A lot of people in today’s day and age have not been true to themselves, and that means you’re probably not trusting your feelings…

And by saying that, most people are really dominated by their ego which means it’s taking over their lives by the mind’s activity, reactions, thoughts, beliefs, and so on.

But’s not good because it is your inner-being that you have to listen to!

Inner-being is your true feelings and that’s the one that you have to follow if you want a fulfilling life filled with love, peace, joy, happiness, success, wellbeing, blissfulness, plus much more.

But if you’re focused on your thoughts by your ego, you’re most likely feeling miserable since the ego is never satisfied with anything, it always wants more and more.

Once you realize the primary purpose of your life is the inner and this is what becomes the main purpose then the secondary purpose, the outer purpose falls into place. Be being true to life and being true to now, life will bring to you whatever is most appropriate as far as your inner purpose is concerned. – Eckhart Tolle

Now if you’re reading this, you have come to the right place where I’m going to show you how you can start to feel your inner-Being and trust the feelings you’re having!

Just follow down and find out more.

What Is Inner-Being?

All living species has an Inner-Being which I considered as our soul/spirit, and it is emanated by the frequency of God/Universe/Life or whatever you want to call it.

To me, it is basically an internal light of our true higher-self that is completely invisible and no one can explain exactly what it is.

Some call it consciousness, some call it awareness, the observer, etc!

Your inner being is he who men call God. – Neville Goddard


But as I said, it’s like God, we can’t explain what it is but we all know or believe it exists. Even if you don’t believe it exists, you just know that there is something greater or more intelligent out there or within you.

Just like our bodies, there is something functioning our organs automatically that no one has ever explained what it is that is causing our heart to beat, our lungs to constantly breathe without us doing anything, or even when we eat, the digestion and all of that!

Sure, science has tried to prove this and that, but it can’t explain the invisible thing that is functioning within every living title out there including us humans, animals, plants, trees, etc.

Perhaps, the most proven fact that there is a true higher intelligence is if we were to look at how babies come to life.

This inner Being is all powerful, intelligent, indestructible and a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. This inner core is truly who and what you are and is perpetually trying to connect with your outward self. – Stephen Richards

I mean, look at the process of it, how in the world does a tiny sperm turn into a human being or a living specie inside another body and comes to life so perfectly!

That’s proof to me whether you believe it or not…

So back to inner-Being!

Therefore, I hope you get what inner-being really is, it is the invisible force within each one of us that is complete, infinite, and eternal.


A look into your inner self, is the first step you take for your spiritual journey. – Anjana

And that is us, who we really are! That means we are not this body, the mind, the thoughts we have, the emotional feelings, sense perceptions, experiences, or whatever, but we are the true light of God within in each body!

The name ‘human being’ states it all, we are a Being in a human body!

Keep reading.

Why Trust Inner-Being or Feelings?

Well again, it is the source of all, Inner-Being is complete and all we need to be fulfilled which is by looking within ourselves and trusting those feelings.

And if you don’t, then you’re probably living as a “victim” of your own life itself, or as a “superior” human thinking you’re better than anyone, which we are all the same!

Everything states with the inner being, your inner self – it all comes from you and we so often forget that. We think, “He made me angry.” He didn’t make you angry; you made yourself angry. Don’t allow him to get to your inner space. – LaToya Jackson

We emanate light from the same source, the same Universe, we are all ONE with God almighty. The same inner-Being that is you is the same as me which the only difference is our human bodies.

Therefore, the #1 main reason why you would want to trust your higher-self, and not the egoic’s mind is because that’s who you truly are.


Think about it, would you rather trust a false illusionary “self” claiming it’s you based on past experiences like how your ego and everyone’s ego do?

Or would you rather trust your real true self known as you’re inner-Being which is your soul, the invisible light within you that emanates from God’s frequency or you may call it, the source of all abundance of life?

I mean, there is no compassion here!

However, the only thing that is not allowing you to trust your own inner-self feelings is because you’re falsely deluded by your own ego without being aware of it…

And again, you’re not alone! 90% of people are in the same boat!

The moment you become friends with your inner Self, you realize that the failures or hindrances that you met earlier were caused more by your disconnected status with your inner Being. – Stephen Richards

I actually was a long time ago and I can tell you exactly what I felt, all it was doing was causing me to suffer so much that I couldn’t live with myself anymore.

I was extremely depressed, had low self-esteem, poor sexual life, and felt like a “victim” of all with so many unwanted thoughts coming to my mind while feeling miserable as the worst person ever since I was living in the past but wanted a better future…

Is this you?

Well, luckily you have made it to my website here (AlfaSTallion®) the #1 alpha male website that will transform you as a weak beta male who is exactly as I said above into being the ultimate ‘alpha stallion king’ of your own world today, now!

I mean if you continue to read along with the information I’m giving out which is directly coming from my own inner-being/true-self in the present moment, it has the power to change you completely, change your life and so much more.

Just keep coming back every day or go read some of my other posts on this website and you’ll see it yourself!

So again, trusting your inner-Being, you will live a happy, blissful and extraordinary life that is completely fulfilled with joy, peace, and love while being in the here and now, called the present moment where you’ll be loving what you’re doing regardless if you work for someone or not.


Not to mention, this (love) is our true natural state that we all came here to life to live by, not to live a miserable life…

Plus I can’t forgive that when you start loving what you do on a daily basis, you’re aligned with the source of abundance and that means you attract all the good things in your life, including manifesting all that you want such as money, material possession, the love of your life that you’re seeking, the greatest sexual life, the happiest and best lifestyle ever, and so much more!

To feel that inner calm with one-self is the truest gift of happiness. – Calvin Dillard

I mean, there are too many reasons why you would want to leave your egoic mode and start trusting your true spirit of soul or the light within you also called Inner-Being!

Read on!

How to Trust Your FEELINGS / Inner-Being?

The feelings we have comes from our inner-being also called intuition, but you have to know the difference between emotions and feelings.


Inner-Being intuitive feelings are from our source of abundance which in order to truly feel it, you have to basically silence the ego’s mind and here’s what you have to completely silence it;

  • Meditating is key (close your eyes & focus completely on your breath in and out). When you do that, your ego has no option but to silence because you can’t focus on two things such as your thoughts (ego) and your breath (inner-Being). Or do like me, I am constantly focusing on my breath my whole entire day and therefore, it makes us completely present at the moment and that means I only use my mind to think about something that I want to happen in my life.

So that’s a tough one that not a lot of people can do because their ego is so strong that it does not allow them to be still and in silence!

Be aware of your breathing. Notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space. – Eckhart Tolle

But if you do exactly that by focusing on your breath in and out, you’ll notice that it feels “good” which means you’re being connected to your true being once again!


And the moment you go back to thinking, you disconnect from your true higher-self and your ego takes over your life again and that means, you go back to feeling miserable!

Just notice it!

So the secret is that you would want to be in the present moment by focusing on your breath and that means you completely silence your mind’s activity.

But the moment you notice your ego trying its best by bringing you unwanted thoughts, you have to catch it just like how a cat observes with full attention a rat hole to catch it!

Yes, that’s exactly what you would want to do!

When you become confident with your inner-self, the outside’s just going to fall into place. – Billy Blanks

Remember, your ego will try every possible thing to take you back and make you unconscious once again, but your real consciousness which is your spirit/soul/inner-being is much more greater and powerful than the false illusionary “self” called the ego.

And the moment you do that, you should be feeling liberation and somewhat “good vibes”. Sure, you may have depressed emotions which what you have to do here is completely be alert and observe that negative emotion by feeling it, you then surrender to it by allowing it and accepting it, and you give your light of awareness shining so brightly into the emotion where within time, it will completely dissolve and you’ll be free of it forever.

Yes, that’s super powerful and it is a life changer!


So again, this is where you can finally start feeling your true inner-Being/higher-self and start trusting it because you now know that it is the light of God and you’ll be in completely 100% contentment mode.

Life is your deepest inner Being. It is already whole, complete, perfect. – Unknown

Remember, it is the ego that “believes” or thinks that having something from the past or in the future that you currently don’t have will make you somewhat “happy” but it’s not true!

Time is an illusion, the past and future are complete illusions because we don’t live there anymore, it is just a memory and the future is just an imagination.

So don’t fall for it anymore. The moment you feel your true inner-being, you’re present and you basically feel complete and fulfilled in the here and now!

So this is where you can finally start trusting your feelings and feeling your inner-being! Other than that, the ego will keep falsely making you somewhat think or believe in the next thing that will satisfy you and it’s completely unconscious and wrong.

Sure, there are other ways to connect to your inner-being, but this is the far best and simple way for me based on my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom coming directly from my true self.

The other ways would be;

  • the #1 simple way which I showed you above as to observe your breath in and out at all moments.
  • to be 100% alert and watch your thoughts, catch it when you’re thinking, and laugh at it.
  • completely focus on feeling your inner body by trying to feel your body parts like your feet, hands, arms, stomach, sexual organs, your emotions, etc.
  • Or completely aware of your movements at the moment such as you’re walking, focusing on feeling each step, feeling your feet pressing against the floor, etc.

That’s it but then again, the easiest and most simple way that works very effectively is the awareness of breath and that way, you can finally start trusting your inner feelings known as your intuitive gut feelings.

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Were you able to finally feel your inner-being after all these years? I hope so because you should target it at all costs since it’s complete fulfillment and the best feelings ever! That way, you can start to trust yourself once again.

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