NOTE: This is my REAL HONEST psilocybin experience on magic mushrooms for the very first time here in Brazil where it is actually 100% legal. Yes, I have read so much information on all about it and that is the reason why I tried it for my own personal experience. Nothing that I say is based on outsourcing but ONLY my own experience.

I know from the beginning of all that this is going to be hard to explain…

After about 6 hours of taking a considered “heroic large dose” of (5 grams) magic mushrooms but in form of capsules [10 capsules of (500mg) at once], OH MY GOD I just feel super content like I have never felt this way ever in my entire life…

It’s truly heaven on earth!

And what I’m going to type right now is exactly what I’m currently feeling, therefore, I’m just going to type, then edit it at the end!

I feel like I am reborn all over again!

I mean, it seems to completely dissolve my EGO known as ego-death because I feel like I don’t need anything in my life to fulfill me…

In fact, I teach people on this current website (AlfaSTALLION®) all types of life factors to help you become an alpha male and enhance your life to literally feel a completely whole fulfilled person, and now I am feeling that 100%!

I thought I was truly “fulfilled” before but now that I took psilocybin magic mushrooms, I’m on another level like in a state of true enlightenment.

To be really honest, I actually think I am feeling just like Jesus, Buddha, and those considered enlightened human beings on Earth, rather you call them ‘God‘ or whatever. I just mean that I’m feeling super light and flowing… Keep reading!

I am NOW getting to a point to actually believe that considering psilocybin magic mushrooms a “drug” is a crime against humanity…

Oh my God, I have smoked a lot of cannabis/marijuana before, drank all types of liquors before, and nothing came close to these magic mushrooms.

I don’t feel “high” as if I were on marijuana, but super CONTENT with what’s currently happening right now after taking magic mushrooms.

It’s basically my own being but a completely enhanced experience! That’s exactly it…

To me, it seems like money, material possession, etc doesn’t even matter anymore… It is actually indescribable the feelings that I am feeling in this exact moment!

I feel like psilocybin [mushrooms] really opened me up to thinking about the universe in a different way, and coming to significant realizations about my connection to something greater than me. – Unknown

It’s like a maximum dose of LOVE, PEACE, JOY, GRATITUDE without a condition put all in one emotional feeling. I feel as I now am complete regardless of what I have conquered in my life…

I am realizing the life is so much bigger and that all the success, money, fame, possessions, material things, etc have nothing to do with what I feel as if it is irrelevant and lost its importance which seems if like I don’t care about them but so much more to life.

In fact, it actually seems like I DON’T even want it anymore, how strange is that?

I am noticing that it’s all the ego’s fault to want things in our lives and to think we’ll “feel better” when we don’t even need anything to feel whole.

It seems to me that I am actually figuring it out that life is basically to just live in the moments, appreciate all the things in the exact moment, and feel like I am completely present, which that’s all it matters.

I literally think that psilocybin magic mushrooms have completely changed my life forever to a greater indescribable level since I realize there is a greater purpose for my life and seems to make me a much better person than I was.

By the way, I also just noticed that I don’t want to take magic mushrooms anymore because I feel like I don’t even need anything else to enhance me or my life.

Surprisingly, it does not feel like an “addiction” or craving for more, but like as I am basically fulfilled, whole, and complete… It feels great!

To me, it’s literally a REAL therapy like I seem to loosen up all the negativity that happened to me before as if my heart let go of all past grudges, pain, or anything that I was holding on to.

I feel like life has cleared and brighten up all over again. The dark days seemed to wear out, and this is what I mean I’m feeling enlightened

One psychedelic drug trip can change your personality for years.

I am noticing that depression is something that we are literally holding on to something or a lot of things and not accepting to let it go regardless of what it is.

It seems that I wasn’t able to free myself from past experiences, but now I am totally FREE from all negative past events.

To me, I am noticing that everything is a blessing, I am only noticing the good side of everything, and I sure can say that these feelings are extraordinary of pure joy with a heart full of love and peace at the same time.

I feel complete gratitude for all and everything that has happened or is happening right now. I am feeling extremely grateful for having this real-life experience.

Coming to a summary of this experience, what I’m feeling is free. light energy flowing without any force of anything trying to stop it, and yes fully conscious of everything since I did not forget who I am.

It seemed to completely reset my brain’s function all over again, and also restored my heart’s emotional feelings as well. I seem to have woken up to reality and it brought me closer to the ultimate reality within myself.

I feel as my energy levels have naturally risen up, I don’t even want to get out of this computer desk that I’m typing for you, yet at the same time not feeling any craving for it but only because I love to type and help people out.

I notice that life is all about enjoying this exact moment, I notice that I have opened my eyes more clearly, my brain seems not heavy at all, but pure light, and I am observing everything.

YES, if I close my eyes, I do start wandering around like if I’m truly out of my body but just if I’m imagining things in the Universe or visualizing myself doing something out there in the world…

I notice that every question that I had about life or anything is being answered within me very clearly. It is a spiritual and profound experience that I never had in my entire life.

Hallucination like seeing crazy figures how people are claiming?

To be honest, I’m not seeing any of that… Maybe because 5 grams of psilocybin magic mushrooms in capsules form are not too strong for me? I don’t know, it’s my very first experience ever!

Yet, I do feel great, I don’t seem to fear anything at all but seems that fear is only an illusion that doesn’t even exist.

I am coming to a conclusion that someone or the government who consider this an “illegal drug” is because of two things;

  1. Either they never experiment with it and is judging it by its “front cover” since it does stimulate the brain
  2. Or the second reason is probably they do know the real effects (zero side effects) that make us become a great observer and aware of all.

And that way, to me it’s basically the second reason since you might discover something that the government doesn’t want you to know!

Pyschedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Pyschedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong. – Terence Mckenna

The moment people start becoming fully aware of everything and become a great observer, they’ll come to a point that everything in this life is possible and that we have been manipulated to think we cannot achieve anything we want.

So is psilocybin magic mushrooms for everyone? Can it really cure depression?

NO, it’s not for everyone. It is ONLY for people seeking insight and who is open-minded individuals. Close-minded folks might freak out and see life differently like see no point in living, I don’t know…

But YES, it really can cure depression!

HOWEVER, if you do want to try it out, you have to know what it does, what it is, and be aware of what to expect, or else you could have a considered “bad trip”. Just get educated before taking it.

I have a complete post here for you to check out and read some information on all about psilocybin and DMT. I highly recommend it because it has everything to do with opening our third-eye!


Yes, you read that right!

The billionaire’s drug, you know Tim Ferries once said that he talked to a lot of billionaires and most of them do take psychedelics which I actually look into that and did find out that billionaires have been taking acid/LSD every once a week such as Steve Jobs took it before when he was alive, Elon Musk takes it as well as psilocybin magic mushrooms, Bill Gates did it as well, and millionaires such as Wiz Khalifa, Samuel L. Jackson, Mike Tyson took DMT, etc.

Now those are the ones that I have come across which I’m sure the majority of these billionaires and multi-millionaires would not say such a thing because they might be afraid it would somewhat “backfire” them.

Just like how it happened with Elon Musk on Joe Rogan’s Experience YouTube video where he ended up taking a small hit of a marijuana joint and what happened was that the stocks of his company (Tesla) dropped significantly and he lost a few billions of his net worth since the government considered Cannabis as a “drug” and people will judge you no matter what you do.

Back to magic mushrooms!

Now I have come to believe the most of these successful folks have really done psychedelics before and that it made them able to come up with the creative innovation that is changing the world, who knows?!

Not everyone will accept the validity of psychedelics in evolving consciousness, but that matters little to those of us who have even briefly trespassed on the greater reality. – Amokedas

So as you have read above, you know that I took a “heroic dose” 5 grams of psilocybin magic mushrooms but in capsule form instead of eating it raw and tasting it which it been over a full weak already!

And since I surrendered when I was feeling the greatest effects of it and it basically humbled me even more than I already was, there is one thing that I did not mention above which after I have written that I remembered that when I closed my eyes one time, I literally saw myself and felt like I met God blessing me up high in the Universe…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT religious whatsoever, but I’m spiritual who believe that there is something out there or within us blessing us on a daily basis.

Therefore, believe it or not, I saw myself “flying” on top of the Universe as if I were truly a part of God and came up to it which what I remember seeing was a white bright light in form of a human putting his hand out and blessing my forehead which it felt extraordinary amazing as something I never felt before in my whole life.

I mean, whether you call it God/Universe/Higher-self, Source of Abundance, Power, or whatever, we all know that it wants us to SEEK it since we are all connected together to one single power of the source.

Nothing is divided and we never are separated!

So after that heroic dose of magic mushroom’s experience, I have come to believe that we’re here to reflect the character/image of God to love everything and others and do good things to make the world a much better place of abundance and fill it with peace.

Whether or not if you believe in a God, we all should live as if God is real which will allow us to just do the right things all the time.

Yes, we’re all divine and after that experience of being in the same enlightenment frequency of God/Higher-self, I also have come to a conclusion that it’s more likely we’re in a ‘simulation’ reality, and I personally believe technology will show and prove to us in the upcoming years/decades of it and also, God’s existence.

It’s just a matter of time in which when AI aka robots come to this world, it may come to a point that it will actually be able to download consciousness and that is the target of what these billionaires are trying to do!

I mean, it could be true that we really are living in a simulation matrix world since everything is energy. Our bodies including all living species and all physical material forms have atoms, and my point here is how do we know if we are not really a God in a form of a body?

Or better yet, what if we are all angels who came from “heaven” through incarnated birth and living out here in a 3D simulation world as a holograph projection and that God is the power/source behind us?

Who knows!?

It took him to the other world. A world with more peace and harmony. The other dimension, the dimension which is a sign of perfection. It was only a matter of time, he got back to his utter consciousness. Where he lay under a soked rooftop, listening to the sound of the rain drops. And just wondering how his own mind tricked him. Just like the whole world. – Anthony Kiran

There is something inside of us connected to a power/source, whether we call it spirit, intuition, a God, spiritual angels guidance, power, or whatever, and what it does is speak to us in many forms such as feelings, a random thought, a sign, hints, etc.

Yes, it literally has knowledge of the future and if we’re aware of it, listen to it and follow it, it definitely leads us to the right successful path based on my own experience and wisdom!

Now only open-minded people might believe we’re probably in this simulation 3D world such as that our physical universe is just our perception or maybe that everything might just be an illusion, which the only way you’ll probably figure it out is if you do have a psilocybin’s experience like I did and how most billionaires have as well.

So my point here is that I WANT more wisdom, and I’m now truly seeking more spiritual information. I mean, I find it super fascinating about my first time to experience how I felt on magic mushrooms as if we are all beings of light

The deeper you go into the psychedelic dimension, the bigger it gets. I’ve seen things which no human being has ever seen before will ever and no other human being will ever see again. I retreated to nature and I took five grams of dried mushrooms in order to prepare for this role. – Jim Carrey

Self-God realization is real and since constant repetition carries conviction, and for those reasons I mentioned above, I actually bought and purchased a total of 50 GRAMS of psilocybin magic mushrooms in form of capsules for a full year of microdosing which are from the same place that I got my first time of 5 grams of it.


Now once again, I’m currently in Brazil country and it is 100% legal here and I actually simply ordered online and they sent me a total of 100 capsules (500mg each) for a total of 50 GRAMS psilocybin magic mushrooms.

So what I’m going to do and I actually started today, I took just 1 single pill which again, that is only 500mg and I did that to see what type of effects I would feel.

Yet, yesterday I was able to get my girlfriend to give it a try the exact same amount of 1 single pill (500mg) and of course, I showed and explained to her what to expect and that she must surrender as well or else, she may lose herself and cause a “bad trip”…

She actually did very well with it and we both took it together with a cup of organic pure LEMON juice (key) without any sugar and after 3 hours or so, the effects started to finally hit both of us.

Me and her talked about it and we both felt very light, relaxed, joy, content, peaceful, enhanced mood and senses, but according to her, she did feel mild nausea, which she got herself some food and she said it taste much better than if she was completely sober.

And yes, it lasted for many hours!

Now my personal goal here is to take a microdosing dose by just one single pill of psilocybin magic mushrooms and take 2 days out for 10 weeks (about 70 days total), and then take 1 month off and do the same thing again.

DISCLAIMER: Please DON’T do what I’m going to do. This is not intended to make you follow my steps but intended to show you what I’M PERSONALLY GOING to do regardless if there are any risks or not which I personally believe that there will be no issues at all. I am willing and will be committed to doing it based on my own actions here in Brazil where it is 100% legal.

Again, the reason I’m willing to take 50 grams of psilocybin magic mushrooms in form of capsules for a total of 10 weeks (70 days = 2 and half months) is that I’m seeking to feel even greater on a daily basis and also seek spiritual experience for more wisdom!

The way to God is not through the intellect, but through intuition. Spirituality is measured by what you experience intuitively, from the communion of your soul with God.

I’m also looking out to be more creative and be on that emotional feeling of enlightenment state on a daily basis and fully experience my highest enhanced mood and see how my body will react to this recommended cycle.

Now I don’t know how much billionaires take and how many days, but I surely can say that we all should not take it every day and that’s even if it’s a smaller dose than 500mg.

The reason why is because of our body’s tolerance, and since science has not proven us the exact effects of it, we shouldn’t take that risk! Also, never mix alcohol or any other medical drug whatsoever. You just never know what could happen.

Now I am aware of what I’m doing and if somehow I start feeling any negative experience that is not really a “bad trip” but more of any physical reaction within my body, I would consider myself to stop it.

And from what I know, people have recommended microdosing but at a lower dose. Do notice that I will always switch up the times, such as taking it on an empty stomach in the morning, take another time in the afternoon on an empty stomach as well, and in the evening, I’ll try to take it at night time at least 5 hours before sleep to just see what would happen.

This will ensure you that I know what the effects are at different times, but so far based on my own experience, it has been AMAZING and truly a blessing from the Universe/God to have these unique psilocybin magic mushrooms for us to experiment with.

Magic mushroom can make you permanently more creative, curious, and inquisitive. – Fact

After this dosing cycle is finished, I would take a full month off and probably consider myself taking it again after this year. Plus my girlfriend will probably be taking it as well! I might look forward to trying a new psychedelic product such as LSD known as Acid and sure will be at least in 6 months after this magic mushroom cycle.

By the way, in this post here on how to awaken/open our third-eye, I do talk about the types of psychedelics and their effects, you might want to consider checking it out since you’ll probably find it very interesting as well!


Therefore, yes, I do look forward to trying the acid/LSD probably in 6 months after, ayahuasca brew from the Amazon Tribes here in Brazil NEXT YEAR, and another one which is the 5-MeO-DMT known as the Colorado River toad’s venom the FOLLOWING YEAR which is to smoke it since they are psychedelics “drugs”.)

I really hope you enjoyed reading my own honest experience with psilocybin magic mushrooms. What about you, have you tried this before or heard of it? I would love to know your own experiences! Just drop me your comment below and we can share information.

(2021) My Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms Experience = ENLIGHTENMENT – FEEL SUPER Content / LIFE Completely Enhanced


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