Today I’m going to show you the secret formula of success by discovering and unlocking the secret code of life. Take your notes out!

Yes, you’re going to find out how to overcome any life challenges, how to win in life, and how to create the dream life that you always wanted…

If this is your very first time here, you probably don’t know who I am where I used to be a depressed beta male over 10 years ago, and all I wanted to do back in the day was stay in bed all day long, feeling miserable, broke with zero money and overwhelming of sadness by life itself…I hated life!

But the truth is, I didn’t really know what was going on!! I just knew that this was the way I was feeling at that moment and that I needed to do something about it before it’s too late, is this you as well?

Well, I’m going to teach you how to command your life, how to create your own reality by beating depression or any other life challenges that come your way because I have been there, done that and now I’m here as a super successful alpha male aka the king of my world teaching you everything I know that allowed me to live the life I always desired!

And from my perspective of life’s success, each one of us came to life with a purpose. Some of you may not know now, but we all have a purpose and when you find out what it is and go into full action mode with positivity, success will follow through at all costs!


But before anything, just to let you know that life’s success is a DECISION! Are you willing to choose this decision because success doesn’t happen without you causing it, where it is your ONLY responsibility to make a decision!

So if you do choose to be committed to success and to changing your life, then let’s get straight to it and make sure to have your notes ready because this will be your life-changing result forever! If not, then you’re at the wrong place…

What Is the SECRET FORMULA to Life’s Success?

Okay, so as I mentioned above, success is actually a decision and it is only your 100% responsibility, not your parents, not your partner, but you. And the secret of life’s success is through a formula that all successful people have!

But you also need to be strong enough in your mentality, emotionally and physically to conquer success in all areas of your life!


But just remember, it is mostly 100% all about your mindset! If you can have full control of your mind and command everything inside of you, then you’re on the right track to massive success in every part of your life.

The reason why you’re still unsuccessful, unhealthy, or failing in life, it’s because your mind has been programmed to this type of life from past experiences also known as being dominated by your own ego!

But when connect with your own inner-Being/Higher-Self, you will love everything, command your full thoughts, feelings, sayings, etc to positivity all the way, always staying relaxed and calm by letting everything go and accepting it which everything will flow with the Universe, plus following your own intuition, and last, to believe 100% in you, in what you’re doing and by taking action, you will then create the life you want right here, today, NOW!

So let me show you each factor of true success that is needed to overcome anything in this life and achieve success in all areas of your life like I do.

Keep reading until the final result!

1. Love Everything & Show Gratitude for All!

That’s right!

You have to LOVE absolutely everything in this life! It doesn’t matter what, but what matters is that there is love for everything in your life!


You should never hate anyone or anything because you will attract more hate to your life more than ever in this world… It’s by LAW, rather you’re aware of it, like it or not…

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some crazy enemies in my life, where one of them actually wanted to do harm to me because I thought he was a “good, trusted friend” who was completely 100% fake with me the whole time and he actually did a very-well plan to steal my truck, robbed my house while I was in vacation, and actually stole some of my money.

In the end, when I found everything out, he was looking to do something bad to me so I don’t press any charges on him

Yes, that’s true and I’m talking about he owned me over $200K in cash.

But then, a few years ago, I started to change my feelings by forgiving them at all costs and started to send love towards all of my “enemies”, including him, which I started to tell myself that I forgive him and loved him regardless of what he did to me and that I loved my past experiences with him, and that I loved everything in my life.

Guess what? Last year, he found out my new phone number and he called me and I was actually living in a different tropical country, and you know what he did, he sold everything he had and PAID ME!

Yes, he paid me all of the money that he stole from me which was several thousand dollars!! Believe it or not, it is because ENERGY DOES NOT LIE!


You always GAIN by giving love.

But if you’re sending hateful feelings/energy towards someone, you’re getting that back multiplied at all costs! But if you send love and gratitude energy every single day, everything will come back with a great amount of love and you’ll attract more things to make you feel more grateful than ever.

So my point here is that you need to LOVE EVERYONE, LOVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE, love your depression state of mind/mood, love your body, love your enemies, love your current life, love your past, love the moments, love your job, love your EX, love your parents, love all animals, love everything about yourself, and just basically love everything!!!

You don’t need to get something special to show love or expect someone else to love you back, NO you don’t!! But you can show LOVE and feel LOVE regardless of all circumstances and situations!

So if you do have depression or a health problem, start loving it, start showing more love feelings towards it and you will notice a magical trick to occur by the energy you’re sending in, which your health problem will start to decrease and over time, you’ll heal and cure yourself 100%!

But if you’re hating it, hating your life, hating your feelings, hating depression, hating being fat, hating successful and rich people, or hating anything that someone has, you’re going to get more hate back to you like a true magnetic!

Gratitude is a bridge that can take you from poverty to riches. The more grateful you can be for the money and all that you have, the more you receive. – The Secret

So YES, that is the super main CODE to life success, which is to LOVE EVERYTHING no matter what and be grateful for everything NOW!


I don’t care how bad an enemy or past experience did you wrong, just forgive for your own best self and show maximum love and gratitude to it, and you will see how much your life will change because vibes (energy) do not lie!

Never judge anyone, zero excuses! Just love baby!

By the way, if you don’t know, gratitude is actually the receiving frequency and that means, the more you’re grateful for everything, the more you’ll receive back to you in multiple forms.

2. CONTROL Your Thoughts, Feelings, Sayings, Imagination, Visualization, etc!

Now this one should be the #1 factor but since love and gratitude are such powerful positive feelings, and now by having full control of your mind by being the commander of your brain, your body will listen and the universe/life will send it to you whatever you’re putting out.


But if you let your mind be on auto-pilot to command you, guess what?

Either negative or positive, it will attract to you and make it happen since it’s commanding you. Yes, that means if you’re having thoughts that you’re a failure, depressed, or a loser, the Universe/life itself will prove it you that you are a failure, depressed, and a loser no matter what…You just can’t stop it.

But if you take charge of your own mind, and pose only successful, wealthy, and healthy thoughts by thinking of only positive thoughts or by saying to yourself positive affirmations like I am a winner, I get everything I want, I love life, etc all the time on a regular basis, then the Universe/God/Life itself will move mountains to make you successful or whatever your brain/mind is constantly thinking or feeling of.

Do you understand what I’m saying here? This is NO JOKE, it is 100% true, it is what all successful men and women know of and is aware of, which is why they’re at where they are at!

I am a huge believer in the LAW OF ATTRACTION, and it is 100% real that we are all energy. Whatever energy we send out, it must come back!


So keep telling yourself all of the positive things that you really want to happen, and your mind will start to believe it regardless if you are not what you’re thinking or saying, then your body will listen to it and transform your energy (vibes) to positivity which the Universe will attract to you whatever your thoughts, feelings, sayings, or visualizing that you’re having in the daily basis.

And what about when a negative thought comes unexpectedly to your mind?

I personally LAUGH at that thought and never take it seriously, and that means, I don’t even believe in them at all.

Now some people may mention to you to say something like “canceled, canceled, canceled” or say to yourself that “it’s NOT true” and laugh at the negative thought, or say something like “I erase it NOW”, or you can also close your eyes instantly and imagine you erasing the negative thought or expression “with an eraser on a board”, then switch to positive grateful thoughts.

But the secret here is to be 100% AWARE of your thoughts, feelings, sayings, imagining, visualizing, or actually seeing as well. This means that whatever you see, you can also attract it to your life!


That is the main reason why successful millionaires and billionaires never watch any news or negative stuff on the media/tv but only read books and see positive things because they are completely 100% aware of it that it can contribute to their lives as well.

This means, you need to show your ego/mind that you are in full control and you are 100% commander of it, where you only accept positive and grateful thoughts that will lead to what you want in life.

When you rule your mind, you rule your world. When you choose your thoughts, you choose your results. – Imelda Shanklin

And again, you do that by being 100% aware of your mind’s activity and catching that unwanted thought, then laugh it or do what I mentioned above. It works like a champ!

By the way, we can’t control the outside world but we can control the inside of us and have full control of our brain = the body listens = Universe/God attracts it to us, that’s how it all works!

3. Relax, Always be Calm, & Let Everything Go = Let It Be the Way it Is By Letting it FLOW Smooth

The title here says it all!

Yes, if you’re having depression which means “deep pressure”, then it is because you have not let everything go in your life and you need to learn how to let it be the way it is because everything has a purpose.


Back in the day, I was actually depressed from an early age because of my parents, they used to fight a lot, and my mother tried suicide a couple of times in front of me, and I grew up feeling very depressed from seeing all these negative crazy kinds of stuff.

So I think I am the right person to teach you and show you how to beat depression at all costs!

Therefore, 10 years ago, not only I had depression but also severe migraines type of headaches, I mean my head was pounding day in and day out!

And you know what I did to fix everything?


Yup, this is the secret to beating migraines, deep headaches, or stress regardless of what condition and also, release the “deep pressure” in our bodies to get back to a healthy state of mind/mood.


And the good thing is that you only need 15-30 minutes of your day to meditate!

When you do meditate, you inhale fresh new air/energy to your brain and to your body, then you exhale your old negative energy back out.

Also, you will learn how to be CALM in all situations, where you will be relaxed all the time, and it will teach you how to let go of whatever you’re holding on to that is causing you depression.

If you don’t know, most people’s depression is caused by OVER-THINKING who is the EGO proving crazy thoughts and emotions, which practicing this technique could fix it and be your solution. But if the pressure inside of you is stronger and deeper than that, then you MUST check out my complete post here to HEAL whatever is causing you this “deep pressure” pain inside of you, and it’s the ONLY way to get rid of it.

Moreover, to be successful in life, you have to be calm and relaxed all the time, meaning you must control yourself and not let the outside world affect you in any case or situation.

Yes, I have had some days that certain situations or circumstances made me feel stressed or worried, and you know what I did as soon as something bad happens, I immediately close my eyes and start meditating by breathing in for 7 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds and then let it all out.

And what happens then, I get back to being connected to my Higher-Self in full relaxed mode, feeling grateful and loving everything in life. Yes, loving that situation or circumstances that caused me to lose control of myself.


Again, nobody has control of the outside world meaning whatever happens outside, we cannot control it. But we can control whatever happens inside of us, and by doing that, there is nothing that could bother you when you become the commander of yourself.

So, therefore, meditate for at least 15-30 minutes every single day! I found that it is best for me as soon as I wake up, before sleeping time, and during a situation that is causing me to lose control. But the more and longer you meditate, the better it gets.

But as you gain much experience in meditating, you can constantly focus on your breath in and out, where it allows you to be super calm all the time in the present moment, not thinking of the past or using your mind/ego thoughts of the future, but being here and now connected with your Inner-Being!


You will then learn to break any resistance and let go of absolutely anything in your life. Just stop holding on to it and let it go, let it flow smoothly, and let it be the way it is BY ACCEPTING IT regardless of whatever and just have control of yourself confidently knowing that it will get better sooner or later.

Trust me, when you do that and as soon as you let everything be the way it is by letting go and feeling relaxed/calm, you’ll notice that everything will start working right once again, and things actually do start getting better over time!

It is as simple as it is when you learn this!

4. Follow Your OWN Intuition – TRUST IT!

Now this #4 secret code to a successful life, it is 100% true that you must follow your intuition because that is your own spiritual guidance showing you the right path for the purpose of your own life.


However, you need to do all the things I mentioned and showed you above because without spreading love and gratitude all the time, there will be no intuition guiding you at all.

Without having full control of your mindset and also without being in a peaceful and calm state of mind, your intuition will not work.

Negative thoughts and being stressed actually do the opposite by getting in the way of you listening to your own gut feelings which also weakens your intuition, and you definitely don’t want that!

I personally believe and it is actually true that every successful person is actually successful because they followed their intuitive hints, signs, and impressions that come unexpectedly, then they took action and believed in it, boom success over time, not overnight!

Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs. – Kristin Hannah

Therefore, you need to trust your heart, trust your gut feelings, and the signs that it is given to you on a daily basis, and do what it takes!

By the way, our intuition is an eternal connection of the universal consciousness/God, which does have access to knowledge of the future!


That’s right, that’s how lottery winners actually win, plus exactly how I won it too!

We listen to our soul/spiritual guiding us by unexpectedly seeing or sensing the winning numbers even if some of them didn’t realize it at the time, then we play and actually win a jackpot.


To me, the so-called “luck” is actually our intuition!

And the best thing is that the more you use your intuition, the stronger it becomes. Which, if you meditate like I showed you above and having a calm mind, it makes it much easier to access your intuition.

This also means that if you feel that something is right, it usually is! But if you have a strong heavy feeling in your gut like a sensation feeling (fear) that is trying to drown you or hold you down, then something is not right regardless of what you see, think, or whatever pattern you’re seeing.

But if the feeling is light, smooth, expanded, and seems to make you want to go forward, then that could be a good sign for you to take action and go for it!

And that is how you trust your intuition by feelings!!!

However, we receive intuitive information in several ways; the most common ones are:

  • an inner hint
  • a dream
  • a gut feeling or physical sensation/tingles
  • our emotions by excitement or curiosity
  • a symbolic image
  • nudge, impression, etc
  • synchronicities, serendipities
  • opportunities, answers
  • through our third-eye awakening

But the main key here is to PAY ATTENTION to how you receive your intuition since there is no one exact way or a right way. Tip here; Ask the universe/God/life open-ended questions and be crystal clear on what you want, then expect it, let it go, and trust the information you’re receiving it.

Synchronicities are recognized as signs that you are on the right path. – Daniel Pinchbeck

And when you pay attention to it and be aware of the signs, hints, and impressions, it will lead you to your life purpose, your life’s wishes, and more peace, happiness, and prosperity aka the right direction = success.


Now the very last part in my perspective of how to achieve success and basically win anything you want in life regardless of your age, sex, race, situation, or whatever is to ACT ON IT NOW!

Since our own intuition is giving us information, it is also very important to act on it right away because opportunities don’t last forever.

Yes, that means taking action and just going for it and seeing what happens, but confidently believing in yourself, in your actions, and never ever give up whatsoever!


Believe it or not, this post right here that you are reading, I was actually thinking (ego/mind’s activity) of it for the past 2 days on how it would be the best way to show you the secret code of life to contribute to success in all areas, and the only way you’re reading this is through myself taking action.

That’s right! After 2 days, I was like “whatever”, and just wrote this post by my own intuition guiding me to show you all of this wisdom without any mind’s activity!

That’s correct, every post on this ALFASTALLION® #1 alpha male website is NOT ONLY written by my own knowledge, and experiences but from my own intuitive guidance giving me the best information to help you, which all I did was take action and started typing by the information that was given to me.

So without acting on it, you will not move forward or go anywhere further in life! Just like a car, you can have a Ferrari, but if you don’t act, put gasoline and make it move, it won’t go anywhere at all!

Millionaires, billionaires, and very successful people know that in order to achieve all of their goals, desires, and dreams, they know 100% certainly that hard work is included because that is the only way you’re going to feel that you deserve the success that you’re looking for.

And when you feel that your hard work is paying off, that’s when things start changing because again, the Universe works by its LAW.

It has to bring back what we give out! So when we give our hard work in an honest and positive way, it must and will return to you in the abundance of success, prosperity, happiness, peace, and all that you wish for.

But here’s the tricky part!

You MUST work hard along with putting love, honesty, and enjoyment into it because if you only work hard and you actually hate it or have bad feelings about it, you’re not going to go anywhere in life because again, energy does not lie!

And that is why is very important to start your own business, invest in something you believe in, or work for yourself, and that way it would be much easier to do what I said above.

I mean, you can’t put in a massive amount of hard work with a negative mindset and expect positive results, it will never work like that!

Therefore, YES, you must do it with a heart full of love like if you really do love what you do with joy, and are always honest by only giving out to the Universe good things, then good things will return to you multiplied.


I make sure to tell myself every day that whatever I’m doing at work that it’s a hobby that I love and not something that I don’t like to do.

Same goes with depression, if you’re feeling “deep pressure” and only want to stay in, laying down, feel lazy, and really sad, how about you get up now, pump yourself up with positive motivational thoughts and excited feelings, then go after whatever you want without sabotaging yourself!


Wake up every day very early, do something, change your daily routine, and just take action and do anything that moves you around as this will not only help you beat depression but also make you become successful!

That is because when we physically move around, just like during exercises, our body starts to produce the good healthy hormones that make us stronger, happier, and feel our own best!


So yes, exercising or moving your body around at work is a must for a successful healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, we all need good nutritional foods in our bodies to also make us healthy, happier, and wealthy.

Therefore, you MUST do whatever it takes to achieve whatever you want!

I don’t care how far the goal may be to you, but if you take action now, today, and by putting out your own best, you will create so much MOMENTUM that in 6 months from today, your goal could be achieved or close enough to it depending on how big your goal/desire is.

No one makes a million dollars with minimal effort unless they win the lottery. – Gary Vaynerchuk

Just remember that winners are not people who never fail, but people who NEVER QUIT!


Believe it or not, this is ONLY 5% of the population that knows all of this information that I have just shown you above, which they are all very successful, the happiest people on Earth, achieving the most money, and are most likely very healthy, plus basically getting whatever we want!

Now you can TOO!!


But remember at the beginning of this post that I mentioned that SUCCESS IS A DECISION, it is just a choice?!

Therefore, you must now decide that you’re going to follow everything I just taught you, and most importantly, ACT on it with positivity to achieve whatever you want!

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Also, whether you agree or not, just remember that we are all part of the Universe/GOD’s energy or if you’re a religious person, each one of us is one GOD’s son/daughter and that means, our soul/spirit is from the same source as GOD, which is infinity energy of abundance, and that’s why we call it our ‘HIGHER-SELF’.

Just look at nature, the infinity amount of trees/plants, water, animals, abundance, etc, yes we are part of this abundance living it too since we are living in this great paradise called LIFE on Earth.

That means that everything is possible, meaning IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t even exist!


When you get to this type of belief and always taking action, I’m telling you that your life will not be the same because you will figure out why you came to this life and figure out your own purpose in this paradise called life!

I mean, you’ll get anything you want. I am proof of it as I am part of the 5% of the population to know this powerful information!

I also have to mention that intention is everything!!!

If you’re honest, always giving pure love to everything, doing your own best by controlling what you think, what you feel, what you say, what you see, what you imagine, and are always in a relaxed/calm mode flowing with the Universe’s frequency of love/gratitude, plus you’re also following/trusting your intuition and believing in yourself that you can and that everything is possible and of course, taking massive positive action, YOU WILL CREATE the life of your choice and actually live your dreams starting NOW!


I don’t care what your current situation is, I don’t care what your health condition is, I don’t care what your age is because IT DOESN’T MATTER. Age is just a simple number!

People have cured cancer or any disease by the power of the mind, people have gone from dead-broke to becoming one of the richest people alive after 50+ years old, people like me have won 2 big lottery jackpots, and people have left a depression state of mind/mood to become one of the happiest individuals ever, everything is possible if you follow my 5-factor formula here:

  • 1. Love everything, be honest with others, and be grateful for all
  • 2. Have full control and be the commander of your thoughts, feelings, sayings, watch what you imagine, and watch out for what you see, etc = attracts to your life
  • 3. Relax, be calm and let everything go, let it be the way it is, and accept it which everything will flow as it should. – Meditate to help
  • 4. Follow your own intuition & trust your gut instincts/feelings at all costs
  • 5. Take massive action now & Believe in yourself = Create your reality!

Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day. – Unknown

One more last time that I’m going to remind you, It is your 100% RESPONSIBILITY and it is your CHOICE to change your life!


Nobody will do it for you, it’s all on you.

Start now, today because life will keep going no matter what!

In 6 full months from today, you will be a completely new person if you DON’T STOP at all.

So be unstoppable, motivated by life itself, and do your best all the time!

Be the commander of your mind, be the CEO of your life, and be the KING of your own world too!

If you want to see how my day goes for the past decade, check this post out! Remember, it is what we do on our daily basis based on our choices/habits/routines that contribute to our success!


By the way, take a look at some of my other posts here on my #1 alpha male website since we all know that alpha males are motivated, my 90%10 diet rule to be physically healthy and fit, or how to leave the beta lifestyle and transform yourself into the alpha male by its characteristics/traits.

OR, better yet, learn how alpha males exercise our full body such as the mind, physical body, and sexual here!

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. – Bill Gates

And if you don’t know, most successful men do have a higher production of natural testosterone than normal guys with low t-levels and that means these successful alphas are most likely much more motivated than beta males!

Our energy levels are up the roof, and not to mention, we are much healthier in all terms of our body like our mental mindset, sexuality, and physical body than otherwise.

Just look at the image below to see the difference!


I would highly recommend you check out the top-ranked best NATURAL testosterone booster in today’s market that will guarantee you the results you’re looking for just like the alpha high t-levels man in the image! It sure will be one of your greatest investments ever.

I really hope this post has changed your life! You can ask anyone who’s very successful that what I showed you here, their formula of success is probably the same or very similar as well! So take 100% responsibility for yourself and your life, and choose to change everything that involves around you. AGAIN, It’s all on you!

Feel completely free to share with me your feedback as I would be very happy to see your comments below!

(2022) Life Success – Secret CODE/FORMULA to Life’s Purpose – How to Follow Your Intuition Here


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