Today I will be showing you the instructions on how to properly do Kegel exercises, which also means exercising PC Muscle but the advanced ones as well!

Not many of you probably know that Kegel exercise for men and women is also known as PC Muscle strengthening for complete sexual control exercises during sex.

In fact, there are so many benefits which include reaching stronger and more powerful erections than ever, help you last longer in bed, gain sexual and health benefits, along with accelerating penis enlargement gains, plus much more! How does that sound?

Well, if you don’t know, working out your PC muscle can have a huge impact on your overall sexual life, as this is the same muscle that we all flex during ejaculation orgasms to push sperm out of the penis or the same muscle that pushes the last few drops of urine out of our system…

Now myself as an alpha ‘stallion’ man, this is my own favorite sexual exercise to supercharge my complete sexual performance in bed!

And I’m telling you, this is actually the life-changing sexual exercise that we all need… Trust me, you’re going to feel like the luckiest man on Earth to have found this secret complete technique that all male pornstars use it!

How would you feel to be able to perform in bed like a male sexual pornstar? Or better yet, how would you feel to have full 100% control of your ejaculation?

YES, that’s right, with all of my advanced exercises and techniques of the PC muscle workout known as “Kegel/s exercise” for men and woman who can benefit from them as well, you’re going to take your sex life to a whole superior level and become the ultimate alpha stallion male too!

Excited, huh?!

Well, let’s get going to give you all the information and strategies you need to enhance your overall sexual lifestyle FOREVER!

How To Properly Workout PC Muscle

All About Kegel Exercises + Its Benefits

Before anything, let me share with you the whole story behind the Kegel exercises!

Back in 1948, an American gynecologist named Arnold Henry Kegel was the person who invented and first introduced these exercises to strengthen the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscles) of the pelvic floor for women’s cases to improve sexual and urinary health back at the time.

Then they found out that us men can also gain incredible benefits as well, such as helping us reduce premature ejaculation known as rapid climax of less than 2 minutes of penetration.

So now the benefits of doing Kegel exercises; it helps with enhancing the potency of our erections, as well as improve orgasms intensity and boost sexual energy. Plus helps us achieve a healthier prostate function, a healthy male reproductive system, and others!

Not to mention, I workout my PC muscle to not only strengthen my erections to maximum potential but to accelerate the process of penis enlargement, which I highly recommend at all costs especially if you’re using the same best penis enlargement device in today’s market.

And the reason why you need to use Kegel exercises for men to not only to speed up the growth process of your penis size but most importantly because as our penis is growing longer, bigger and larger, our body will then need to boost more blood flow to the erectile chambers for the penis to function 100% right since it’s becoming a whole new penis size.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

And this is where exercising our PC muscle gives us a massive advantage in the penis enlargement process but also in sexual health as well!

Based on my own personal experience, if we don’t use Kegel exercises at all, then as the growth occurs the penis will not get hard very easily because we haven’t trained our body to boost the extra blood rushing that is needed to the new size…

I hope you understand my point about what I’m trying to show you here!?

Therefore, Kegel/s exercises help with the quality of our erection by combating to beat any soft-to-mild erectile dysfunction issue which is those who can barely get their sexual pecker up and hard during sexual intercourse.

Now, also imagine being able to master the control of your ejaculation to release whenever you want by simply feel the oncoming orgasm and just pull out of your partner’s inside and flex the PC Muscle, then keep going to achieve even stronger orgasms!

Yes, I do this all time and that is the type of sexual advantage you would want to have when having sex! Oh, it sure does make us enjoy sex more than ever…

And as I mentioned above, working out your PC muscle helps improve prostate health, but that’s if you don’t over-do these exercises meaning all day long without taking breaks.

Keep reading!

How To Exercise Your PC Muscle? – Kegel Exercises Instruction

Stage 1/3: PC Muscle Workout / Kegel Exercise – Month 1

Kegel Exercise is not hard to do at all and therefore, I’m going to try to explain to you as simple as it is!

NOTE: Please follow the exact instructions and directions before moving on to a different stage of workouts because I want you to get the best and maximum results without causing some type of pain in your PC muscle. Remember, everything is in your own hands, if you feel like it starts to really cause deep pain (not just a tingling feeling as it should), I would stop and see what’s going on before anything. I am NOT responsible for your own actions here, okay!

Now, how to do them is basically trying to tighten and close the urine flow when using the bathroom. Very simple, huh!

Do that a couple of times until you start noticing a muscle-flexing under your sack between your scrotum and anus, which is where your PC muscle is located at!

Try it for 10 times of 3 sessions every day when you go use the bathroom to take a piss!

After about 1-2 weeks, you will start noticing that your PC muscle will be flexing much stronger and not to mention, it gets easier and easier to perform these Kegel exercises weekly.

So again, do these stage 1 exercises by controlling your urine flow for at least 2-4 weeks before starting to perform the stage 2 advanced ones for your own safety and for best results!

Stage 2/3: PC Muscle Workout / Kegel Exercise Advanced – Month 2

Now as you got the principal form of flexing your PC Muscle known as Kegel exercises, it is important that you first have mastered these sexual beneficial exercises for men and women for the past month or so, okay?!

Then this next stage would be to simply do them sitting down with clothes on or while standing up on your feet.

Again, flex and feel the tension of the PC muscle working out without having to go to the bathroom.

You’ll notice you can actually do them and feel your PC muscle flexing anywhere, any time of your day, without people noticing it!

But the advanced Kegel exercise would be to go somewhere private at home and start playing with your penis to get a normal-hard erection!

Then as you’re in an erect state with a hard penis, start to flex your PC muscle with a much stronger force of tension as you would when trying to stop a fast rushing flow of urine coming in full speed!

You will notice your penis moves slightly up and down without you touching it…

That’s great! So now do these SUPER advanced stage 2 exercises and try to hold them for at least 3-10 seconds while flexing at every single repetition.

Again, aim for 10 reps for 3 sessions daily for another 2-4 weeks until you master them very well because stage 3 will be much harder and extremely intensive!

Stage 3/3: PC Muscle Workout / EXTREMELY Advanced Kegel Exercises – Month 3

By now you should have at least 2 months of exercising your PC muscle where you can finally hold the force of tension for a couple of seconds in each rep every time you’re flexing it.

This means when you go to the bathroom, you can fully stop the flow of urine and hold it for 10-30 seconds, then release it and do it again by having full control!

If not yet, then don’t get to this stage 3 EXTREMELY advanced Kegel exercises just yet because I don’t want you to hurt your PC muscle, but the opposite to help you strengthen it and get all the full benefits that it has to offer!

Remember, I’m here to help you, not to mess your sexual life up… If you do feel some type of ‘pain’ and not just the tingling sensation deep down in your PC muscle (the muscle under your scrotum between your sack and anus), then I would completely stop and let it recover for at least 3 days to a full week.

Be aware that it is some extreme exercise here that could really “break” your penis erection if you put too much force or weight.

So here it is!

Play with your pecker there until you achieve an intensively hard and powerful erection while performing your Kegel workouts.

Basically, reach a stage 2 hardness of erection!

Now as your penis reaches this rock-hard erect state, sit down at the tip of a chair or sofa/couch and take off your light-weight T-shirt and while the erection is there fully hard, you would simply put this very light T-shirt or clothing (underwear) on top of your penis there and use the PC muscle to flex and exercise it while this clothing is on top of the penis.

You will notice your penis will move up and down with the clothing on top of it as a small weight!

Yes, you should be sitting down at the very tip of whatever you’re sitting on, but you could actually work it as well while standing up which is even MORE SUPER EXTREMELY ADVANCED! But on your very first try, it should be sitting down for your own safety…

If somehow you’re feeling much pain during these super-advanced stage 3 workouts, it could be that you’re still not ready to perform these exercises or maybe your clothing there could be too heavy…

But If you get a slightly tingling sensation (and not serious pain like if it’s going to break) during these exercises, then it could be a sign you have got the maximum potential of a stone-hard erection and will also lead to penis enlargement growth.

Now I personally do these extremely super Kegels exercises standing up until my rock-hard erection has completely worn out, which is likely after 10 minutes of pure flexing it with weights of clothes.

So do these for 10 minutes at least 2-3 times a week as well for the first few weeks after the 3rd month of mastering pc muscle workout… Then you can start doing them more times as you get very much experience and is 100% cautious with it.

(p.s. I get to a point where I CAN put both my shirt and my pants on top of my stage 3 powerful erection standing up, and I have achieved incredible results in my own sexual life.)

NOTE: Even though the exercises are all 100% in your hands by your own actions, I highly recommend you to please follow the exact instructions and directions, especially the exact time frame of weeks to months for your own best and maximum results, or else you can actually hurt yourself!

After You Have MASTER Kegel Exercises For Men, These Are the Super Advantages/BENEFITS

  • For Men, It Helps with Penile Growth in Size with or without a Device
  • Improves the Hardness, Sensitivity and Quality of Male Erections
  • Makes You Have Control of Ejaculation & Know When to Release
  • Helps You Last Longer in Bed Since You Have Full Control of Climax
  • Could Make Your Prostate Healthier When Not Doing It Excessively
  • Achieve a Healthy Male Reproductive System & Sexual Function
  • Doctors/Physicians Recommends it for Men Following Prostatectomy
  • Reduces Chances of Premature Ejaculation + Gain Stronger Orgasms
  • Helps With ED (Poor Erections) known as Erectile Dysfunction + More!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this knowledgeable post showing you how to do Kegel Exercise for men, plus how much benefits you’ll achieve when including these simple workouts to your daily regimen!

  • And for women, try to squeeze the vagina contraction walls and hold it for a few seconds. That’s it! Hey you, if you have a female sex mate, let her know about these kegel exercises for women too because it will make her vagina much tighter which heightens sexual pleasure in both of you, plus make both of you achieve mind-blowing orgasms and much more benefits. Oh, she surely will love you a lot more for this incredible technique! 😉

So, if you’re also using a penis stretcher extender device or penis pump for penis enlargement, then these PC muscle exercises will speed up the growth process and help you with supplying more blood flow to the penis tissues.

Therefore, your penis can function 100% correctly when achieving an erection, plus will make you last as long as you want in sex…

How does that sound? It is a Win-Win technique in all cases of our sexual health!

By the way, there is also the #1 best top natural penis enlargement exercise program here that does have these secret workouts and a number of other penile exercises in the program itself, which are all in HD video format for you to watch and follow the exact instructions!


I would highly recommend it if you want a step-by-step HD video showing you everything for not only penis growth, but it shows you how to grow your testicles, the penis glans to make it a mushroom head, and teaches you how to be a sex God in bed!

Make sure to come back here and let me know your own experience and how has Kegel Exercises changed your sexual life? It would an honor to hear your results!

(2021) Kegel Exercises – How To Do Kegel Exercises For Men – Exercising PC Muscle


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