Caffeine is one of the biggest addictions worldwide and coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world’s population…I mean, who doesn’t drink coffee?

I don’t and that is for many reasons!

In fact, society has been brainwashed thinking that coffee/caffeine is so “great” for all of us…

Sure, it may give you some alertness, attention and seem less fatigue…But the truth is that it does affect our pineal gland in which, therefore, it may block your third-eye activation from opening/awakening.

Caffeine doesn’t give you energy. It just blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain; the ones that let you know when you’re tired.

And this means, your intuition (higher-self) is being blocked to give you access to inner-guidance, knowledge, and wisdom for success in all areas of your life.

Not to mention, if you’re a bodybuilder, too much caffeine blocks the circulation to the muscle tissues and that means, less of a muscle pump for growth.

It also has an effect on our height since it prevents calcium absorption in the bones and that means, the bones is thinning! So if you’re trying to grow taller just like I have been and actually grew around 2-3″ full inches in my height, you have to cut your caffeine intake all the way.

And why is that?

Well, in this post, I’m going to share with you everything that you need to know in regard to coffee/caffeine and why I don’t drink coffee and it’s been a while!

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is basically a legal “drug” since it’s a stimulant and millions of people get addicted to it whether you like it or not, which is actually a crystalline compound that does stimulates the overall central nervous system.

And therefore, it is found in many teas, chocolate, pain relievers, over-the-counter medications, energy drinks, and of course in coffee plants.

Caffeine. The gateway drug. – Eddie Vedder

Yes, there are such things as “decaffeinate” coffee but according to many sources, the decaffeinating process adds certain chemicals to slightly remove the caffeine but the truth is that it will still contain a few amounts of caffeine and less safe than coffee itself due to added chemicals.

Now some people are actually very sensitive to caffeine and I believe I may be one of them which if were to take something with too much caffeine, my whole body reacts very strangely, and makes me feel very low mood than ever! My energy/vibes drop completely…

And of course, it is a very addictive drug! Both of my parents and millions of people out there, they can not go a single day in their lives without drinking coffee first thing in the morning!

Procaffeinating (n.) the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

Are you one of them?

Which if they were to stop drinking coffee/caffeine, their whole body goes into a fight-or-flight survival mode where it increases irritability, anxiety, stress, headaches, a very negative mood, and many other negative side effects.

I personally used to drink a very small cup of coffee a day but most of the time, my body goes into an acceleration mode where my heart starts beating fast, my brain starts twitching, flushes in my skin, and so on…terrible!

Caffeine restricts blood flow to the brain. – Daniel Amen

So my question would be, is caffeine a poison or not since it’s a drug?

It could be or maybe not! Let’s look at both sides, the advantages/benefits and the disadvantages/side effects of caffeine!

What Are the Benefits & Side Effects of Caffeine?

The Advantages/Benefits of Very LOW Caffeine Intake:

  • Causes Alertness/Attention
  • Temporary Relieves Fatigue
  • Increases wakefulness/energy
  • Claims to decrease Suicide risk
  • May lower risk of certain Cancer
  • May lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s
  • Also may lower Dementia/Parkinson as well
  • Does increases metabolic rate
  • Can aid in weight loss/fat burner
  • May lower risk of diabetes
  • Improve concentration to focus
  • Claims to help people with depression

The Disadvantages/Side Effects of TOO Much Caffeine:

  • Too much caffeine causes confusion/drowsiness/jitteriness
  • May cause deep Headaches/Fever – Migraines
  • Causes Irritability in People addictive to Caffeine
  • Caffeine dependence – Very High Addiction
  • May increase stress hormones – Adrenaline
  • Does interfere with sleeping patterns – Insomnia
  • Will have an effect on the Pineal gland & not open third-eye
  • Enhances sensitivity to touch – skin flushing, pallor
  • Effects on the eyes & ears- visual flashes / blurry vision / ears ringing
  • Increases Rapid Heart Beat in many Folks – Vasoconstriction
  • May block the hormones that widen your arteries
  • Does cause rapid breathing as well – Respiratory / trouble breathing
  • Causes Heart Burn due to lots of Acid in caffeine
  • & Too much acid may lead to acid reflux or ulcers – Gastric
  • Can increase high blood pressure in many folks – heart problems
  • Too much caffeine causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Also causes muscle aches when taking too much
  • Does cause fertility issues in both men & women – pregnant issues
  • Prevents calcium absorption / thinning bones – the risk of osteoporosis
  • Too much caffeine may increase bladder problems in both sex
  • Causes dehydration in the body since it increases urination frequently
  • Mouth dryness which increases thirst – Could cause Ketones in Urine
  • Caffeine slows down the blood flow to muscles = muscle to twitch
  • It does not allow you to have the greatest muscle pump in the gym

Caffeine dehydrates the brain and body. – Daniel Amen

Again, these negative side effects here are ONLY for people who are addicted to caffeine/coffee, and that means you can’t go a day without taking it.

I personally refuse to take anything with caffeine because since it’s a drug, we all shouldn’t abuse it and take it every day.

Sure, a very small cup of coffee could be OKAY, but I would rather take a large cup of organic pasteurized milk which may be much healthier, especially for stronger bones and help us live longer.

Milk is about helping guys feel good about their skin and relaxed about taking care of it. – Micheal Klim

There has been proven evidence of research into increased consumption of caffeinated beverages lead to the body absorbing slightly less calcium, which is necessary for our bone growth and to maintain healthy bones/skeleton.

Yet, the calcium in a mere tablespoon of milk, it’s estimated, is enough to offset the caffeine in eight ounces of coffee.

So does that really make a difference if you should stop drinking coffee or not? 

NOT REALLY.. but maybe !

Well, I think of it like this. Even though it’s a very little amount, what about years and years of drinking coffee that could accumulate to a good amount of calcium loss, in my point of view….

Keep reading!

Caffeine Effects on the Pineal Gland/Third-Eye

It is true that caffeine/coffee does affect our pineal gland, which to me is in a negative way since it causes sleep disturbances.

When a caffeine molecule keeps adenosine from binding, it promotes wakefulness. New research has shown that coffee consumption can suppress the production of melatonin produced by the pineal gland. The volume of the pineal gland positively correlates with melatonin levels.

The production of melatonin is necessary for our sleep quality at night and also to be calm/relaxation, and that is why so many coffee lovers out there have problems with sleep known as insomnia.

And that means, if you want your higher-self to give you access to wisdom and guide you to the right path, then you should get rid of caffeine/coffee.

So to decalcify your pineal gland and in order to open your third eye where I teach you all of this in this post here, caffeine is a NO-NO!

I would rather have my spirit guides and my own intuition guiding me in the right successful direction than to drink coffee or any caffeine beverage.

And why is that?

When we put caffeine into our bodies, it causes the stimulation to the central nervous system and therefore, your brain gets stimulated as well and becomes accelerated.

And when you’re too accelerated, anxious, stress, worried or any of the negative emotions, it basically blocks you to have access from your third-eye/higher-self/intuition.

So in order for them to activate, you MUST be in a relaxed state of mode, which is why meditation is super important to help you stay in this mode, and that is the opposite of caffeine.

Caffeine makes you accelerated (closes third-eye), correct? And meditation will have you relaxed (opens third-eye) on your whole day.

A lot of people don’t know the brain is 85% water. So anything that dehydrates you like caffeine or alcohol is bad for the brain. – Daniel Amen

Bottom Line: REPLACE Caffeine/ Coffee with ORGANIC MILK!

Now milk is not a stimulate at all!

Newborn babies only drink milk every day and grow, right!? Well, milk is basically like “food”.

It contains all the protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, calcium, nutrients and every other factor that we need to grow bigger, healthier and taller.

Milk is a breakfast powerhouse packed with nine essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein in an 8 oz glass.

That means that milk is essential to help us grow taller every day and help us maintain our height, plus to keep us healthy, alive, and many others!

Not to mention, I replace coffee and drink a large cup of organic pasteurized milk during breakfast and sometimes at night before sleep.

But drinking it at night is very important because a good night of sleep releases the production of high levels of HGH (the youthful hormone) from the pituitary gland to make us look, feel, and be younger than ever.

So let’s see what are all the benefits that this white tasty drink called Milk has;

  • Carries the necessary nutrition for all bones and skeleton growth, plus its health
  • Rich in antioxidant properties which help prevent many types of diseases
  • Strengthen our immune system, helps boost up the metabolism rate for quick digestion
  • Helps build stronger and bigger muscle growth, may help with weight loss as well
  • Does help with recovering and allow you to wake up feeling completely refreshed
  • Improves skin tone for glowing and radiant skin, treats skin irritation and others
  • Enhances hydration, good for sleep improvement, helps reduce stress, good eyesight
  • Helps remove dead cells and improves wrinkles, helps lower blood pressure
  • Gain stronger teeth, bones, joints, and helps increase our height and body growth
  • Have longevity benefits to help us live longer, healthier and stronger than ever
  • Plus so much more that I can keep going forever. There are too many benefits!

Now, soy and almond milk have been found to stunt children’s growth. I would stay away from these and that is if you want to maintain your current height or grow taller!

Therefore, REPLACE coffee and go with organic WHOLE pasteurized milk all the way! You won’t regret it!

Not to mention, milk will NOT interfere and mess around with your third-eye but actually help since milk makes us feel more calm/relaxed where it allows us to see signs and be aware of what’s going on!

If you want to find out more about how our pineal gland works and how to actually open/awaken your third eye to help you in life for success in all areas of your life, check this out here!


And of course, health is wealth!

Without any health, what is the point of doing anything in this life? Health should our #1 priority regardless of anything!

In this post here, I talk about how our health is not only based on what we eat, but it is much more than that!

(2020) Why I DON’T Drink Coffee For Many Reasons – Caffeine Blocks our Intuition – Go With MILK!


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