People, in general, have no idea how much they’re missing out by not looking at ways to gain more knowledge on all types of stuff!

Warren Buffet once said which is 100% true; “the more we learn, the more we earn“.

Knowledge is everything in this world, it is pure power!

If you can learn something new every single day, then you’re actually improving every day of your life without actually being aware of it.

It’s true that new learning is what keeps our brains healthy and alive!

Knowledge is the bridge to a better place. – Unknown

And this is where books come into play!

Reading at least a full hour a day will change your life completely! You’ll start to look at things differently.


If you don’t know, there are about 130,000,000 books in the world that Google has counted in total.

And if you knew how much your life will change by reading just a single book on a daily basis, you’ll start reading every single day for the rest of your life as well!

In fact, that’s the secret of billionaires, they read a lot…

Now I personally used to “hate” reading books, but then when I found out about the Law of Attraction and started searching up to read self-educated/self-discovery books on all about it, that’s when I took full control of my life and made it better and better by the day to be where I am today!

Therefore, let’s talk about how and why is knowledge so powerful in every single person’s life!

Read on…

What Is Knowledge?

The word ‘knowledge’ has the ‘know’ word in it as to “know something or someone” is truly a blessing.

According to Dictionary, the word ‘knowledge’ means awareness, familiarity, or understanding of something or someone by facts, information, skills, or gain experience or education.


And when you have knowledge of something or someone, you’re unique in your own way!

Someone could know more than you, but they probably don’t know something that you know, see my point here?

Just like here on ALFASTALLION® #1 best alpha male website, I have a good amount of valuable knowledge that I’m giving all away to change the world and help you out and as many people as I can so they can change their lives too.

Now my knowledge did not come straight from books, but from experiences/wisdom as well which made me a very wise spiritual being about life as a whole!


Yet, of course, I do look for new ways to learn every day because there will never be enough since we can always learn more and more than ever…

Therefore, I am very grateful to have the knowledge/experiences/wisdom that I have gained over the course of many years, and for this reason, I can pass it on to you and to many others out there.

Knowledge of self-development and improvements changed my life!.

Yet, I’m not here to brag, not at all but in the past, I was able to grow my penis size from 6″ to over 8″1/2 in size of growth. I got that muscular body that I always wanted by knowing what I should eat and how to exercise the right way to achieve the greatest muscle pump, plus for a rapid recovery process.

I was also fortunate enough to have won 2 lottery jackpots in the past, I also have a lot of experiences in business since my very first one was when I turned 18 years old, which was a hardwood floor construction company and I got a good amount of knowledge in that as well.

My goal is to be filthy rich. Rich in knowledge. Rich in adventure. Rich in laughter. Rich in health. Rich in family. Rich in everything. – Unknown

I have become a master at pickup artist to be able to come up to any woman I want and get their number, then get laid later on. Which we both have fun since women want sex just as much as us men. I have become a “sex god” in bed since I learned a lot of sexual techniques.

I know how to beat depression by actually healing whatever is that is causing the “deep pressure” in our bodies. Then on how to start living the blissful, vigorous, and successful life that we all want.

I mean, isn’t knowledge such as powerful thing?


Not to mention, I’m actually growing taller as well, and I have a post here on how I managed to get a few inches taller as an adult which maybe you want to get taller too!

Keep reading!


A lot of people are not aware that they can also get knowledge for free at zero costs, which means you DON’T have to pay or go to college/university to learn the secrets of life to succeed.

In fact, schools and colleges don’t teach you anything that you really need to know in terms of life like how to be happy, how to be wealthy, how to live in peace, how to achieve whatever you want in life, how to find your life purposes, how to file your taxes, how to create a business or none of that.

Which the most successful and wealthiest people in this world did quit school and got themselves self-educated through experiences, books, mentors, or the internet.

That’s exactly what happened to me! You know, Elon Musk once said;

I didn’t GO TO HARVARD but, the people that WORK FOR ME DID! – Elon Musk ; Billionaire


Self-educated is much more powerful than a college degree because if you’re self-educated, you can build anything and become very successful and wealthy at the same time.

But with a college degree, you still have to work for someone else and most likely will not work for yourself or build any real business.

Basically, a college degree is NOT all that you need, but being self-educated is everything that you need!

So the true way to get real knowledge and wisdom is through self-education!

And you do that by;

  • Being CURIOUS in which means being interesting in things around you. For example: If you see or hear a word that you have no idea what it is, look for its meaning online. If you seem interested in something, do the same and I do it all the time since English is not my first native language.
  • READING BOOKS on a daily basis and actually STUDY is a MUST!
  • Or ONLINE LEARNING like here on ALFASTALLION®, YouTube videos from people teaching you what you would want to know, etc.
  • Another great way is through COURSES/SEMINARS, but most of them will cost you money which if you believe it’s worth it, then it is a good self-investment.
  • Hiring a MENTOR is very effective as well because they have a lot more experience and are ahead of the game. Can I be your mentor? I’m just kidding, I’ll help you for free…
  • Look for QUOTES & FACTS online as well as it will help you gain some knowledge on whatever topic you’re looking for. I always do this!
  • Search up on GOOGLE for something that you would like to know is great advice. I do this a lot on the daily basis.
  • TALK TO SMART PEOPLE/EXPERTS as this works very well. You will always learn something new from like-minded individuals.
  • JOIN ONLINE GROUPS/COMMUNITIES/PAGES on subjects that you’re interested in knowing.
  • TEACHING is one of my favorites. I have learned that the more I teach all of you guys here, the more I manage to earn in terms of wisdom.

You should make learning your lifestyle habit!. Try to learn new things all the time! Be aware to gain more self-learning.

Knowledge is only given to those who are willing to seek it.

What happens when you READ for as little as 6 minutes per day…? It helps to decrease the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, improve communication skills, improve memory & concentration, relieve stress + way more benefits/advantages.

But here’s the tricky part that I always have in mind!

You should NEVER assume that everything you read is accurate or 100% true. To me, if I read something and it seems to make sense where I would review it, analyze it, and then come to a conclusion that it is true, then I may believe it…

That is because, in today’s world, there is too much fake and false information out there. It’s hard to trust people out there!

So to me, this is what you should stay away from at all costs:

  1. NEWS/TV/SOCIAL MEDIA: Since the world is filled with negativity everywhere, the news channel’s job is to always look for something negative to brainwash us. Yet, they ONLY put what they want people to see/hear and to believe, and not really what has actually happened. Stay away from NEWS/TV at all costs! You won’t regret it since you don’t need to know the bad stuff happening out there. Leave it for the losers. I mean, your brain will reward you with positive experiences. Social media should be included as well!
  2. STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE: These types of people which could be your friends, colleagues, or even certain family members will always have something negative in mind rather they’re aware of it or not. They seem to never see the ‘good’ side of things. Just stay away from them to protect yourself at all costs. I have a post here where I talk all about it. Who you hang out with most of the time, you will most likely become just like them sooner or later!

You don’t really start getting old until you stop learning, every book teaches me something new or helps me see things differently. – Bill Gates

Why You Need KNOWLEDGE For Everything?

Well, let’s put it this way!

If you were to start a new business but you have no knowledge of it, then how will your business be successful if you don’t know what you’re doing?

There is no way unless you focus on it and start learning to gain knowledge and take the steps forward! Other than that, you can have the best employees, but if the administrator/manager has no knowledge, it will still be very hard not to fail!


Employees need to follow someone’s rules, or else they’ll end up doing whatever they want and will make your business fail. Been there before!

The same goes with bodybuilding!

If you don’t have the knowledge of how to build muscle, then it will be extremely hard to gain muscle growth.

You need to learn how to eat properly, how to exercise the correct way, and do what is required to do what you need to do.

Another example would be dating a hot, beautiful girlfriend, yes you need the knowledge to know what to do because there have been times that a man doesn’t know what to do like if he’s too nice and then, the girl leaves them.

The same goes in bed! If you don’t know how to have great sex, she’ll leave you.


That’s why women and people are attracted to intelligent alpha males that are leaders!

So basically, you need knowledge for everything!

Even to be healthy, you need knowledge!

There are millions if not billions of people out there that are unaware of what they’re doing like eating unhealthy junk and high-fat foods on a daily basis and messing up their own health by their own actions.

To me, I don’t care what it is but we all need some knowledge to succeed in whatever we’re doing, or else we will fail at it!

Another example: A child has to learn the knowledge/skills on how to walk, how to ride a bicycle with training-wheels or someone holding the bike before they can ride it alone (learn=results).

Now don’t get me wrong, practice is everything that will lead to learning and gaining more knowledge for success!


If you’re not gaining knowledge, connections, or money, you’re wasting your time.

Bottom Summary of Having Knowledge/Wisdom = Power

So the results of knowledge equals success!

There is no doubt of that because again, the more you learn, the more you earn or better yet, learn to earn.

It works in basically anything in this life, and when you have the knowledge, that’s when you’ll earn the results you’re looking for!

So that’s why it is super important to learn first…


But learning requires some curiosity. So be curious about things you don’t know or have no idea about. Be curious about the things you want to learn or have an interest in all things as well!

Curiosity is the beginning of knowledge, but understanding is the beginning of wisdom. – Debasih Mridha MD

Bill Clinton once said; “We are living in a world, where what we earn is a function of what we learn“.

And it’s true! I don’t know anybody who became successful or wealthy without having a great amount of knowledge of what they do.

It is all part of the game!

So I say, try to learn new information every single day, and don’t ever stop learning new things!

One thing that I always have in mind is that there is NEVER ENOUGH, you can always learn something new!

No amount of information you have in your mind will ever be enough. It will always fit more and more! That’s a fact…


To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. – Marilyn vos Savant

Me, I am always learning throughout my whole day. My mind is programmed to learn, and if you start looking out for the simple stuff that’s happening around you, those are the ones that count the most!

For example: Back in the day, I didn’t know that whatever thought that I focus on my mind, whatever imagination I hold on to, whatever I’m constantly seeing or hearing, or what I believe in, those will manifest in my life sooner or later by the Law of Attraction.

I personally didn’t know this back in the early days! So without the knowledge to find this all out, my life would have never changed!

Don’t study because you have to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because they can never take it away from you. Study because you want to know more. Study because it enhances you. Study because it grows you. – Unknown

Now don’t just read, but make sure to be 100% aware of everything that’s going around you and your life!

Check out more posts here at ALFASTALLION®, you’ll enjoy how much you’ll learn which you’ll gain the results you want by basically anything.

Learn, earn, return – these are the 3 phases of life. There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone to succeed. – Alan Loy McGinnis

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Yes, I actually know all of these techniques and I surely can say that you have nothing to lose, but only knowledge to gain based on my own experience!


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Let me know what is the best knowledge that you have learned so far? Please share with me as I would love to learn what you know! It’s an honor to hear what you have to say!

(2023) Knowledge is Power – The More You Learn, The More You Earn = Success


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