It is true that there is a big difference between both of them!

Yet, they are both considered as “mental disorders” which are very similar but I can say that they both could be an obsession but in different ways and different levels as well.

A healthy obsession is an obsession but in a healthy way, but addiction is similar to an obsession but in an unhealthy way.

However, addiction is most likely a chemical dependence disorder to escape reality but obsessing is more of a feeling/compulsion to “enhance reality”.

If addiction is primarily obsession and compulsion, then whenever you feel like you don’t have a choice you are in the radar of an addiction.

According to sources, some say that both behaviors can be trigged at the same time!

Now both of them can be treated and that would be to start treating it by the main root that caused it or else you probably won’t get any results.

Perhaps, if you have a healthy obsession, then you probably shouldn’t want to stop what you’re doing and continue to do it and this is where I’m going to show you some of the healthy obsessions that I may consider as good!

What Would Healthy Obsessions Be?

There are actually many types of healthy obsessions that I would personally consider as good!

And some of them would be such as;

You have an obsession to look good, to act your best, and to do basically every possible thing on a daily routine to truly be your best regardless of anything.

Obsession is essential to creativity.

Therefore, you’re not trying to impress anyone but to express yourself.

So that I would definitely consider it a healthy obsession but if you’re overdoing it, then it might be an addiction, and that way, it won’t be as healthy as it should.

Another healthy obsession is that you think, say, feel, hear, and do positive things at all times. Yes, it can actually be obsessing since you love to do it and you do it without even being aware of it as if it’s a habit.

And the same goes with the opposite such as thinking, saying, feeling, hearing, and doing negative things which is an extremely bad obsession that could lead to being very addicting.

Believe it or not, you won’t imagine how many people out there have this negative addiction! Just like Albert Einstein once said; Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.

And that’s 100% true!

Love is about others. Obsession is about yourself.

But the worse part is that if you’re a negative person who has an addiction to thinking, say, feel, hear, and do negative things, you’ll receive the same energy back to you and better yet, receive things that will make you think, say, feel, hear, and do more negative than ever.

And the same goes with positivity, according to the law of attraction, the more you focus on positivity or negativity, the more likely you’ll receive things that make you feel the same energy frequency that you’re feeling.

The last healthy obsession that I can consider good is to always look forward to putting quality hard work into your service, and that means even if it’s for someone else, you should always strive to do your best work because not only you’ll feel great, but great things will come back to you know as the law of action, law of karma, etc.

But if you’re proving service for your own self/business, that’s an even greater amount of feelings that you’ll receive which I highly recommend you do that and stick to this healthy obsession.

Be obsessed with your own potential.

Now a healthy obsession would definitely be to work for 1 hour and 40 minutes, then take breaks of 15-20 minutes such as stretching or walk around the office to rest your body and meditate for your brain/mind’s health.

But if you’re being a workaholic like working without taking any breaks, then you’re probably doing more harm than good to your own self and this could even be if you’re putting massive amounts of hours into your own business.

And that would definitely be an addiction in my point of view!

Now me, I have been obsessing with quality work, I have an obsession with sex, positive things all the time, and an obsession with exercising and working out as well as doing all my all-time best every day!

So the main key here is to have full control and complete balance in what you do which if you love what you do, always look forward to doing it, and do it all the time as if it’s a habit, then it’s a healthy obsession.

Follow down!

What Would Be a Non-healthy Addiction?

It’s simple, excess or over-exaggeration I consider as an addiction.

That’s right!

Anything that you over do it, then that’s no longer a healthy obsession but an addiction in my eyes.

Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you – It’s the cage you live in. – Johan Hari

Let’s go with the same examples as I mentioned above such as;

If you try to look your best, act your best, and truly be your best with an exaggeration, instead of making you confident as you would with a healthy obsession, you’ll come off as cocky just like UFC fighter Connor McGregor.

He does exactly that and that’s why he has so much fame and probably the most famous and richest UFC fighter out there in today’s date and age.

Yet, even though he does all of that in an excessive way, you can rest assured that there will always be someone better than him which is why he has actually lost a few times…

So that’s why I don’t like to do anything that is over-exaggeration or an excess way!

When you can stop, you don’t want to. And when you want to stop, you can’t, that’s addiction.

I would rather be the quite powerful alpha male dude on the corner that is extremely confident in me and in what I do than to be the loud cocky ignorant fool who thinks he can outrun anyone out there.

Back to the examples such as to think, say, feel, hear, and do too much positive things might also come off as negative because if you’re giving away too many positive sayings to others or doing too much positive things to others, they’ll take advantage of you and therefore, use you in their own advantages based on my own experience and you’ll start to feel bad about your own self.

That’s right, I have been there before!

The more I tried to say positive things to someone, the less likely they’ll appreciate it. The more I did good things for someone, the more likely they take advantage of me which yes, that could be addicting.

If you’re giving out too much of you, you can start feeling lack since it’s taking too much from you!

And the last example was to put in great quality work every day which too much of it, you’ll come off as if you’re trying to be a perfectionist and that is NOT good.

Yes, perfectionism can be an addiction and if you get to this point, nothing will seem to satisfy you since you’ll try to perfect it out as much as you can that will lead to overwhelming based on my own knowledge and wisdom.

Yes, believe it or not, this is actually one problem that I actually had in the past! I was always a perfectionist and I’m still am but in a balanced and controlled way because I’m aware of how bad it can be in my own life!

As you can clearly see, even on my posts here, I try to make everything perfect by proving everything that I know of such topic in one single post and if I don’t control it or have balance, I know that I would actually stay all day trying to perfect it out when all it’s doing is bad to me.

Now some of my healthy obsessions that I also mentioned which is to have sex quite often, yes I am aware that if I don’t take control of it, it can a serious addiction which I actually have been there before since one time I wanted to be a pornstar but ended up not happening.

Cure for obsession: get another one. – Mason Cooley

Another obsession is exercising, training, and working out, which one thing I love to do and when I hit the gym in today’s date and age, I’m only there for a full hour and that’s all! I mean, there was a time that I would workout for up to 3 full hours in a day and later on at night, I was willing to go back and do it again…

I’m glad I have become a very wise man to be aware of everything in my life!

So my point of view is that anything that is TOO much will always not be good at all regardless of what it is since it can contribute to a bad addiction.

The Difference Between Healthy Obsession & Addiction?

Healthy obsessions are to have control and main balance. And addiction is over-exaggeration and excess without having any control of balance.

And that’s basically the main difference between both of them in my own personal opinion!

But the reason why some sources out there claim that we can have both behaviors is probably because an example I would say that in the morning you might look, act, and be your best but at night time, you try to over-exaggerate it to a higher level.

I mean, that’s what I think it may possibly be because, for me, it’s either one or the other since it’s definitely not the same thing in my point of view!

Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters. – Jeremy Irvine

Therefore, always be aware of it and aim for healthy obsessions, and not let it be an addiction, and don’t let it the opposite as a bad obsession which can happen as well.

And one more time again, make sure it’s fully controlled by you and make it a balance of not too low or too high, but right in the middle.

Too much self-esteem will be cocky, in the middle would be confidence, but too low, you might feel unsecured, see the difference?

And that also means too much of anything will never be better but probably worse. Too little of anything could actually be better than too much of anything because when it’s too low, you can always increase its level.

Obsessed is a word lazy use to describe dedicated.

But when it’s too high, it is much harder to lower it because of your ego then if you were to increase it based on my own wisdom.

Just like sex, too much sex could do more damage than good, but too little sex will also not be so good for you because we all need to remove the toxins out of our male reproductive system at least 2-3 times per week for a healthy prostate and male sexual system.

And if you were to do it too much, you’ll force your body to overdo it and that could definitely not be good! So just be 100% aware of everything in you and in your life but make sure you balance them and control them at all costs!

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Have you had healthy obsessions with anything? What about addiction? I’m sure we all have somewhere in our lives before and make sure to drop me your comments below as this will help me continue to provide great service to you.

(2021) The Difference Between Healthy Obsession VS Addiction – FIND OUT HERE!


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