I know we all have heard of the law of attraction, the law of karma, but what about the backward law also known as the law of reverse?

Yes, it is actually quite different and the opposite of how the law attraction works…

Let me ask you a question, have you ever wanted something so badly but ended up not getting it? And what about when you don’t care about getting something, and you get it!?

Well, this is it!

Therefore, not a lot of people are fully aware of this incredible law and if you can master and get how it works, it could start changing your life very fast and easily based on my own experience.

So in this complete post, I’m going to show you exactly what it means, how it works, and how to make it work in your favor by what you should do!

Now let me show you what the backward law is… Just scroll down and read!

What Is the Backwards Law?

It’s a universal law that we as all living species are involved with it and live by in this world!

The backward law to me is very unique and much different than the law of attraction. In fact, I personally believe that it is actually a much more powerful and more advanced law that if we know how to live with it, we can expect big results.

And this is what it actually means!


This universal law was actually publically noticeable by one of the most famous philosophers Alan Watts who was a very wise man that was able to figure it out based on the sources that I have found.

In the 19th century, Alan Watts noticed that the more we try something, the harder things become.

In fact, he actually explained it very well as if we were on the ocean which he said that if someone were to try their hardest to NOT drown, the more likely the person will drown and feel like a heavy force is pulling them down deep in the water like if they’re were sinking…

But if that same person did not try and just let itself flow by relaxing, not stressing at all, and basically “give up”, it will feel like a feather just flowing on top of the water and of course, not drown or sink at all.

And that’s true and very fascinating!

We all have seen it before where someone tries to force something with all their willpower to make it go a certain way and usually, it becomes much harder than if we were to let go, be calm and just let it be as it is!

When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink; but when you try to sink, you float’ and that ‘insecurity is the result of trying to be secure.” – Alan Watts

Here’s one example;

You met with a hot, beautiful, and sexy woman of your dreams and all you do is try your best to grab her attention by buying her all types of gifts, taking her out all the time to the most expensive restaurants, and always texting her to see how she’s doing, and guess what?

All she’s trying to do is get away from you, or take advantage of you by using you and act like she just wants to be “friends” and that’s all!

Where on the other side of the story, the “bad boy” out there known as an alpha male doesn’t even try at all to grab her attention, doesn’t even care about her, doesn’t even take her out anywhere, and always lets her text him first when she wants to talk, and guess what?

That’s the “jerk” that she wants to stay with, to go out with and chase him around to have sex and become his girlfriend!


Can you see what I’m showing you here? It happens very often with too many beta males out there.

But why is that? Well, keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly why!

Why Does the Backwards Law Work Very Effectively?

So as if we were to continue with the same example above, the reason why the hot, beautiful, and sexy woman there chooses someone who doesn’t care about them is because there is no contraction energy known as an attachment or what we call resistance whatsoever as I explain more about this in the post there!

Now the moment you really want something so badly, the more resistance you’ll create and that means, the harder you’ll be able to get it regardless of anything…

And that’s why I personally don’t believe in chasing anything at all such as chasing women, chasing money, or chasing your dreams because all it does is make it run away from you.

Another example is a cat…

The harder you try to get closer to them and even try to chase them, the more likely they’ll run far away from you and faster than ever.

The idea that the more you pursue feeling better all the time, the less satisfied you become, as pursuing something only reinforces the fact that you lack it in the first place. – Alan Watts

But if you were to stay calm, have patience, relaxed, and not worry when it will come, it might just come around you right away if it’s your own cat, of course!

And again, the less contraction energy you have towards anything, the more likely it will flow directly to you!

Yes, that’s right!

Now I do believe 100% in the law of attraction especially to attract women of all kinds, attract money from many different directions since it is most likely attracted and not pursued, attracting your dream to come in your way, etc.


So as you can clearly see, if you chase, you won’t get it and the faster you run to try to get it, the harder it will be to really get what you want regardless of anything!

Here’s one more example;

There were two men in the woods. Each one had an ax and they bet money to see who can cut the tree first within 6 hours.

The first one went straight ahead and started chopping the big chunk of tree and he just kept working hard non-stop and got very busy trying to chop it down before the other one tries anything.

While the second wise man, all he did for the first 4 hours was sharpen his ax and then he went right in to chop the same size tree which he ended up chopping it completely down way first then the other guy in a much faster and easier pace with no struggle at all.

So what I’m trying to say here is the more you try, the harder things truly become!

How to Make the Backwards Law Work in Our Favor?

Very easy and simple!

Just let it flow and act like you don’t even care, then you’ll get what you want very easily and fast.

But if you’re worried about it, you’re doing every possible thing to get it or try your own best to chase it, you’ll have an extremely hard time getting it based on my experience, knowledge, and wisdom!

And this works for basically anything in life regardless of what it is.

Just think about it real quick and try to remember a time that you didn’t really bother if you got something or not, but ended up getting it without even trying at all…

Yes, it does happen a lot with all of us!


Which the problem is that not a lot of people know or are aware of this super-advanced and effective universal law called the backward law founded by the popular philosopher Alan Watts.

Sure, he was very clever and wise, I actually have been a fan of him for quite some time, and the things he says are truly eye-opening wisdom.

Another way to make the backward law work in your favor is by going after the negative which could generate the positive!

The desire for a more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience. So if pursuing the positive is a negative, then pursuing the negative generates the positive. – Alan Watts

Yet, I sometimes do follow this route, and even though I never focus on the negativity whatsoever, I sometimes feel as if I’m “allergic” to negative people and negative stuff.

I just don’t like it at all which I try not to let it get to me or get around me whatsoever, and I have many reasons for that!

Now the main reason why going after the negative may lead to positive experiences is basically because most of the times, you’re not really “trying” to get that negative experience, and therefore, you act like you “want” the negative but you don’t and that means you don’t really care if you get it or not…

Which in my point of view, you may experience positive effects since you let it flow and don’t give a two-cent if it happens or not…

But again, the real reason why it could work is that you’re not creating any resistance aka an energy contraction force where it doesn’t stop what you want.

So that’s basically why it may work and it surely does… When I found out all about this backward law, I did try it a very long time ago and I did experience some positive effects, but not all the time though!

However, I don’t like to take this negative path because if you really focus or put all of your attention to it whether you’re aware of it or not, it is true that you might truly get exactly as the attention you’re focusing on, according to the law of attraction.

Remember, ‘like attract like’, ‘negative attract negative’, etc.

So that’s why I personally don’t really follow this route all the time!

Keep reading!

Final Verdict of the Backwards Law

The backward law is no joke at all and you should apply it on a regular basis in order to struggle less but also get what you want faster and in a much easier way.

Just remember, the less you care about it and the more you let it flow of what you want to come, the faster it should come!

Wanting positive experience is a negative experience; accepting a negative experience is a positive experience. – Alan Watts

It’s just like a luxury sports car, a Ferrari or a Lambo…

If there is no distraction (resistance) but only a straight-up speed track, the faster it will reach the final destination at full speed!

However, you should be a wise alpha stallion male as well and follow what I do here.

I actually find it very useful to follow both effective laws such as combining the law of attraction together with the backward law!


And this is how I do it most of the time!

Basically, I know what I want at all costs but I won’t really focus on it or on the results at all. Instead, I focus on doing the work to get the results/outcome with a heart full of love, gratitude and filled with positive emotional feelings by basically putting my attention on the present moment.

That way, it creates no resistance whatsoever and I basically let it flow directly to me as If I’m the lake and what I want is the river coming to me to reach the final destination!

Yes, it works very well for me, and not only it is much fun and enjoyable to struggle less and let it come to me rather than “chasing it” or focusing on the result, but you’ll also live a happy, blissful, and peaceful life.

And I’m sure that’s what you want as well!

This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play. – Alan Watts


Perhaps, as I mentioned before, It is not really my thing to think of the negative or focus at all on any negativity. I have no interest in going after the bad negative way to expect the positive effects because not all of the times that it works based on my own experiences.

So do that and you’ll reach high levels of success in all areas of your life!

Just don’t chase or you’ll be in lack, but let it come to you in an abundant way! That’s the perfect way to do it.

Yes, it works very effectively and powerful because it creates momentum and that’s the good energy flow that you should look forward to and not the contraction force called resistance.

I mean, it’s just like for penis enlargement!

The more you focus on it and try your hardest to get the results you want, the less likely you’ll receive the growth benefits from gains of using a penis enlarger device like these ones here.

But if you just put the device on every day and not worry about it if it’s doing anything but focusing on the present moment like what you truly love to do and have positive feelings that you expect it to cause growth without creating any resistance, then I’m telling you that in 6 months from today, you might check up on yourself to notice that you have gained over 2″ full inches in penis size as well!


Yes, it happened to me and it sure can happen with you too! Click here and I’ll take you directly to the review for you to choose your #1 best penis enlargement stretching device to allow you to have a big, larger, and longer penis size that we all deserve.

Other than that, tell me when was a time that you wanted something so bad that you just weren’t able to get it? And also, let me know a time when you didn’t give a crap about something and all of the sudden, it came to you without an effort? Yes, it would be great to hear your words!

(2023) The Backwards Law – The Most Powerful & Advanced Law of the Universe – ONLY HERE!


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