Do you know what it means to being self made?

Probably not, and I’m going to share with you what it really is!

To me, it basically means to do whatever it takes to get something done without relying on anything or anyone and I personally consider myself as a successful self-made entrepreneur/investor!

I’m the type of alpha male that excuses can’t stop me from doing something that truly matters to me. I will do whatever it takes even if this might sound somewhat “egoistic”, but it’s not…

It’s just that I am my own #1 priority and that’s what really matters!

Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men. – E.B. White

Other’s opinions don’t define who I am and I’m not here to impress anyone but to express myself… I am 100% independent of myself, of what I do, and that’s all.

And that’s what self-made really means to me. But follow down and I’ll share more information on how and why you should be a self-made individual!

What Is Self-Made?

The name ‘self made’ says it all! It is someone “made by oneself”…

It means you live by your own efforts, you don’t wait for others to help you succeed in any way but you take charge of your own life, of your own journey, of your own destination, and you make zero excuses!

Now most self-made individuals which could be a man or woman are most likely a leader, and when I say that, it’s not directly by a title such as CEO, boss, or any of that.

You can be a single self-made leader at home that leads your own life in the right direction… This also means you’re not depending on your parents, family members, friends, spouse, or any of that.


I personally believe we are all suppose to be born as a self-made just like a bird.

An example of a self-made bird would be that of course, at the beginning of their lives, they need their parents for food but as soon as they grow their wings, they jump out of the nest and try to fly away…

That’s whether if they can fly for the first time or not… I live in a paradise area of nature and I see it all the time a young bird on the floor flapping their wings trying to fly away.

So as soon they’re out of the nest, they’re on their own and free to go out their way.

The self is made, not given.

They no longer come back to their nest or get help from any of their parents or none of that. They fly out to find food for themselves, find a new family and make a new nest and live a happy life on their own.

And if somehow they get sick, hurt, or any of that, it’s all on them as no other bird will help them or take care of them.

Birds are very persistent and goal-oriented because if you were to remove their nest out of a tree, the same bird will come back multiple times to keep trying to create their own nest in the same.


Now that’s what a self-made definition really is to me!

It literally means you’re on your own and you succeed without anyone handling you anything at all.

Most entrepreneurs out there are self-made and if they’re not, then they are in the wrong position. In this life, you can’t expect too much from anyone at all since we all live in this free world to do whatever we want.

Why Being a Self-Made Individual Is Important?

Since being self-made means you’re an independent person, it is super important to be able to take care of your own self without expecting anyone to handle you anything in this life.

And why is that?

Well, if you’re an adult and still living in your parent’s basement and relying on them or relying on other people, you’re probably losing in life big time!

Again, a bird gets out of its nest (parent’s house) very soon and I think we all should do that as well. If you turn 18 years old and go out there and find your way to live life well and succeed, you’re a true champ!

We are all self made but only the successful will admit it.


Not a lot of people are doing that…

Which the reason why it is very important to be self-made is because you’ll learn to live on your own terms, you’ll learn to create the life you want, you’ll learn how to succeed in life and become a wealthy person.

But the truth is that being self-made is actually a tough decision that not a lot of people can handle especially when challenges, obstacles, situations, circumstances, and tough events come face to face with us.

And if you’ll learn how to handle pressure, how to live, and how to face anything that comes your way, then you’re on the right path.

You know, I personally have been “beaten down” by life itself where one time I lost of my money, lost my businesses at the time and got my house robbed by a so-called “best friend” who did a very well plan to do it all and I mean, I have been super depressed for like 2 decades since an early age. I have had my heart broken several times, I have been alone for most of my life with just a few friends to none, but that’s what made me who I am today.

That’s what made me the successful self-made alpha man that I have become. In today’s date and age, I am my all-time best ultimate ‘stallion’ version of myself because of my past experiences.

If it wasn’t for any of that, I don’t even know where I’ll currently be at!


One thing that I know for sure is that a self-made person will always find a way to get something done!

For example;

You’re home and something breaks or stop working, but you think you know what went wrong and you believe you know how to fix it, you then go out your way and try to fix it instead of calling a “handyman” to do it for you regardless if you’re a man or woman.

Your car pop a tire and you’re far away out in an urban area which you won’t wait for someone to come by and since you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you simply replace it with a spare wheel…

So that’s why it is super important that all men and women should be self-made individuals and never rely on anything or anyone.

Keep reading!

How to Be a True Self-Made Individual?

To me, to actually become a self-made person, you have to get out of society’s trap of living like most people and get out there on your own and find what’s best for you.

That means you’re not going to stay in that miserable job that you hate which all you’re doing is making your boss rich by each day but actually find your passion and work on that or build a business and make a lot of money for you to have the best financial freedom and live a rich life instead of your boss.


That means you’re going to get out of your parent’s house and find yourself a nice place to live peaceful, independent, and happy.

That also means if you want to move to a new town/city such as Florida, then you do it in spite of anyone’s opinion. You don’t worry about what others are saying, you don’t listen to excuses or fear.

You don’t rely on anyone or anything as I have mentioned above!

To become self-made, you’re on your own in this life and you don’t need anyone to fulfill you. You don’t need a girlfriend, spouse, or anyone to make you happy.

You love yourself more than anything in world!

Leader are not born or made – They are self made. – Stephen Covey

You figure out on what’s the meaning of life and that is to follow your purpose by sticking to your passion and live a blissful, wonderful, and extremely happy lifestyle.

To be self-made also means you take care of yourself very well! You don’t eat junk unhealthy foods but always looking for healthy and high protein meals on a daily basis.


You work out every day because you know how much it’s important to do physical activities. Your sex life is also on point!

You’re always searching for positivity all the way and even if this means staying away from certain family members, friends, or whoever to protect your own energy.

And that means you don’t get into drama, you avoid negativity at all costs, and anything that is negative, you put it to the side since it’s not going to help you in any way.

I mean, all of this counts and I can literally keep going forever…

But you just have to be 100% aware of what you’re doing on a regular basis such as what is your daily routine, what are your habits, and when you see something isn’t right, then you fix it and start changing whatever that needs to be changed regardless of whatever.

Yes, change your own personality, change your own behaviors, change your life, and so on… And that’s how you’ll take a step forward to becoming the true self-made man or woman that you want!

I want to be self-made and leave a mark. – Ronnie Radke

Other than that, you’ll forever continue to be a sheep and follow the crowd known as the population by working for someone else, relying on other people to make you happy, and doing all the things that others do.

Which you won’t live your life to the fullest, you won’t be able to live the life of your dreams or none of that if you don’t become a self-made individual!

So choose your destination very wisely and you’ll be happy you did.

It’s just like for penis enlargement, if you’re not happy with your penis size and want a bigger size to satisfy yourself and your partner, then if you’re self-made, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

And how about you make this your very first step to getting yourself the #1 penis enlargement stretching device that will allow you to stretch and elongate your penis on a regular basis to multiply the new cells and have it grow bigger, longer, and larger than ever.

Yes, it truly works and you’re going to see before and after photos here!


Don’t hesitate and not invest in yourself! Self-made alpha males leave no chances behind but take confident risks to live a much better life especially when it’s sexual since we all know that we men should be having sex very often to be healthy, happy, and wise.

Did you enjoy this complete post? Have you learned what you have to do in order to become self-made? Make sure to contribute back to me by replying with a text or comment in the box right under this page! It’s important to hear from you.

(2022) What Does It Mean to Be Self-Made? How & Why You SHOULD Be a Self-Made Person at all Costs!


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