Back in the day when I was depressed, I actually was a very negative person!

Oh man, I don’t even like to think about it because negativity all it did was hold me back to go further in life and all it did was made my life miserable…

I personally don’t know a negative person who has a wonderful life or who lives in a blissful state of being, I mean it just won’t happen!

And the reason why it’s because we are all living by the universal law called the Law of Attraction, the law of karma, the law of frequency, or whatever you want to call it.

Which as I always say, no one on this Earth is immune to this law that God/supreme force created for all of us to live by…

Which this basically means that whatever you focus on, it MUST come back to you at all costs regardless if it’s positive or negative!

Now in today’s post, it’s my mission here to share with you all the information that I know all about negativity and how bad this frequency/thing is and I’m also willing to share with you how you can be positive in all cases!

What Is Negativity? – What Is a Negative Person?

To me, negativity/negative is basically a pessimistic attitude of no hope or trust that sees only the worst in all scenarios.

And what I mean here is that a negative person will always look at the bad side of all things regardless of anything.

These types of people can never see the positive sides and to me, most people who are like this are actually addicted to this type of mentality and they seem that they are not able to get rid of it.

Yes, being addicted to negativity is basically victimizing yourself, self-pity, and excessive overthinking which causes you to waste your life.

Albert Einstein once stated a quote saying; Stay away from negative people, they have a problem to every solution.

Now I can’t agree more because it is 100% true!

They have a denial, refused, and disagreement attitude for basically all things you can ever expect.

And I can say that it is probably one of the worst things in life to be a negative person. Yes, I’ve been there before, and the only reason I don’t regret it in today’s date and age is because it only showed me how much that I have to stay positive in all areas of my life!

However, it is true that in reality, there will always be both sides of the story which one is the positive and the other is the negative side.

For many, negative thinking is a habit which, over time, becomes an addiction. – Peter McWilliams

That means it can be the same exact story but one person’s mind sees the positive side and another person’s mindset see the negative side of all things, which one is you?

Well, keep reading and I’ll make sure you help you see the good side of all things!

Why We All Must AVOID Negativity?

Negativity is purely bad energy frequency that if you’re stuck with it for a long time, it is what will cause you a sickness/disease, cause bad things to happen to you, and so much more downside stuff that will happen in your life.

A person who always seeks negativity can never succeed regardless of how much they try since we all are living by the universal law called the Law of Attraction rather you like it or not.

It actually refers to ‘like attract like’ which also means negative attracts negative, and positive will always attract positive.

And that’s why it is very important that you avoid negativity at all costs!

Which this even includes negative people regardless of how close they are to you because their negative energy can and will get to you if you allow it

Yes, that’s right!

I had so-called “best friends”, certain family members, and people who were extremely negative in my life, where in the past, all it did was get to me and make my life similar to theirs such as a miserable lifestyle.

But if you have positive people around you all the time, you can rest assured that your lifestyle can be more positive than ever and that’s why you must cut negative people out of your life at all costs.

Negative people will see the bad terrible side of all situations regardless of how positive or good it may seem to you!

And I surely can say that it is 100% better to be positive and seek positivity and that way, we can have an extremely great positive life regardless of where you’re currently at or what’s your current condition is.

Keep reading!

How NOT to See the Negative Side of Things?

Now a lot of people would say that we should see at least the “negative” side of things to know what “could happen” but based on my own personal experience, knowledge, and wisdom, there is actually no point in looking at any negativity whatsoever…

And here’s why!

Remember that whatever you focus on, you’ll get exactly as that! So if you truly focus ONLY on the positive sides and not on any negativity, you can always expect the good things to happen even if it’s meant to be a negative experience.

I had cases where all it seemed to be was pure negative scenarios but when I always look at the good sides of it, that’s when things started changing to positive situations.

Of course, it all depends on certain scenarios as well!

So what I’m saying here is for example; when I get involved in a bad experience, instead of complaining and feeling bad about a situation, why not just be grateful that it was the least it happened and nothing extremely bad really happened and that way, it will shift your own vibrational frequency to a whole new level.

And the reason why you shouldn’t let it get to you is because if you allow it, it will mess up your life big time.

But if you don’t let negativity get to you and manage to still be on the higher level of frequency, it will never catch up to you unless you allow it and that’s what you should always look forward to doing.

Remember, we can’t control what’s happening out there in the world, we could only control what’s happening inside of us within us and that’s a true power that we all have since everything is energy.

So what I have to say is that you just have to see, focus and seek the good/positive sides of all things regardless of what’s happening to make it a positive event, or else, you’ll lose yourself big time!

And that’s how not to see the negative sides of things based on my own experience, you just have to be an optimistic person and not a pessimistic individual.

Final Verdict of Negativity

So as we can clearly see, negativity has too many downsides that will ONLY make things worse if you’re truly a negative person!

And a reminder is that everything in this world is a choice! Yes, we can choose to be a negative individual or a positive alpha male, which I must say is you really should choose very wisely because it can either make your life worse or better.

We all have the same power, and therefore, why not always try to be a optimistic man?

You just would never regret it since positivity will always generate positivity in everything you do and the same goes with the opposite!

So just do that, focus on positivity and see what happens.

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. – Marcandangel

Try it for at least 90 days and you’ll notice how much your life will change for the better. But if you keep having this negative mindset and attitude, your life could never change or get better, but will only become worse.

Choose positive over any negative side all the time regardless of anything! It will always be the best choice ever.

It just like fat in our body, it sure is a very negative side effect that occurs in each one’s body!

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So, are you a negative person or do you seek positivity in everything in your life? Don’t leave without submitting your comment in the box section below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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