Social media’s main goal is to connect us together with friends and family.

Yet, in the early days of it, people would go online to get out of reality for a bit, but now it’s the complete opposite!

Since there is half of the world’s population (3.4 billion) online, most of them are living day by day scrolling on the internet and checking their newsfeed every second, and barely enjoying the real world.

In fact, phone addiction is WAY too real and overlooked.

Social media is a drug.

Yes, I know a lot of people are doing this same thing and basically online 24/7! They are hooked on social media regardless of their age.

Are you one of them?

Now I personally have deactivated all of my personal social media accounts a few years ago, and the reason why is because it seemed to waste my life, and that way, my productivity was decreasing on a daily basis.

Which, if you don’t know, life outside of social media is much better and way more fun than to keep scrolling down every second to just see what other people are doing aka other people’s lives…

No posting. No liking. Just living.


And this is where I’m going to explain if social media is destroying our society or not!

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What Are the Pros of Social Media?

To me, there is only a couple of really good advantages to having social media accounts!

If many worked as hard as self development and earning money as they were thirsty for attention on social media, we would have a new generation of billionaires. – Unknown

And they are;

  • To be able to connect with friends, colleagues, and family members regardless of where they’re at in the world.
  • To gain true information and updates about what has happened recently worldwide since news channels are not always accurate.
  • Help have more access in be able to help communities and people who truly need a handout like money, food, etc.
  • Allows you to promote your business or brand to reach more people than ever if you know what you’re doing.
  • Helps you attain more education such as learning from other highly successful people and obtaining their knowledge in certain fields.
  • Does help the government a lot to easily find people trying to break the law or corruption since there is more “freedom of speech” than otherwise.
  • Allows you to improve your repetition and also gain fame if that’s what you really want. – Boost ego
  • People are presenting to be the best version of themselves, which could help them become it.
  • Help spread awareness regard of anything to as many people as you can.
  • Easier to find interested people such as lifetime partners, sexual mates, etc.
  • Does help a lot of people to find a job or something to do.
  • Plus a few other advantages as well!

So as you can clearly see, those are the main advantages why we may consider social media to help us connect with more people than ever!


However, not a lot of people use it for these purposes and this is where I’m going to give you the cons of social media based on my experience.

Don’t trade your authenticity for social media approval.

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What Are the Cons of Social Media?

You know, I am usually a very optimistic alpha male but in terms of social media accounts, I happen to find way more disadvantages than advantages!

And there are such as;

  1. A lot of fake people pretending to be someone else by taking photos filled with filters, photoshop, and not their real photos or their true selves.
  2. There is too much cyberbullying online in which people are posting negative comments just to tease.
  3. Fake profiles and fake accounts are all over the place. Some people buy fake followers while others create fake accounts with bad intentions.
  4. Seems to me that social media has actually divided us and made people less face-to-face interaction in real-life.
  5. Lots of judgmental where people feel like they can express whatever they want and judge others.
  6. Many hackers out there trying to take your personal information for your own financial loss, especially fraud and spam links.
  7. People are highly addicted to social media which causes less productivity, much fewer daily activities, and waste a lot of time.
  8. Social media spreads fake news all over the place and anyone can actually ruin someone’s reputation or a business’s reputation as well.
  9. Causes a huge percentage of divorce, relationship issues, and people are way more likely to cheat on their partner.
  10. A lot of people are much more materialistic nowadays since we are always seeing flashy cars, big houses, etc all over social media.
  11. Does cause health problems like depression, sleeping problems, laziness, obesity/out-of-shape, eating disorders, loneliness, migraines, and many more negative issues.
  12. Makes people feel more insecure, egotistical, narcissistic, anxious, ungrateful, mean-spirited, sensitive, and did I say depressed?
  13. Causes a negative impact on the lives of children and teenagers since they are more likely to be exposed to drugs, alcohol, sexual content, bad habits, etc.
  14. Could cause early death in some people due to watching crazy stunts from other people doing them as well as suicidal thoughts for not having a flashy life as someone else on social media.
  15. The list goes on…

Therefore, that are a lot of negative disadvantages which are way more than the pros from my point of view!

Social media is where losers go to feel important. – Charles Barkley


Follow down.

Final Summary of Social Media

So my main question would be, is social media connecting us together or separating and dividing people?

What do you think? Make sure to leave me your comment below!

I would absolutely love to go back to the simplicity of the 80’s, where there wasn’t texting, social media, iPhones, or smartphones. I love the fact that you would go home and check your messages. I’m not well suited to the world of modern technology. – Matthew Rhys

But in my opinion, I personally think that it is actually doing more damage than good…


And why is that?

Well, 95% of people online are hooked on social media which they are highly craving likes, comments, giving you prays, and gaining massive attention all over the place. People are doing anything they can think of just to go viral, and that’s not good!

Women are selling themselves by showing their plastic bodies for money, fame, and ego inflation! Men are becoming much more desperate for material things to get these types of girls, and therefore, filling up women’s egos with desperate comments, emojis, and chasing women the wrong way aka beta male!

To me, social media is creating a fake world filled with illusions. People are most likely using unreal photos of rented sports cars, someone else’s mansion, photoshopped bodies regardless if you’re a man or woman, fake vacations with false photoshop backgrounds, people faking as if they’re truly happy, and fake life trying to please others, and many other false kinds of stuff out there. It’s getting crazy and terrible out there!

Social media has created jealous behavior over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that don’t even exists.

I personally think that social media could be the worst thing to society, it has ruined it as a whole. We are seeing way too much negativity all over the place, lots of judgments from everyone, exaggerated false reality, and self-centered folks seeking constant attention, which is actually taking over their whole life.

To me, it doesn’t seem as if it’s really making people’s lives better like more happiness, enthusiasm to live better in the real world, or more positivity at all.

But the other way around… The future generation is really over-simulated. They’re not living in the present moment anymore, they’re more worried about capturing the moment to post it up instead rather than living their life to the fullest!

Not to mention, there are way more depressed and addicted people nowadays than back then when there were no social media whatsoever because of these false illusion images that we see all over the place.

For a fact, too many people are comparing themselves to someone else’s fake social media lifestyle.

I say it’s time to get rid of social media and start to live life more like back in the day! How does that sound?


Not to mention, hardly anyone is taking someone seriously in a relationship, and therefore, people are cheating a lot more than back then and that means an extremely high percentage of divorce nowadays.

People have become too materialistic, and egotistical, and to me, social media is causing a greater face-to-face social distance than ever!

Plus it’s only getting worse. Watch in a couple more years or decades when they start introducing robots to society, it’s going to be weird living out here, and that’s a fact!

But now here’s the good news!

Yes, some people are making much more money with social media than ever, especially businesses/brands that are promoting there, or even influencers folks making a hell of a lot of money just to act like they’re using something for an exchange and get a couple of thousands of dollars per ad.

Yes, it is way easier nowadays to find a partner than before since there is half of the population online.

Yes, it seems to have much fewer crimes than ever since the government is involved with social media, and people are more likely to say something about anything for awareness.

Yes, we are more connected with family members and friends from all over the world than ever.

Keep your personal life private! Reality is not everyone is going to be happy for you. Most of the “Nice” comments you get are just fake. You will only attract the evil eye on you and your family. You are attracting jealous people in your life. You don’t know who is saving your pictures and checking your updates. You really need to stop this because it may ruin your life, family, marriage, and career. Social media is the devil’s eyes, ears, and mouth, don’t fall into the devil’s trap. Let your private life remain private. – Unknown

And therefore, here’s what I have to say!

If you can use social media for your own benefit such as to educate yourself by only following mentors and looking at people’s profiles who inspires and motivates you to do better rather than desperately searching for naked girls showing their bodies or looking at the negative stuff to judge someone than that’s the best way to go!

And if you have a limit of usage and are also able to keep your circle small, yes it should be okay to use social media in my point of view!

Other than that, if it’s not for self-education, business purposes / involving honest money, or to find attractive partner/s, then you’re wasting your time.


Family and friends? Well, remove your birthdate from social media, and you’ll see that no one will wish you a happy birthday except for your mom.

Sure you can log in once in a while to see how close people are doing but if they really care about you, they should be calling you and trying to see you, don’t you think?

So that’s my honest advice for you and everyone else!

It takes discipline to not let social media steal your time. – Alexis Ohanian

Oh, what about for enjoyment and entertainment to seeing newsfeeds of people’s lives on social media?

I say you should only worry about your own life and go find physical activities and engage with real people face-to-face, you’ll have way more fun and not to mention, improve your physical and overall health!

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Are you a heavy social media user? If yes, why is that? And also, do you agree with my point of view and what I said about social media? Show me you’re alive and take a quick second of your time to shoot me a line at the bottom of this page!

(2023) Is Social Media Really Connecting Us Together or Separating – CHECK THIS OUT!


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