It is true that in order to have something manifested in your life, you first have to act as if you already have it regardless of how far it may look to come to you!

But for me based on my own experience, acting as IS is way more powerful which means you’re not “faking” it but living off as it is happening exactly right now.

And this is where the true power comes into play!

When you get to this point of acting as it has manifested in your life or acting as you’re already the person you want to become, then the Universe will move circumstances, events, and people to truly make it happen for you.

But there is way more to that…

And I’m going to show you how to truly act as if / act as is and the difference between both and how to make the Universe work in your favor!

Read on and find out everything you need to know!


I am a huge fan of acting as IS but, of course, it is more advanced than acting as if based on my experience, knowledge, and wisdom!

But at first, you will have to act as if which as I mentioned above, you will basically “fake it until you make it”.

Yes, that’s right!

But when you practice it more and more on a daily basis like I really mean every single day, you will start to actually be and act as is

So the main difference here is that when you act as if you’re basically “faking it” and when you act as is, you’re it regardless if it has happened or not!

That means if you’re truly want to be that confident alpha male that all men look up to and respect, and that all women are highly attracted to and want you at all costs, then start first by acting as if you’re already one.

And within time as you’re practicing it on a daily basis, you’ll automatically become one and this is where you won’t even need to think of acting as if since your body will automatically act as is!

Can you see my point here?

I mean, most people will tell you to keep acting as if, but I am way far from that like on a whole another level by acting as is!

And why is that?

Well, believe it or not, our subconscious mind which is 95% greater and more effective in our lives than the conscious mind, it is true that it doesn’t know when you’re faking it or not through your visualization/imagination.

However, when you keep visualizing and imagining yourself acting as if through the steps I’m going to show you below, it will basically figure out on itself that you’re truly acting as is instead of as if

That means you will come to a point that your mindset and complete body will see your own self as if you have truly become that new person or has truly manifested what you want.

And this is where the Universe will have to make it happen regardless of whatever, it basically has to by the universal law called the Law of Attraction!

Keep reading!

How to Act As IF? – 1-3 Steps/Parts

The very first step, you have to really see yourself as it is happening right now in the present moment, like exactly now at this certain exact time.

But you do this with your own mindset!

You first will have to close your eyes and start visualizing what you want and imagine as to how it would be to have it currently happening right now, in the here as the present moment regardless of how far it may look to you to actually happen.

And that’s the very first super important step!

Then the second step is through your thoughts and ideas!

That’s right which is basically to get into your conscious mind by ONLY thinking of what you want to be and become or what you truly want to happen.

And that means you CAN NOT think of what you DON’T want at all costs because the moment you think of the opposite, you just lost your alignment with what you want.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and be aligned all over again! Yes, you can and that’s what I do since nobody is perfect… I sometimes get off the alignment of what I want to be and become.

That’s right!

My goal is to act as I’m already the person I aim to be, but sometimes I lose control and go back to being the same person that I am currently, and therefore, I am 100% aware of what’s going on and therefore, I go back to the alignment of acting as I’m already that future me.

So again, the thoughts are the second part and you have to basically keep thinking the same thoughts and ideas of what you want throughout your daily basis.

And when you do that, this is where the third step/part comes into play!

Which is the FEELINGS and emotions…

Your thoughts will basically allow you to feel what you want to be and become or what you want to attract and manifest in your life!

However, to speed up the process, you can actually feel the emotion through yourself wanting and choosing to truly feel it regardless if you still don’t have it or is not there yet!

And when you start feeling it, you’re whole body will take note of that and the more you do this, your body will start to act as is!

I’m telling you that the feelings are actually where everything will start to happen at all costs and that is because our heart is who sends out the vibrational signals to the Universe to make it happen.

And again, the more you feel the emotional feelings of it, the faster and more likely you’ll become or receive what you want!

Last Step/Part to ACT AS IS Though Belief = Will Happen at All Costs!

So focus on all those 3 parts/steps I mentioned above and your mind, body, spirit, and soul known as your higher-self will come to this last part!

Which is the beliefs!

That’s right…

The more you focus on what I showed you above, it may take 21-90 days or more to become a belief and when you truly believe with all of your faith, trust and hope, that’s when everything MUST happen as according to the Law of Attraction!

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that you need to actually believe to truly make it happen

And believe it or not, beliefs are exactly what changed my life to the better!

Which again, I did it by truly believing it, and when it becomes a real belief either negative or positive, there is no other way but to actually happen!

You really cannot stop it from happening through the same beliefs, but only if you put in NEW beliefs on top of those negative beliefs that you don’t want to happen…

For example; If you have beliefs that “money is the root of evil“, that “money is hard to make” and negative beliefs of money, you will never ever have enough money or get rich with these types of limiting beliefs.

It just won’t happen unless you do what I showed you above with the 3 steps/parts to put in new opposite beliefs of what you want, then you’ll start to manifest money or whatever it is.

In fact, you should have beliefs that ‘money is the root of freedom and happiness‘ even though there are many wealthy people who are not happy with the money they got.

Have beliefs that ‘money is easy to make‘ and that ‘money comes to you effortlessly, expectedly, and unexpectedly‘, then you will start noticing more money coming to you all the time!

Sure, it could take some time but when your subconscious mind truly has these types of new beliefs, it must happen in your physical world!

Other negative beliefs that I see many and many of the world population with such beliefs is to “live as if today is your last day” or that “life is short“, etc, and guess what?

Yes, people with such beliefs, they will not be here for so long because the law of the Universe will have to make it happen regardless of what they do.

They can focus 100% on health and wellness, but if their beliefs are exactly that, something bad will happen to truly make their life short.

Therefore, have the opposite beliefs like me that “life is long” and that “live today as if there are many other days to enjoy“, and that “I will live forever” and since the universe ONLY say ‘YES’, it will allow you to live much longer.

So what I’m trying to say here is that you need to watch out what are exactly those limiting beliefs that you may have without actually being aware of them because it will and must happen in your life regardless of whatever you do!

Final Verdict of Acting As IS Instead of Acting As IF!

Coming to an end, I really hope that you learned the difference between acting as if vs acting as is…

And one more last time, when you act as if, you’re faking it, but when you get to the point of act as is, you’re already it or has already happened regardless if it has not yet, but it will!

And again, of course, you first have to practice acting as if in order to act as is because the more you fake it, the less likely you will need to continue faking it to become it and to attract it.

So do the first 3 steps of acting as if, and the last part which is when it becomes a belief, that is when you will become as is!

And as I mentioned, the beliefs are what’s going to make it happen, but the feelings/emotions will boost up the process to allow it to become the belief much sooner than later!

Now, what a belief means to me is basically ‘certainly’. That means you’re certain that it will happen or is happening now, but you’re just waiting for the Universe to pick the right time!

That means you have no doubt at all, you don’t ask the ‘how’, you don’t doubt or think of the opposite by thinking of what you DON’T want.

You just have to have faith, trust and hope, and that’s basically all of it!

Then the Universe will move all circumstances, situations, events, people and everything to make it happen in your life.

It just has too regardless if you don’t want it or whatever you do according to the Law of Attraction.

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