A lot of people in today’s date and age are still asking questions like, are pheromones real? And the answer is a BIG YES!!

But wait, that’s ONLY if you know how to use them correctly, meaning not too much and not too little amount of it can actually give you a huge boost of attraction signals to others.

That’s right! With too much pheromone cologne or perfume, you may experience the opposite effects as if people are backing off away from you due to its strength.

Women may feel as if you’re too aggressive for them and men may come across as if you’re too powerful to be around…


Now even though less is slightly better than more in terms of human pheromones, just a little amount of it can still give you the confidence boost you need when being around both men and women.

But imagine people seeing you as very attractive, confident, and handsome at the same time which you can be at your highest level of attractiveness!

Will that change your life?!

Well, you’re lucky enough to be here because I have been using pheromones for the past 7 years, and I’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know!

Plus I’m going to show you the top best pheromones for men and women based on my own experience since I actually do have a collection of several pheromones from just a few brands that have been proven to work very effectively to attract others.

Therefore, I know exactly what brands to choose from since not all of them actually work. Follow down!

What Is Pheromones? – ATTRACTION

Before anything, you should know exactly what pheromones really are!

Pheromone is like a hormone but a “chemical” that our body (both men or women) naturally produces outside of our skin that is basically like a smell/odor or even through sweat which triggers a social response or boosts sexual attraction of either same or opposite sex depending on each pheromone.

Yes, it’s not only humans who have pheromones but animals produces it as well.


In fact, alpha males are known to produce the most pheromones causing women to change their own personal behavior and give their attention to the alpha male, which is why they attract the most people to their life.

That’s right!

How many times have you seen before where the alpha male picks up the sexiest woman out there and men worldwide seem to give the most respect to them?!

I see it all the time…

In fact, this mysterious secret natural chemical called pheromones has made a huge impact on my entire life and overall life experiences.

Just the smell alone allows all women around me to give me looks, stares, and seems to just naturally “pull” them towards me. That’s even if I’m not really well-dressed, and if you want, I do show you here how to dress to impress and sexually attract.


Then I have another post of the second part which is to take action and how I come up to whoever catches my interest the most.

In fact, some may even come up to me to start a conversation if I’m wearing an attractive pheromone cologne and actually introduce themselves to talk to me…It has happened before, believe it!

Keep reading!

How Does Pheromones Work?

Pheromone works by producing it in a very secret way on the outside of our body that nobody knows!

And that is why colognes and perfumes with pheromones work very effectively if you know how to use them to wear and apply it to yourself.

Now pheromones can last for several hours when applied to our own body or even days if applied to clothes.

And all we need is 2-3 full applications from a spray or oil-based cologne. Not less, and definitely not more than that because that’s the right and perfect amount.


Now if you don’t know, there are pheromones colognes and perfumes for either men or women, to attract whatever your sexual interest may be. There are several ones for gay and lesbian folks to attract the same sex.

Pheromones when applied, people will smell it and notice you from several feet away, especially if you are in the same room. Yet, they have no idea that it’s “pheromones” that’s causing them to notice you in a good way.

And in each pheromone’s bottle that you choose exists various types of real-life pheromones such as the most popular ones here called;

  • Androstenone
  • Androstenol
  • Androsterone
  • Androstadienone
  • Copulins
  • Estratetraenol

Yet, they all work very similar but in different ways.

Some claim that it does matter, but based on my experiences, I don’t really bother with which product has one type of pheromone or so because what really works is the combination of them in a product that truly makes it so effective...

See my point here!?


Follow down!

For Who Are Pheromones For?

It is for every single person in this world out there, including you, your sexual partner, for me, or whoever. And here’s why!

  1. If you’re single and you personally want to find a new sexual mate, then wearing a pheromone cologne/perfume will enhance your sexual attraction by as far as at least 50% based on my own experiences.

Pheromones basically do half (50/100) of the process for you which is by attracting their sexual desire and interest towards you.

And the other half is through your own action by being confidently bold and coming up to them and fearlessly starting a conversation to get their number and actually get laid later on.

2. If you do have a partner/girlfriend or wife but you want them to feel more sexual affection with you to improve your relationship, then it’s for you as well since maybe she or he (depending on your sexual interest) may not look at you or feel you as an attractive sexual mate.

By wearing pheromone colognes or perfumes, it will allow you to catch more of their eyes towards you and also enhance their emotional feeling to give you more attention and of course, feel more sexual arousal towards you. How does that sound?

Or you can give a pheromone perfume to your partner as well, so you can feel more sexual feelings towards them. Works both ways!

3. It is for you who wants to get back with an ex that you never got over it and deeply want her back at all costs!

Yes, let me tell you a quick story! Back in the day when I did not know much about these natural secret chemicals/hormones, I started wearing pheromones and my ex used to work out at the same gym as me and believe it or not, out of nowhere, she started to come around me after we had broken up. But I didn’t really bother, which a few days later, she starting calling me and wanted to desperately get back with me when I thought she “hated” me since I cheated.

Yet, at this time, I was catching all the hot ladies eyes, and therefore, I didn’t want to get back with her because I was afraid to catch some love feelings when all I wanted was to enjoy my single life with the hot chicks out there. So can you see how powerful these pheromone formulas are?

4. Pheromones can give you a huge boost in your job when surrounding by people or in college and basically wherever you go.

Wearing it, people will change their behavior and start having different thoughts about you. Men will give you more respect, become more friendly, and give you the most attention that you deserve by trying to be around you.


Depending on what you’re wearing, women may do the same or they may just try their best to get under your pants

For example; If you’re a car salesman, you can close more sales by wearing a social pheromone cologne because it enhances people to trust you way more and they seemed to always agree with you on everything that you have to offer. It’s true!

I’m telling you, this is a life-changing secret that not a lot of people are actually aware of! You’re lucky to be here, feel it.

5. AGAIN, pheromones are for every single person in this world.

Since billions of people worldwide wear a special fragrance cologne or perfume of their choice, why not get the fragrance with pheromones and basically boost your whole life to the next level?!

Yes, of course, there are pheromones products without a fragrance/smell as well and that means you can simply apply it alone and then add your favorite fragrance that actually has a great scent of your choice and you’ll still receive the full benefits of wearing an odor-free pheromone formula.


Therefore, you literally have nothing to lose, only to gain!


Since I have a full collection of several pheromones colognes from sprays to oil-based ones, I know which ones work very well and the ones that don’t!

So if you figured out how much pheromones will change your life and you decided that you really want the very top best brands for Pheromones colognes and perfumes, then you’re at the right place as you don’t need to look anywhere else if you want the real ones that truly work in terms of sexual attraction.

Now out of 15 brands that I have personally used before in the past 7 years from wearing pheromones, these two brands right here called Pheromone Treasures and Liquid Alchemy Labs have some very effective and proven products, plus they have the best scent ever!


I’m talking about the type of fragrance scent that both women and men will be asking you all time, “what cologne is that?”, “mhmm it smells so good”, etc.

Yes, I get this all the time, which basically gives me all the spotlight where people give me a lot more attention when I’m using any of these which sometimes is annoying!

Therefore, you can choose the ones that don’t have any fragrance at all to use it with your favorite cologne/perfume there. It will work just as much as the ones with an amazing scent in terms of making you so attractive to others.

By the way, as you can see in the image above, Pheromone Treasures products come in a nice small treasure box there. I really like it!

And if you’re GAY/TRAN/LESBIAN, then the Liquid Alchemy Labs would be your best shot.

Now here we go!


Pheromone Treasures for Men To Attract Women:

  • Alpha Treasures™ – This one I do have and I really like to wear it in the daytime during work = BEST to help me increase my confidence levels.
  • Swoon™ – Makes women enjoy more time around you & get to know you more by deeply connecting with you.
  • Aura of Amity™ – For social interaction to help break the ice and eliminate anxiety.
  • Auraental™ – Best to attract ASIAN women & makes them crazy for you.
  • Captain™ – Name says it all, to be a CAPTAIN in all scenarios & attract women, be a leader, confident, plus romantic. – My next one to buy
  • Captain™ Oil Version – Same as above, but it is as an oil version which does last much longer on you than the spray itself.
  • Desi™ – Best to attract INDIAN and PAKISTANI women.
  • Dunamis Duo™ – I have these 2 bottles ones since it works together very effectively – BEST for nightclub to ATTRACT, LEAD, SOCIAL, LOVE, & SEX.
  • Escape The Friend Zone™ – I have this 1 too as the name says it ALL to turn the game around with female friends & make them girlfriends.
  • Grail of Affection™ – I also have this one as well, BEST to make women fall in love with you & enhance relationship with them.
  • Latina™ – To attract those sexy curved LATINAS (Hispanic, Mexican, Latin women) out there. I need to get this one ASAP!
  • The Hookup™ – I bought this one before & it helps to easily hook up and take them home to get laid. Works well at night clubs and bars.
  • Treasureful Shine™ – BEST to gain confidence, and leadership, especially to make new friends and get more respect from men.
  • Zero to 69™ – Last one that I have from this brand. Makes women go to bed very fast to have great sex. To me, seems to make them horny.

Yes, of course they have a every category in their official website and that includes the category of Pheromones for Women to Attract Men as well, plus the “Single molecules to make your own custom pheromone products“.


By the way, Pheromones Treasures brand is currently ON SALE with big discounts. If I were you, I would not think twice and get what you need before you have to pay full price for them. Believe it, it is a self-investment to benefit your own self! It’s worth a lot.


Now Liquid Alchemy Labs is another brand that has very potential pheromone formulas with some of the best scents as well.

They have many proven and effective pheromones for all types of people. For men to attract women, for women to attract men, or even for gay men to attract men, lesbian to attract women, and specifically for transgendered folks as well.


Liquid Alchemy Labs Pheromones for Men to Attract Women:

  • Alpha Q™ Pheromones (SCENTED) – I have this one, It is currently one of my favorites. It boosts up my confidence and makes me feel like a true alpha male. My dad even bought it for himself twice as well.
  • VENOM™ Pheromone GEL (UNSCENTED) – Coming SOON.
  • VOODOO™ Pheromones (SCENTED) – I have this one too and it works great during the daytime to become more friendly & attracts women, etc.
  • BAD WOLF™ Pheromones (SCENTED) – MY #1 all-time favorite one. Oh man, this one is so effective that women become desperately to hook up with me, and just want to be near me all night long to go home for after-hour fun. It truly works like a champ, especially at night time. I freaking LOVE the scent! Try it as you’ll become a bad wolf hungry for pussy cats.
  • Wolf™ Pheromones for Men to Attract Women Scented – Makes you feel more of a leader and best for social interaction.
  • MAX-T-150™COPULINS STICK (SCENTED) – I got this before, and it’s like lip-balm but you use it under your nose, not on the lip. It helps raise natural testosterone levels. I use it for the GYM.
  • SXD-9 PHEROMONE GEL (UNSCENTED) – It’s a gel that you apply to your skin for social and sexual signature. I don’t have this one.
  • OVERDOSE PHEROMONE GEL (UNSCENTED) – This one, yes I have it and as a gel, it works best when I feel fully confident. It is for POWERFUL men to enhance to a superior level & you can attract whatever you want.
  • ASIAN PHEROMONES (UNSCENTED) – For you seduce and attract Asian women.
  • ASIAN FOR ASIAN MEN (UNSCENTED) – If you’re an Asian male, then it works great to attract Asian women and seduces them more than ever.
  • HYPNOTICA SOCIAL (UNSCENTED) – Works for both sexes and intended for social interaction.
  • LUCKY 7 ROYAL™ (UNSCENTED) – Helps you have more LUCK with women.
  • LUCKY 7™ Androstenone and Androsterone Oil (UNSCENTED) – Helps you gain more respect and make people feel inspired by you.
  • DIRTY PRIMITIVE™ (UNSCENTED) – Makes you more dominant and attract women for more sexual interaction.
  • PRIMITIVE™ Androstenone Pheromone Oil (UNSCENTED) – Unlike its brother above, this one makes you more dominant, and makes you look more aggressive in terms of social interaction.
  • NUDE ALPHA GEL™ pheromone blend (UNSCENTED) – A multi-social sexual pheromone gel to attract and seduce women.
  • NUDE ALPHA™ For Men – Same gel, but with more Androstenone pheromone = more powerful.
  • POSSESS™ COLOGNE FOR MEN TO ATTRACT WOMEN – Make you feel more of an alpha male to make women feel more comfortable around you.
  • POSSESS ALPHA™ COLOGNE FOR MEN TO ATTRACT & DOMINATE – More of a heavy-duty of its bother POSSES above. For a fact, my dad got this for him and he claimed it was too powerful which he gave to me and now I use it for the gym.
  • AQUA VITAE™ COLOGNE FOR MEN TO ATTRACT WOMEN – There are both, the SCENTED and the UNSCENTED versions. They both work best for work, especially around colleagues. Makes people feel more closer to you than ever.
  • AQUA VITAE GEL™ Unscented FOR MEN TO ATTRACT WOMEN – Works the same as above, but in form of GEL.
  • AFA™ Pheromone Additive UNSCENTED – A social unisex pheromone oil-based to receive greater respect from both sexes.
  • Alter Ego™ for Men to Attract Women SCENTED – Considered as a BAD BOY formula to attract sexy women.
  • PASSION™ for Men to Attract Women SCENTED – According to the brand, this will activate your natural mating instincts to attract women.

There you go! Just a reminder again that LIQUID ALCHEMY LABS does have specifically pheromone formulas for GAY men or LESBIAN females and for TRANSGENDERED folks as well, which if you are in one of these groups of people, then I would HIGHLY recommend this brand for you.

Other than that, of course, it has Pheromones for Women to Attract Men as well, plus Social products.


Now before I let you head over to LIQUID ALCHEMY LABS official website here, just to let you know that these pheromones formulas are all 100% laboratory certified and guaranteed to work very effectively and it truly does based on my experience.

By the way, you will be blown away by how attractive you’ll become! You can expect to enhance your life and make it much easier!

Especially the scent / fragrances that these products have! You’re going to love it. So go ahead and invest in yourself to transform your life too!

Have you ever tried using a pheromone product before? If yes, would you mind sharing with me your experience!? I would love to hear what you have to say! Please interact with me below.

(2022) Pheromones = Attraction – Best Pheromones Perfumes & Colognes For Men & Women


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