Over the years a lot of men have been having concerns if even the best male enhancement pill can increase penis size or is it just for the enhancement of male sexual benefits!

Well, I’m going to break it up to you right now that no type of pill has the potential to cause growth in penis size alone by inches, but it will ONLY help you achieve a stronger, rock-hard erection which can make your erection seem bigger and larger.

But that’s not the case, and here’s why!

Myself as an alpha male who actually has many years of personal experience with many male products out there since I have used several of them in my early days, what these male pills do is enhance more blood flow to the penis erectile chambers.

Therefore, it will only strengthen your erections for hardness, stronger, and possibly give an appearance of a bigger penis, plus increase your sexual performance in bed more than ever…

But again, it will not cause the growth of inches in penis size alone, I can easily prove to you that!

If a male enhancement bottle or website is promoting such claims, go away as they are trying to mislead you big time because again, pills ALONE don’t have that full potential to expand the penis tissues for size growth.

However, if you do use an effective male enhancement pill like the ones I’m going to share with you below together with some penile exercises or with a penis enlargement device, then YES, it will make your penis bigger than ever.

That is because the pill will do the work by boosting more blood flow to the male organ and the device or exercises will expand the tissues to allow more blood flow to enter, and therefore, it leads to a larger penis size.

To check out the real solution for penis enlargement like the one that made me go from 6″ to over 8″1/2, then click here to view the top best male penis enlargement products in today’s market.

Other than that, if you need an extreme boost in sexual stamina with gaining a harder pecker every time in bed and perform like a true alpha pornstar, plus make your partner desperately wanting more and more of you, then I urge you to read below to check out the;

Top Best Male Enhancement Products in Today’s Market!

1. Max Performer – www.MaxPerformer.com

Looking over at many reviews with Max Performer pills, a lot of people have been getting massive sexual benefits and male performing results from this #1 male best natural enhancement in the male industry.

Not to mention, this product has been introduced to the market not so long ago, and believe it or not, it’s been a crazy breakthrough causing every man out there to want to use it for their sexual needs!

Max Performer does not promote as a “penis enlargement” but as a natural male booster for you to achieve “thicker, harder, more powerful erections” than ever.

I’m talking about like stallion rock-hard erection because of the ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, and other powerful sexual aphrodisiacs.

The pill also has a huge impact to enhance your male sexual endurance, performance, and stamina, and that way, you and your partner will reach the highest level of sexual satisfaction and sexual desire during sex from your sexual performance!

But that’s not all!

How would you feel to have your sexual confidence and self-esteem fly up the roof, plus get rid of your shyness and timidness!?

I mean, you’ll be walking around knowing that you now can perform like a male sexual stallion in bed without the fear or doubt of not being able to!

Oh did I mention mind-blowing orgasms? Yes, some of the natural sexual ingredients from it will have you ejaculating the most intensive orgasm than ever!

How about making your partner have multiple orgasms, oh man she would never ever leave you!

How Does Max Performer Work?

Max Performer male enhancement has a variety of sexual natural ingredients like Zinc, Maca, Cordyceps, and others, which increases sperm production and boosts your natural testosterone levels up the roof.

However, one of the best things about this male enhancer is the natural compound called Bioperine!

That is because it is highly known to be the #1 principal mechanism for the absorption of sexual ingredients in its formulation, and by doing this, it is what makes this formula very effective for you to enjoy sex at its maximum level.

All you would have to do is take 2 tablets per day, and it is recommended to use it for at least 90 days for best results.

That way, your male reproductive system will boost more testosterone and more blood flow to the male organ for maximum sexual benefits than ever.

It is said to have effects on brain function as well which is a Win-Win male enhancement here!

And What About the Price & Are There Any Side Effects?

NOPE, no known side effects have been reported till this day!

Maybe since all of the ingredients are completely 100% natural and safe, plus the company behind the pills called (SILVER BLADE NUTRITION LIMITED) does mention to have done a number of clinical studies and tests done on this Max Performer pill.

Now what makes it so legit is the PRICE! You can get a complete 6 month supply (360 tablets) with a 50% discount price and free worldwide shipping as well!

Not to mention, you’ll receive it in a discreet plain package with no logo for your privacy.

Within the very first week, your sexuality will increase like having stronger erections and enhanced sexual performance, plus better ejaculation when used as directed.

Especially if you take it with performing some advanced Kegel PC Muscle exercises on a daily basis for maximum results!

Yes, with MaxPerformer pills, you can assure yourself that you can feel like the next ‘pornstar’ of your world, where every function of your sexual needs increases for the better.

Now imagine a rock-hard erection, performing your best in bed, making your partner reach orgasms every time? I mean this is what you need to really enhance your overall sexual drive during sex!

Check out its official website here.

Key Benefits/PROS:

  • Ranked As The #1 TOP Best Male Enhancement Solution
  • Incredible Price range for your supply based on your Needs
  • Enhances Erections potency for stronger, larger, and fullness
  • Can Expect to Reach crazy satisfaction orgasms and desire
  • Should make you hungry for sex since it increases sexual appetite
  • Company has several clinical tests that were done & scientific studies
  • Many Max Performer reviews were found from users’ results
  • Contains ONLY known natural sexual ingredients for our safety
  • Sex drive & energy will boost up to perform like an animal-stallion
  • Self-Confidence and self-esteem increases to break sexual doubt
  • Enhances sexual orgasms for powerful long-lasting ejaculation
  • All you need to take is simply 2 tablets per day for sexual benefits
  • Comes with a 100 Day (100% Money Back Guarantee to Prove Results


  1. Since it’s been recently introduced to the male industry, not as many people are aware of its sexual results and its effectiveness.

2. VigRX Plus – www.VigRxPlus.com

I could never exclude this #2 best male enhancement product of pills because VigRX Plus is actually the #1 world’s most sold male enhancer pill in today’s industry.

Which, it is actually competing with Max Performer pills above! That means it’s hard to know which one could be better because they are both very effective, safe and millions of men are using them.

Within almost 2 decades since they first introduced VigRX Plus into the male market, there have been massive orders from users for this pill alone!

VigRX Plus only carries proven natural (sexual aphrodisiacs) ingredients in its proprietary blend.

The company behind them has over 10+ years of studying from tests and trials, plus scientific researches done on this specific formula which is a clinically proven male supplement for best results.

Now by you taking 1-2 pills daily, you can expect incredible sexual results such the trials that were done on 75 real men for 87 full days, and the results were;

  • 71.43% higher in sexual satisfaction
  • 62.82% to maintain a hard erection
  • 61% increase in sexual desire
  • 47% improved in sexual drive
  • 22.49% higher in quality of orgasms
  • 60.35% improvements in ED issue
  • 58.97% for ability to penetrate your partner

Yes, these are some very high scores of improvements in which they hired an expert company called (Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd) to help them with analyzing all of the participants.

That could be your results as well when using this powerful and effective male enhancer! In my opinion, it’s a game-changer based on the improvements here, which you will be blown away by your enhanced sexuality!

What Are the Ingredients & How Does It Work?

VigRX Plus male enhancement pill contains some of the most popular sexual ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Muira Pauma, Ginkgo Biloba, Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Bioperine, and others.

Therefore, it is 100% natural pills, where there is no need for any prescription and anyone can order the products online.

It is recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm, who is a popular doctor in the male industry and several other physicians also recommend VigRX Plus as a solution for any sexual issue.

Unlike the Viagra medication pills that make you need it every time during sex or else you won’t perform well, by taking 1 pill of VigRX Plus twice a day, the active natural compounds are said to build up your sexual system there within 90-180 days of using it.

And after that, you can simply start lowering the dosage and come to a complete stop, where your sexuality will function 100% natural without needing any of the VigRX Plus pills.

Isn’t that awesome!? It will basically fix and cure any of your sexual problems!

Now this male enhancement supplement works to target and boost more blood flow to the erectile chambers by aiming to increase nitric oxide levels, and also enhance testosterone levels.

Not to mention, the component called Bioperine is an active natural ingredient that works to absorb the maximum absorption of the other sexual aphrodisiacs in your system for faster and best results.

That is what makes it so effective for you to completely stop any sexual issues you may have there!

If I were to have any sexual problems, this would be my solution as well.

VigRX Plus is probably the most popular male enhancer in today’s industry by the proven results where millions of men have fixed their sexual problem with this pill alone! Check it out, you be happier than ever!


3. MaleExtra – www.MaleExtra.com

With a number of different types of male enhancement pills in today’s market, the Male Extra pills are the winner for the top #3 best enhancer product, and this is why!

Even though it surely does not have over a million users like VigRx Plus above, but with this MaleExtra male enhancer, there are over 150,000+ happy and satisfied customers.

According to the product’s website, they claim that this product is the most powerful male enhancement for all types of men to achieve the results you’re looking for such as;

  • Stronger and harder erections
  • Long-lasting during sexual intercourse
  • Boost sexual performance & drive
  • Increase Confidence levels
  • Intensive orgasms for pleasure
  • Supercharge sexual stamina
  • Claims to achiever bigger erections

Now all you would have to do is simply take 3 pills in your daily routine, and you can now get the sexual benefits that you need!

I mean, the sexual results above will make you have the best sex life ever, don’t you think?

As the company behind the product mentions, men all around the world are experiencing great results in the very first month of using this formula.

They are even talking about how past customers gained growth of penis size!

Sure, that can happen, but again only together with some penile exercises or with a penis enlargement device will cause the growth of gains by inches based on my own experience in the male industry.

So How Does MaleExtra Pills Work?

With the natural 100% safe compounds in the Male Extra proprietary blend, the main active ones are L-Arginine HCL (600mg), and Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid (500mg).

These primary ingredients work effectively by boosting the nitric oxide for the blood rushing to the penis tissues for harder, fuller, and stronger erections.

The other compounds such as amino acids like MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg, L-Methionine (100mg), Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg, and Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3) along with Cordyceps (25mg) works to improve sexual function.

Now there have been no known negative side effects from taking 3 pills of Male Extra powerful male enhancer.

And you can be the next user to gain the results that it offers when using them on the daily basis! For penis enlargement purposes, yes I would take these MaleEXtra pills at all cost.


Don’t forget to let me know your before and after results after 6 months!

I hope you found these top 3 best products very effective that will best suit you to enhance your male sexuality there as these ones are the most popular that guarantees sexual results in today’s market. Just make sure not to leave before dropping me your comment in the box section below, especially after using any of these supplements!

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