There are too many teenagers as well as young adults that don’t really know what to do with their lives.

Especially the ones that are looking forward to following their purpose here on Earth or the ones that want to get into the money industry and start at a younger age.

Now, of course, the ones that are running around, partying every weekend, wasting money on non-necessary things, and trying to buy all types of liabilities/material kinds of stuff, I would say that you’re probably going in the wrong direction based on my own experiences.

Yes, I have been there before, done all of that, and I’m actually glad I did because now I can finally see that that type of life is definitely not for me.

I mean, as a young person, most of us want to leave school and want just to have fun to the fullest without being aware or knowing that it’s probably not the best route to take, and I’ll explain why!

I’m also willing to show you what you should do as a young person meaning you’re younger than 25 years old but older than 15 years of age!

Why Do Young People Want to Just Have Fun?

Since I have been in that position before in my early adult years, I know exactly what it is and why we want to just enjoy our lives at this type of age.

And the reason I think that most young people want to just have fun is that school is actually frustrating, gets you really tired, bored, and all of that or they believe that they have a lot of time in life…

Sure, not all people like school but the ones that do and enjoy it, you might probably still be in this position to enjoy life as much as you can as well.


Another reason why young folks want to live their life to the fullest at soon as they can is that they believe life should be ONLY about enjoying to the max which yes, may be true at some point but there is much more to that than just having fun.

And for this reason, most young individuals (boys and girls) will get into partying all the time, get drunk and wake up with a hangover. Some do drugs but work and get paid hourly which they use that money to buy new clothes to impress others, buy all types of materials and fancy stuff, go out to as many places as their money allows, and buy a car to get to places, and stuff like.

Which most of these people will go at it for the first few years of their adulthood and figure out that this is not the life they should be living… But some go at it for their whole life!

Yes, I actually have an uncle that has been exactly like that in his whole entire life! – Big No-NO!

So the ones that figure it out at an early stage of their lives will immediately want to start changing because they know that the partying life will not take them further in life, but actually do the opposite and leave you broke with nothing but miserable, depressed, and unfulfilled life.

Yes, I personally don’t know anyone who’s out there partying all week long and made it to the top, unless that’s your “job/service” like a club owner, promoter, etc.

And if that’s not what you should be doing, I highly recommend you check yourself out and see what it’s doing to you and your life…


Maybe you’re not aware that it’s messing up with your own health when it should be our #1 priority in every single person’s life.

I mean, what’s the point to do all the things you want and enjoy but have no health? What’s the point to get all the money you want but with no health to enjoy it?

Well, read on and we can talk more about this!

How to See if Your Current Life is Causing You Growth or Draining You? – MY STORY!

For some people, it may actually take a very long time to find out that their current life is not taking them any further in life if they ever do!

But the wise ones figure it out very early like within their first 1-3 years and that’s what happened to me…

However, I actually created a few companies and build my wealth up for like 5 years straight, but then I got that money that I had saved up and used it to get myself an expensive brand new MANUAL pickup truck that I paid completely full CASH.

Teaching young people to sell is a priceless gift. – Seth Godin

And I actually hook it up, and “invested” a massive amount of money to make it exactly how I wanted to look like which was actually the hottest “macho” pickup truck in the area where I was living at the time.

I mean, I had 24″ inch black rims on this lifted truck with a high-quality sound system with widescreen TV, put LEDs all over it, got paint protection, tuned it up, switch up a lot of things on it, and added several types of accessories such as fat mufflers on each side that I figured would look its best.

Here’s a photo of it!


This pickup truck was modified with only cash payments that I paid completely and therefore, with everything I put around $200K of cash to hook it up as well as tuning it up to make it a badass truck!

So imagine, a single alpha “stallion” male who had money flowing into my life living in a house all alone with a nice, powerful and attractive pickup truck, I mean, I was having sex with like 3-4 girls per day!

Yes, believe it or not, all I wanted to do was to have fun, go out to parties and hit up the nightclubs on weekends, and literally waste massive amounts of money on a lot of different things.

I remember I would pay everyone at the club, yes for my boy and the girls we would meet there, I would waste a lot of money on gasoline to go everywhere all day and at night since the truck pulled a lot of gas. I would waste money on trips since I would meet girls online and even though some of them were living in the city next to mine, I wouldn’t care and go pick them up and bring them home after and all that…

I mean, all the money I had at this time, I was literally wasting all of it!

Now as I did mention, at this stage of my life I had about 4 companies but since all I cared about was enjoying my life to the fullest, my business companies started to downgrade since I wasn’t really focusing on them at all…

Sure, I had employees working for me but since I was the CEO/MANGER/LEADER/BOSS who had to guide them on what to do or how to do things the right way, therefore, they basically did whatever they wanted since I started not to bother anymore!


Now here’s the bad part!

After about 1 year and a half, I started to notice that very little amount of money was coming into my life through my business companies and when I started taking it more seriously, cops started to spot me and got involved in my life in Brazil at that time because of the loud exhaust mufflers on this badass pickup truck.

Which they locked it up twice and I had a supposedly “best friend” that I thought I could “trust” which he helped me get it out the first time but the second time cops took it from me, this same person did a very well plan where he lied and claimed that “I was being wanted by the cops” and had me travel to a different country to be able to get the pickup truck out of jail while having a lawyer to take down the wanted lawsuit process against me which he lied to me and did that but actually stole it by selling it and keeping the money.

And he sure did exactly that without me knowing at all. Yet, I was sending him a lot of money while he was doing all of this because supposedly, he had the best connection and the best “lawyer” to “help” us get it out along with taking out the lawsuit against me…

Which during this time, I felt totally depressed, miserable, and broke at the same time since all my money went into that type of lifestyle. And when I found out that this so-called “best friend” did all of that to me and stole my pickup truck along with massive amount of money from me, my companies also came to an end as well!

Too many young people itch for what they want without scratching for it. – Thomas Taylor

So imagine, I lost that “good life”, I lost all my money and lost all of my business companies, plus I was living in a place that I didn’t want to live and where I actually thought that I was in “big trouble with the law” which I was not except that they just locked up the pickup truck and I had to get it out and pay the daily storage fees and a few tickets, and that’s all.

Then what happened was, I felt even more depressed to know that I allowed all of this to happen to me and it seemed that I couldn’t lift myself up to start from ZERO all over again to reach success again…

So this went on for about 3 full years including the 1 year and half of living my life to the fullest!

Now was it worth it? Definitely not, but it served me as a life lesson that I will take it forever such as to not waste our money on liabilities at all, but invest in assets to make more money and focus on a healthy quality daily routine at all costs. Also, it served me that I shouldn’t trust anyone and never assume things without having proof.

However, after a few years passed by, I manage to ONLY send him good, positive energy vibes and since everything is energy in this world including me, you, and all physical things which science has proved this several times, he actually sold his house and found a way to get in contact with me and he sent me a wire transfer payment for the full $200k.

Yes, believe it or not, it’s 100% true and there is no reason to lie whatsoever! I would even show you my bank statement for this particular transfer, but I’m better than that. I don’t need to prove anyone anything.

Back to the main question, how to see if your current life is causing you growth or draining you?

Simple, just be 100% AWARE of what you’re doing every single day, especially during the weekends. You’ll notice and figure out if it’s taking you further in life or holding you back as it happened to me…

But the easiest way to figure it out is by tracking your finances such as your money going out… If you notice that you’re wasting it on non-necessary stuff like buying too many drinks on the weekend, buying new clothes every month, and purchasing fancy and material stuff instead of actually saving and investing your money, then you’re probably not in the right direction as I was.


Another way is by how you’re feeling on a regular basis!

If you’re not feeling too happy, unhealthy, or feeling broke, then that is a sign that you must check yourself out and do something about it.

Keep reading!

What You Should DO as a Young Person?

You know, in an interview with Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s billionaire CEO), he once said; I would say to a young person, you can choose a life of ease and comfort, or you can choose a life of service and adventure. Which one of those when you’re 90 years old are you going to be more proud of?

And that’s a very wise question we all should ask ourselves regardless of how old we are…

I mean you can be 50 years old and choose the second option to live a life of service and adventure by creating a brand/business that you’ll provide quality service/work and have an adventure life which believe it or not, there are many self-made multi-millionaires and billionaires out there that found success at an older age!

So the key here is to actually be willing to choose the second option somewhere in your lifespan regardless of your own age!

Yet, the younger you do so, the better it is, of course!


But why is the second option a better option?

Well, to live a life of ease and comfort, that means you don’t take risks, you basically work an easy 9-5 job and get paid by your boss telling you what to do, then come home and sit all day on that comfy couch to watch anything you want, eat whatever you want, and on the weekends, you party all day and enjoy with friends which you basically live a life of ease and comfort like everyone else…

However, check that out if it’s really the best quality of life and if it’s the healthiest state of your own being? See if that will make you the happiest version of yourself? See if that’s going to make you financially free and be able to take off a few weeks from work and enjoy your life while getting paid?

Well, the truth is that it definitely would not help you maintain a healthy body and mind, it might make you temporarily happy but not fulfilled of happiness, and it definitely won’t make you financially free whatsoever by receiving a salary paycheck every month.

And here’s the second option to provide service and adventure!

Young people need to be inspired, told they can achieve anything they set their minds to. – Jim Stynes

You take risks and this includes business risks as well, sure you work extremely hard the very first years on your own business company that you created from ZERO which is your passion and your purpose in life. And when you have free time, you either read self-educating books or watch self-educating videos on YouTube to help you gain more knowledge and live better, plus you eat only healthy meals to stay in shape and be healthy, work out every day as well, and basically live the life of your dreams…

You then are able to keep your body and mind in the healthiest state of being (wellness) with a fulfilled life full of happiness since you’re providing service for your own purpose by working only on your passion which you love what you do and later on, flows of money follows you and you reach the financial freedom that you want and deserve.

Therefore, you’ll be forever financially free and be able to travel the world all year round while making money during sleep and all day long aka a life of service while having an adventure lifestyle…


How does that sound? Amazing right!? Well, so don’t you think that the second option would be the very best possible decision?

I think so 100% without a doubt!

But that’s not all…

Young people have, truly, the potential to change the world. Not when they older – today. – Philippe Cousteau

I know that most young people don’t know what to do with their lives, especially teenagers and young adults!

That means you don’t really know what your passions are, you don’t know what your purpose in life really is which I found out through self-realization that our inner purpose is to find out who we are and the only way is through learning and reading self-educating spiritual books!

But for our outer purpose, what I personally have to say to younger folks is that you SHOULD get into several different things.

That’s right, just hop into different business ventures, get into a different type of lifestyle, do different things for a few years, and then you’ll be able to find out what you truly want in life!

Now I’m only saying this if you’re a wise, smart person who is clever with your money that knows how to manage money. And that means it’s not anything that will waste your hard-working money since you should value money at all costs.

So when you get involved in different types of things, you’ll be able to find out what your true passion really is and know your purpose here on this Earth, and that way, you can put in massive amounts of hours into that and be great at it and reach the top to the highest level of success.


Other than that, it might be hard to figure it out since only time will tell!

And why I say this is because in my teenage years and as a young adult, I first wanted to be a professional bodybuilder since I started lifting weights at the age of 15 years. Then I wanted to get into the construction industry and so I dropped out of school and created my own business company in hardwood floors.

So many young people say. ‘I’m just going to see what happens.’ It’s so much more powerful to make things happen and have a plan. – Kathy Ireland

But then I figured that I wanted to get into the internet industry and work at home online, which I did but then, I wanted to get into the porn industry to have sex with all those sexy curve women out there. Yet, I never went for it.

Now, I found my true passion which is to be a self-made entrepreneur and innovate new brands/businesses, but my #1 passion is to help as many people as I can which is why this #1 alpha male website was founded and created by me to help you along with the millions of men out there to transform yourself into the alpha stallion male as well.

By the way, one thing I know that I was embarrassed about at my early age was that I had the gyno man’s boobs refers as gynecomastia which are the fluffy nipples that a lot of men have too.

And I actually found a true solution to get rid of this gyno chest and if you have it as well, I highly recommend you check it out for your own self because I’m telling you that your confidence levels, as well as self-esteem will rise up the roof after your nipples go back to normal!


Click here and I’ll take you directly to my review for you to see more on all about it and see the real solution that will help you get rid of it ASAP!

If you’re young, what are you doing with your life? Do you think you’re in the right direction and why is that? Don’t be afraid to share with me whatever you want!

(2022) What Should Young People Do After Getting Out of School? – Teenagers + Young Adults!


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