It is true that not many people believe in themselves…

Sure, if you don’t believe in your own ability or willpower but believe in the Universe or an outside God/Higher Supreme Source, then that’s all it matters!

Now if you don’t believe in yourself or in something at all, you’re probably having a hard time going through life especially when things get rough, and when challenges try to stop you to go forward to achieve all of your desires.

And if you don’t know, all of the successful people believe in themselves, or better yet, they believe that there is something out there or within each of us that is guiding them through to reach the highest levels of success.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself. – Swami Vivekananda

Yet, there are definitely not wrong at all and I’ll show you why as you read along!

Therefore, in this complete post, I’m going to share some deep information on why you need to believe to achieve and how to actually believe, and also the ways that some spiritual guidance is showing us on a daily basis!

Just read on.

Why Do We Need to Believe in Something?

The main reason why you MUST believe in yourself or in the universe/God is because of the daily messages we get from something guiding all of us!

Now, another reason is that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will…

Yes, it is true that if you have a business company and you’re the owner of it, you have to believe or your employees and customers will neither.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in our own powers you cannot be successful or happy. – Norman Vincent Peale

As an alpha leader, it is super important that our beliefs match the direction we’re going. People are looking up to their leaders and if they don’t trust the process or believe in anything, then they just won’t either.


No one is going to believe in you until you actually DO.

Why should they? See what I’m saying here?

You just have to be the very first person to have strong beliefs in order to achieve anything in this life!

But I’m not saying you have to believe in a God or certain “gods” out there, not at all. I’m just saying you need to believe either in yourself or in something. You must have trust in something!

Most billionaires and millionaires out there all believe in something rather if it is in themselves or in the Universe/Source of Power to walk them through the process.

And I don’t blame them!

Here’s a little story about me;

One time when I was in a major depression state of being, I remember that I left my beliefs to the side since I started to question them, which I thought to myself; If there is a “God” or something out there, why is it leaving me feeling so low? Why isn’t my life going the right way? Why is everything going bad? etc.

Yet, I didn’t know that I was the only person responsible for being in that negative state of emotion, which God or something had nothing to do with it…But only myself!

God is actually pure love and abundant, and it sure doesn’t want us to be in any negative way whatsoever! Yet, we also have to do our part since all it does is HELP us but not directly CHANGE us without us doing anything.

God is working things out for you even if you don’t feel it. Have faith and be thankful where faith and hope grows MIRACLES BLOSSOM. – Unknown

Therefore, I went on for about 3 full years or so without believing in myself or believing in something out there. And I can surely say that my life was miserable!

Then I started watching movies about the Bible and notice how much “God’s chosen people” were so loyal and faithful to a God that they just believe in regardless of what was happening and I noticed that something good would always happen such as help take them out of slavery, gain a fortune through their own hard work, etc.

So that’s when I started to check up on myself and started waking up early and hitting my knees on the floor to praise a one-true single God with only love and grateful prayers or believe in something that is out there, and I sure can say 100% that my life starting to change from that exact day.


I mean, I would work hard but felt proud and feelings of contentment all day, and I remember that good things of abundance were starting to come to me effortlessly and unexpectedly. And guess what? I never stop and my life has turned completely around from lack to abundance in all types of forms!

So what I’m saying here is that you MUST believe either in yourself or in something out there that you feel is right to call it.

People who follow the law of attraction call it the Universe/Source, religious people call it a God/s or have specific names for it, and I as a spiritual being call it either a Higher-Self/Inner-Being or one-true GOD, Universe, etc since I only believe that there is ONLY one single real power of Source out there, of course!

Your way of thinking or beliefs could be different, but that doesn’t matter at all. I’m not here to argue or any of that since it all breaks down to being a choice to choose what you want to think or believe.

Keep reading!

How to Believe in Myself or In Something?

To actually believe and have faith basically means “certainly”. So the moment you start to believe in yourself or in “something” out there, you’re giving your trust and certainly know it’s going to happen regardless of anything.

Now, you just need to have this “unknown” faith and pure certainty of trust that what you’re going after or what you want will manifest into your life sooner or later. And it will as long as you do your part and take the right direction as what I’m going to show you below!

If you don’t know, we as human beings are made to believe in ourselves or in “something” out there, and if you don’t, then you’re probably not going to make it to the other side of what you want to achieve!


So the very first step is to choose whether you’re willing ONLY to believe in yourself or in the Universe/God out there!

And when you choose wisely since everything in this life is a choice, you then have to put all of your trust in yourself or in it regardless of what your current situation is or whatever happens.

And when you have trust, it builds an unbreakable faith and that leads to feeling hope and expecting it to happen!

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The pride of victory is high but so are the rewards. – Bear Bryant

Now I have done both, I have trusted and believed in myself for some time ago, and now I have been trusting and believing in a spiritual God/Higher-self out there without getting involved in any religion whatsoever.

But I can surely say that trusting and believing in something is a much greater effect than just believing in myself.

And the reason is that when I used to only believe in myself, sometimes it seemed that I didn’t have the “power” or the strength needed to get me through some tough situations…

But by trusting and believing in a supreme higher-source like a one-almighty God, I always felt the strength and power to get through the hard days and dark times of my life!

Can you see what I’m trying to say here?

Believe in yourself rather than God. If you believe in God, believe that God is in yourself. – Santha

Again, I’m NOT trying at all to make you believe in something that you don’t want to… It is your own choice!

But what I’m saying here is that you just MUST have trust and believe that you’re going to make it through and achieve what you want regardless if it’s in yourself or a supreme power guiding you all the way.

Follow down!

What Are the Ways to See My Guidance?

Rather if your beliefs are in your own power or something out there, every single one of us as human beings have a soul and a spirit inside of us known as consciousness, of course.

The soul is who we are and the spirit to me is a POWER that I also call God. Yes, I believe that is our consciousness/awareness aka one-true single God inside each one of us and that is for many reasons as what I’m going to show you here!

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. – Christian D. Larson

So either way, in order to achieve success by going in the right direction at a fast pace, you must follow your own guidance!

And how do you do that?

Well, I have studied many billionaires, millionaires, and successful people’s stories out there and I can say that most of them said they listen and follow their own INTUITION!


Yes, that is our true guidance that we all have deep down in our heart/gut area.

Now I’m sure you have had an experience where your intellect mind/EGO showed you all the reasons, facts, and full analysis that you should go take that route or take that advantage and just do it, but deep inside of you, something was telling you the complete opposite.

Or another example; when you’re around a certain person and they’re showing you all the things to make you believe in them or say all kinds of stuff to make you trust them but deep down inside of you, you’re not feeling right about this person or about their idea…

Which you probably didn’t know what it was your own guidance since I didn’t either over a decade ago, and that is our INTUITION also known as our Higher-Self guiding us.

Believe in yourself and your feelings. Trust yourself to do what your heart is guiding you to do. Your intuition is powerful. Trust it. – Unknown

And the moment you can listen or feel it regardless of anything, then you’re basically being aware of it and know that “something within you” is trying to tell or show you something.

Then the next step is to follow exactly what it wants you to do! If the feeling is a heavy contraction sensation, then that could be a NO to not make that decision at all costs.

But if you’re feeling light, ease, and forward, then that could mean a GREEN LIGHT to go for it! Yes, I have a complete post here where I talk all about how to listen and trust our gut feelings/instincts.

Yes, I teach all of this stuff to help you big time!

In fact, it is true that the highest-paid CEOs in the world who are taking over big international companies out there usually make all of their decisions based on what they are feeling inside of them.

Yes, a lot of them actually talked about it such as Steve Jobs to Tim Cook (current CEO of Apple) and many others out there.

Therefore, the question would be, what is this “power” that is giving us this future information? To me, it’s a Higher-Self known as a GOD that is inside of each one of us.

So that’s one of the principal ways!

Another way is through synchronicities also known as intuitive information, and that is basically the signs/hints we get on a daily basis which is also a form of spiritual enlightenment wisdom showing us the correct way since everything in this world is pure energy. Yes, we are made out of atoms, energy, etc.


And these are in forms of;

  • a symbolic image
  • opportunities, answers
  • nudge, etc
  • an inner voice
  • serendipities
  • a dream
  • a gut feeling (INTUITION)
  • our emotions by excitement or curiosity

Yet, in order to see them is through our third-eye being open/awaken which I also have a completely different post as well that I do talk all about how to open/awaken our third-eye here.

So both intuition which is a physical sensation/tingles inside of us and synchronicities/intuitive information outside of us will allow you to follow the successful direction aka your true guidance’s path.

Believe in yourself. Trust in God. Every move is, blessing of God. – Antarvani

Bottom Line: Summary of Belief

Coming to an end, as now you know why it is super important to either believe in yourself or in the Universe/God in order to reach success in all areas of our life!

Trust me, you just won’t regret it because again, we as human beings are meant to believe that there is something out there trying to guide each one of us, and there is!

Spiritual people and open-minded folks can clearly see it. And yes, of course, it wants us to succeed at all costs!


No one came to this Earth to live a non-meaningful life, but I believe every single person has an inner purpose to find out the truth of who we are and also our passion and that passion is our mission to follow and lead to our outer purpose.

That means even if a person was born with a disability or a sickness, maybe their purpose is to show others that we must be grateful for our lives at all costs and for who we are.

God believes in you, and it’s about time you believe in yourself.

Who knows!?

So even though we are made from the same source as the world/universe, If I were to choose either to trust and believe in myself or in a higher-supreme power that I truly know exists, I would always and definitely choose to trust and believe in that with all my faith.

In fact, you or someone who doesn’t believe in a single “Power/GOD” whether they are an Atheist or non-religious person, either way, we all know deep inside of us that there is something or a power way beyond us out there, or within us.

Rather they don’t want to admit it or probably because something happened before and they refuse to believe it as it is exactly what happened to me before.

God lives within you. So, always believe in yourself and have faith in you… – Vaibhav


Yet, what I do in today’s date and age is to believe in BOTH, in myself 100% and in a God/Supreme Power 100% and that way, nothing can stop me from achieving my goals!

But again one more time, I’m NOT here to make or force you to believe in a GOD or be part of any religion whatsoever.

I am here to make you BECOME AWARE of what’s going on within you and in the outside world for you to open your eyes and be awakened to see your true guidance for you to follow through and get the results you want!

By the way, I have a complete post here where I actually talk about what is God, how to find God/Higher-Self, and what proves God’s existence within us.

Other than that, it’s just like for penis enlargement!

If you don’t believe that it will work for you to achieve a few inches in penis size, it just won’t happen regardless of how effective the penis enlarger device or the penile exercises are

Nothing will work until you change your mindset and put a straight belief that it will which it will and I am the proof as in this Penis Professor HD video exercise program, you’re going to see numerous before and after results based on past customers’ experiences.


Just remember that everything in this life is a choice. You choose your own destination, you choose your own beliefs and you choose if you want to see the spiritual signs or not! You choose if you truly want results of inches in penis size or not. Nothing will make you change unless you do it yourself.

What about you, what do you believe in? Or you don’t believe in either in yourself or in something and why is that? I would LOVE to listen to what you have to say! It should be fun since every single person has different beliefs.

(2023) How You Have to Believe to Achieve – Either Believe in Yourself or in a God/Universe – SEE HERE!


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