The majority of the population celebrates by purchasing a material possession such as a new iPhone, a new car, new clothes, or jump into a bigger house as soon as they have some left over money.

Yet, if this is you, then you have no idea what you’re doing!

In fact, most billionaires still have the same car as a decade ago! That’s right, I’m talking about Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc and all of them also dress like they’re “broke” when they’re definitely not.

Steve Jobs used to wear the same color clothes for over a decade and so does Mark Zuckerberg.

Now I bet you didn’t know that Warren Buffet has been living in the same house that he bought in the 1950’s till this date and age, and look how many decades of years have passed by!

Yet, according to him, he’s doing fine staying in the same house for all of those years.

When you delay gratification, you will experience long-term satisfaction. – Unknown

Well I personally don’t blame them at all because debt is welcomed when its celebrated!

Therefore, I’m here to help you big time and show you why you have to master the skill to delay gratification and why it’s super important and how you do it as well!

Just read along.

Why Debt Is Welcomed When It’s Celebrated?

It’s common sense!

If you don’t have the money to pay and you go out there and get yourself the latest launched phone or the newest car which you’ll most likely finance or lease, you’re running into a big debt hole at a faster pace.

We live in a world of instant gratification, the world of the quick fix. Yet, instant gratification is short-lived and full of regret.

And here’s why…

If you don’t have the money to completely purchase something that you just “want” for your own ego boost, then you shouldn’t do it regardless of what you have accomplished that made you “feel” like you deserve it.


Sure, if it’s something that you truly need and not just want as a desire, then I totally understand except if you already have it or it’s in a good condition, which doesn’t count in my point of view…

Most people are running to get the newest technology product that comes out and using ONLY credit cards which the more you’re using them, the more likely you’ll stay in a debt hole without being able to get out very easily.

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitudes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. – Helen Keller

I actually know people that have been dealing with credit card debt and all types of debt for their whole entire life, which they are living in a miserable stressed survival lifestyle that they hate!

And guess what?

They’re not going to get out until they do something about it like putting all of your credit cards and LOCK them inside a secure safe locker or in a bank safe box…

Or else, you will always keep using and wasting money that’s not even yours but only making your life like hell!

Therefore, it is important to control your shopping cravings and DON’T buy non-necessary kinds of stuff that you don’t NEED whatsoever.

However, I do know that it can become very addicted to always wanting to go shopping…

The obsession with instant gratification blinds us from our long-term potential. – Mike Dooley

Yes, I have been there before a very long time ago where all the money that I would receive, I would go out and just buy everything that I wanted or go out to a bar and party all night and waste all of my money.

Then I would come home and have feelings of regret on why I did that and the following week, I’ll feel more miserable, broke, and depressed because I didn’t have any leftover money and this went on for many months until I figured out that it was completely wrong!


I am glad that I found out which I can say that in the exact moment you’re buying something, it does “feel good” instantly but afterward and depending on what it is, I would feel not so good anymore and have feelings of lack aka poor…

As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe. – Judith Wright

That’s definitely not want I would want for myself.

Unless that’s what you like to do, to stay in debt and continue forever until you die and continue living a very bad life with no peace since you always have to worry about paying several credit cards and financial debt which you’ll basically have to work until death to pay all out, or you’ll lose your liabilities/material possessions.

Do you understand what I’m saying here?

This is some legit information that not a lot of people are actually aware of!

Keep reading.

How to Master The Skill to Delay Gratification?

Most successful people become a multi-millionaire or a billionaire because they’re good at mastering this incredible human skill that not a lot of people can do it.

It takes a lot of courage, discipline, and patience!

The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it. Cause anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting… – Unknown

Do you think you have all of that?

Well, if you can’t even control your cravings, then you might have a hard time mastering this most important skill that we all should master at all costs.

Without delay gratification, there is no power over self. – Sunday Adelaja


Therefore, a life with a lack of financial knowledge will keep you enslaved forever.

So you have to choose wisely, whether it’s a life with wealth living below your means for NOW with no material possessions for the first few years or a slaved life with material stuffs but with NO money and continue to keep working hard to pay off your financial duties every month.

And if you choose the first option, then great!

In a few years, you’re going to finally be able to get all the things you want since you took off a couple of years to save and invest all your money into assets.

Great investing requires a lot of delayed gratification. – Charlie Munger

And now since you’ll be getting many income sources coming from different directions, it will allow you to live the life of your dreams and buy all the things you desire for the rest of your life forever.

So here are some ways to master the skill to delay for gratifications;

  • Be AWARE of your cravings and desires – Fix Them at all costs
  • Use the PROS and CONS concept if you want a gratification
  • INSTEAD of purchasing for gratification, find something for free
  • GO OUT to somewhere special instead of wasting money on it
  • Be HAPPY with what you have such as your phone, car, house, etc
  • KNOW that sooner or later you’ll get what you want without feeling lack
  • EARN real cash money first, then later on, you can then buy whatever
  • Find WAYS to be a less materialistic person – See the CONS of it
  • DON’T buy something unless you can afford it 5x with CASH
  • LIVE below your means for the first several years = Win-Win
  • A PERCENTAGE of the money you receive, INVEST in assets
  • AVOID things that you ‘want’ and only buy things you truly NEED
  • INSTEAD of buying something for gratification, use that money to save
  • LOOK at liabilities as a ‘waste of money’ but assets as ‘flows of money’

So those are some of the ways that I use on a regular basis to help me delay instant gratification and if you can learn to master this super skill, it will be a game-changer for you = a life of wealth!

Yes, that means to continue living below your means and act like you got no money but deep down inside of you know that your bank account is filled with real cash and feel abundant that all of your money will be used for investments.

Delayed gratification is a sweet lesson whose teacher knows the best is not right now, it is yet to be. – Maximillian Degenerez

In fact, just do this instead!

Instead of wasting on something to make you “feel good” just for the moment after an accomplishment, how about you use that money for buying only assets, not liabilities or waste in any other places and that way, your feelings will be beyond than just for that moment since you won’t regret that your “gratification money” will be well-served forever.

I do this sometimes and I feel great the whole week or for many months!

And yes, that is the secret to gaining wealth and become a rich person regardless of your age, sex, or anything. Or like I said, unless that’s what you like to do, to spend it all and feel a lack of money every day and live a “poor” lifestyle.

Delaying gratification is a process of scheduling the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the pleasure by meeting and experiencing the pain first and getting it over with. It is the only decent way to live. – M. Scoot Peck

Keep reading!

Final Line of Delaying Gratification

So as you can clearly see how powerful this skill is, if you master it, you’ll be heading towards financial freedom forever!

Therefore, sacrifice the first few years by saving to invest, then live the rest of your life enjoying and be able to buy all the things you wanted before and the things you want now with cash that comes from several income streams that can pay for what you want 5x times more…

How does that sound?

Great to me, what about you?

Immaturity is the inability to delay self gratification. – Mike Murdock


Now as you notice, you just have to be strictly aware of your money and where you’re putting it, or else you’ll lose yourself very fast and live in poverty forever and that sucks.

I have been broke before where I grew up in a poor family that all they wanted to do was waste their hard-working money on all types of stuff that had no meaning but just because of a craving addiction to always want to purchase something to instantly feel good.

And yes, we actually had a hard time with paying monthly bills!

I am super glad that I chose to change myself, change who I was, and change my life completely by learning all the financial knowledge out there through experiences, self-education, and gained lots of wisdom that now I can share with you all that I know and help as many people as I can in this #1 alpha male website (AlfaSTALLION®).

The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success. – Brian Tracy

So do that, learn to delay your gratification when comes to using your money regardless of what you’ve accomplished or regardless of what you think you deserve because the moment you waste it, it’s all gone and you’ll feel terrible and have feelings of lack which is a NO-NO!

You definitely don’t want to feel lack which is part of poverty but feel abundant and that is a state of rich where according to the law of attraction, the more abundant you feel, the more abundance will come to you and the same goes with the opposite.

Therefore, instead of wasting money, just save and invest, you’ll be happy forever that you did that instead!

Now you should also delay your orgasms when having sex and that means you can last more than 2 minutes long when entering sexual intercourse with a mate.

Yes, if you’re not able to last at least 2 minutes during sex or masturbating, then you’re having issues called premature ejaculation, and that way, I’m sure you’re not feeling satisfied or satisfying your sexual partner there.

And if that’s the case, I urge you to check out this sex prolonging delay spray to apply on your penis and have the effects to slightly lose the sensitivity and therefore, you can go all in during sex and last much longer than you would without it.


Sure, it’s a male enhancement topical spray intended to allow you to delay your ejaculations and intensive your orgasms for full satisfaction and mind-blowing pleasure. That way, both you and your partner will be impressed!

How about you, are you an instant gratification person or you have the skill to delay gratification as well? Show me you’re alive and comment in the box section underneath this page and I’ll be glad to write back to you ASAP.

(2022) Why Delaying Gratification Is One of The Most Important Human Skills – ONLY HERE to KNOW!


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