It is true that what we think or say about others is a reflection of who we are!

That’s right! So that means if you’re judging, criticizing, complaining, thinking, or saying anything that is negative towards someone shows your true personality…

And the same goes for thinking and saying positive things about yourself or others!

Yet, everything is a choice! We all make a decision to choose if we want positivity or negative thoughts about ourselves or about others.

So what I have to say is that being positive regardless if someone else has been negative with you will always win because that shows who you are, and not based on someone else’s actions towards you.

You know, we all have haters, doubters, and negative people around us… It’s impossible to live life in this current modern society and not come across a negative person or something negative.

But we sure can avoid all costs!

And that’s what I do which I’m going to show you how you can avoid negativity, why you shouldn’t think or say any negative things towards someone and give you the possible best tips to help you stay positive!

Just keep reading below.

Why Does Negativity Exist?

You know, I personally wish that negativity didn’t really exist…

Yet, we all know that it does and most people such as the majority of the population are all extremely negative. They are all in search of negativity and we are actually surrounded by it all the time.

We just can’t get away from it unless we move to a new planet… Hah!


It is true that the media as a whole, the internet, social media, news, tv, movies, channels, politicians, government, etc have been bombarding all of us with so much negativity.

I mean, that’s their job and that’s part of their business!

If they were to put positivity kinds of stuff, you can rest assured that a very little amount of people will actually be watching, and that means they lose money.

But when they show bad things and worse it is, that is what gets people to stop doing what they’re doing to watch such a thing…

Now I personally refuse at all costs to seek, look at, or even try to hear anything that is negative.

I don’t appreciate it, it’s not part of my life, and it definitely won’t help me in any way but actually do the opposite.


By focusing on negativity and that could at anything such as watching negative things, thinking negative stuff, and seeking to do anything negative, be aware that you’ll get that back in your life sooner or later!

I mean, it has to by the law of the universe called the law of attraction.

You can’t focus on negativity and expect positive things in your life, it would never happen unless you stop the negativity and focus only on positivity all the way.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Keep reading!

Why Do People Focus on Negativity?

The main reason why most people are focusing on negativity is that they were programmed to do so by past generations and now they became addicted to negativity.

Plus they’re surrounded by negative people and they seek negativity all the time.

And when I mean it’s an addiction, I really mean that people actually feel an instant boost of somewhat “good emotional feeling” in the exact moment of negativityHowever, most of the time, they’ll regret it afterward!

Some people can’t function without negativity because bringing down others makes them feel better. – Unknown

So is it really worth it? Never!


If you were to really look at rich and wealthy families, they don’t really have negativity going on around them meaning they’re not thinking, saying, or focusing on negativity whatsoever.

And that is because if they did, they wouldn’t be wealthy, rich, or have the best financial freedom that they all do.

But “poor people” on the other side do focus a lot on negative things all the time. They’re usually judging others, complaining about how their life is not fair, and complaining about basically everything.

They’re most likely criticizing others and having negative opinions about all things. I mean, all they do is seek negativity all the way.

Is this you? I hope not!

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.

And that’s why most of their lives are miserable, which they’re unhappy, broke, and living in that survival mode aka following the crowd and always being in a stressful environment.

And that’s definitely not the way to go!

Now don’t get me wrong, I used to be in the same position back in the day when I was very depressed and only had negative thoughts about everything.

But I chose to change by removing any negative person from my life, shutting down the tv and getting rid of negative thoughts on a daily basis and started searching for positivity only.


And that’s when my life started to completely change and I even became healthier, happier, and more enthusiastic in all areas of my life.

Yet, it all boils down to a choice and we all can make a decision to change if we really want to.

Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Negativity?

No one should ever get involved in any negative circumstances whatsoever… It will only make it worse!

Just remember, the story you’re telling yourself in your mind by what you’re seeking, what you’re looking at, what you’re thinking, what you’re hearing on a regular basis, and what you’re doing will contribute to your physical reality sooner or later.

I mean, look at your life right now and analyze the story you have told yourself in your mind over the past months and years, you’ll notice that everything was delivered to your life based on your thoughts, your attention, and all that regardless if it was negative or positive.

By hanging on to old negative thoughts and emotions, you are only harming yourself and attracting even more negative energy.

So that’s why it’s super important to just stay away from negativity and focus ONLY on positivity 100% all the way, or else you’re in the wrong direction!

Even if that means getting rid of certain people in your life including family members, friends, a negative spouse, girlfriend, or whatever.

All you’ll be doing is protecting yourself!


Albert Einstein once said;

Stay away from negativity people, they have a problem for every solution.

And if you don’t, then you won’t succeed, you won’t ever be a happy person, and you’ll be losing in life because that’s what negativity does and what’s meant to do.

So fill your mind with only positive thoughts and ideas, fill your heart with only positive emotional feelings and you’ll be glad forever since that’s where happiness, fulfillment, and success are in all areas of our lives.

Bottom Line: How to Avoid Negativity & Be Positive?

You know, I actually believe that even though I don’t appreciate any type of negativity in my life, the truth is that it is part of what makes life more interesting!

I believe we need negativity to see the positive sides of all

And that’s probably why in today’s date and age I ignore any negative things or people in my life and only shoot for the positive all the way regardless of whatever or whoever because I have been there before…

Once you replace negative thoughts with positve ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Willie Nelson

I once left a hot-looking girlfriend before because I felt like her energy was draining my own energy and everything that I would tell her, something would go wrong!

Then when I noticed that my life was not really going forward because of her, I immediately got rid of her!


So how do you avoid negativity?

Simple, just be 100% aware and be awakened by opening your eyes wide open and be an observer of all people and all things in your life!

When you do that, you’ll notice who’s draining your energy, who’s negative in your life, and what things you’re doing that are bringing negativity to you such as watching tv, on social media all day, news, complaining, judging, etc.

And that’s what I do!

I am always seeking more awareness of everything that is surrounding my life, and when I do notice it’s not going to take me further in life or add up, then I instantly get rid of it regardless of anything.

I remember I had some old shoes that were causing negative thoughts in my mind, I threw them away and felt better. I once rented an old house back in the day and I got rid of it and jumped into a new fresh place that was built recently. I had certain family members who all they said were negative things, got rid of them and I’m happy I did. I used to watch Netflix and I noticed that certain movies were not helping me in any way, I stopped and started watching educational videos on Youtube.

So as you can see, all you have to do is just start being completely aware and switch up basic things in your life!

And when you do that and get rid of all of them, then you’ll start to be positive as you should and are meant to be positive at all costs since it is our own natural state of being!

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. – Marcandangel

Another very important factor is that you need to be the commander of your mind and not the soldier, which means you have to control what you’re thinking, and if you only meditate for 15-30 minutes per day or more will allow you to do that.

Or do what I do which is to observe and be completely alert of my own breath in and out, which what this does is stop my ego/thoughts in my mind because we can’t focus on 2 things at once, either you focus on your breath and be present, or focus on your thoughts and be living in past or future.

By the way, our food intake is also part of the process in which you have to stop eating junk meals (negative) to start looking into healthy protein meals as well.

So if you’re out of shape, then you’re not doing any good to your own body!

And if you’re fat/obese, then you need an effective fat-burning supplement to help you get rid of unwanted fat and therefore, feel healthier and better than ever.

You can click here to check out some of the top-row, best weight loss and fat burners in today’s market!


Other than that, you just have to look over your own life and see what’s negative that is draining your energy and switch to positive all the way, and that’s even if you have to take an effective supplement such as a fat burner!

Let me know if you have been negative recently and why is that? Or are you someone who always seeking positivity in all areas of your life? I would love to see what you have to say! Just comment below.

(2023) Why You Must Say NO To Negativity – Never Judge, Criticize, Complain or Say Any Negative Opinion


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