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Did you know that seriousness is illness? And that life is a game itself full of adventure?

Well, you’re in the right place to find out!

In fact, if you were to actually become aware, you’ll notice that the happiest people on the planet are not taking life very seriously and that the saddest/most depressed folks are super serious about life.

Yes, that’s 100% true!

I used to be like that, where I would take life so seriously and only bad things seem to happen to me all the time…

Therefore, life is a joke and when you start looking at life in this type of perspective, you’ll notice how fun it actually is…

Make your life the best adventure.

Just keep reading!

How Is Life a Joke?

Did you know that we came to this world called life to have maximum adventures?

Well, it’s 100% true!

We did not come here to take everything so seriously. We are here to ENJOY life, to laugh, to be in full joy, peace, and in a love state of being. We are here to have fun and live life to the maximum.

How-Why-Life-Is-an-Adventure- Game-Everything-Is-a-Joke-FIND-OUT-HERE-Create-Creator-Living-Joking-Serious-Alfa-Stallion

And not to mention, we all should be smiling to the fullest, and just be the happiest people alive and basically live life as we should as it is happening right now!

Now if you’re taking life too seriously, you might end up in big trouble!

Life is like an ice-cream. Enjoy before it melts.

Why? Well, according to the universal law called the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

Therefore, if you’re too serious, you might as bet that serious events/situations and circumstances will come along if it has not yet…

And if you do like me, take life as a joke, there are little to no problems coming my way because the universe/God/source understands that since I am in this joyful state of being, then only good things are happening in my life and that is what will happen further in the future.

Can you see what I’m trying to explain here?

According to Psychology, ‘the less you care, the happier you will be‘ and that is very true!

Why Is Life an Adventure Game?

We are all here to create our own world. We are the creator of our own lives and no one else is responsible for it other than each one of us.

Therefore, why should we take life so seriously when we can make life our own video game and enjoy the process?

I mean, that’s what I do and encourage you to do that as well!

We are all worthy of the life we all crave, and that means anything is possible! Impossible doesn’t exist in my vocabulary!

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. – Unknown

How-Why-Life-Is-an-Adventure- Game-Everything-Is-a-Joke-FIND-OUT-HERE-Create-Creator-Living-Joking-Alfa-Stallion

Whatever you want to become in life, you can rest assured that if you focus on it with full dedication and enjoy the journey, you will achieve the life you want sooner or later.

Yes, it is what we are meant to do here on Earth, to become what we want!

Just look at some of the billionaires out there, the reason that they are in that situation worth billions is because they took action and created the product/business that changed the world.

Notice how some of them are on their way to other planets such as Mars and they will achieve it sooner or later through their own company of rocket launchers.

Therefore, they simply took a creative idea, intended and put it to work and massive success came along as the byproduct of their idea and actions.

Life is not about how to survive the storm, it’s about how you dance in the rain.

It’s obvious to me that life is a super game and we are the creator of it.

Read on!

MUST Live to Experience

You know, sure we all should live to be happy but if you do that, you might come across as living in regret.

And that’s a fact!

But if you live to experience life’s adventures and to actually evolve by learning new things every day, I bet you that you will forever and constantly be happy in all that you do.

Another thing that I also learned throughout my life is that living life isn’t really about being liked by others which if you do that, you’re basically always seeking approval from others and that’s definitely not the way to go!

You have to just be yourself and love yourself most importantly. It doesn’t matter if others don’t, what matters is if you do and the right people will always be in your life as for who you are.

How-Why-Life-Is-an-Adventure- Game-Everything-Is-a-Joke-FIND-OUT-HERE-Create-Creator-Living-Joking-Serious-Present-Smile-Alfa-Stallion

Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life. – Marcus Aurelius

You know there is a quote from someone saying that ‘luxuries are about art and experience’ and I totally agree!

You basically have to make your life your own art and experience it to the fullest by taking certain risks and living spontaneously bold is the best route to take.

Another important thing that you should do is always celebrate your small conquers and just enjoy the process as you would enjoy the results.

I like to give an example of climbing up a mountain; it should be just as fun as going up the hill, step by step as the same as reaching the top of the mountain.

Follow down for the best!

Verdict of Everything Being a Joke

Basically, it’s obvious that each one’s life is really a joke and we all should be smiling, laughing, and enjoying the journey in the present moment instead of taking everything so seriously.

That is because if you are being so serious, I assume you’re either living in the past full of regrets or living in the future full of anxiety.

Either way, you’re not taking life as an adventure game, and that means you’re basically on your way to causing on your own self some form of illness, disease, and early death since unhappiness is what causes all these negative things in our bodies.

Life would be a tragic if it weren’t funny. – Stephen Hawking

But if you’re like me, don’t really care much about anything at all, and always living in the now, in this present moment and connected to my own higher-self/being, then that is the best way to go!

How-Why-Life-Is-an-Adventure- Game-Everything-Is-a-Joke-FIND-OUT-HERE-Create-Creator-Living-Joking-Serious-Present-Alfa-Stallion

If you do that, you’ll surely live in full bliss filled with inner joy, love and complete peace and enjoy every single moment of life itself.

How does that sound to you?

And it’s easy!

Just focus on your breath all the time, feel your inner being, and be fully conscious/observe your movements as this will automatically allow you to live in the now and be fully present.

But in terms of your mind aka your ego, watch your thoughts and don’t believe in them. Have fun with your mind as I am always laughing at some random thoughts that might come my way.

Nothing kills the ego like playfulness, like laughter . When you start taking life as fun, the ego has to die, it cannot exist anymore. – Osho

When you do that, you can rest assured that you will start taking life as a joke and start living life as if you are the creator of your own game and just enjoy and be fully 100% happy!

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(2023) How & Why Life Is an Adventure Game! Everything Is a Joke – FIND OUT HERE!


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