It is true that successful people do have higher standards than the rest of the population!

And you probably have no idea how important it is to never lower your standards for anyone whatsoever

I mean, you have to make yourself your #1 priority and not someone else if you want to be a fulfilled, successful, and happy person who lives an extraordinarily blissful life.

That is what I do, and every day my mission is to always raise my standards regardless if someone wants me to lower to their level or whatever.

Just remember, you are not someone else, so why would you want to be like them?

It’s great that we are all unique and different in our own ways and each one’s goal should be to improve day in and day out regardless of anything.

The standards you set determine the life you get.

Now, get to read along and I’ll make sure you understand all about your own standards, how to raise them and why you should at all costs for many reasons!

What Does Standards Means?

A lot of people get standards wrong and think it’s luxuries, material possessions, money, living above your means, etc…

And the truth is that it’s actually none of that! Standards mean the value/quality of oneself or the quality of ability or the value of something that you’re capable of.

So when we say raise your standards means to increase the quality of yourself, your life, or something. Therefore, you should never lower your standards/quality whatsoever.


Life is basically all about getting better and better by the day by improving yourself in all aspects of your life regardless of anything.

Now, yes I’m talking about you can raise the standards of your dating life, of the quality of your own life, elevate the standards of your self-esteem, and basically, you can enhance any part of your life.

Another thing that also makes part of standards is the expectation of it, which to increase your standards also means you expect better and that is the best way to go!

That also means you don’t expect anything that is not going to upgrade your life at all.

But if you were to lower your standards or to keep living a low standard life, then sure, that’s a choice and decision that each person has…

Follow down!

Why You Should Raise Your Standards?

Well, you should at all costs look for ways to increase your standards in life, or else you won’t live a too happy, healthy, or fulfilled life.

Don’t lower your standards for anyone or anything. Self respect is everything.

Especially for health purposes!

If you’re living a low standard life such as you’re smoking a lot of cigarettes every single day, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, or having an unhealthy environment with junk fast foods all the time, then that’s not doing any good to you or your life, but the opposite.

You need to change that by raising the quality of your life and health since health is wealth because if you don’t, then diseases might come around you and also, early death that not too many people take it seriously.

Now the same goes with your financial duties!


Now if you’re running around in debt all over the place by exceeding credit card limits, not paying your bills on time, and wasting money that you don’t even have, then your financial’s quality is poor and you’re probably feeling a victim of your life, right?!

Which if you don’t change this type of financially living, you’re one step away from poverty!

Another important factor in your life on why you need to raise your standards is the type of mentality mindset that you have.

If you’re having a scarcity, insecure, and weak mindset, then all it’s doing is making your life miserable and not letting you live your maximum capacity.

Therefore, if you’re living a low-standard life or you have low standards for your own self, then you’re not doing your best and you should look forward to changing it in order to live a fulfilled life and become a happy person.

Let someone meet your standard instead of you lowering yours to meet theirs all the time. Know your worth.

How to Raise Your Standards?

There are actually several ways to elevate your standards to a greater and higher level.

However, it is actually you that has to find out what you need to do to get out of the low standard lifestyle or having low standards…


And I’ll give you the ways as the examples I mentioned above;

If you’re living in a negative environment like smoking, drinking, and having unhealthy foods every day, then you need to change that and find a way to get rid of the smoking habits and drinking every day and only drink occasionally.

Bad unhealthy foods, it’s a choice that you make every day which instead of eating fast foods, just go right into healthy meals which is probably around the same amount as you would pay for fast foods.

If you’re having financial difficulties with your bills and excessive spending, then you gotta start raising your financial stability by tracking your expenses, spending your cash wisely, and saving to invest to make more money, and that way, you can start spending on liabilities while making passive income.

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

Now the mentality mindset is surely the very most important factor in each one’s life.

Rather you being a man or woman, you must have the confidence, security, and strong mindset to help you in all areas of your life!

No, you can’t expect a great life with a negative mindset. You need to raise up your standards by leaving the beta male lifestyle and becoming the true alpha male that you deserve to be.

Your thoughts are actually what makes your mentality so negative. Start meditating on a regular basis, especially as soon as you wake up and that way, it allows you to have more control of your daily thoughts.

Have strong and positive beliefs that work in your favor such as that you can achieve anything you want regardless of any obstacles, challenges, setbacks, or anything that is trying to hold you back.

Now the best way to elevate your standards in your life is by either experience, learning, or both which would be wisdom. If you can learn through either one of them, you’re on the right track.

I have a very standards for every part of life – My work, my relationships, food, love. I can’t just pretend. – Olivia Wilde

And one of the best and easiest ways is to go buy some self-educating books or keep coming back here to read my posts here because I am constantly adding new pages and posts to help millions of men out there to become the ultimate alpha ‘stallion’ male of their world.

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What about you, do you have high standards or low? And why is that? Make sure not to leave without dropping me your feedback below as I will make sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

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