There are too many natural penis enlargement exercise programs out there, but not a lot of them can actually back up the claims and promises by showing us proof that it really works.

I’m talking about a lot of these programs claiming inches over inches of penis growth by just following the program itself!

Yes, some of them do actually work where you can surely expect to grow your manhood there by 1-2″ full inches, but it all depends on you since it will take much dedication, effort to do them on a daily basis, and time to allow the results to show up.

This means all it matters is up to you to use your own bare hands instead of using some type of penis enlargement products out there that will do it all for you…

However, there is no doubt at all that it is actually a lot cheaper to follow an effective penile exercise program than using an expensive device to grow into bigger penis size.

Me as an alpha male with over 10 years in the male industry, I have been very familiar with some of these penis-exercise video programs out there because I personally have performed many of these penile exercises and actually had purchased a few of them in the past when I was starting out to grow my penis size.

Now the good thing about these penile exercise programs is that not only it will show you step-by-step how you can grow your penis size, but you’ll gain all the knowledge you need in terms of your manhood package, and overall sexual enhancement.

Imagine yourself being a “sex god” in bed with your sexual mate there? OR if you’re like me who is SINGLE and love picking up hot sexy women, then you can have them coming back begging for more every time!

It always happens… So right now, you’re on your way to finding out the;

BEST Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise Video Programs

1. THE PENIS PROFESSOR (99.99 Points) –

The Penis Professor online program is no lie at all the all-time #1 best penile exercise program out there and I’m going to share with you why it is the top best in today’s date!

Since I personally have actually used some of the most popular natural penis enlargement video programs in today’s market out there, this particular one is the only system that proves accurate before and after photos, real-life videos, and actual users’ results.


Unlike others out there with false images from other websites and false claims, the Penis Professor offers to show all of the testimonials’ results based on user’s success stories on its official website to prove us real growth of inches by real customers in the past.

Yes, there are many proven penis growth photos for you to see! So I mean, how would you feel to live with a bigger, larger, and longer meat under your paints there?

Will that change your life? I bet so!

Moreover, The Penis Professor does have a total of 30+ penile exercises videos (including Kegels exercises to strengthen PC Muscle) which are all in English HD format for the best view of users’ experiences where you can simply watch them step-by-step through your phone or simply go online at the member’s area!


Not to mention, all you would pay is a one-time fee for a low cost to have full access to every part of the program and make your penis larger than ever.

This Penis Professor program has a reliable customer service department where you can simply ask them any question or concern via email and you can expect to get a return with the helpful information in less than 24 hours.

Yes, I tried it myself and they replied back to me very fast!

That’s a big A+ plus in my opinion because that shows us that they are 100% behind the program itself which not a lot of programs offer a real solution from customer service when things get tough, especially when you need help with something difficult that you have no idea on what to do.

From my past experience with other male penis enlargement programs that I have used in my early days, most of them never replied back which can cause overwhelming and frustrating experiences.

Plus it made me think that the past programs could have been misleading me.

Now The Penis Professor has been around since 2012 and they do mention that there is a high success rate of around 96% which if you decide on it and follow the exact instructions, you can expect to grow your penis size by inches overtime with this best penis enlarger program.

How Does Penis Professor Exercise Program Work? – Is It Really 100% Safe?

All you would do is read the directions, watch the HD penis exercise videos demonstrated in the beginner course, and just basically pay very close attention to what you have to do and how you do it, then perform the exercises.


Of course, there is not just the beginner course, but it goes all the way to the moderate to the more advanced part wherein each course has different penile exercises for you to perform to get the best maximum results ever!

Now for your own safety, it will require you to follow the exact instructions that this natural penis enlargement system offers.

So basically, it’s all on you and again, if you have any questions, just simply get in touch with them.

Yes, it’s easy and simple!

Oh, by the way, the best thing is that you won’t get anything sent over to your address, as this program is ONLY for online users for the privacy of all customers.

This Penis Professor penile exercise program offers a completely risk-free 8-week money-back guarantee, which means if you don’t see any results whatsoever within 8 full weeks, you can simply contact them and they will return your money back with no question asked.


Key Advantages/PROS:

  • Top #1 Best Male Penis Enlargement Program
  • Made for you to increase the size of your penis
  • Achieve a Thicker and Longer overall penis size
  • All 30 workout videos are all in HD and in English
  • Very Easy and Simple to Follow the exercises
  • Promise to help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Pay ONLY a One Time FEE to Join the Membership
  • Can Expect to reach rock-hard stallion erections
  • Mentions to increase penis head and testicles growth
  • Helps to end premature ejaculation known as (PE)
  • A number of before and after photos/videos of results found
  • Should achieve multiple orgasms and be able to control ejaculation
  • Mentions to correct the curvature of the penis (Peyronie disease)
  • It will help you enhance sexual performance, stamina, and sex drive
  • Comes with a full 8 week 100% money-back guarantee (100% risk-free)


  1. Of course, the only disadvantage is that you will have to put your own effort, dedication, and time to perform the exact exercises in order for you to see the results you want.

What Are The Penis Professor Results?

If you don’t know, the best thing about this online video exercise program is that not only the exercises are intended to make your penis huge, but you will gain all the sexual knowledge you need in terms of your penis health, function, and all about how to have great sex by only using one special technique in the program.

Imagine yourself having an additional 1-3″ full inches of penis growth, will that make your confidence levels rise up?

Can’t forget that you can also increase the size of your penis head as well, and make it a big mushroom-looking head.


What about making your testicles grow bigger? Yes, the Penis Professor does have specific exercises to make your boys there heavier and larger than ever!

Oh, maybe you’re having issues with erectile dysfunction, which is when you can barely get your penis up and hard during sexual activity?

Yes, this program will make your erections rock-hard than ever! Especially with the Kegels exercises for men that they also have in the program itself.

Are you ejaculating too fast during sex? Yes, you can put a stop to this premature ejaculation issue where they will teach you how you can last much longer in bed.

I mean, are you ready to turn yourself into the ultimate alpha ‘stallion’ version that you deserve? Are you ready to make your partner have multiple orgasms? I’m sure!

Will this increase your overall self-esteem by knowing that you now can perform like a sex pornstar in bed? I bet so!

Take a look over at official website here and go from there! I’m sure you’re going to come to me and thank me later!


2. Private Gym (96 Points) –

Now the Private Gym penile exercise program is actually quite different but not too far away from the #1 top best one above, for many reasons!

In fact, if you’re looking for penis enlargement purposes, then go with the Penis Professor above.

But for other reasons such as improve your erection potency and other sexual problems like ED, premature ejaculation and so, then I could recommend you go with this Private Gym program.


Therefore, by working out your male sexual package there for only 10 minutes a day 3 days per week, you can experience improvements in your overall male reproductive system and overall sexual health.

This PrivateGym program is for all men of all ages, and it is an online training video system that you will follow step-by-step with instructions and directions to achieve the best maximum results ever!

It is doctors approved and endorsed program which they promise to be the “world’s #1 pelvic fitness system for men“. Not to mention it has been seen on several media websites out there as well!

Keep reading…

What Are The Programs Available?

The Private Gym system does have 3 types of programs to choose from, which of course, the prices vary as well!


The Basic Training Online Program;

  • You only have access to the website to learn how to perform your pelvic muscle exercises.
  • Plus you get to choose if you want a male trainer or a female.

And the Complete Training Program includes;

  • The basic program above.
  • Plus more advanced training exercises.
  • You’ll get a DVD shipped to your home.
  • And it comes with the penis ring device as well as an Add-On magnetic weight for additional results.

Now the Erection Recovery Program is said to be the “total pelvic fitness program” which comes with;

  • The complete training program and devices.
  • Plus an erection stimulating device called Viberect Male Stimulation Device.
  • As well as an “Orgasm amplification via pudendal nerve stimulator”.

What Are The PrivateGym Results?

By strengthening your pelvic muscle known as Kegels exercises, you can expect much stronger, and harder erections since it boosts up for more blood flow to the penis.

Which it will help you combat ED (erectile dysfunction)!

You will experience better sexual performance and enhanced sex drive during sex, as well as improved sexual stamina.

So if you’re facing any premature ejaculation issues, you sure can look forward to improving your ejaculation by being able to control and know when you would want to shoot your load with much more intensity and pleasure.

Plus the program’s training exercises will help you with improving your prostate health and your overall penis/sexual health as a whole.

According to them, by simply exercising your PC muscle, there have been a whopping 76% improvements in erections potency and function!

See, this is why Private Gym system is the #2 top best penile exercise program in today’s market!

The trial were done with 30 men aged from 24-65 years old with a total of 4 months..

Other than that, The Penis Professor program is actually the far best #1 penis exercising program out there, regardless of any other systems claiming to be the best! I personally have tried about 6 of the most popular penile exercise systems in today’s date and age, which none of them was anything close to one. Mark my words, and see it yourself! You’ll be amazed by the HD videos in its program!

By the way, have you ever tried a penile exercise program before? If yes, tell me your results and what program was it!? You know, I am thankful to show you the top best natural penis enlargement exercise programs that will guarantee you real results from consistent workouts as instructed! Don’t leave without submitting your comment!

(2023) Best Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs – TOP – Results Here!


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