Motivation is something personal and a lot of people struggle with it on a daily basis.

I actually used to be one of them!

To me, motivation is temporary and for a fact, I don’t know a single person who can stay motivated all year round without losing motivation at some point in their lives.

Even if it’s something you’re passionate about, you will still lose it no matter how many motivational videos you watch.

Therefore, it is 100% on you and no one can tell you how to be motivated!

But there is one important tip/advice that I personally use on a daily basis that will help you stay motivated regardless of whatever comes your way!

Let’s read below and find out what I have been doing for over a decade.

What Is Motivation?

Motivation to me is basically a driving force or an inner force from a desire, need or want that energizes us to do what is needed in order to achieve that desire of ours.

It is what causes us to act in a particular way that moves us from one point to another by the stimulation of interest in each person.


And the more motivation we have, the more it fuels us to take action to accomplish our goals.

But the problem is that since motivation is temporary, it will wear out sooner than later…

And this is where a lot of people struggle with!

You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporay. The only lasting thing is self motivation. – Homer Rice

When motivation wears out, a lot of people would most likely want to quit what they’re doing and lose productivity.

I mean, we all have run into similar scenarios in the past and if you’re a weak person, then you surely will give up and quit!

But if you’re a strong individual like a true alpha male, then you’re going to keep going forward despite having motivation or not

You won’t let challenges, lack of motivation, or anything stop you from accomplishing your goals to achieve your desires.

Why Do We Need Motivation?

Motivation is super important in everyone’s lives!

In fact, if you were to start a new business and you lack it at first, then you probably wouldn’t even start at all.

So motivation plays a big role in a lot of people’s lives, especially for entrepreneurs and business people!


It sure is the starting point, it is what fuels us to want to become something in life, and it is what pushes us to keep going and to do whatever it takes to get what we want.

Without it, you’re not even going to take the first step forward at the beginning of your journey!

And that is why we do need motivation in our lives…

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. – Lou Holtz

I mean, this #1 alpha male website (ALFASTALLION®) would not be up and running if it wasn’t for my self-motivation to help you and the millions of men out there to change lives and help you become the ultimate alpha stallion version of yourselves as well.

Keep reading!

How to Stay Motivated?

For me, in order to stay motivated, we would need consistency in what we’re doing and also be able to see the direction of where we’re going.

And how do you stay consistent?

Very simple, make it a habit and not an option!


That’s right. Since motivation is definitely temporary, if you were to only take action when you feel motivated, then you will burn out sooner than later and that leads you to lose productivity.

But if you make it a habit (self-disciplined) despite not feeling any form of motivation, then you will keep going and keep taking action and sooner or later, you will regain motivation once again because you have not stopped what you’re doing and you kept being on the right direction to achieve whatever that you want!

Can you see what I’m trying to explain here?

Motivated people always find a way. Unmotivated people will always find a way not to. – Ed Latimore

Basically, it is the consistent habit of taking action on a daily basis that will allow us to accomplish our goals and not by motivation itself.


And again, only the strong-minded people will keep going when they feel unmotivated because weak men or women will stop what they’re doing at all costs!

So that is why only 1% of the population are the wealthiest and most successful folks out there because they are some powerful, strong individuals that will not quit ever but keep going to create momentum that will soon or later lead to success.

Quitting or giving up is not an option, but keeping going is the only way that we will achieve what we want in this life!

Final Verdict of Motivation

I know if you were to search on Google about motivation, many people would try to show you several ways to motivate yourself.

Yet, they probably will not tell what I just told you about making it a habit and not an option!

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.

That is because if I were to show you ways like they do, you will still come to a point and run out of motivation once again and probably quit what you’re doing forever.

Since we all want to be motivated and yet, so many times we fail, I can clearly say that the secret to motivation is to just do it!

I remember a highly successful person once said that; Motivation is not the cause of action, it’s the byproduct of action!

And that is 100% true because if we think motivation is the cause of our action, then we might wait forever to be motivated before we do anything at all.

But if we realize that it’s really the byproduct of our actions, then we’ll start doing something and then guess what?

Motivation will come up and zap you and all of a sudden we feel good and we’re glad we’re doing it and boom, we’re highly motivated, and the more we continue, the higher motivation we get based on my own experience!

Simple as that!

So listen to my advice here and let it be the byproduct aka the actions we take, it will help you achieve most of the things you desire and for you to reach the highest level of success, then you will become a successful person in the future.

Again, just keep going, and sooner or later not only motivation will hit you stronger than ever, but you will also be closer to your desires!

How does that sound? Incredible, right!

Trust me, this is the only way that truly works for anyone to acquire success.

In fact, most men that don’t really have any type of motivation are usually because their own testosterone levels are low and therefore, they feel less energized, motivated, and lack productivity.

However, I have a complete post here for you to see the top best natural testosterone supplements that will naturally boost your own testosterone levels on a daily basis which will allow you to be a highly motived man!


As you can clearly see, having high testosterone levels is exactly what a real alpha man is and that is a person who can achieve all the things he desires!

Become this natural alpha man with high t-levels and enjoy your life way better than a beta man!

So are you always motivated on a daily basis? If not, then don’t hesitate to scroll down and leave me your concern below. I would love to hear from you!

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