came out with a name for it called Palumboism!

Now I’m not here to judge, but only help by teaching, inspire and motivate you!

Therefore, I am not a fan at all of big waistline regards of how much muscle you have…

Some of the most popular bodybuilders such as Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Roelly Winklaar, and others out there have such extended turtle shell belly aka bubble gut…

However, people do think and claim that the #1 reason why most bodybuilders have stomach distention is through abuse of HGH known as Human Growth Hormone and Insulin known as (insulin-like growth hormone (IGF) and lots of water retention as well.

But that’s not the real case that really causes it and I’m going to tell you here!

The main reason for sticking out belly is actually through eating big and large meals (high calorie & high carb diet) on a daily basis making them bloated and pushing their stomach out beyond its limit to an oversize proportion of their chest.

And of course, with abusing HGH and Insulin (IGF-1) included altogether, the stomach walls expand and stretch out since they are putting in those heavy large meals making themselves bloated and since HGH/IGF-1 grows basically all body parts (organs, muscles, tissues, cells, etc) in human bodies, their stomach walls tissues will come to a point that it starts to become that same way stretched out through the growth of HGH.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

That means that just by the abuse of HGH and Insulin known as IGF-1 alone won’t really cause a big belly to stick out, but the heavy large meals along with GH/IGF-1 combined together is what truly causes it distent stomach line regardless of how much muscle they have.

I know people who take lots of Growth Hormone on a daily basis along with IGF-1, but they EAT very small meals frequently every single day, and their stomach is nowhere near as the modern bodybuilders we see around in today’s date and age.

Most of these big muscular bodybuilders that all we see around ONLY care to gain as much muscle growth as they can without focusing on their stomach line.

Not to mention, men nor women finds it attractive! I mean, who does?

I remember Rich Piana (LEGEND) big steroid-abuse guy who I was a fan of him due to the fact that he stated the truth all the time and he mentioned in one of his videos that the moment your stomach line grows bigger, you’re already lost your physique.

And I totally agree!

Keep reading.

How Not To Have Stomach Sticking Out & Achieve a Small/Thin Waist?

The waistline to me is the most important thing in our physiques.

Based on my own experience, knowledge, and wisdom, I’m going to share with you what I do for the past 13 years that I have been working out to get a 28-inch waistline.

Any bodybuilder below 30″ waistline is considered a tight, small waist in my opinion! Check out bodybuilders like Brian Buchanan, Sergio Oliva, Dmitrii Vorotyncev, etc.

Sure, it has a lot to due with genetics, but you can outwork your genetic and have a small waist if you do what I’m going to show you which I highly recommend that you do as well in order to have a small/thin waistline for the V-Tape body frame physique just like mines!


Not only cardio is extremely necessary for our health to be in a healthy state all year round, but if you do cardio for 40-60 minutes on an empty stomach, this will crush your calories and start burning your belly fat!

I guarantee you… Intermitted fasting with cardio is key to having and maintaining your waist very small and sleek regardless if you’re a guy or a girl.

I highly recommend you do at least jog or run. Walking is not enough, which may do little to no results. And when you jog/run for cardio, make sure you’re running with legs and knees going up.

This is very important because it will immediately target your whole belly there to burn off any unwanted fat. It is harder but that’s I do for cardio every single day 5-6 days a week!

And if you don’t know, I like to do HIITs which I run for 2 minutes as fast as I can and walk 3 minutes as fast as can walk, which what it does it potentialize the calorie expenditure, and therefore, help burn faster calories.

Make sure to avoid cycling if you’re a man, which increases the testicle’s heat temperature and I talk it all about it here where you should keep your boys there in a cooler temperature = more natural testosterone production.


Of course, a healthy balanced diet is a MUST, or if you don’t want to diet, just eat healthy clean meals on a daily basis.

However, this is the most important part which is to eat SMALL portion meals more frequently on your daily routine instead of eating a large heavy meal once or twice a day.

Rich Piana (Legend 300lb Bodybuilder) once said that it’s smarter to eat 10-12 small meals a day than to eat 4-6 big meals a day.

I personally have 4-6 small portion size meals per day like I’m talking about you should buy those SMALL sizes Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids.

Yes, go with the safe ones which are the 100% GLASS, not plastic to avoid contact with plastic chemicals like BPA and others that do migrate to your food. Glass containers is a little more pricey but it’s worth in the long run, plus your food will taste 100% way better than the plastic ones.

Another super important thing that you must know is to eat SLOW by chewing your food more for faster digestion. And after eating, don’t go lay down at all costs. Sit up straight or stand up!

Drink 3-6 large cups of clean water, best would be alkaline water. NO tap water since fluoride makes you feel bloated.

Not mention, it is important to take some digestive enzymes and probiotic pills during every meal to help absorb the food and the nutrients better, and therefore, it helps us feel less bloated than ever.

Do that and I guarantee you that your stomach will feel less bloated and flat/tight because it will super-charge your metabolism function.


People claim that you have to exercise your abs a lot but that’s not the case! You should workout your abs ONLY 2-3 times per week at max, or else if you’re over-training it, your abs may start to look uneven.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t work out your core muscles nor your obliques regardless of what anyone else says which is your side abdominal muscle if you truly want a small tight waist like mines.

That is because if you’re always working out your core and obliques, it will grow into big muscle and therefore, your waistline will grow as well and get bigger.

Plus, don’t use too many heavyweights on deadlifts, t-bar rows, bend-over rows, or squats because too much weight may cause your core to get develop into a stronger core and that means a bigger and thicker waist as well.

And if you want to grow some muscle, you can do workout your muscle right after cardio or do like me, I go to the gym after 5-7 pm and push my self to the limit to develop a lot of muscle by focusing on the greatest pump (key for growth) while keeping my waistline tight and small.


Now, these techniques that I’m going to show is just as important as the ones above.

It is important that do some stomach vacuum exercises throughout your day which is basically by inhaling full air and sucking in your stomach by squeezing it as much as you can and hold it there for as long as you can.

The more you do these effective stomach vacuum exercises, the better and longer it gets! You can do them standing up, laying down, sitting down, or like Arnold here.

But if you want more advanced form of vacuum, look into LPF technique known as ‘Low Pressure Fitness’.

Another thing that you should focus on is to keep your stomach sucked in all day, every day and you do this by repetition.

Every once every hour, try to remember and basically do it as soon as you remember it which your body will come to a point that you will automatically have your stomach tuck in without you needing to remember, and that way, it will hold everything to be flat for a tight small waist.

And that is, especially when you’re eating! Try to have your stomach in while eating so you don’t get any form of bloating.

By the way, you should avoid stressing, worrying, or anxiety on a daily basis as the stress hormone called cortisol is highly catabolic which is the opposite of anabolic, and therefore, it breaks down muscle fast and will make your body store body fat, where it will increase your waistline.

Therefore, you have to be positive all the time with beliefs that your waist is getting skinner, smaller and tighter every single day.

What you believe is what it becomes!

But if you want a more advanced technique, you should look into wearing a tight waist slimmer belt also known as a waist compression band/ trimmer throughout your whole day.

In the morning when I’m getting dressed, I always remember to put on my waist slim belt and wear it all day.

You can also use your waist belt to help your belly sweat more and burn more calories for faster results.

This will make your waist very small and the longer and more you use it along with what I showed you above, I guarantee you that you will have that V-Tape body frame shape/physique that you deserve as well.

Other than that, I also recommend a fat burner gel but one that is actually proven to be effective and safe out there with proven results.

Last, there are affirmations to use on a daily basis, but you have to say like you really mean it with the full intention and actually feel what you’re saying, and with your imagination.

Six Pack Abs Positive Affirmations:

  • Present Tense Affirmations: My abs are lean, I always work my ab muscles with intensity, My waistline is slim and perfect, I have the right combination of diet and exercise, My abdominal muscles are well defined, I am determined to have six-pack abs, My abs are healthy, My core muscles are incredibly strong, My abs receive excellent blood flow and nutrition, Others admire my great looking six-pack
  • Future Tense Affirmations: I will have six-packs, My waistline is becoming leaner and leaner every day, My core will be sleek and sexy, I will maintain a healthy weight and keep my abs defined, People will be amazed at the definition of my abs, I will remain focused on my workout routine, My clothes will fit better and I will look more attractive, I will develop massive confidence in my body, My abs are growing stronger and stronger.
  • Natural Affirmations: My abs are naturally strong, I love my well-defined abs, I am naturally well-proportioned. My back and core muscles are strong, Staying consistent with my workout is easy, I shave strong lower abdominal muscles, My strengthening technique is perfect, Losing weight and becoming toned comes easy for me, My ab muscles are naturally toned and defined, I have the proper body fat ratio.

Just remember, intention is everything and consistent is key for all of these!

Last Recommendation for Best Results of a Tight Slim Waist!

You do know that without an effective and safe supplement, it is much harder to achieve our goals.

A supplement is basically a booster to boost up the process and for us to get the results we want much faster.

Now we all know that there are many and many weight loss diet pills and fat burner supplements out there in the industry.

Yet, some do work and some don’t. Some do contain illegal substances in their products but some are legit and official!

And this is where the #1 best Instant Knockout Fat Burner comes into play…

Not only it’s completely 100% natural, safe, and effective with only natural fat burning ingredients, but there are many and many before and after photos/videos to prove us the results that you’re looking for.

Imagine yourself with similar mind-blowing results? Will it change your life? I’m sure so!

However, it’s not the typical fat burner we see around which these Instant Knockout Fat Burner pills will NOT leave you feeling hungry like others out there or make you lose muscle and all that.

NOT AT ALL… This fat burner supplement is intended to shred down excessive fat by burning the fat cells so you won’t have the same fat cells in your body, but it is also intended to help you keep your muscles gains for the best physique that you always wanted.

In fact, you won’t feel tired anymore since this product uses the stored fat for energy, drive, and stamina and therefore, you will have higher performance levels while helping you gain more muscle growth.

How does that sound?

Imagine your metabolism super-charged since it does suppress your appetite so you don’t feel hungry and wanting to eat unhealthy foods all the time.

I mean, you will shred down unwanted fat and by doing the things I showed you above, your waistline will decrease in just a few days!

I guarantee! Check out their official website here!

Just remember, it is for both men and women !

And here’s quick layout of what I just showed you above!

  • Do Cardio (40-60 minutes) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (Intermitted fasting) & workout your muscles out later
  • When jogging/running for cardio, run with your legs up like skipping
  • Train your abs for only 2-3 times per week at max
  • Of course, eat clean and healthy meals/diet
  • Eat Very small portion meals more frequently
  • Eat slowly by chewing more for fast digestion
  • Drink 3-6 large cups of clean alkaline water – No Tap water
  • Don’t workout your obliques/side abdominal muscle
  • Don’t work out your core muscle since it grows bigger = bigger waist
  • Don’t use too many Heavy Weights on Squats, deadlifts, T-row, Bend-rows
  • Make sure not to release cortisol hormone by stress, worry, or anxious
  • Do stomach vacuum exercises aka suck in your stomach & squeeze
  • Focus to keep your stomach in your whole day for every day
  • Wear a tight waist slimmer belt on a daily basis. – Can use it during exercise/working out
  • Use the effective, safe & natural INSTANT KNOCKOUT fat burner supplement here

I’m sure that all of this will change your waistline and make it flat, small and tight as much as you want! Consistent is KEY.

Click here and it will send you directly to the Instant Fat Burner official website and get your supplies to look and feel your best!


Just now so you know, every part that I mention does count! Try not to miss any of them for your best and maximum results.

I’m telling you when you bring down even 1″ full inch only, your physique will appear as if you have gained 10lbs more and seem more aesthetic than ever.

(2020) How to Make Your Waistline Tight & Slim – The Tricks I Use for Well-Defined Abs!


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