Millions of men worldwide are dealing with the fact that their penis is currently bent or curved, which is actually called the Peyronie Disease condition.

Some men actually have a serious problem here that they can’t even have sex, and not to mention the pain that occurs.

Yet, there are several causes on why your penis has caused a curvature, which I’m going to share with you some of the main causes below!

But that’s not all, you need to know how to fix your curved / bent penis too and I’m here for this reason, to show you the best options to fix curvature!

So don’t go just yet, read below and find out everything you need to know!

How Does It Cause a Curvature on Your Penis?

As I mentioned above, the actual name of this condition is called the Peyronie Disease and yes, it is basically a “disease” because it happens by a bad plaque (or scar tissue) that has built up inside the penis tissues and formed into a lump inside the penis.

Take a quick look at the photo here!

And therefore, over time, the penis starts bending to the side or up, and it only gets worse and worse!

Believe it or not, some men can actually live with this kind of condition and just go on with their lives…

But if you don’t do anything about it, soon or later you’re looking for some serious issues down the road!

Right now it might be okay to live with a curved penis, but if the plaque grows bigger, you can lose the function of your penis.

I mean, as an alpha male you definitely don’t want that to happen which a man who can’t use his sexual male organ to have sex and enjoy sexual pleasure, then that’s one of the worst things ever in my opinion…

Keep reading!

What Are The Causes of Peyronie’s Disease?

According to the sources that were found from scientists, researchers, and doctors, they have not found an actual cause of the curvature that happens inside the penis.

But there are some types of causes that could cause your penis to build up the plaque and make it bend overtime.

Therefore, the #1 main cause that I personally believe is when you have a hard erection and you’re having sex, then you miss the vagina/anal hole and hit it forward really hard, which causes an injury/trauma and bleeds inside your penis.

Then it builds up scar tissue and form into the bad plaque that causes the penis to curve in a direction.

Yes, this does happen quite often with many guys out there. Even with me, this has happened before in the past as well!

However, in some cases, you may not even notice the injury and just keep doing what you’re doing!

The symptom is said to develop at a slow pace, where you may be diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease after several months or even years depending on how bad the injury is.

And another reason could be an autoimmune disorder which is when your own immune system goes against your body by allowing a bacteria/virus or even through medication drugs to attack the healthy cells of your body, including the penis tissues.

Therefore, it causes the fibrous plaque!

Another cause could be by your own genes. Yes, some men could be born with this type of condition or form in adult age.

So these are the main causes that I believe!

How to Fix a Curved/Bent Penis?

Believe it or not, some medical doctors could prescribe you some type of medication to take or even apply an injection with certain chemicals straight to the plaque scar tissue to see if it goes away.

Or they can basically tell you to wait a year or two depending on your condition to see if it gets better in the future!

But in most cases, it actually gets much worse, where the pain starts to accumulate and come to a point that you can’t even get a hard erection to have sex!

So why not find a realistic and best way to help you straighten your male sexual organ and therefore, the scar tissue may go away within time!

Is Surgery an Option?

Now if your Peyronie’s Disease is extremely bad, then doctors may consider you to get under a knife and have surgery to remove the bad plaque or scar tissue.

However, that is not the best solution here and you probably would not want to go that route because imagine after your surgery is done and you have completely recovered, but you no longer can get your penis to fully function 100% again

Yikes! Yes, it happens a lot with penis surgeries out there…

Surgeries are very risky and may not be worth doing that… Therefore, I’m going to show you some of the best options to naturally help you in a complete 100% safe way with zero risks!

Is Pills & Traction Extender an Option?

There are a few treatments specifically designed to fix the curvature of the penis.

However, most gurus out there are recommending some types of pills or some special male penis devices such as a penis stretching extender like this one…

Yet, these MAY slightly work but it probably won’t because these penis traction extender devices are really hard to use on the daily basis, where you do have to wear this bulky, uncomfortable traction device that keeps slipping off every time and therefore, no actual results since it’s hard to keep this device on!

I have past experiences with such traction noose extenders, and I do talk about it all here in this post.

And the pills alone could actually help with reducing the scar tissues over time, but what about to straighten the penis?

The pills alone can’t force your penis to be straight at all which there has not been any real evidence that pills alone will fix your Peyronie Disease condition.

Is a Penis Pump an Option?

Another option that people are recommending to you is a penis pump, either the basic traditional air ones or the water-based pump.

And guess what? These procedures will actually make your curved penis much worse because you’re pumping your penis with full pressure to reach a swollen hard erection, and therefore, it could make it worse than it already is.

The force could lead to more pain and make the plaque grow bigger, and before you know it, the curvature is way worse than it was!

Believe it, I know all about how these male stuffs work from me having over a decade of experience in the male industry…

Yes, it works for penis enlargement gains and to achieve stronger, harder and bigger erections, but for Peyronie’s disease, in my own opinion, you should stay away from them.

You know, people are misleading you out there, and I am not like them! I’m here to help you to get the real actual results you’re looking for!

Is Penile Exercise an Option?

Well, it actually is somewhat an option, but it requires you to be 100% dedicated, have much effort to do them on the daily basis and you must be consistent at all costs!

If you miss a week without working out your penis, then it may not work for you!

There are some penile exercises such as the basic stretching ones that will have you using your own bare hands and stretch-out the penis for a couple of seconds, and then again for a few reps and sessions.

Perhaps, the jelqing ones could work as well because you’re pushing the blood flow towards the plaque and it could help with the scar tissue IF DONE CORRECTLY!

But the more advanced penile exercises which are some that I show you how to do them here on this post may not be enough to fix a curved penis.

Now there is an actual penis enlargement program that does have specific penile exercises for Peyronie’s disease!

And with this #1 top best natural penis exercise program, you’re going to watch it all in HD video format with them showing you step-by-step on how to perform the exercises the right way, and if you need help, then their customer support team will answer you within 24 hours.


The #1 Top BEST SOLUTION To Fix The Curvature of a Bent/Curved Penis & Straighten IT HERE

Now my best recommendation solution would be to use the same penis enlargement device that I am currently using to grow my penis size that helped me go from 6″ inch to over 8″1/2 full inches of growth, but also it has straightened my penis as well!

With the Phallosan Forte system, it is a medical-grade stretching and pulling device that comes with a belt and holds the penis head (glans) with some pressure, and therefore you can actually wear it to pull your penis to the side while being very discreetly under clothing where people will not notice it at all.

Unlike other types of penis devices out there, this one is very comfortable and does not cause any slippage, which leads to results by straightening your pecker there for a longer, larger, and bigger size.

Since I actually use it, there are some days that I can wear it for a full 8 hours on the daily basis without having to remove it!

And if I do have to remove it to use the bathroom, it only takes 10 seconds to remove and 30 seconds to put it back on.

And therefore, if you decide on it and use it for 6 months of wearing it on a daily basis discreetly under your pants to work, you sure can expect it to help you a lot with your curved penis from the stretching and pulling process.

Yes, Phallosan Forte system will fix your curvature and you’ll notice your sexual manhood there getting much longer, larger, and bigger penis size overtime. But that is if SIZE MATTERS to you as well!

Of course, it enhances the potency of your erection for hardness, so just imagine!

How would you feel to no longer have to deal with Peyronie’s disease and have a straight, larger, and rock-hard erection fully ready to have the best sex ever?

I mean, the only way to find out how fully satisfied and confident you would be is after you have used it and fixed your curved penis, right!?

Over time, your dick will hang longer and straighter, where the plaque that is causing the bend and curvature will start to decrease the lump inside the tissue and therefore, come to a point that you no longer have this serious condition anymore!

Check out the best solution for you right here!


So how long have you had Peyronie’s disease? Don’t hesitate to throw me a line of your text in the box below! I would love to help you. You know, I am very confident that these products will allow you to fix your curved and bent penis!

(2021) How to Straighten a Curved/Bent Penis aka Peyronie Disease – FIX IT HERE!


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