Are you like most people that think and believe that success is when you achieve something or manifested material things or even earned a certain amount of money?

Or do you believe that success is freedom?

Well, I personally do believe 100% that success is truly the freedom to enjoy life with or without money, regardless of any achievements, possessions, or anything.

Sure, you may be thinking but how can you enjoy life without some form of cash in your bank account?

That would actually be your ego to think that you need money or anything to be completely free, and if you don’t know, it is actually the freedom of our ego or liberation of it that contributes to a successful moment full of joy.

Therefore, success is actually living in the present feeling completely fulfilled, whole, and liberating of all ego’s activity which that would be a successful moment for me, and I guarantee you that it’s really it!

There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life.

Just keep reading and you’ll find out!

What Is Success?

Sure, if you look up on Google, you’ll notice the meaning of success is to accomplish something like a goal, purpose, aim, target, desire, accomplishment, vision, objective, money/wealth, certain types of possessions, positive outcome, and so on…

But again, if you really think and believe that success is truly that to achieve something in the outside world, then you’re living in a complete illusionary world like over 95% of the human population who is dominated by their own ego.

Yes, I used to think that as well a long time ago until I figured out that no amount of anything can make me truly happy since I have achieved most of the things I ever wanted in my life !


Sure, having wealth or achievement of a purpose/passion may allow you to feel more “success” but that’s not it…

I’m actually remembering one of Warren Buffet quotes who is a self-made billionaire investor, he once said; ‘Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such nonsense.

And I get it completely what he’s trying to say, and I’m going to explain it to you right here!

True success will never be an achievement of anything and you know why?

Well, it is our ego that desire something or anything in this 3D physical world called life which our egos will never be completely satisfied with accomplishing that achievement of anything.

It will ONLY be satisfied temporarily and in the next moment, you would want more and more and never stop wanting more of it regardless of what it is…

That’s exactly how our ego functions!

Future success is dependent upon and inseparable from the consciousness out of which actions emanate. – Annoymous

So how can that be “success”? You can achieve all the money you want, but you would always want more, or you can achieve all of your desires, but there will always be more to achieve.

It’s a non-stop cycle of never being completely satisfied or fulfilled!

Just remember, the ego is our mind’s activity, it is the thoughts we have, the desires we want, the emotions, etc.

So what is success?

Success to me has nothing to do with any type of achievements, any amount of money, etc but more of being in our natural state of love that we all came here to live by…


Yes, that’s right!

It is actually the main purpose of all human beings, to find out the truth and live by it.

I mean, you won’t believe how many rich folks out there that have massive amounts of wealth, and many achievements accomplished, but are living in a complete depressed state which means they’re not happy with all they got, they are seeking more and more until they arrive at their death bed to finally notice that none of that means anything, but connected to their own Inner-Being means everything…

And again, the ego it will never be 100% satisfied but only temporary!

I mean, what is the point of having all that you want or desire and not being complete or feeling whole? That’s can’t be success at all!

But when you be completely enlightened which means you’re above your thoughts and live life as a spiritual being in the state of consciousness awareness, you feel whole, complete, and fulfilled living in a bliss state which again, it is our own true natural state of love, peace, and complete joy, then that’s true success!


Success to me is being in complete harmony in the here and now, meaning in the present moment and loving everything about it, loving what you’re doing, loving everyone (zero enemies=forgiveness), loving what you’re feeling, and loving basically all life aspects.

That means you’re not wanting anything, you’re not desiring to be anywhere else than you are already here, you’re not focused on the past or the future, you’re not feeling anything else other than being in our natural state of love, yes that’s true success to me and it has to be 100% at all costs!

Niether failure nor success has the power to change your inner state of Being. – Eckhart Tolle

So success is truly a successful moment where you’re completely accepting what is, you have surrendered to life, you’re no longer dominated by your ego to seek anything other than what’s happening now, but in an enlightenment state of joy.

Believe it or not, even a homeless person can be in a successful moment, since some of them no longer seek anything other than the present moment.

Again, success to me has nothing to do with what you got, but your true state of being!

Read on!

Success Is a Successful Moment!

There is truly no greater amount of peace than to live in the present moment, be in the here and now, not wanting anything other than what’s happening now, and basically feeling our natural state of extraordinary fulfillment.

OH YEAH, it feels amazing! Ahhhh!

Success is a spiritual process, not a wordly one. – Bryant H Mcgill

So how to have a successful moment?

You first have to break the ego cycle and dissolve it completely! You dissolve your ego by shining light of consciousness directly at it, at your thoughts, at your emotions, and so on…

And how do you do that?

Be in the present moment, live in the here and now which you’re not thinking about the past or future, but focusing on this exact moment since that is all we got!

Past or future does not exist, it is an illusion, you don’t live there anymore. All you got is memories of your past experiences, and the future is just an imagination since we haven’t got there yet.

So what is the best, simple way to be present?


I personally found that the most convenient way for me is to focus on my conscious breath in and out and basically feel your own Inner-Being! That’s right, you observe and witness your breathing, which you simply give your attention by being aware of your own breath.

And when you do, what happens is your ego which is your mind’s activity/reaction will stop producing unwanted thoughts because you can’t focus on two things at once, you either focus on your conscious breathing or on your thoughts.

That’s exactly how you be in the present moment which again, that is a successful moment!

But the moment you stop focusing, observing, and fully alert/aware of your breath, you got back to thinking again and that means you become dominated by your ego once again…

Satisfied life is better than successful life. Because our success is measured by others. But our satisfaction is measured by our own soul, mind, and heart. – Annoymous

Now another thing that I do is I laugh at unwanted thoughts, I don’t believe in them, and I know it’s not me but my ego providing me such negative thoughts.

And if any negative or unwanted emotions try to sneakily pass by inside of me, I give it full attention by observing them and focusing on feeling that emotion at all costs, which means I give it the light of awareness on it, and what happens is that it starts to dissolve and completely disappear.

But the best thing is that the more you focus on your conscious breath, the more you catch your thoughts and the more you become aware of your emotions, your ego will truly start to dissolve completely because you’re no longer taking it seriously anymore.

And as you stop believing in it, that’s the death of it!


There’s a popular quote from my favorite spiritual teacher who states;

The secret of life is to “die before you die” — and find that there is no death.

And again, he means to die your ego-mind before your body dies, and then you find out that there is no death, where he truly means that since your ego died, you be enlightened by connecting with your own higher-self and you then found out that our own soul/higher-self/spirit is eternal and never dies aka there is no death whatsoever.

Can you see what I’m saying here? That’s extremely powerful when you get what it means!

Remember, it is the ego who is afraid of dying, it will actually prefer making your body die and “kill you” than the death of itself.

Yes, we all see all the time where most people’s body are dying due to their ego who is responsible to cause illness, sickness, disease, and early death in most people. It makes you think or believe that you’re identified with it when in reality, you’re not your ego, but the consciousness awareness behind it.

So that’s the secret and true meaning of success which is a successful moment right now as when you connect with your own true self, and completely dissolve your egoic mind, all others is madness and nonsense!

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Wouldn’t that be a “successful moment”?” I think so, I am 100% sure it will be at all costs!

So you really thought that success was an achievement? Let me know in the bottom section below! It is super important that I listen to what you have to say, as this will help many other men out there as well.

(2023) Success Is NOT an Achievement But a Successful Moment – The SECRET & TRUTH Right Here!


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